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  1. Varelco

    Coilpacks - life expectancy? Upgrading?

    6 year old japanese car with 27k. I wouldn't even consider it.
  2. That's a stunning photo of your car Keith
  3. Option 2 definitely. 8j et35 is the go to fitment for these cars, no rub at all.
  4. Varelco

    Will300's Subaru BRZ Build

    @will300@Deacon How are you 2 finding the Nogaros, how comfortable and supportive are they in comparison to the stock seats?
  5. For me Toyotas replacement 60Ah battery wasn’t really much better than the original it replacement. I went for a better quality Yuasa 65Ah in the end and I’ve had no issues since but I do also use the car more. Since you use the car infrequently then you may have to tailor the battery capacity because of this, maybe going for something >80Ah for example. CTEKs trickle chargers are great and very popular option for those who have weekend toys, CTEK offer a number of accessories which give you the option to plug and unplug their neat little proprietary connector conveniently (including through the cigarette lighter), my Dad has one of their ‘comfort panels’ neatly installed in the boot of his MX5. He plugs the charger in and leaves it in the boot. I don't have the luxury of a garage so I’ve got a connector poking out the bottom of the undertray so I can connect the charger without running any cables through the bonnet/door shuts, and just leave it under the car. I might see if it can fit it in a hole of the front grille as that would save me getting on my knees do it. The plugs and charger are IP65 rated so can deal with being outside, its ideal as you don’t have to open any part of the car to charge it. https://www.ctek.com/uk/products/car I have to admit I am baffled that you would consider selling the car for such a simple issue. Do you consider selling your house if you have a water leak? 🤣
  6. Varelco

    Deacons '86

    Got to admit, that's probably the least likely thing I'd ever hear anyone say when modifying a car 😂
  7. Varelco

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    +1, i've had mine for 5 years now and its is no more expensive than a regular hatchback (in some cases cheaper) Its almost comical how long tyres and brakes last, servicing costs are typical Toyota prices, there are no vices or shockers with maintaining these cars. Biggest expense is fuel, expect high 20s for low speed town driving, high 30s for a roads and motorways (driven how it should be )
  8. Varelco

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Nice one i'll watch that later. Where did you buy those JDM door tops? I looked at the post 17 ones but the white stitching doesn't match the pre 17 interior.
  9. Varelco

    Low Speed Suspension Creak/Popping Noise

    Ive had a low speed creaking/knocking for the last couple of years which I've never got to the bottom of (although my efforts have been half a*sed). I was actually hoping it would get worse so it would be more obvious to trace the problem but it never happened. I will be interested to see if the ARB bushes do anything. It can be done with basic tools from what I've seen, its easily accessible.
  10. Varelco

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Fantastic thread, the car looks great, big fan of the BRZ facelift front end. So what made you want to jump back into a twin then? I remember following your thread when you had the white one and the got impression the 86 wasn't your cup of tea? Have you got a thread for the R53? I know nothing about Minis but it looks interesting.
  11. Varelco

    GR86 Finally Spied

    The 86 is too heavy to pull off the NA trick in this era. Mazda pulled it off with the ND when they revised their 2.0 unit in 2018 and kept the car at 1000kg. Unless this new GR86 is going to be lighter I can't see how much difference the FA24 is going to make. The current chassis is great but its engine has always been the achilles heel, its comes from a company with an archaic view on engine technology and trends. A compact inline 3 turbo unit like the GR Yaris or Fiesta ST would be fantastic, I can't imagine its going to any longer or heavier than the FA24.
  12. I need funds for other hobbies so this has to go. Completely unused, never fitted Gruppe-S UEL manifold, ceramic coated in Perfomance1’s premium Volcanic range (1050degC) Fantastic quality, cast collector and flanges, reliable design, smooth boxer sound, proven to eliminate the torque dip, these are hard to get hold of! Supplied complete with new gaskets, hardware and an sump heat shield £690 including postage. Located in Sittingbourne, Kent.
  13. Varelco

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Intec provide little strips of fabric to cover them but they look lousy. I re-covered the parcel shelf when I did mine.
  14. Varelco

    Good news

    Lotus and Jag still use superchargers too. Definitely suites this car. I'm pretty sure Mazdas new swanky Skyactive X motor has a little air boosting supercharger on it too.
  15. Varelco

    Good news

    @BRZ-123 yeah the early models had Eaton m45 superchargers. You have parasitic drag from superchargers, limited capability and perhaps cost compared to Turbos which is another aspect as to why they aren't mainstream.