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    Tweedbean reacted to Leonard in Hey GT86 Crew   
    Leonard here from Sheffield, UK. I've owned my GT86 for 5 days now and utterly in love. 
    Gonna have a good look through the blogs and classifieds and slowly add mods as I go. 
    Will be happy to share projects with the community. 

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    Tweedbean reacted to BRZ-123 in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    I have had real bad experience with bright colours that idiots tend to key them. Since mine is a daily, I wouldn't venture too far into exclusive colours but that's my use case. Waiting for the reveal mate. You are building it up

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    Tweedbean reacted to MartinT in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Deep Purple with mica?
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    Tweedbean reacted to BRZ-123 in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Waiting for the colour reveal..

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    Tweedbean got a reaction from Tom21 in Burst Hel braided brake line   
    Strange, I've only heard good things about their lines, they are very popular in the new mini space and not heard of any failing.  Hope you get it sorted.  
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from Feemono in USDM / JDM Parts   
    I'm waiting to order STI sideskirts for my BRZ again a US/JDM only part so its good to see which of those sites above people have used and had good experiences.  
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from BRZ-123 in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Day 86 - The wheels are back from the refurbisher
    As mentioned above, I picked up some super cheaper Rota Grids that looked like they had seen better days to get me off stock wheels until I can get some TE37's.   I sent them off to City Wheel Refurbishment https://www.citywheelrefurbishment.co.uk/ in Birmingham who have done many sets of wheels for me and other mates in the past.  I decided to go with a matt bronze finish, I have had the gloss version from them before but fancied something a little different, this colour should work well with the new body colour once done.  It took a couple of weeks for them to turn them around due to whats going on at the moment but they did a great job especially for the price.  £205 including tyre remove/fitting/balancing, it could have been even cheaper at around £30 a wheel if I had gone for a more standard colour such as black/silver and they didn't have to remove/fit/balance tyres.  Great service if anyone is looking for somewhere to get theirs wheels done.  
    Ignore the budget tyres, they came pretty much free with the wheels and are literally brand new so threw them on to keep the car rolling while I continue to build it.  
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from Lauren in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Day 78 - I finally legally own the BRZ
    After 78 days of waiting the V5 finally turned up today which means its actually SORN'd and legally mine. 
    More parts arrived.  Firstly suspension components, I went for Tein Flex Z as I wanted to stick with a Japanese made component where possible and I got a bargain on a brand new set that the owner never got chance to fit.  He also had Whiteline droplinks which I also snapped up as no doubt the stock ones will need cutting off, which is a known issue.
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    I also removed all my silver interior trim before the car went off to paint so I could paint them myself matt black.  Not a big fan of matching these to body colour so went for something simple.  I sanded, primed, painted matt black then used matt lacquer for protection.  I'm intersted to see how long they last, if the finish doesn't hold up, I will invest in some carbon parts but for now this was a simple and cheap fix.  
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Also an interesting package arrived from Japan, a flexible STI strut brace:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Unlike a conventional rigid brace, the flexible one is split and joined with pillow ball joints in the centre to be longitudinally mobile while helping laterally stiffen the body of the car.  Here is some blurb from Subaru:
    "Different from a rigid bar which is designed just to increase rigidity of the body of a car, the concept behind this bar is to constantly enhance traction of the wheels by strongly holding in a transverse direction at the same time as moderately handling the impact from the ground, in order to realize a ‘flexible yet elegant driving feel’.
    As a result, responsiveness at the time of steering improves without compromising comfort, which allows the driver to actually feel that the car can turn as intended, and when they want to go straight, it provides a stable drive without too much impact from uneven road surfaces. As described, this product will further deepen your pleasure of driving."
    I will let you know how I get on with it, it came as a bundle with the other STi bits so I haven't lost anything by trying it.  
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    Tweedbean reacted to MartinT in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    I enjoyed installing my STI front lip.  My advice is to use an electric screwdriver and hex-base drill bits to drill the holes with easy control and slow speed.  The fit is very good but the templates are not all correct for the facelift BRZ - double-check by offering up the lip and marking through its holes.
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    Tweedbean reacted to nerdstrike in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Lots of these bits look great. Is it going to be ok with matt skirts and glossy carbon finish on the wing?
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from Stutopia in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Day 77
    More parts from Japan, this time a full STI kit including front lip, sideskirts and rear bumper trims.  All finished in a satin/matt black finish and will be fitted as they are.  Glad I went for the genuine bits over rep parts as they should fit no issue, even if they hit my wallet hard:  
    Side Skirts
    STI BRZ Parts by James Baker, on Flickr
    Front Lip
    STI BRZ Parts by James Baker, on Flickr
    Rear Bumper Trim
    STI BRZ Parts by James Baker, on Flickr
    I also have black controls so I can remove the silver ones to work better with my theme:
    STI BRZ Parts by James Baker, on Flickr
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    Tweedbean reacted to GT86Curn in GT86Curn's Facelift build   
    Hi All,
    Picked up my facelift black 86 around a month ago from Cheltenham (Im based in Swindon). Here are photos from the listing:

    I bought it from a Toyota dealership knowing it had a couple of decent modifications. Spec when I bought it was is:
    Miltek unresinated cat back
    Fensport remap
    Summit racing strut brace
    I recently fit a Sard carbon intake pipe (What a work of art!)

