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  1. So, a year later I finally have pulled my finger out and listed these on ebay. They have a day left and are going for an absolute steal. If anyone is interested here is the link (wheel nuts not included in ebay sale). Thanks https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/145183566066?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=xCWcNMrFSy2&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=xCWcNMrFSy2&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=EMAIL
  2. Hi all Will pop these up for sale in a few other places now but let me know if you are interested. It would be great to see them go to a forum member ideally. Thanks
  3. Bumpety bump. Be great to find these a new home so drop me a message if interested. Open to offers
  4. Hi I have for sale these awesome wheels. Having waited so long for them to arrive from Japan during the pandemic they only got to go on the car for about a year before my 86 was sold. They are in great condition and come with the PS4's you see in the pictures and a set of Rays wheel nuts including one locking wheel nut per wheel. They come with the centre caps, valve dust caps and spigot rings fitted so really are ready to just bolt on to your car. I ran them with Tein Flex A's with a 20mm drop and thought it gave the right balance of ride height and looks. If you are interested in the alloys let me know and I can share as many photos of each wheel as you like and answer any questions. You can see confirmation of the specs in the photos on the label but they are. 18 X 8 1/2 with a 41 offset. PCD 100. Tyres are 235 40 18's. https://www.rayswheels.co.jp/products/wheel.php?lang=en&wheel=57XT_REV Asking £1,100 ono which is 50% of what they cost all in. Collection from Winchester Thanks Shippers
  5. Shippers

    Everything for Sale

    Hi Firstly a shout out to all the people I've met or spoken to as I've been selling off parts. Its been great meeting you, chatting everything GT86 and hearing about your cars. Thank you for all being brilliant people. I've got a few bits left and it would be great if they could find a home on this forum. I've listed them out and a photo below. If you are interested in any items please message me and I can answer and questions or send more photos. Mishimoto silicone intake hose, in original box, black with all the parts needed to fit - SOLD K&N panel filter - covered about £9k miles with it on - £25 posted Perrin battery strap with original box - £30 posted Eibach lowering springs 35mm - covered only 3k miles before going to coilovers - £25 posted. Nothing wrong with them, they are just taking up space in my garage! GT86 fire extinguisher bracket (with bolts to fit) - SOLD Maxton designs front splitter (V2 I think but will check) - £25 collected or I will have to check about postage as its bulky and would need good packaging Powerflex gearbox insert - SOLD Interior anti slip mats that go in the drink holders, centre console, door pockets - £5 posted GT86 heated seat surround badge - £5 posted Black touch up paint - SOLD Standard clutch pedal spring - free to collect or just cover postage please Gold coloured tow hook (ebay special) - free to collect or just cover the postage please Standard GT86 locking wheel nuts - £10 (really just to cover postage) I also have the standard front speakers as I swapped mine for Focal's - If for some mad reason you would like a pair of standard speakers let me know - free to collect or just cover the postage please. thanks and enjoy the good weather Shippers
  6. Shippers

    Everything for Sale

    Morning all Thank you to everyone who has messaged above and the many DMs about individual items. Given the interest I'm happy to start selling off items individually. In the interest of fairness I will reach out to people in the order they messaged above or DM'd me to give them first refusal. I should then be able to list the remaining items. Thanks again
  7. Shippers

    Everything for Sale

    Hi, They are: Rays Gramlights 57Xtreeme Rev Limit Edition 18x8.5 ET41 5x100 I got them in 2020 costing £1,590 + tyres which are PS4's + Rays wheel nuts. Hope that helps 👍
  8. Shippers

    Everything for Sale

    Hi, thanks for the message. Your probably familiar with the exhaust but I've put a link to which one it is below. I got it last year and did less than 2,000 miles with it on before selling the car. I wanted a stock look so had the standard exhaust tips on it which went back on the original when sold. You can either use the standard tips from your exhaust or ask H&S to sell you pretty much any type you like. https://www.haywardandscott.com/toyota-gt86/toyota-gt86-with-helmholtz-chambered-rear-silencers-and-silenced-centre-pipe.html
  9. After 3 very happy years with my GT86 it was sadly time to say goodbye. The reality was with a young family something more family focussed was needed. I sold the car standard so it means I have all the parts/mods I had carefully selected for sale. I've assembled them in the picture below but I have many more pictures of each individual item. I thought I would put them all up as 'one lot' and see if there is someone here who would like to come and collect everything for a fair price. Perhaps wanting all the items or perhaps wanting some but then with the time to sell on the rest. If not, I will go with the approach of offering all items individually. Asking price for the 'job lot' is £3,000 (over £7k paid new). Please contact me directly to discuss if interested. So what's is for sale? - Rays alloys with MPS4 tyres & locking wheel nuts (less than 3k miles covered) - Tein Flex A adjustable coilovers - Hayward and Scott cat back exhaust (I'm tempted to keep this as its a work of art) - Tuning Developments NA kit inc all the usual parts, manifold, wrapped down pipe, over pipe, K&N air filter - TRD aero strip - Maxton Designs front splitter (red detail is removable + additional roll of red tape also included) - Mishimoto induction pipe - GT86 boot mat - Cusco strut brace with brake master cylinder brace - Powerflex gearbox insert - Standard locking wheel nuts - TRD gear knob - TRD door latches - Eibach lowering springs 35mm - Eibach wheel spacers 20mm front, 25mm rear (these are brilliant if running standard wheels) - Perrin battery strap - Cusco accelerator pedal (plus spanner you need to fit) - TRD front windscreen sunshade - GT86 door puddle lights - Tow hook - Interior anti slip mats - Plus all other parts you can see in the pic If interested please contact me and I can give you additional info on items as there is simply too much to list here. Thank you for looking at this post and also a massive shout out to all the great people I met through this forum. Genuinely a great bunch of people. Thank you
  10. Shippers

    Wanted Genuine TRD Gearknob

    Of any interest to you? I purchased it directly from Fensport for £112.63 and had it on my car for a year. Can send you more pics if interested
  11. Shippers

    Aldershot MOT help

    Abbey Motorsport. Give Scott a call. They are a brilliant and can organise the mot as well as carry out pretty much any work you want done. c.50mins from you but worth it I recon.
  12. I was very happy with Tein Flex A. Ran them on the car with a 20mm drop and on a soft setting. Felt close to stock to me but with the option to firm them up if desired. They are off the car now so if you decide to look at Tein and are interested drop me a DM 👍
  13. Shippers

    Would a muffler delete be too loud?

    Good luck with getting the backbox off, WD40 does work wonders so hopefully not a difficult job. If you get the chance to take a short vid with the back box off do upload it pls 👍
  14. Shippers

    Child seat

    Wow, you have done well DuncanM. I've found you need the passenger seat all the way forward with a baby seat in the back. No chance of another passenger up front. Just end up using the family car instead 😂
  15. Shippers

    Forum Newbie

    Welcome and good luck with the track days 👍