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  1. Shippers

    Shadow lights!

    Yep, they work well and look good considering the low price. As above, mine flash and turn off if you leave the door open for a few mins. Neat feature and they took all of 5 mins to fit 👍
  2. Shippers

    Help picking a car

    From the write up you gave, the newer car sounded to me more what you were looking for. Good luck, like those above have said, I'm sure you will really enjoy whichever you go for.
  3. Shippers

    Lowering Springs Eibach 35-40mm

    Yes, you and speed humps will get to know each other well 😄. I took those springs off as it was too low for the area where I live with the crappy roads and number of speed humps. 25mm would be a much better choice in my opinion, especially with a splitter. 35-40mm will look cool though 😉. Personally I went for adjustable coilovers so there is the option to adjust. Bit of a price difference though..
  4. Shippers

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Love those wheels. Great choice, can't go wrong with Rays. Some pics on the car please once you have them fitted 😀 Tire size sounds right but I'm sure others who are running this size can 100% confirm.
  5. Shippers

    Advice needed!

    Hi, both sound like great choices. Just my opinion but always go for the specification you really want. If that's the PP then keep your search to that. It may take slightly longer for the exact car you want but you will ultimately be happier knowing you didnt compromise on what you wanted. Either way, both cars you mention sound great and as long as the servicing has been done, 15k still isn't a lot of miles on a car these days. Good luck and let us know what you go for.
  6. Shippers

    Help me decide pleas.

    Looks very nice. Bet you cant wait for the end of the month.
  7. Shippers

    Flat battery - locked out - BROKE key

    What a drama, glad you got it sorted now and are back on the road. I saw a post from someone who installed a trickle charger cable that can be accessed from outside the car. Perhaps not a bad idea. Am going to look into that having spent half an hour trying to get into the car at the weekend.
  8. Shippers

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    Oh yes battery has been flat for weeks 😂
  9. Looks very similar to the one I saw going round Winchester with a fairly loud exhaust even at low revs. If your the owner let us know what exhaust that was 👍
  10. Shippers

    18 inch light wheels

    Hi Richy Got any pics of them? What was it you didn't like? Ride too harsh? Thanks
  11. Shippers

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Keep the updates coming Sam 👍. Great looking build and helping to keep me going when I start to go mad at work with all that's going on.
  12. Shippers

    Alignment in Poole/Bournemouth area

    Hi, I've used Mike Stokes Motoring for a Corrado G60 and Supercharged Range Rover. Good bunch of guys and it sorted both those cars. For my 86 I took it to Abbey, well worth the trip as they have some pretty fancy alignment gear plus specialise in GT86's. Hope that helps.
  13. Shippers

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    That's great to hear you are enjoying it. Thanks for the update. I'm so tempted to go for it in the future now I've got used to my car with the TD NA kit on.
  14. Shippers

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    @CharlieBatchelor95 how is life with the TD turbo kit fitted? Have you had a chance to really test it out?
  15. Hi, just a different view from my experience and doing a similar work journey to you for the past 2 years. I stopped driving the 86 and used my BMW m sport auto estate. So much more relaxed on the motorway and more comfortable to jump out of at the end of the commute. Then saved the 86 for weekend fun. Best of both, apart from running costs of 2 cars I guess. So, perhaps one more all round car would suit you? Golf GTi? Docile on motorway but still a bit if fun. Or plenty of other similar options, especially if you didn't fall in love with the 86. Just thought I would offer a slightly different view 😁