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  1. Luke

    Coilover help required

    I think it might be best to make a short video replicating the sound as you drive. You seems to of covered all the suggestions that I would of come up with. Unless what you’ve replaced is inherently faulty. Could it not be coincidence that something behind the dash has decided to creak after you installed the suspension. I’ve gone back to stock suspension once and it did remove some low speed rumbles from the suspension. Perhaps it’s worth changing the fronts back to stock to see if the sound disappears?
  2. Luke

    Reyland brake kit

    Well I thought it was worth a shot. 😂
  3. Luke

    Reyland brake kit

    A little off topic but I’m curious, do these brakes tend to seize on when the cars been parked for a while after rain or a pressure wash? The OEM sliding calipers are always doing this on mine especially if the car doesn’t move for a day or two.
  4. That’s a shame, I’ve had that happen with a few online retailers so don’t use them anymore. Recently had a great experience with Car audio direct, who sent out two separate orders in a very short time.
  5. Luke

    Reyland brake kit

    If it was my ginger I’d go with red calipers and black disc hats. However you said you were also going to change wheels so I’d just check that the colour combo looks good for you.
  6. Luke

    (Not so) Newbie

    You can take these cars straight out on track with no changes. Just check your car is good mechanical condition and go have fun it’s the best way to enjoy the car before you catch the modifying bug. Once lockdown eases get to as many meets and shows you can to see other cars and speak to some experienced owners who’ve been there before. We’re all more than happy to talk about what works and what doesn’t work.
  7. Luke


    Theres a few for sale on the Gt86 parts for sale Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/#!/groups/1581880765452137/?tsid=0.562560657660215&source=result
  8. If it was me I’d put it back to stock and see if it solves the steering angle sensor issue first. At least that way you know it’s not permanently damaged and can go from there.
  9. Luke

    Daily driven/ track day brake pads

    Not at all. I’m using SS brake lines, ate200 fluid and a master cylinder brace. It’s a marginal gain on pedal feel, I’d say that a fluid swap feels best of those. I do bleed off some fluid before and after each track day to remove any risk of boiled fluid near the hot caliper. That does improve the pedal feel.
  10. Luke

    Daily driven/ track day brake pads

    I’ve read a few articles before stating that changing pads for track is a bad idea without changing the discs as well because the two bed together and changing one will require some bedding in time. Has anyone else heard of this or experienced it before?
  11. Luke

    Daily driven/ track day brake pads

    Thanks for you opinions guys, from what I read it seems that yellow stuff or ds2500 are the safe bet for a good all rounder. I’d agree that Bedford has a lot of heavy braking zones so you’d definitely notice a weakness in the brakes there. I try to keep my stints fairly short otherwise I lose concentration and start dicking around.
  12. I’ve read numerous brake pad threads before on the forum but they were all posted quite a while ago and time and experience moves on. I’m looking for some good suggestions from your experiences on what brake pad options work well for daily driving and occasional track day duties. Had a very bad experience last weekend with a set of EBC green stuff providing some horrible brake judder after two hot laps of Bedford Autodrome. Previously the OEM pads worked better but faded within a few laps and also drove me mad with all the squealing on the public road. From what I’ve researched it seems like a fast road pad is made of a softer material giving a better initial bite but after any significant heat they fall apart. I have a set of PFC Z’s ready to go on the front but I’m just wondering what to partner them up with? Or would you suggest I fit something else all round? There are a lot of options out there and I don’t believe the marketing spill anymore, I need real world experiences from you owners who’ve been there and tried it already. Thanks in advance.
  13. Luke

    MartinT's BRZ

    Yes I’m thinking DS2500 are the better rear option however I’m hoping someone has a cheaper silver bullet option.
  14. Luke

    MartinT's BRZ

    How have you found the feedback from the new brake pads so far? I need a new set of pads all round and I’m considering the same setup as yours. Already have the PFC z front waiting to go on but I wonder what the cosworth on the rear are like? Do they squeal at all?
  15. Ah reminds me of when I got mine. (Same spec but orange). Welcome to the club. For me I really like the interior updates on the My17.