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  1. Leeky

    Coilpacks - life expectancy? Upgrading?

    Cheers chaps. I think i'll just order a new OEM coilpack from Toyota and sling it in the boot in case of emergency.
  2. Leeky

    Coilpacks - life expectancy? Upgrading?

    If it was a daily driver then i’d probably agree with you. But as its purely used as a track car those 27k miles have been hard lol I’m thinking for the sake of £50-100, probably worth getting a single spare to carry around just in case. They don't last forever and in previous cars i’ve always been miles away from home when they give up. My Altezza RS200 dumped a coil pack when I was at a wedding in Cornwall. 250 miles drive home on 3cyl. The cat was totally shot by the time I got home lol
  3. Howdy peeps, Does anyone know the life expectancy of the stock coil packs? Mine are all currently fine (2014 car - 27k miles) but I’m wondering if its worth getting some spares to carry in the boot. Would be sods law I’d be miles away somewhere like the Nurburgring when one dies. Do people generally only buy the OEM Subaru/Toyota coilpacks or are there better uprated aftermarket packs? Had a quick google and a look on ebay; there are a lot of coilpacks from a brand called “Surefire” and “Benchmark” but imho they both just look like cheap chinese knock offs. MSD are a brand I can trust and they do some coilpacks for the FA20, but for all I know the OEM coilpacks may be the best ones (heard that MSD stuff is nowhere as good as it used to be 10-20 years ago)
  4. 4x used AD08R’s - approx 5mm on all. No repairs. not yet removed from wheels. Open to offers. collection only from Reading, Berkshire.
  5. Leeky

    Gauge pods

    Block8Head gauge pods are quite popular and clip in to your dash to replace your existing air vent. I personally went with a Scangauge2 for an all in one digital gauge solution.
  6. Cheers Maurice. Thats a good point. I don't know why but in my head I had all XL walled tyres as being hard. Its a good point. Instead of going for a non-xl tyre i’ll try another brand thats still XL but softer.
  7. Cheers guys. Sorry I wasn't very clear in what I’m asking (I modified my original post now to clarify as I originally did waffle on a bit lol) I’m interested about only tyres that would be suitable for the track. So we’re not talking about winter tyres or all season tyres here as only a summer/UHP tyre would have an appropriate compound for track use. I understand where you are coming from but its not a case that I need to get used to XL tyres as I have already been running XL walled AD08R’s for nearly 4 years. The primacy’s wont catch me out as I already constantly expect them to kick out as they have naff all grip; so I adjust my driving accordingly. I don't use them for anything other than trackdays where I am planning to intentionally go sideways. I just wanted to know if anyone on here uses a non-xl tyre for track. If so, what are they using, what made them decide to use that particular brand/model and how do they fair on track with it.
  8. Hey peeps, Looking to experiment here a little with track day tyres. Does anyone on here use a non-xl (non reinforced/soft sidewall) tyre for track days? If so, what are you using, what made you choose that particular brand/model and how do you get on with them on track? Do you ever find that they roll over onto the walls if you go in to tight corners too hard? Just pondering the move from XL to a soft sidewall tyre to make the car feel less heavy/crashy and more like the softer way the stock Primacies feel (without the abysmal levels of traction).
  9. Leeky

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    Auto is not tuned any different to the manual. Only difference is the gearing.
  10. Leeky

    GT86 boot Lid

    Is that a genuine TRD spoiler or a copy?
  11. Leeky

    GR86 Finally Spied

    New spy photos stolen from the ft86club site. So it appears the renders are spot on.
  12. Leeky

    GR86 Finally Spied

    I like the wheels... they’d look great on a MK1... ... otherwise I think the MK1 is better looking in 99% of places. And there isn’t enough improvement/extra power here to make me want to spend all that extra money to trade up to a MK2 when my MK1 wasn’t exactly cheap and I’ve now modded it just the way I like it. But as its clearly an evolution of the MK1 chassis underneath we’ll probably find most exhaust, brake, suspension mods would go straight onto a MK2.
  13. Lots of people in the US reliably running E85 on their 86’s/BRZ’s/FRS’s and when mapped correctly they get a pretty decent power increase from it. So only 5% Ethanol in VPower is fine. The FA20 loves ethanol.
  14. Seems to match the renders... I like it! Not sure now if these are renders or actual intentionally leaked pictures from Toyota... the interior shot looks very real and I can’t see any inconsistencies or photoshop evidence across any of these pictures.
  15. Hey peeps, just thought i’d share my findings for those interested. I bought a Japanese spec car numberplate mount (£24 from Toyota - part number SU003-01539) and a 13x8 front plate. My theory appears to have worked and now off track just driving around town and up/down the motorway my oil temps are around 74c. So an improvement of around 11c. I’ve got a Nurburgring trip next month so i’m planning on driving there with the new square plate so its blocking airflow to the cooler and will just switch back to my UK size front plate just before going on track so that I have full cooling. Its just two small plastic screws so takes 30seconds to switch plates.