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  1. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Hi all, its been pretty quiet over the winter. I've just been enjoying driving it even if its just popping to the shops, which is about all we can do right now. No short term plans for any major changes, just little tweaks here and there. I plan to do a walk around video soon covering the current state of play. I also have a new instagram account to follow my BRZ build, I'm currently doing a recap from day 1 to now for anyone interested: www.instagram.com/tweedbean_brz
  2. Tweedbean


    I have a new account to follow my BRZ build, I'm currently doing a recap from day 1 to now for anyone interested: www.instagram.com/tweedbean_brz From this: Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr To this in less than 12 months: Photo taken by Adam Ball by James Baker, on Flickr
  3. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    What a transformation, really happy with how my BRZ turned out this year, I cant take many positives from 2020 but this is certainly one of them for me. Thanks to Adam Ball for sending me this photo below. From a white write off in March before I purchased it, to how it sits today, what to do to it next, no short term plans other than drive it right now. Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr Photo taken by Adam Ball by James Baker, on Flickr
  4. Tweedbean

    Interior Light Bulb

    Ordered thanks for the recommendation
  5. Tweedbean

    Interior Light Bulb

    How did you get on with these, nice and bright? Assuming no horrible blue tinge, but bright white?
  6. Tweedbean

    2nd Gen GT86

    I like the new exterior, its grown on me over the last few days. But its that dash it feels dated before its even out and really does remind me a of an early 2000's MR2.
  7. For anyone looking for some help getting more information about that generic engine management light on their dashboard in any modern car, including the GT86/BRZ/FRS, I recommend getting hold of a cheap code reader(As little as £10) as it can make a real difference in working out whats wrong, check out my latest video covering my recent engine management light and how I managed to work out what it was. Remember to always stop the car when its safe to do so and seek advice from a professional if you are unsure whats causing it: In the 86/BRZ/FRS the OBD port is found here: https://youtu.be/E5WsYqiCAm4
  8. Super easy install, no splicing of wires etc, all plug and play. Works exactly as expected, when you lock the car they fold in automatically and fold out when you unlock the car via the remote or door handle:
  9. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Had some good news RE the history of the car. As it was a write off, I received no paperwork including history when purchasing it. I did some chasing today with a local dealer to find out if it has had the recall work done. They confirmed it had been done by a dealer in Cornwall, so I gave them a call and they were really helpful. A month or two before the car was written off it had the following: - 6 year service so spark plugs etc - Valve Spring Recall - Power Steering ECU and Wiring Harness Recall So the above saves me a lot of time, money and effort as its all been done. In other news this arrived this week from Mods Society, Australia. Its an auto mirror folding kit which im looking to install this week and hopefully record a fitting guide: Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr
  10. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Hi they were from someone called Thomas on Facebook, it came from a recommendation from another GT86 owner that had purchased a pair from him. https://www.facebook.com/tomasz.osadzinski.3/ He is happy for you to contact him directly, I checked before sharing the above link. In terms of the grill I havent measured the stock grills yet to understand the size difference. I will get everything lined up and see where I get/what the options are.
  11. Collection from CV7 due to size, however note this will fit in the back of your GT86/BRZ with the seats down as thats how I got it home when I got my Invidia fitted. Tips and back box in good condition, see photos, some rust on hangers but doesnt affect use, removed from a 2013 BRZ but exactly the same as GT86 stock exhaust Cheap replacement if you have a faulty exhaust or if you are going back to stock. £50 ONO
  12. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Yeah that ticking is linked to the mic from what I can see, adjusting for the sudden loud change of noise from nothing to the car starting as you can see it quickly goes within 2 seconds of the car starting. If that was linked to the exhaust it would continue throughout the video or atleast cold start sequence. Cold start sequence needs to be mapped out as there are no cats to warm up so its pointless. I have to say the video doesnt do the exhaust justice, especially with high volume noises, its tricky to capture on a camera vs what you hear in person.
