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  1. gavin_t

    Coilover help required

    Its very hard to tell without seeing/hearing. If you can re-create the noise as you say using the sill. Could you do this whilst on a four post ramp and see if it can be identified to a more confined area? I had persistent noise on an old set of coil overs on an old car that I could never fully trace. it appeared to be something relating the top mount but I could never work it out. Was certainly the top mount or shock as it was a rear one and the left and right were the same. If you swapped them over the noise followed..... So I know the frustration of a noise you cannot trace Fortunately the GT86 and its flex A have been silent Even the pillowball top mounts don't add much road noise.
  2. gavin_t

    Oil coolers / baffled sumps

    Wouldn't happen to have any pictures? I assume its just an L shaped bracket that allows it to mount to the crash panel?
  3. gavin_t

    New GT86 Owner

    Welcome, enjoy
  4. gavin_t

    Reyland brake kit

    For sure if you can retain their box fresh feel they will be fine. Seemed to hardly wear, were silent and virtually dust free so better then oem for the road.
  5. gavin_t

    Oil coolers / baffled sumps

    @DeaconCheers for the info. Yer if something is smashing the crash beam I don't care too much if the cooler disappears as you say.... Are there any pictures of yours and the mounting in your build thread? Work PC doesn't show pictures but I can check on my phone later tonight. What are raiser blocks? Looks like the TD kit doesn't come with any brackets etc only bolts for mounting to the plastic tray. I am sure this is something that I could source separately though as I assume all oil coolers would attach the same regardless of brand.
  6. gavin_t

    Reyland brake kit

    Initially they felt the same as stock which was nice. But after a few heat cycles on track they seemed to loose all of their bite and become very wooden, tried to de glaze them but the feel never came back so binned them for something else. I put them on with new disks too so they shouldn't have had a problem.
  7. gavin_t

    Reyland brake kit

    Cant comment on them in the AP kit but I hated mine on stock brakes. Went in the bin after less then 1000 miles
  8. gavin_t

    Reyland brake kit

    Carbontec AX6 was what he was recommending. I might stick to my guns and go with PFC 08 as there are many happy people using them
  9. gavin_t

    Oil coolers / baffled sumps

    didn't think about that. Was just going on how Mike fits them, what have you guys mounted yours to? @willclarke thanks for the info. Good to hear of some first hand experience of them, Do you know what your oil cooler is mounted to?
  10. gavin_t

    ABS/Traction control warnings

    Indeed I know they used it on mine when it was on the rolling road. Just so happens it is also good fun to use on track
  11. gavin_t

    Reyland brake kit

    On the subject of brake pads I was all set for ordering PFC 08 however the reply I got from Mark at Abbey was suggesting I was going for something too aggressive and they wouldn't be suitable for the road. Anyone care to pass comment on their road manners?
  12. gavin_t

    Oil coolers / baffled sumps

    @will300 Thanks, at least that highlights to me the bit I may need to modify If anyone has any pictures of the cooler itself fitted that would be grand, just to see how they are been mounted to the plastic under tray Thanks
  13. gavin_t

    Oil coolers / baffled sumps

    @VAD17 cheers for the info. If anyone has any pictures of their TD cooler fitted that would be great. I have been chatting with a few knowledgeable people online and think I am going to go with the TD kit. Reasonable price, fits with the OEM air box (even if a little snug) and appears to not cause issues with over cooling.
  14. gavin_t

    ABS/Traction control warnings

    EDIT just realised this was an old topic Was just going to say the ABS light often comes on after the car has been on a rolling road of brake test dyno etc as the car gets confused with different wheels going at different speeds. Usually clears itself after a few road miles and a restart.
  15. gavin_t

    Fensport vs Tuning Developments

    All 3 companies have a good following and have done a lot of work on the gt86 platform so you would be in good hands with either. I used Tuning developments for my NA tune even though I am in south east England. Well worth travelling for the right services though. Could be worth getting a manifold and tune first either way as a toe in the water. Will also make your next step cheaper as you will have the manifold, ECU licence etc. Although on the flip side you will save a bit of labour time getting it all done at the same time. And the manifold alone wont give you that much extra power just more drivability. I was dead set on going the full hog myself but then ended up sticking with the NA tune so glad I did that first. Don't forget its also not just the cost of the kit. You need all of the associated parts to be able to enjoy it fully. Oil cooler, brakes, tyres etc. Soon adds up to double the price again. If I was picking it would be harrop from abbey or tuning developments turbo as I know many happy people with each.