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  1. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Christmas Do 2019

    Me & Lorraine
  2. sxocpaul

    Cars and Coffee @ The Museum Of Power Oct

    Probably be late
  3. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Week Day get together.

    Us Lee
  4. sxocpaul

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Great day, well worth a visit Thanks to organisers
  5. sxocpaul

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Tickets bought
  6. sxocpaul

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    Provisionally yes +1 will sort out the tickets after payday
  7. sxocpaul

    Autumn Motorsport Day @ Brooklands Museum

    This looks great
  8. sxocpaul

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    Nissan Pixo courtesy car just awful
  9. Glad he kept it on the track for this
  10. Round trip to Goodwood and the car feels great after the work and full+ service. Thumbs up for Rayleigh
  11. Picked up the car this afternoon. All good so far. Extra £319 for the rest of the full + service and autobox fluid change
  12. Rayleigh. Don’t expect anything fancy as a courtesy car
  13. Dropped it off today, Looking at picking up Friday.
  14. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Midweek Meet July

    Add us to the list
  15. sxocpaul

    Japanese Vehicle and Culture Show

    beautiful day, nice to catch up some old friends and new. Thanks Lee for arranging this