  13. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    A quick update so the car went in for the Invidia N1 exhaust to be fitted, while there I decided to have the following exhaust setup as I had all the parts in the garage: Engine > Borla UEL(Already fitted) > Milltek Overpipe > TD Decat front pipe > Invidia Resonated Midpipe > Invidia N1 back boxes I would say this is on the extreme level of volume, especially on cold start which will need to be mapped out at some point, even I can admit cold start sounds awful. But once that drops, its has a nice tick over burble, then when you put your foot down it has a very deep tone with that Subaru rumble, I would say it sounds exactly like an Impreza STI minus the turbo noises. This setup isn't for the faint hearted but this car is a toy for me, I dont have a commute, I have 3 other cars to drive if I need something more sensible, so the noise doesnt bother me in the slightest, I love it. I removed my rear diffuser lip to make it easier for the garage to fit the exhaust, so I need to refit that, also its going to take some getting used to seeing the angled tips that point to the sides, as per the design: Invidia N1 fitted by James Baker, on Flickr Here is a quick sound clip, so drastically different from stock, its not for everyone. I wanted that UEL rumble and I certainly got that: A comparison between stock and this setup if you need a reminder: At motorway speeds, it is very noisy, it may not have helped I had the rear seats flat as I had the stock exhaust system in the car, which does fit Will let you know once I close those seats to see if it makes much of a difference. As part of my audio upgrade I will be covering the boot and rear seat area with Silent Coat 3mm which should help reduce that noise in the cabin and improve the audio setup. Also I ordered up a set of 3D printed larger rear speakers mounts, to remove the useless 3" rears and fit a pair of 5.25" speakers. Not decided on the speakers yet but the mounts are here and look spot on: 3D printed rear speaker brackets by James Baker, on Flickr
  14. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Agreed but thats £500+ towards a turbo setup so for now I'm not too fussed with the way things are so will bank that as im now putting money aside for that. Yesterday I had the day off so decided to wire up my amp for the sub. Super easy, as there was plenty of space to work in. Upfront in the engine bay I fitted the 4AWG wire through a big bung behind the battery, down into the passenger foot well. Then I ran the wire under the sill trim, theres a perfect channel for it, due to the wire being thicker at 4awg, I shaved some little tabs but this had no affect on refitting the sill cover when done. The power wire then tucked up under the rear side panel and into the boot. Amplifier wiring by James Baker, on Flickr I removed the two rear bench seats, held in with one single 10mm for each cushion. The ground wire I bolted to one of the rear seat bolts. The remote cable connected to the back of the headunit, I dropped down near the glove box and tucked it under the centre console on the passenger side, out under the carpet at the rear and into the boot. Finally I ran 3 sets of RCA cables from the back of the headunit, one for the sub, the other two for front and rear speakers when I finally fit some new ones, saves me pulling the headunit again. These I tucked up under the centre console on the drivers side, out under the carpet at the rear and into the boot. I cut the rear foam section to sit the amp in the back left hand corner, it allowed me to keep all the power wires to the passenger side and audio cables coming in from the drivers side to avoid any interference. Stuck down for now with super strong double sided tap, it looks pretty neat and plenty of access when required. Amplifier wiring by James Baker, on Flickr I went for a stealth setup as you can see below I lose no boot space as it all fits under the OEM boot carpet, after this photo I fitted a speaker grill to stop anything hitting the top of the sub or rubbing against it. Ignore the wet mark in the middle of the carpet, it started to rain while I was working on the car so it got a little wet but all dry now. Amplifier wiring by James Baker, on Flickr It makes such a difference with just adding this over the stock system, I need to pick out some speakers and an amp for the rest of the car, just waiting on some custom rear speaker mounts I have had made to better use the space back there too. When I do the speakers I will also lay the Silent Coat throughout the car. Next up is the exhaust, thats being fitted today, dropped the BRZ off at a place in Bham that will do it as I'm not a fan of crawling under a car when both ends are jacked up, will leave that to the professionals.
  15. Tweedbean

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Agreed thats what I ended up using. I have given it a good polish as I wanted to return it to the polished look with a drill polisher and some Autosol. Top left is the before picture, with a brushed finished, top right is the during photo. Finally the bottom two are the after pictures, much better with that polished finish. Untitled by James Baker, on Flickr