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  1. Luke

    LeMans 2020

    Yeah it certainly spiced things up a bit. Fingers crossed that next years Hyper cars will have more competitors.
  2. Luke

    LeMans 2020

    Yeah also having to clear leaves from the air ducts as well as pick up rubber and debris. Those LMP2 cars looks quite difficult to drive with all the spins going on.
  3. Luke

    LeMans 2020

    Is anyone else enjoying the 24hrs this weekend? I personally prefer the Spa 24hrs but this one is still pretty good. Watching it now, I’m just astonished at how these cars can handle such abuse for this long. I’d love to build an 86 that could handle an entire day on track without getting too hot. Or at least until I got tired and ran out of talent lol. Toyota looking like they’ll walk it but the GTE class is a close battle.
  4. Luke

    All about Initial D

    Huge fan of Initial D and the MF Ghost series and I really like the detail they go into about the cars handling characteristics and driving styles. It got me hooked on JDM cars and wanting to improve my driving skills.
  5. Luke

    MartinT's BRZ

    I’m interested to see if these work.
  6. Luke

    Catless header and heavy rasp

    No that doesn’t sound right. Have you checked for air leaks from the joins and made sure it’s not catching or causing the heat shields to rattle. That also sounds like the baffles in the silencers (mufflers) are loose.
  7. Luke

    Jordan aka Smudge

    Whilst I never met him, I always admired his courage to keep working away on his car despite all the set backs. From one 86 owner to another. Fair well my friend.
  8. Alot of owners on here run the eibach 25mm springs with the original dampers with no real complaints. The springs on the performance pack are exactly the same as the GT or 86 editions, only the dampers were changed to Sachs. Just be careful not to you use a buzz gun to undo the top mount nuts because you can spin the damper piston and damage it. If you don’t fit them yourself make sure your technician knows this.
  9. Luke

    Deacons '86

    Looks nice and slippery. Did you move your external mic? The car sounds different since your last track day upload.
  10. Luke

    Low Speed Suspension Creak/Popping Noise

    That’s where I got my front bushes from as well. Fensport have the rear in stock but double check the size Is correct for the oem anti roll bar believe: https://www.fensport.co.uk/products/superpro-rear-anti-roll-bar-bush-kit-14mm-gt86-brz You might be able to get a club discount from this forum as well.
  11. Luke

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Just out of interest what did you use to tint your fog lights yellow? I’ve used vinyl twice but it fades pretty fast.
  12. Luke

    Low Speed Suspension Creak/Popping Noise

    Im glad it did solve part of your issue. The super pro bushes aren’t as solid as poly bushes so it’s the best of both worlds. I didn’t notice any additional NVH however i’am running on aftermarket coilovers and different wheel/tyres which already contribute some additional NVH so it would be hard for me to say if it will for you. I did fit them myself with a similar array of tools to you. I would say that it’s best to remove the under trays and then take the sub frame off the bottom rather than trying to change them on the car. I’d say it took me about 2 hours in between other things. Just make sure you’ve got a breaker bar or buzz gun as some of the bolts are “German torqued”. (Very tough to undo). This video was my guide and has the torque specs listed as well. I’m so impressed with the increase in positive handling characteristics that I’ll also be changing the rear arb bushes in the future.
  13. Luke

    Low Speed Suspension Creak/Popping Noise

    I had similar sounds usually on bumpy ground at slow speeds. Changed the front anti roll bar bushes and drop links and it’s gone for me. The exhausts manifold is close on both sides so the heat from the engine bay can cause them to wear out faster. I’ve gone with some SuperPro roll bar bushes and uprated drop links. I was amazed at how much sharper and responsive the steering became.
  14. Luke

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    I thought that might be the case once you started amplifying the speakers. That also confirms my thoughts that a subwoofer and some sound deadening is required to get a better sound stage at motorway speeds. I had a similar sounding rattle from mine and I used this video to fix my switch rattle.
  15. Luke

    Alternative to Focals, Vibe Optisound

    How have you found the system now that it’s all bedded in? Do the doors rattle apart? Do you think it needs a subwoofer? Or rear speaker upgrade?