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  1. ThatGuyThere

    BRZ/86 UPTO £12K

    Mine is about to go up for sale - 2012, 29k miles, recall done over a year ago. Cruise control, heated seats, no red interior parts. Standard bar rear lights, speakers, air filter. Pros for you - has ecutek licence as used to be modified. Cons for you - it's a gt86 in red. I'm in West Yorkshire.
  2. ThatGuyThere

    GT86 Racecar build

    Pretty cool stuff throughout. Missed this thread until now. Have to ask though, with all this effort why did you choose the only SC known for repeated failures?
  3. ThatGuyThere

    What I did to stop rattles for my brz

    Same. Feel some people in here just need an aftermarket air filter!
  4. ThatGuyThere

    It's me again, still working on wheel spacers

    There's a lot of hyperbole around wheel spacers. Nothing's going to fall off. But yes, hubcentric ones are the best design, with no issues whatsoever. If you're going deep, get one that bolts on.
  5. ThatGuyThere

    Grey 2013 GT86 For Sale 25k Miles, £14000

    Sadly second hand parts are only worth 30-50% of their original value when removed and sold seperately (ask me how I know ☹️). Left on the car, they add very little value sadly. For reference, my 12 plate 15k miles WITH a £6k supercharger, exhaust, wheels, suspension cost me £16.5k 4 years ago! Also to note - dealers will charge £500-1k more than private sellers. I know one sold last week from a private seller on autotrader for £12k - one year older than yours but same mileage. I thought £12k was optimistic so I asked him to let me know how he got on with selling. They've risen in price slightly over the last 12 months. Yours is, in my opinion, worth £13k if you find a buyer who values the modifications. I've been keeping a close eye on prices as I'm about to sell mine. Sorry I will shut up now and good luck with your sale!
  6. ThatGuyThere

    Grey 2013 GT86 For Sale 25k Miles, £14000

    This is a very optimistic price! As someone about to sell a similarly aged/used one, I wish you the best of luck but I'd be surprised if you even get one enquiry.
  7. ThatGuyThere

    Torqen Experience

    Totally normal behaviour, from a totally normal person, and that's a...
  8. ThatGuyThere

    Superchargers and fuel consumption, any views?

    I was comparing to a MK1 TT remapped to 270ish BHP, which was the only other forced induction car I've owned. My opinion is entirely subjective and based on limited experience! Yeah I understand the SC designs differ in power delivery and that's probably a big aspect.
  9. ThatGuyThere

    Torqen Experience

    Love that the company came back with the receipts showing the customer behaviour to to be that of an impatient asshole! I will buy from you if looking in the future!
  10. ThatGuyThere

    Superchargers and fuel consumption, any views?

    The HKS was one of the more appealing options in the first few years of our cars. Turned out the design was flawed and now it never gets discussed as an option for people looking at forced induction. Personally, and I have only driven SC and standard, I'd go for a turbo next time. Yes on the right roads stretching each gear out to top revs is an awesome experience with a SC, but for the other 95% of the time I'd rather have the power delivery of a turbo (or a shorter ratioed gearbox maybe!). Overtaking in the SC GT86 was always much more of an effort than in my turboed TT which had less power and more weight. In the GT86 I found that the gear I needed to drop to to achieve the same thurst forwards meant it was more of a challenge. I drive on country roads, and overtaking spaces are limited and need to be utilised quickly. Driving at 7 tenths, the TT was faster. Driving at 9-10 tenths, the GT86 is far more rewarding AND faster, but I am no rally driver. Obviously the handling doesnt compare - I only refer to straightline performance here.
  11. ThatGuyThere

    Superchargers and fuel consumption, any views?

    It died, sadly. Avoid HKS superchargers!
  12. ThatGuyThere

    Superchargers and fuel consumption, any views?

    With SC mine was consistently 22mpg and after removal it's 32mpg (mostly short journeys).
  13. ThatGuyThere

    Smoked Valenti Reverse / Fog Light

    It's faulty AND second-hand, so it's not worth 75% of the RRP.
  14. ThatGuyThere

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    The placebo effect is always something to behold in threads discussing fuel.
  15. ThatGuyThere

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    Good that they're taking responsibility. Again, I stress - the help you get in this situation is 100% down to what you ask for, and how much you push. They want to give you nothing extra, and for you to suffer silently (nothing personal, it's just the way business works). I'd be calling daily, politely pointing out that I am without my sports car due to their error and that I am unhappy and would like a resolution ASAP. - MENTION the owners/drivers club forums. I would push for a GT86 courtesy car, personally. I would point out that the only acceptable alternative would be an immediate lumpsum to cover the market value of the car plus a fair daily charge for time without it to-date - so you can return yourself to the situation you were in prior to their mistake.