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  1. Scotty751

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    ? Not to say new stuff isn’t better objectively, not much point if it wasn’t. It’s something are less engaging now then back in the day. Got nothing against autos or a good flappy in the right application. Just don’t feel either really suit light “sports” cars. I think we agree tbh 😂
  2. Scotty751

    2021 GT86 and BRZ

    The game analogy is perfect!
  3. Scotty751

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Looks great Sam. Sorry I couldn’t make it to see it in person. Saw some nice pics of your car with the old 86
  4. Scotty751

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    I think the car looks really smart. Everything works well together. 👍
  5. Scotty751

    Takona @ Fuel Coffee House 08/03/2020

    As the fuel local I’ll definitely make the effort if I’m available.
  6. Scotty751

    Black Friday Sale on Part-Box! VAT FREE Deals

    pm'd about some wheels. ty
  7. Scotty751

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    Damn that’s unlucky. Importing stuff can be a real pain. Have a great time at the ring, it’s fantastic.
  8. Scotty751

    Fuel Coffee House meet SAT 16th November

    Out of the country so no silver brz this time . As a local can recommend fuel however, very friendly place.
  9. Scotty751

    Bucket list drive: Stelvio Pass

    Very nice, was out in Europe earlier this year and unfortunately ran out of time to make it to stelvio and northern Italy. Some fantastic places bit further north if you are near by and have time. Grimsel/furka pass, fluelapass, Silvertta strabe and grossglockner. Unfortunately not sure if they are still open at this time of year.
  10. Thanks for organising it. Great first meet for me.
  11. Scotty751

    Surrey newbie

    Welcome fellow newbie
  12. Scotty751

    Sussex newbie

    Maybe I was exaggerating a little with ‘all’. XD
  13. Scotty751

    Fuel Coffee House meet - West Sussex. Sat 7th Sept

    Newbie and local to fuel here, I’ll definitely try and come along, would be nice to say hi to all. Maybe even get some inspiration for mods 😊
  14. Scotty751

    Sussex newbie

    Thanks for all the new welcomes Funny how we all seem to have ended up with different colour cars then what we set out for. Would love to get cracking on the car, not sure when time will allow.
  15. Scotty751

    Sussex newbie

    Thanks for all the welcomes everybody. Will no doubt end up at fuel for the next few weekends, seems to be a running trend at the moment for me. It couldnt be much closer to me unless it was in my back garden. Silver was never my first choice of colour, however I saw a silver brz at a mazda dealership and liked the colour. Kept holding out for a white car but was going on a road trip with a friend and wanted a car for it. With a week before we set off, I found the silver car down in devon, was a super deal and couldn’t resist. Love the colour now, although I think it might prove hard to colour match with if I ever tweak the car.