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  1. Anyone else interested in this. Got 2 weeks left to get a club stand.
  2. Rob_86

    Robs batmobile progress

    I would 100% recommend it, yes it is a bit of money but it is worth every penny. I Can't explain the difference it makes.
  3. Rob_86

    Robs batmobile progress

    Of course the day after I picked it up I had to go out and show mikes work off. As you would expect everyone was very impressed with his work and also the performance of the 86. Managed to get some pictures and a couple of videos of the turbo. VID-20190126-WA0004.mp4 VID-20190126-WA0003.mp4
  4. Rob_86

    Robs batmobile progress

    THE BIG UPDATE. The plan for around christmas and the new year was to get the front pipe fitted and leave my car as that for a while. Then comes along @Mike@TD.co.uk with his black friday deals, offering an iresitable deal on his stage 1 Turbo upgrade from the N/A tune. with me just recieving a bonus from work how could i say no to this deal. Without giving it a second thought i paid the deposit and booked my 86 in for january the 19th, along with the turbo upgrade my 86 was booked in for its big 6 year service and the front pipe install That week must have been the longest week ever as i waited for friday the 25th to roll around and to pick my car up from mike and the guys at tuning developments. So to the turbo install where do i start, youve all properly ready reviews on the turbo and everyone of them is true. The kit is amazing it completly transforms car, the fun factor goes through the roof. The car just wants to go all of the time. i truely believe this is what toyota intended the 86 to be. The work manship from the guys at tuning developments is second to none, they take pride in what they do and set out to give you the best customer experience. I highly recomend them, mike is always willing to help out and give proffensional advice. So to the figures my 86 is up from 210bhp to 277bhp, and 175fbt to 233fbt, and big increase in both figures.
  5. Rob_86

    Robs batmobile progress

    so its been a while since i last updated this and a lot has happened. as previously the car was stood for 4 months. As to be expected when i returned back the battery was completly dead, to the point were the keyless entry wouldn't work. A lot of praying came in at this point, as i've read on many occasions of peoples locking barrels to be seized. Luckily this wasnt the case with mine and was able to get into my car and jump start it. After a week or so of getting back into driving my 86 i decided it was time to complete the exhaust system and ordered a hks dual resonated front pipe which would remove the front cat and make it a complete decat. I was hoping to be able to fit it myself but due to a couple of seized bolts that wouldnt move this had to wait to be installed.
  6. Cheers pal, what stand you guys going on.
  7. Couldn't agree any more, picked mine up last weekend after getting the stage 1 upgrade. What a difference it makes, like you said it's completely a new car, the difference is unreal. Going through the 3 sound stages is addictive, feeling the turbo just pull. Anyone looking for a tuner to look after your 86 mike and the guys at tuning developements is the place to go.
  8. I'll be there for this. Hopefully will be at all the combe events with it being down the road for me
  9. Rob_86

    What to look for when buying

    After owning a rx8 myself which I loved, I would say that these cars are very similar. 86 is a very reliable car, there's one on here that's done 100k + and I believe hasn't had any issues with it. I would say the power deliver is very similar to that of the rx8 with the power coming in higher up the rev range. I had similar rust issues with my rx8 but haven't had any issues with my 86 and it's now 6 years old. You defiently won't be disappointed, it's a fun car to own and drive, always puts a smile on my face everytime I drive it.
  10. Rob_86

    Black badges

    What did you use to stick them on with
  11. Rob_86

    Alex P's Turbo GT86

    How does it run with the hks turbo, very tempted with the hks kit, wanting to see how it runs and if there's any future issues. Will definetly be keeping an eye on this
  12. Rob_86

    Robs batmobile progress

    Won't be much progress now for a few months, although I will be keeping a close eye out for q aero front bumper. Plans for when I'm back will be a set of 18" alloy wheels, still not sure which ones yet but got plenty of time to decide.
  13. Rob_86

    Robs batmobile progress

    So due to work commitments my car is now undercover for the next 4 month's. Cleaned her up before the cover went on. So this is how she stands for 4 months And then finally with the covers on.
  14. Looking for the aero front bumber parts, can b3 any colour.