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  1. Leeky

    Eibach springs and coilovers

    I personally am anti-coilover. I've owned a few sets on various cars and find them to be too hard even on the softest settings. Personally if I don't like the handling of my cars (and the GT86 isnt one of them, I love the stock suspension) I tend to go with decent shock/spring upgrades. Something like TRD Sports Dampers and TRD Lowered springs.
  2. Leeky

    Oil for occasional track days

    I use the standard issue 0w-20 that my Toyota main dealer put in. I do many heavy track days (track weeks when it comes to places like Nur) and I've always found that as long as the oil stays below 100 degrees then pressure remains good. Worth monitoring temps as others have said using something like the Torque App or a physical device like a ScanGauge2. If you struggle to keep temps under 100c (on these hot summer track days) then worth getting a thermostatic engine oil cooler.
  3. Borg and Beck discs are very good and very cheap on ebay. OEM spec for a quarter of the price. £46 for a pair of 294mm Front discs (BBD4119) £42 for a pair of 290mm Rear discs (BBD5412) Their brake pads aren’t too bad from what i’ve heard. But haven’t tried the pads myself. I had great results on track running the Cosworth pads on Borg and Beck discs before going big brake upgrade.
  4. Yep, got it at a good price and kept it as a spare when I heard they weren’t making any more. But looks like i’ll never need it. If it fits the 2.4 then someone will be chew my arm off for it one day lol
  5. Leeky

    BRZ (Ts) STi Rims

    I too would be interested to know how much they weigh
  6. Leeky

    Standard Exhaust - Offers

    Scrap metal yard would probably give you at least a tenner for it. I mean rather than taking it to the tip. Its one of those items that nobody ever needs but 30years from now will be worth a fortune lol
  7. I may have a brand new boxed spare stage1&2 kit with programming kit if there are others that missed out on this…. But i’d want £6k to let it go as I believe its the last brand new one anywhere in existence lol
  8. Leeky

    AP BBK Clunk in reverse

    Just curious, but is this a clunk on the front or the rear? I’ve recently fitted the Cosworth/APRacing 6pot/355mm front kit and the APRacing 4pot/335mm rear kit but cant say they’ve sounded any “clunkier” than stock. I wonder if clunking is something to expect/listen out for once the new pads have bedded in more.
  9. This sucks. Same here, signed up to get the discount and its gone before i’ve even had a single chance to use it.
  10. Hey Guys n Gals, I’ve hunted high and low but I cant seems to find anywhere that says what the torque settings are for the diff cover plate. Going to be fitting a Greddy cover like the one below tomorrow and have all the torque settings except for the cover plate bolts themselves. Unfortunately the instructions are in Japanese but don’t appear to show any torque values anyway. Does anyone have these please? Cheers!
  11. Cosworth Stage 2.2 here. OEM front cat and Cosworth 2nd cat. Breezes through MOT/Emissions test.
  12. Leeky

    Best brake pads?

    I guess it’s possible there was a time/batch when they were just rebranded. But both sets of Cosworth pads i’ve gone through were visually a different shape to the set of Yellowstuff I had. Not only this but the Yellowstuff took noticeably longer to warm up when on public roads suggesting to be a different compound. On track there wasn’t much difference but off track from cold I could tell which were which.
  13. Leeky

    Best brake pads?

    No I mean Cosworth. I bought a set of Yellowstuff and compared them to whats in the Cosworth box. Didnt look or feel like the same pads to me at all. No idea where that rumour started. But from what I’ve seen on the net the Cosworth pads for the R35 GTR may have been rebadged YellowStuff. Never seen any evidence to suggest the GT86 Cosworth pads have ever been Yellowstuff.
  14. Leeky

    Best brake pads?

    I’ve always used the Cosworth Streetmaster pads. They have plenty of bite from cold and are hard to overheat on track.
  15. Leeky

    Manual or Automatic transmission??

    As I said, I wasn’t looking to bait. But I’ve never had a manual 86 come past me on track unless I was on a cool down lap or intentionally backing off/going easy. And yes its a fact that the auto gears are longer, but seeing as I’m always gaining on all the manual 86’s on the long straights shows it doesn’t appear to be an issue. Logic wise, I’ve always just put this down to not having to come out of drive to change gear. Or maybe its nothing to do with the car and I’m just a better driver lol