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  1. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree...
  2. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    Actually Alfa designed the QV first and then worked back to the base models. Yes, its not just an engine; there are lots of differences. But the msrp price isnt based entirely on manufacturing costs/profit margins. Its the sales/marketing guys that decide what to price the different models at. Also you cant compare the F-Type to the Supra. If people are dumb enough to pay that much for a 4-cyl turbo then good luck to them. But there is a hell of a lot of badge going on with the Jag. Toyota cant flog a 4-cyl car based off the Supra for anywhere near to £50k. In Japan/US the JZA80 with the 3.0 2JZGE was around 10K/25% cheaper than the 3.0 2JZGTE model. In Japan the JZA70 with the 2.0 1G-GTE was the equivalent of £13k, the 3.0 7MGTE started around £20k and the later 2.5 1JZGTE’s got to nearly £30k. So what i’m trying so say is that historically the nasp/smaller engined Supra has always been significantly cheaper than the top spec model. So whilst I agree that this being the first modern supra, built in another country, by another company could mean a difference in market placement and pricing; I’m still expecting this Supra to be priced like Supra’s of the past.
  3. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    Alfa Giulia - £31k Alfa Giulia QV - £60k BMW 318i - £28k BMW M3 - £55k
  4. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    We’ll see....
  5. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    But who says it’ll actually be called a Supra? May have a totally different front, back, interior and name. Dont forget, Supra was just a top spec Celica back in the day. Most people hear the word “Supra” and instantly think Mk4. Where as I hear “Supra” and think of a mk2/3 Celica with a 6-cyl squeezed in.
  6. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    Going by 4-cyl z4 vs 6-cyl z4 prices, i’d expect a 4-cyl Supra to start just over £30k. And an Auto 86 is knocking on the door of £30k. But yeah, we may not even get the 4 banger in the uk. But if the Japanese do.. i doubt they could justify building another 86.
  7. Leeky

    2nd Gen GT86

    I don’t think a mk2 86 makes any sense when a 4-cyl Supra is coming.
  8. *** SOLD *** Hi Peeps, i’ve got a VGate ICar 2.0 for sale. In brand new condition. Boxed with all original contents. I paid £30 for it and looking for £15 (including 1st Class Recorded postage). I bought this for two reasons - 1) so that I could read/clear codes on my 86 using my iphone. 2) so that i could stream live ODB data to my track apps such as Track Addict Only used it 2-3 times and works great but i’ve decided to go down a different route now. Postage is Free but Located in Reading (Berkshire) if for some reason someone wanted to collect. Please PM me if you are interested and i’ll send you my paypal address.
  9. If Toyota do bring back the Celica it wont be FWD. Toyota are only interested in sports cars for proper drivers these days. It’ll almost certainly be RWD like the first three generations of Celica.
  10. Correct. A40 Supra (mk1) was essentially the MK2 Celica with a lengthened nose with a 2.6 6-cylinder. Same happened in the MK3 Celica. They put another 2.8 straight 6 in it and that was the MK2 Supra (A60). I had a MK2 and it was awesome. I put a 4.0 V8 1UZ in mine lol A70 Supra Mk3 was the first non-celica based car. Then we has the Mk4 A80. I’ve had 3x A80’s. One black NA Auto Aerotop, a white na manual and a red uk spec tt auto. Awesome cars. But total boats compared to the 86. tbh the new Supra needs to be pretty special to make me trade in my 86 for. Im finding myself drawn more towards a used LC500. Just thought of something. Supra is back, Corolla is back, Camry is coming back... would make total sense for them to continue this classic name revival and bring the Celica back too. After all, they re-registered the Celica name patent in 2017; so they must be planning to use it.
  11. On the mkv supra forum we had rumours of a new Celica (based on the new Supra) making a comeback to replace the 86. Given the new Supra will apparently have two 2.0 turbo options (197bhp & 258bhp) in the future we straight away there have a replacement for the current 86 and the more powerful version many people were crying out for. If the new Supra is roughly the same size as the 86 and has a lower centre of gravity than the 86, then building another 86 seems pointless unless its cost related. I can only see it being worthwhile if you can churn 86’s out of the Subaru factory for less than you can make base spec 2.0 Supra’s out of Austria. Would make sense to me that Toyota are looking to simply put a different face and smaller wheels on the Supra body then sell it as the Celica then kill off the 86. This is essentially what they had with the Mk1 and Mk2 Supra. Also lets look at the 86 life cycle. Came out in 2012, mid life facelift in 2017 which would suggest the current 86 will die in 2020. So roughly 2 years after the Supra. This is enough time for the Supra to plant roots perfectly before launching a cut down bargain Celica 2.0 version as an 86 replacement.
  12. Leeky

    Crawford Performance Intake Spacers

    From what I understand Direct Injection systems cause a lot more carbon buildup than a regular engine because of higher compression and a better burn. There are a few discussions about this on various GT86 forums but I don't actually know any UK GT86 owner that's had this issue yet. The way they clear it out is to fire walnut shell chippings at the build up under high pressure. Apparently its the best way to clear it off without doing any damage to the engine. Quick google - https://www.terracleanswaffham.co.uk/walnut-blasting My understanding is that carbon buildup in DI Engines is down to poor maintenance and I've also heard that you can get carbon buildup if you only ever drive for economy (not sure how much truth there is in the latter). But seeing as my 86 is my dedicated track car I'm happy that it should never get carbon buildup. It only ever sees low rpm on the way to and from the track lol
  13. So are Toyota saying the valve spring design/part number changed after May 2013? Would love to know what changed in April 2013 that means all later cars are not at risk from this.
  14. Leeky

    Crawford Performance Intake Spacers

    A redline a day keeps the walnut blast away