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  1. Tarnish3

    Almost an owner! North Yorks

    Welcome Matt. If you're back in the North East, there's a few GT86/BRZ owners planning a meet up at Dalton Park (near Seaham) on Saturday 29th Feb. Find us on Facebook as 'GT86/BRZ/FRS - North East UK' https://www.facebook.com/groups/856154338097638/
  2. My previous insurance was through Direct Line, and I get the impression they were only going to increase the premium if mods caused +10bhp or more. I guessed a Cobra catback exhaust was +3bhp
  3. I'm considering using RMB Teesside also, so keeping an eye on this thread. RMD Darlington is nearer, but it's more confidence inspiring when you know a dealership has experience of several cars.
  4. Tarnish3

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    I'd love one of those, but a bit too soon for me. I need to save up first
  5. Tarnish3

    Silver front indicator bulbs.

    I replaced front and rear with chromed indicator bulbs from Amber Motorsports They were incandencent bulbs instead of LED, but worked well and got rid of the 'fried-egg' appearance. I've since replaced the back with Valenti's anyway. I swapped indicators on a previous car to LED type, but that caused warnings on the dash due to less load. Perhaps the GT86 being a more modern car will not have that problem, I don't know.
  6. I've started my insurance today with Chris Knott, which improved on Direct Line's renewal by £68. I also got a very similar quote from Adrian Flux, but the more reasonable excess with CK decided it (should the worst happen). Just need to sort out a lot of paperwork for sending, to prove my statements etc.
  7. Tarnish3

    Speedo reading 18s

    When I compare my dash readout to GPS and OBD app, it seems to read high by about 4%. That's my excuse to drive at indicated 73 anyway! From this tyre size comparison site, it suggests when changing from 17" to 18" wheels the circumferance is 3% more - which should almost negate the over reading. Although maybe everyones car is different.
  8. Tarnish3

    Recent in Teesside/Co.Durham area

    Good idea! Cheers
  9. Tarnish3

    Recent in Teesside/Co.Durham area

    Hmm. The 6 years is up in about 3 to 4 weeks. I'll reach 60k in about 3 to 4 weeks So, I should wait for the recall first? Maybe, so long as the recall timeframe is not delayed.
  10. Tarnish3

    Recent in Teesside/Co.Durham area

    Hi All, I got my GT86 in August. It's about time I registered here! I'm in Darlington. The previous owner put on a Cobra resonated cat-back exhaust, diffuser lip, sharkfin aerial. It came with a reverse camera kit to fit, but I haven't found it necessary really. I've only swapped the orange indicator bulbs for chromed ones, and fitted a Brodit phone holder, so far. I have a massive list of things I'd like to upgrade, but I'd better get the 6 year/60,000 mile service sorted first (due next month). I bet we could all go crazy in the FT-86 Speed Factory store if we had the resources