    I then fit some Focal direct fit front speakers. My last 86 had the JBL system in it so i really did feel the standard system was lacking

    And thats it up to date at the moment.
    On order I currently have a set of 17" Wedssport wheels and next Friday Im booked in to TD for the NA package with UEL manifold and some lowering springs. Ill update when I have more progress!
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    Tweedbean reacted to 3782mc in Deacons '86   
    Yes my experience with FedEx (and most couriers) has been the same, I normally just got with JapanPost for that reason in which case RM or Parcelforce handle the charges and they tend to be pretty accurate with the calculations.
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    Tweedbean reacted to James18 in Deacons '86   
    My FedEx bill was post delivery. And was seemingly a random figure plucked out of their arse 😆👍🏼 
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    Tweedbean reacted to will300 in Deacons '86   
    My import duty bill took a month with Fedex. 
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    Tweedbean reacted to Deacon in Deacons '86   
    Mine didn't come via FedEx so I'm not sure sorry.
    Most of the stuff I've ordered from Japan in the past has been pre delivery but I did once have something where the bill didn't appear until almost a month later!
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from BRZ-123 in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Day 68 - Things are moving along nicely
    So yesterday I gutted the dash so I can get the trim painted by the bodyshop to match the exterior and all the grey trim rings etc will be going matt black:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    This morning I dropped the BRZ off at the bodyshop for its respray, cant wait to see the new colour on it.  I've asked for progress photos throughout so I can keep you all up to date.
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    I also test fitted the Grids on the car, just to check they actually were 5x100
    before I get them refurbed.  Note coilovers will be ordered come pay day to reduce that wheel gap.
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    I also used my day off today to take a trip to City Wheel Refurbishment to drop the Rota's off for a full refurb.  Going for a matt finish, for the first time from them, I've always gone gloss from them.
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr  
    My plans are starting to come together now, its just a shame I still dont have the V5 due to Covid closing down half of the DVLA, 68 days a counting since they received the paperwork.  
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    Tweedbean reacted to SiCaln in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Great work mate, ticking off all my plans, assume the new cluster didn't adjust to your odometer reading, are you gonna get that adjusted?
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from Deacon in Deacons '86   
    Thanks I've just placed my order the the STI lip kit all round and some JDM interior parts.  Fingers crossed
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    Tweedbean reacted to Deacon in Deacons '86   
    I got them from Japanparts and they took just under three weeks from ordering to being delivered to me.
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    Tweedbean got a reaction from Lauren in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Day 61
    Last week the BRZ arrived back via contactless delivery.  Fully aligned and ready to go.  Ignore the bonnet gap, the bonnet is open as I needed to fix the lock before I close it:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    However my first job was to start stripping the front end back down so I could fit the rads/aircon/fans.  Super easy job now I have done it multiple times.  
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    My make shift painting station where I painted everything within the engine bay/front that had come from other cars or had come from Subaru in the black primer type finish.  
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    I decided to go with matt black for a simple clean look.  I will eventually do the entire engine bay in matt black as it will tie in with whichever colour I do the exterior and the engine isnt coming out for the respray so its easier for me to paint it matt black and get a decent finish.  Hence why you can see paint under where the front wings will go.
    Next I fitted the radiator/air con/fan assembly, I had to swap over the air con metal hoses as mine were also damaged from the crash.  I then followed the correct process to fill/bleed/test the radiators with no signs of leaks:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    This was a relief as it means I can move the car with no fear of damaging everything as this now means I have a running car.  Idles perfectly, the engine seems good with no error codes which is a bonus.  
    Once that was done I set about bolting up the front end, fitting the crash beam, crash sensors etc and accounting for all the hanging connectors.  All went back perfectly.  I also refitted the airbox, snorkel and the surround that sits between the two.  New items added to the list of bits to buy include the radiator filler bracket and a new filler neck for the washer reservoir:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Next I plumbed in the new washer reservoir which had been destroy in the crash.  Check for leaks and all good.  Now I need to order some washer jets for the headlights but other than that the washer system is now fully functional again:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Prep for paint
    Fixing wise there isnt much left to do so the car can now go for paint, however I need to strip the car to keep costs down.  So I stripped everything needed to get the car painted including:
    Both wings Rear Lights Door Seals Window Seals Aerial Roof trim Wing Mirrors Kick Plates Door cards (I will replace weather seal plastic once painted) Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    So the only things left that I need to do this week are the:
    Rear Bumper Door Handles Then its ready for paint:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flick
    Also my bonnet lifters arrived, they will go on the shelf to be fitted once the car has been painted as they will only have to come off again:
    Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
    Also a courier today is collecting a Boral Unequal length manifold and a Milltek Overpipe that came up for sale at a great price.  I fancy a bit of Scooby rumble from the boxer while I save up for forced induction.  
    Removing Exterior Door Handles
    If anyone has any tips for doing this on a BRZ/GT86/FRS that have the touch sensors, please let me know.  Only way I can see so far is to remove the glass to get to the connector to disconnect it.  Its super easy for cars without this feature as its one torx headed bolt and you are done, not so simple on the UK spec cars with the touch sensors.
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    Tweedbean reacted to prov1david in for sale hic   
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    Tweedbean reacted to spikyone in tweedbean's Subaru BRZ   
    Nice job on the wing brackets!
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    Tweedbean reacted to Adamd in Bringing an 86 back from the dead   
    There's a YouTuber called 'B is for build' and I remember him saying that he found the fitment and quality to be better on the replica than the genuine Rocket Bunny kit.
    His series on the gt86 might be of interest to you.