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  1. choupolo

    Re-trimmed Steering Wheel

    Like it a lot. Here’s mine just done myself, got from East Detailing. Not as good as Royal but they didn’t have the facelift wheel to exchange unfortunately.
  2. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Finally got round to putting the Alcantara steering wheel trim from East Detailing on myself. I’m very happy with the end result. Not as professional as having someone proper do it, there’s a bit round the back that didn’t quite sit right but it’s not noticeable. Took me a couple of hours to do after watching their tutorial video. I decided to take the front of the steering wheel off to get a better result rather than use the tool they use in the videos to stuff the material into the gaps without taking it off. Much much better that way. There are lots of videos of how to remove the steering wheel but I only had to remove the airbag and plastic bits on the front, not the whole steering wheel. Anyway, here’s the end result. Let me know what you think! Just rear lights and wheels left to receive now, and then BBK and suspension will go on and will then make that trip to TD for the tune.
  3. choupolo

    Brand new OEM front brake discs

    Lowered to £60.
  4. Brand new OEM front brake discs, bought from TD but decided to go with BBK before use. Bought for £85 selling for £70. For pick up in Manchester (or +£10 for delivery) If anyone needs their stock discs replacing!
  5. choupolo

    Advice needed!

    Congrats mate. You will not be disappointed! Once I'd ordered mine I was like a child again! Share some pictures when you get it please. 😉
  6. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Update: Tried my hand at vinyl wrapping the Toyota emblems today! Now matte grey. Happy with my first attempt, not perfect but looks good from a distance! Can always reapply if it falls off. What do you think? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323493929026 - matt dark grey - all 3 emblems with one 20x30cm piece for £3. Also need a scalpel and a hairdryer. Meanwhile, suspension and LCAs have arrived, BBK coming Monday. Waiting on steering wheel trim, rear lights and TE37s. Think I will do the suspension and BBK when the new wheels are here. Is there a way of getting the ride height, stiffness, camber and toe right first time without going up and down repeatedly??
  7. choupolo

    Bringing an 86 back from the dead

    I like look of the VLANDs despite the slightly lesser build quality as you say. I put some on my car recently. Which HID kit did you go for?
  8. It was the ‘pro’ trim that was needed. Also looking again it also provided heated front seats.
  9. My 2017 facelift model has Alcantara dash elements from factory but no red manifold. The dampers were subtly improved also. Has a leather arm rest. I do like the Alcantara bits. I had to specify the trim level.
  10. Realise this thread is from a while ago but are you still after these? I've recently swapped mine out and looking to sell them.
  11. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Ok thanks guys. Ordered Tein Flex As and Rear Lower Control Arms from TD. https://www.tuningdevelopments.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_625_629&products_id=2556 https://www.tuningdevelopments.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_625_629&products_id=2627 Had to cancel the rear lights order as I realised they were US spec and may not be what I expected. Instead I've ordered the Valenti REVO Jewel - Clear / Red lens from @James@Amber. There's a 4-6 week lead time on those. https://www.amber-performance.co.uk/product.php?xProd=26254&xSec=8595 Also steering wheel retrim cancelled as Royal didn’t have the facelift steering wheel in stock. Instead I've ordered a DIY kit from East Detailing which for ~£50 I get a premade material to my spec (alacantara, grey stitching, yellow centre stripe) that I would complete on my wheel by following set thread pattern. Seems interesting so lets see how it turns out! https://www.eastdetailing.com/collections/infiniti/products/copy-of-1998-2008?variant=30936307400819 So getting suspension bits next week, and waiting to hear specifics about TE37 and BBK orders. Can’t wait!
  12. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Ah I see. Will it give enough camber or might the camber bolts allow for more? I’m only after a couple of degrees on the front. Also are Ohlins Road and Track worth the extra price?
  13. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Just ordered: TE37 Saga 17x9 et42 5x100 Face 3 Diamond Dark Gunmetal wheels (via Lucas - lead time into August/September!) and Reyland AP 4 pot BBK Now doing a bit more reading about suspension before deciding. Possibly Tein Flex A, with some camber bolts and lower camber arms? Also about to confirm with Royal Steering Wheels a nice Alcantara retrim - black with white stitching and yellow centre stripe!
  14. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    Install pictures: Lights (in progress) VLAND fronts - easy to do, plug and play for the GT86, no splicing wires etc. Only issues were plastic rivets are annoying, bit awkward taking off side markers and headlight washers when removing bumper but easy enough, forgot to buy headlight bulbs! Also battery died after for some reason - needed a jump start and was then ok. Weird, dunno why that happened! Unfortunately if you don’t like sequential indicators, this has them and from what I know can’t be changed back to normal. They look good though and work as expected. After a lot of reading decided for bulbs to order this VLAND D2H type Xenon HID kit: https://www.amazon.co.uk/VLAND-Conversion-Projector-Headlights-Compatible/dp/B0824KCCB1/ref=pd_sbs_263_6/257-5133188-2434939?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0824KCCB1&pd_rd_r=702fc2ef-2475-4355-86ec-fbe8085fe008&pd_rd_w=4ZVsy&pd_rd_wg=H4PXC&pf_rd_p=2773aa8e-42c5-4dbe-bda8-5cdf226aa078&pf_rd_r=GZT2N5BV3Z0PTS9NRT69&psc=1&refRID=GZT2N5BV3Z0PTS9NRT69 ...mainly for ease of installation. It all plugged in easily, no rewiring. Bulbs and kit could be upgraded for brightness if needed. Need some 3M sticky pads to mount the 'ballast' module that is part of the kit. Overall impression - easy to install, looks nice, not as high build quality as the OEM headlights to be fair but I'll keep them this way for now. Not for people who don’t like sequential indicators. VLAND rear lower bumper fogs/reverse/DRL: This was much easier than I thought it was going to be. There are some videos of the Valenti rear bumper lights going in and it requires some rewiring. These just plugged in to existing plugs and worked straight away. Needed to jack the rear and undo a few plastic rivets on the bumper to get access to the light. Very straightforward - although there are no specific install videos for the VLAND kit, I could do a quick guide if needed. It was easy to figure out. Overall - looks much better than the stock light, the red of the DRL is more pinkish than the red of the tail lights. Have to see how it looks with the new ones I'm still waiting for. With fog light (red triangle), reverse lights (white) and DRL (red boomerangs) on together.
  15. choupolo

    New member - planning mods and trying TSS

    I’ve ordered the first parts: VLAND front headlights: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07SBTYHWG/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item VLAND 4th brake/rear fog light: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07S8FZJD4/ref=emc_b_5_mob_t OLM VL Rear Lights (all red style): https://www.ft86speedfactory.com/olm-vl-style-helix-sequential-red-lens-tail-lights-red-edition-2013-ft86.html#.XtE2zOR4XDt Already received the headlights and rear fog light. Installing them tomorrow hopefully. Lastly, Ive had quotes for some Volk TE37 Saga 17x9 et42 5x100 Face 3 Diamond Dark Gunmetal wheels. Good compromise between weight and concavity. I realised that it’s not possible to get the more concave TE37SL unless you go 18” for the GT86. Hopefully pull the trigger soon. However, lead time is about 2 months.