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  1. Leeky

    Recommendations on brake pads?

    I heard that rumour too but never seen any evidence to back it up. I had some EBC’s fitted before. They didn’t feel as good as the Cosworth pads and they dont look like the same pad at all. If EBC do make them for Cosworth then it must be a Cosworth spec pad and I take back every bad word i’ve ever said about EBC lol
  2. Leeky

    Recommendations on brake pads?

    Cosworth Streetmaster
  3. I got an extra big battery off the net - SuperBatt 072 80ah. Only cost me £59.99 My car has sat unused for over a month before now (even with keyless entry) and it always starts first time.
  4. I have the genuine Toyota reversing camera kit from the US. It takes a constant 12v feed (which i have coming off the back of the cigarette lighter) and the stock Headunit decides to switch to it when you go into reverse.
  5. No longer required. Please close the thread
  6. Leeky

    Noise cameras

    Yeah I saw this. Good luck to them trying to enforce this. Its as crazy as the proposed fines for people sat in traffic with their engine running
  7. Leeky

    Tom’s Front Strut Brace

    Looks like a Tom’s strut brace to me, so no bubble burst... https://www.darksidemotoring.com/products/toms-racing-front-upper-strut-bar-toyota-ft86-subaru-brz Thanks for the heads up. I didnt know there were knock offs floating about. Without DNA testing it I guess we’ll never know lol But i’ve no reason to suspect its not genuine Shame that companies are allowed to get away with blatantly ripping off other peoples parts. Looks like im keeping it and putting it on my car then Admins - Please close the thread. No longer for sale.
  8. Just picked this up, but I’m not yet sure whether I’m going ahead with fitting this or another type of brace. Looking online I think these are generally about £400 all in brand new (Approx £300 + shipping/VAT/Duty from Japan). So thinking £200 would be a fair price used? I’ve not seen another GT86 with one of these in the UK so quite rare I suspect? Drop me a PM if interested. Located in Reading, Berkshire. Collection only. Not really looking for offers, just putting the feelers out there. Will probably keep it if its not worth £200 to anyone. Cheers!
  9. Cheers all. Really good information here. Appreciate it!
  10. Cheers guys. So what you say confirms what I suspected SC whine wise from all the time i’d spent googling. So I just need to decide whether I wanna go Cossie Charger or if its worth paying the extra for the Sprintex whine.
  11. Hey all, two quick questions that I couldn’t find a clear answer on. Hoping you guys could help me get to answers please? 1. When using FI on the FA20 what is considered to be the real tipping point where you really start to risk bending a rod? Cosworth appear to say 280bhp at the flywheel is as high as they recommend you should go on a stock engine. But does anyone have any experience or has heard of rods bending below this level of power? 2. Which FA20 supercharger has the best whine? I know there is a lot more to supercharging your 86 than just how it sounds, but whine on a supercharger is a glorious thing. I’ve seen the MRT video for their Sprintex charger which is the best i’ve heard so far. Is this generally considered to be the one with the best whine? Cheers!
  12. Thanks for the offer but I've already got a full system. Cheers all the same.
  13. Hi All, Boxed and Brand new, never fitted. Bought this but not going to use it after all. Looking to swap it for any interesting GT86 parts. I’ve got an automatic so not interested in anything manual specific. Ideally looking for any chassis braces or genuine TRD/Gazoo/Cosworth items. But not interested in suspension, exhausts, wheels or consumables like air/oil filters/brakes. Happy to trade this plus cash if you have something more expensive to pass on. Located in Reading, Berkshire.
  14. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I didnt realise Fesnport sold them. I’m not prepared to loose any more money on it, so i’ll aim to swap it for other parts instead.