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  1. Rob_86

    Insurance cost of forced induction

    I'm insured with adrian flux.
  2. Rob_86

    Insurance cost of forced induction

    My renwel actually went down some how, had all mods declared. £450 fully completed 30 years old and 8 years NCB.
  3. Hi So just seen trax is back on at Silverstone on the 6th of October. Just seeing if any other club members are going. May be try and get a stand together. Club booking deadline is the 9th of September if anyone is interested.
  4. Rob_86

    Wiltshire Newbie

    I go to a lot of castle combe race days. Awesome trays good to know. Last time I was in contact with them they we're only doing automatics. Yeah I've got a TD turbo fitted and a full hks exhaust system so slightly worried about them messing with the engine. Although I've never had any complaints about platinum.
  5. May need to invest in one. As the problem with my job Is i can be away for weeks/months at a time.
  6. Just had a look and it's got loads of cream mess around it,
  7. I've just checked and mine is the 65ah but it died after being stood for 2 weeks.
  8. So my after jumping my car a few times over the past year my battery had finally given up the go. My car is out of warranty so I'm guessing I wont be able to get toyota to replace it. Can anyone recommend a new battery. Help is much appreciated.
  9. Rob_86

    Wiltshire Newbie

    Welcome aboard lad, hopefully see you at some.of the local meets. I'm down in warminster. You had your valve springs done. I'm just waiting on platinum to be able to get me booked in. Just wondering how it went with them.
  10. Rob_86

    JDM coombe 1st of June

    Any news on if we're getting a club stand again this year, closing date is Monday the 7th of May.
  11. Rob_86

    JDM coombe 1st of June

    I'm aiming to make jdm again this year.
  12. Gutted I couldn't make it in the end. Looks like it was a good day
  13. All sorted. See you guys there.
  14. @VAD17 what's code for the weekend racer club stand?