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  1. Varelco

    Genuine Gt86 bootliner *like new*

    If you are willing to ship it at all ill take it!
  2. Varelco

    Weird noise?

    The constant noise isn't crickets its your direct injectors, they are noisy by design. The clunk is the clutch of your A/C engaging as others has mentioned, but the brief rattle once it kicks in is unusual, although its something i wouldn't be concerned about.
  3. Varelco

    Cosworth Supercharger Kit For Sale

    SOLD mods please close.
  4. Varelco

    Eibach springs and coilovers

    Whilst not mandatory, definitely recommended. I have camber bolts and LCAs on lowering springs and I'm glad I did. I could offset the increased camber on the rear caused by lowering it whilst dialling in some at the front. The balance is lovely.
  5. Varelco

    Eibach springs and coilovers

    You do when you need to reuse the stop mounts as per those coilovers.
  6. Varelco

    Eibach springs and coilovers

    Why would you attempt to fit springs yourself but not coilovers? Its exactly the same scope of work. You haven't mentioned what your intentions are, are you lowering for looks? Improved performance? Better ride quality? Those pro street coilovers look suspiciously like rebranded Bilsteins.
  7. Varelco

    Oil for occasional track days

    As soon as you mentioned the word 'track' I'd use 5W-30 personally, the thinner grade is purely used to reduce frictional losses and make it more efficient that's it. The thicker grade will help with oil pressures/film strength on track once it gets hot. I only use 5w-30 in my car.
  8. Varelco

    Torque low - why?

    Because the conrods lack strength to take any more torque. The high compression ratio restricts the amount of boost pressure you can run. You aren't comparing apples to apples. If you take the factory designed turbocharged FA20 then the figures are more comparable. the JDM FA20DIT is rated to 400NM.
  9. Varelco

    Cosworth Supercharger Kit For Sale

    Provisionally Sold.
  10. Varelco

    AP BBK Clunk in reverse

    I'm almost certain its the pads, the clunk sounds like the backing plates moving, nothing is translated through to the car, its just a light noise, they are the only moving part. I can't see how the discs would move, mine aren't floating just regular 2 piece, so they are bolted together, if they are moving then something is very wrong. If I was to hazard a guess I'd say the backing plates are slightly undersized in the caliper to allow expansion when they get hot, this would prevent them getting seized in the caliper.
  11. Varelco

    AP BBK Clunk in reverse

    Yeah I was intending to take a look actually, just to double check everything is still tight and as it should be. Pedal feel is much like stock day to day, no issues with modulation, the type of pad is going to make the most noticeable difference if anything, if I really stamp on the brakes I notice how much more stopping power have compared to the stock setup, the nose really dives. I've been really pleased with the Ferodo DS2500s, I was a little sceptical running that pad, they have good road manners, no noise issues, the feel and cold bite is pretty much how the stock setup felt, yet they have alot more capability when it comes to stressing them on track.
  12. A change in direction means my supercharger kit is up for sale. This is a rare opportunity to buy this amazing piece of kit. It was originally off a fellow enthusiasts car and has sat in my shed since March.The kit is approximately 2 years old and has covered 12,000 miles. It contains all components of the Stage 2 kit. (you will require an ECUtek license andCosworth tune to complete) I would like what I paid for it: £3575. The price is fair therefore is non negotiable. Collection preferred but delivery can be arranged for an additional cost. Located in Sittingbourne Kent. ---More images to follow---
  13. Varelco

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    ThatGuyThere, not the most diplomatic approach but your question is simple, doesn't require a story or peoples names to answer.
  14. Varelco

    Wheel Suggestions

    The price of the those wheels is pretty respectable. If you solely look at cheap imitation brands then everything will look expensive relative to that.
  15. Varelco

    8" 215/45 ET35 vastly different to stock?

    I wouldn't go for a 215 on an 8j, go for a 225, they will be cheaper and look better too. You won't lose any of the playfulness of the car it doesn't suddenly become a grip monster. That was my concern too. My setup is 18x7.5j ET33 front and 18x7.5j ET 28 rear with 225/40/18 V105s, overall mechanical grip is up but not as much as you think, and the dynamics of the car is the same, it stays more consistent across various conditions than the Primacys but it will still move around in greasy conditions, just the limit is higher which is reassuring when it comes to braking.