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  1. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Not so much the fact its conical, just that its not enclosed in a housing. Which is hardly surprising as its been known for literally decades that situating a air filter inside an engine gets heat soaked, it just the usual desperation to get YouTube video hits.
  2. Varelco

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    That looks stunning. Fortunately Bluewater has enough spaces for you to keep away from door smashers.
  3. Varelco

    Brake callipers upgrade

    I can't see any reason for it. I bought mine with the Reyland discs, I couldn't justify a reason to pay the extra money for the AP. Originally the difference between the 2 were the AP having curved vents within the discs and the Reyland were straight so the APs would have better heat management but Reyland now offer a curved vent option for another £50 IIRC.
  4. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Thanks, I was ready to try something very different for 2022 but the situation surrounding this car is Europe has twisted my arm enough to commit to it. I think my fiancé is more excited than me at the minute lol. I have no further official information on spec other than what Lauren has already put, my deposit is probably more of a gentleman's agreement at this stage as opposed to an official Toyota action. From what I've gathered from other European countries and what's being fed to the US, the colour palette you see is what will be offered to the UK, so unfortunately, as lovely as it is, there will be no Scarlet Flare, but the colour codes do appear different from the GT86. Don't expect much movement on order books until at least the end of Q1, deliveries being late Q2 or longer by the sounds of it. In terms of spec differences I'm putting it out there and going with; Base 17 inch 2 tone (black with machined face) alloy wheels on Primacys, cloth interior non heated seats, keyless entry, dual climate, headunit with AA and Car play, 6 speaker audio, no ducktail spoiler Premium 18 inch (satin black) wheels on PS4s, 'ultra suede' half leather heated seats, keyless entry, dual climate, headunit with AA and Car play, 8 speaker audio with amplifier, ducktail spoiler (optional?). Options? Probably parking sensors, boot fitted subwoofer and perhaps the red carpet interior? but then again that might be a Japan only option, along with the larger 9" headunit. Don't take this as gospel but I am 90% certain its going to be along those lines.
  5. Varelco

    Engine Blown, What next?

    Hmmm didn't realise the car is a Cat N. That does change things, It would marginal. I like the idea of the relax warranty I didn't know that was a thing.
  6. Varelco

    Engine Blown, What next?

    Given how much you paid for the car then it's definitely financially viable to have the engine replaced or rebuilt. A decent condition 2012 must be worth about double that. Where did you get a 10 year warranty / 100000miles from it? It was never offered on the GT86.
  7. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Lovely colour although not one for me. I'm a fan of the red carpet gives it a JDM/Honda feel, I wonder if that will be an option for the UK. The door cup holders look more useful which is nice, the door grab doesn't exist like the old car so it wont foul.
  8. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Christ how irritating is he. I got 6 minutes in before I couldn't listen to him anymore.
  9. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    That's only 2022s allocation, production will run into 2024 so it shouldn't be too limited. However if prospective UK buyers are armed with the information that its going to be a limited run, coupled with the production delays from COVID and the knowledge of the imminent demise of ICE in Europe, then its really a sellers market, lead times will go through the roof and price scalping will be rife in the second hand market. So with that in mind its now 399 left in next years allocation (if that is genuinely true), I placed my deposit, bit impulsive and its on a hunch but there is nothing else I want to spend my money on.
  10. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Are you looking to get one next year Dave? I'm a red car guy but I do fancy the Halo white too.
  11. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Can't imagine that being the case since the GR86 will be manufactured in the Subaru's Gunma plant and the GR Yaris Toyota's Motomachi., If they were in the same factory then it would make sense, not to mention the colours have already been published everywhere else.
  12. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    400?! Is that it.
  13. Varelco

    Folding mirrors/'One touch' indicators

    Hi Will, Welcome to the forum! I see you are local, I'm just outside of Sittingbourne. In answer to your questions, no unfortunately the car comes with neither of those features, good news is there are aftermarkets products available to retrofit those functions.
  14. Varelco

    In comes the GR86

    Yeah someone posted it 3 posts up...
  15. Varelco

    High Flow Cat question!!

    That would be with the a decat manifold. It would be mega loud too. Definitely need resonators in your front pipe as Conscript has mentioned. In my experience with exhaust setups: Stock Manifold - Stock Front Pipe - Perrin 2.5" Resonated Catback - OEM+ , nice sporty sound but fades out and quietens down above 5k rpm Stock Manifold - Berk HFC front pipe - Perrin 2.5" Resonated Catback - BOOM fest, exhaust was loud and became binary, acceptable at steady cruise, but very loud on any application of throttle or overrun Stock Manifold - Fujitsubo Decatted dual resonated front pipe - Perrin 2.5" Resonated Catback - Bit louder than just the catback, good modulation of sound relative to how much you bury your foot all the way to redline, odd burble off throttle.