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  1. gavin_t

    Deciding on Oil Weight

    From reading that and @will300 pointer to the correct section he was referring to I read that as something with 0w is ideal for the tight clearances. But increasing the oil to 0w30 will give you higher temperature stability too so win win. And as 5w30 is in the handbook Toyota must be happy with this one too. But 10w40 as the OP put is overkill and too thick at cold to get into the tight clearances.
  2. gavin_t

    Deciding on Oil Weight

    He may know his stuff but I am not too sure on what he is saying.... Is he basically saying as the OP gave no info on his spec and usage there is no right or wrong answer? but his oil choice is too thick and others are ok depending on the intended use.? In which case I agree if I only drove mine as a road car I would stick 0w20 in it.
  3. gavin_t

    Deciding on Oil Weight

    My car gets the same usage as you and I have always run it on Shell 0w-30 without issue. Although the car currently has 5w30 in it as its back from its recall and that is all Toyota would put in other then 0w20. I would happily run a good quality one of either but if both were side by side on the shelf I would take 0w30 Although I am in the same boat as you and looking to get an oil cooler dropped in this year to be super safe
  4. gavin_t

    Deacons '86

    Not too bad then, I only do about 5k a year anyway so am not much of a mile muncher. Will take you up on that offer soon hopefully to see if I feel it could be worth it. I feel that a shorter FD and my NA tuned package could make the car feel spot on. Be interesting to see how yours and a NA tuned 86 with stock FD compares acceleration wise on track as well.
  5. gavin_t

    Deacons '86

    Be interested to be a passenger on track at some point in the future. Certainly a tempting proposition for mine as the RPM increase doesn't seem too bad. I had a lower FD put in my old type R and it improved it massively but it did buzz its head off on the motorway afterwards which did my head in What RPM is the manual 86 stock at 70 (speedo reading) ?
  6. gavin_t

    Deacons '86

    Was kind of my thinking as well. Certainly food for thought though and a BBK is tempting
  7. gavin_t

    We'd like your feedback if possible...

    Essex to Warrington was an over night affair for me anyway. So if you was a little further it wouldn't stop me using you again. Good service is always worth traveling for IMO
  8. gavin_t

    Deacons '86

    Loving those Bedford photos Interesting to hear your thoughts on the pads. Brakes is my cars weak point I feel. Was going to BBK it but maybe I should try these 08's first....
  9. Probably. Don't think I have done 20k in the 4 and a bit years I have owned it 😂
  10. Alright Nigel there is always one 😂
  11. Little update. 600 road miles plus a full days trackday action post recall. Didn't implode so assume new cams and all other work is good 😊
  12. Took the car back to the dealers last Friday. Aircon is now tip top and blowing ice cold again. Unsure if it was their machine or if they were just covering not putting something back right. Either way was a bit of a pain dropping the car back again but it was fixed without too much hassle
  13. gavin_t

    Deacons '86

    They look huge! Bet they will look ace and offer some good grip Any weight penalty over your previous setups?
  14. Bet they shit a brick as soon as they realised it was you
  15. The clutch may settle down as the new friction material beds in. Although Mine was perfect right from the get go. As for the oil light I would get that checked asap. Even if the idle was wrong it shouldn't bring on an oil light. I assume no leaks and all levels correct?