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  1. Varelco

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Intec provide little strips of fabric to cover them but they look lousy. I re-covered the parcel shelf when I did mine.
  2. Varelco

    Good news

    Lotus and Jag still use superchargers too. Definitely suites this car. I'm pretty sure Mazdas new swanky Skyactive X motor has a little air boosting supercharger on it too.
  3. Varelco

    Good news

    @BRZ-123 yeah the early models had Eaton m45 superchargers. You have parasitic drag from superchargers, limited capability and perhaps cost compared to Turbos which is another aspect as to why they aren't mainstream.
  4. Varelco

    Tradesmen/Brickies - a mini rant

    It's a small in fill job. Your work is probably quite low down on their list in terms of profitability. I think in general tradesman are in high demand, they can be picky. I had some plastering done at the start of the year and out of the 5 people I contacted only 2 ever got back got back to me.
  5. Varelco

    Good news

    I will be gobsmacked if they stick a 2.4 NA lump in it. There will be some that are surprised that the second generation will even exist let alone be fitted with an engine which goes against the entire industry. This new car will have to have something future proof, you might get away with it now but this new gen car will be sold way into the 2020s it's got to have something which will keep the model viable during the biggest change in automotive history. Don't forget as of January the new EU fleet wide C02 targets are being phased in. All the manufacturers are facing big penalties for everything over the target.
  6. Varelco

    Blown Engine?

    How much did your engine swap cost?
  7. Varelco

    MartinT's BRZ

    I would be in the supercharger camp if it came to it. The H4 layout and the fact you are retrofitting a FI system makes superchargers a nice neat package plonked on top of the engine. The power delivery keeps with how the car was intended too. I've only really felt the need of a charger when on the motorway, which to be fair this car wasn't designed for and is boring anyway.
  8. Varelco


    The SC will hammer the CAT in the manifold due to where it is. Id go catless manifold and stock front pipe, you may sacrifice a bit of power but you gain reliability not to mention keep the noise level down.
  9. When you get to that level of modification and investment it just makes more sense to buy a faster car in the first place. 280bhp is the sweet spot, that's about 225bhp per ton which is perfect for a road car, after driving Abbeys Harrop charged car around Oxted it definitely doesn't need any extra, more than enough. In my opinion of course.
  10. Varelco

    Batteries 🤬

    Mine did the same, the warranty replacement lasted 18 months. I have a Yuasa now, model number is the one quoted above. 2 years on and it's going strong, got a good reputation for making decent batteries.
  11. Varelco

    So, this happened the other day

    Cant figure out why the dome part broke off as that is not really in contact with anything (nut gun or wheel) The broken one is corroded which might have something to do with it.
  12. Varelco

    So, this happened the other day

    It's no unheard of. Wheel nuts often get blasted tight with an impact gun, way tighter than they need to be and I'm sure the shock motion from the gun doesn't help
  13. Varelco

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    JohnM I'd listen to Church, you are better off having your cat in the front pipe if you can. Your tune will also be more conservative with a catted manifold to preserve the cat.
  14. Varelco

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    There are more options than that Tomei UEL, Gruppe-S and their derivatives, FT86SF, JDL and OFT all have proven to fill out the torque dip.
  15. Varelco

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    I have a new unfitted Gruppe-S UEL I might be selling shortly if you're interested. Complete with new OEM gaskets and sump heatshield. It's basically a rebranded Tomei manifold but the design is better as the slip joint brackets point towards the engine not the floor (the ones on the Tomei point towards to floor and can hit the floorpan). It is also ceramic coated silver with Performance 1's "Volcanic coating". Unsure on a price yet as it owes me quite a bit.