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  1. sxocpaul

    SOLD Tuning Developments UEL manifold £400

    Your location is missing for pick up on this thread, is it still Ibstock Leicestershire?
  2. sxocpaul

    Everything for Sale

    Interested in the Perrin strap, Hayward @ Scott exhaust & boot mat. adding your location might help you sell these.
  3. sxocpaul

    SOLD - Part Out

  4. sxocpaul

    SOLD - Part Out

    1st refusal on the exhaust please
  5. sxocpaul

    Greddy Turbo kit

    It has been discontinued
  6. The light bar just acts like a forth brake light (it doesn’t flash)
  7. Might be worth mentioning if you’ve had the valve spring recall done. GLWTS
  8. sxocpaul

    Simply Japanese Beaulieu 2021

    Beaulieu have posted on their event page We have now reached our capacity for Simply Japanese participant tickets, we hope to be able to release further tickets soon. Please email us at events@beaulieu.co.uk with the following information to be added to the waitlist for notification of any further tickets being released.
  9. I personally feel the Cosworth kit is the best loooking kit
  10. sxocpaul

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    Rust proofing you say?
  11. sxocpaul

    Where is Administration gt86.org.uk?

    It's a daily event on the sxoc, it's a pleasure to bin and ban the OP
  12. sxocpaul

    Cobra res VS T.D. super res

    I'll take some pictures when it's off the car and confirm a price once I've given it a once over.
  13. sxocpaul

    Cobra res VS T.D. super res

    Yes Thank you Thanks Martin Thanks
  14. My plan is to replace the stock manifold with a cat-less manifold (main cat left in place), however I feel my Nvidia N1 will be to loud even after mapping out the cold start. Any videos of cat-less or thoughts welcomed Thanks in advance
  15. sxocpaul

    tweedbean's Porsche RS Green BRZ Build

    FYI These are the early version of the N1. Later versions have the tailpipes riveted into place