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  1. sxocpaul

    MartinT's BRZ

    I can recommend this kit as I’ve got one on my mostly unused Nissan
  2. sxocpaul

    Motors By The Moat Leeds Castle

    this looks good. Will check the diary and get back to you ASAP
  3. sxocpaul

    Breakfast at Denbies (again)

    Was it still there this morning? glad to hear you got home
  4. sxocpaul

    Valenti Tail Light & Bumper Light

    Did you sort out a pic for these?
  5. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Monthly Meet February

    Yep +1
  6. sxocpaul

    Japanese Auto Matsuri 2020

    Should be there
  7. sxocpaul

    Breakfast at Denbies (again)

    Also hopeful for this. Will confirm closer to date
  8. sxocpaul

    Festival Of Classic & Sports Cars

    We’ll be there
  9. sxocpaul

    Cars And Coffee @ The MOP

    Should be ok for this
  10. sxocpaul

    Cars And Coffee Museum Of Power Dec

    Hopefully make this. Family visiting from OZ with plans to visit us whilst here
  11. sxocpaul

    Partout Thread!

    1st dibs on door latch covers
  12. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Christmas Do 2019

    was a good evening. Thanks for organising Lee
  13. sxocpaul

    Essex Crew Christmas Do 2019

    Me & Lorraine
  14. sxocpaul

    Cars and Coffee @ The Museum Of Power Oct

    Probably be late