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  1. Varelco

    Stubaru BRZ

    That is lovely, good choice on going for a GTS mind you black is brave colour for someone who likes their paint in good nick.
  2. Varelco

    Thespeedline valenti taillights

    Mine have been on for 4 years with no issues, TBH I fitted them without knowing this info beforehand, so it might not be too critical.
  3. Varelco

    Thespeedline valenti taillights

    No need to seal anywhere else, just make sure you don't over tighten the nuts when fitting the lights that can cause sealing issues.
  4. 1st post and selling the car? Why is the number plate shielded? Doesn't allow anyone to perform HPI checks.
  5. Varelco

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    The FM antenna is powered, so you need to connect that wire to a 12v power source. There is usually a spare wire on the wiring harness specifically for this.
  6. Varelco

    Is sound deadening worth it

    This subject has been covered a lot so I would recommend doing a search, but ultimately yes it makes a big difference as the car has next to none from the factory. The most effective areas for sound deadening are the rear quarters, rear seats and the doors, the boot is well isolated by the seat back rest so in my opinion its pointless putting any in there.
  7. That will look odd, 8j et35 on the back will stick out 17mm further than the fronts. I would add 15mm spacers up front.
  8. If you are going down that route put the 46 on the back. The rear arches are larger than the front and swallow up more wheel. I have 5mm wider spacers on the rear than the front to get them to look the same.
  9. Varelco

    2016 BRZ headlights

    No worries bud. Take your time, no need to rush you just got it.
  10. Varelco

    2016 BRZ headlights

    I would suggest you do a bit of research into the second hand market before putting stuff up for sale. But put it this way you will struggle to pick up a single headlight for less than 170 quid from a GT86, which is much more common than a BRZ. OEM items are generally going to be much better quality and a different market segment than aftermarket. If you are not sure on something then feel free to ask the forum members. This is the place where people are supposed to offer support, advice and respect for others who have a mutual interest in these cars...
  11. Varelco

    2016 BRZ headlights

    Probably because you have priced them ridiculously cheap.
  12. That's not entirely true.... I shall explain. Had a little convo with Matt@Cosworth recently and he told me they do have supercharger kits, but they are missing the Eaton blowers themselves. Now if there was a group buy he said that it might enough to convince his boss to buy some superchargers to make up and sell some kits... Food for thought for those on the fence.
  13. Varelco

    Any grey BRZ owners?

    Take a look at @Lowes car. Looks awesome in the combo you are thinking of.
  14. Varelco

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    Sorry Shad can't help you with that one bud. I have an ancient Galaxy S7 so only have the option of tethered AA. I replaced the cigarette lighter socket with a second USB, I tuck my phone in there so it's not a big deal, means it gets charged too and I'm not tempted to touch it whilst driving. I'm aware that the 919 does support AA wirelessly despite Kenwood oddly not advertising it, Fasmoto has proved that (and so does number 22. on your list by the looks of it)