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  1. gavin_t

    For Sale Valenti V2 tail lights

    If you don't mind getting a quote that would be great, might help out others interested too
  2. gavin_t

    Cars and Coffee MOP

    The whole thing is just a field where people hang out and talk cars. Might be a Ferrari parked next to a Focus that hasn't been washed in years. No one will bat an eyelid So don't worry about where to park just park with the rest of us. Just bring some loose change as they ask for a donation on the gate.
  3. gavin_t

    Rear Brake Pads

    Just check the size against the old ones as you swap them over to be 100%
  4. gavin_t

    Rear Brake Pads

    I have Pagid pads in the rear of mine from euro car parts. They are the ones with the product code 101800268. Which according to that web page is the lower box if you select the pagid option. I rate them and use them on road and track with just uprated front pads. Although if you want brembo I am sure they are also fine, just pick them from the same box
  5. gavin_t

    Cars and Coffee MOP

    Would you be coming down the A12? Nice and easy to find even if you did meet us there as a gaggle of 86's stand out like a sore thumb Plus if we see an unfamiliar new 86 we will wave you down
  6. gavin_t

    For Sale Valenti V2 tail lights

    Could possibly be interested if you didn't mind posting and it wasn't too expensive Where abouts in the west Midlands are you?
  7. gavin_t

    Cars and Coffee MOP

    Hope to be there, weather is looking considering its a bank holiday
  8. Yer bumpers, clips etc are all fairly priced I was surprised. Didn't cost too much for an arch liner, grille etc when mine inhaled a hare at Bedford autodrome Apart from the cost of a headlight, that will make you cry
  9. gavin_t

    GT86 Owner in Silvertown, East London

    @Leevsfortyone is the man organising think there is a good few people going tomorrow.
  10. gavin_t

    Gearbox Cruch

    Honda boxes on a Monday, GT86 boxes on a Friday afternoon Going from a Type R to a GT86 the quality of the shift is the one thing I miss!
  11. gavin_t


    If I am remembering rightly yours is a primo? Be interesting to know if there are any difference in performance between the aircon setup in yours and the climate control in the regular ones.
  12. gavin_t

    Anyone got Detailers United - Mitt?

    I have a valet pro one which looks Identical to that barring the colour. I like it compared to the lambs wool ones I had previously.
  13. gavin_t

    Rotational Squeaking from Discs?

    OEM Toyota pads and pagid are the only ones I have even used that didn't need filing down a little. I am not talking about taking loads off just a little to make them slide better. Didn't know things like the hub to carrier bolts were single use. I have always reused them.
  14. gavin_t

    Rotational Squeaking from Discs?

    good Tip I cleaned mine out when I fitted my new disks and pads last week also. I also filed the edges of the pads slightly as they were a bit of a tight fit at first. Only thing I can think of is that these new pads are a lot noisier then the old ones so maybe its only now I notice the noise plus I am driving with the window open as its nice weather haha. A bit unrelated but the original pads came with a metal backing plate that I always transfer onto new pads. Is this essential or could I bin them off? As I think these slightly contribute to the noise if I am honest....
  15. gavin_t

    Rotational Squeaking from Discs?

    Already checked that and there is non of those symptoms to note. think its just the new track based pads I have fitted are very noisy so I now notice it and I didn't before.