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  1. sxocpaul

    Multiple Parts For Sale

    Me to. Reported it
  2. sxocpaul

    So how does it sound?

    Clip doesn’t work for me
  3. sxocpaul

    Cobra Non-res Catback

    Might help with the sale if you mention how old these are
  4. sxocpaul

    Japanese Vehicle and Culture Show

    Put us down Lee
  5. It’s nearer £130 for the updated maps
  6. sxocpaul

    Gt86 Aero

    Price, location etc.
  7. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Mid Week Meet Weds 10th Oct

    Lovely pub. Should be good for this again
  8. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Summer Mid Week Meet Part 3

    going to try for this
  9. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Summer Mid Week Meet Part 2

    Put me & Lorraine down. It’s in my phone diary so shouldn’t forget
  10. sxocpaul

    Simply Japanese (Beaulieu) - July 29, 2018

    Nice showing of cars, shame the weather didn’t play nice
  11. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Summer Midweek Meet

    Apologies I completely forgot about this hopefully see you all next time
  12. sxocpaul

    OEM exhaust tips

    Replaced our exhaust recently and asked for the tips back. Unfortunately they gave up quite a fight and are not worth selling on
  13. sxocpaul

    Day Out With Thomas.

    We can’t make this one either