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  1. gavin_t

    Japanese Vehicle and Culture Show

    @Badger got it. Thanks Printed 🙂
  2. gavin_t

    Japanese Vehicle and Culture Show

    can do it this afternoon as I am passing some time at work as I am on a late shift Have you got a link to the form? Cant get the one on the previous page to work the same as the others....
  3. gavin_t

    Japanese Vehicle and Culture Show

    I could print a job lot and bring them to the mid week meet next week if that helps?
  4. gavin_t

    Alex P's Turbo GT86

    Good to meet you at Brands yesterday Alex Love the car and great to see a different setup
  5. gavin_t

    Northamptonshire Newbie

    Welcome aboard, car looks great I keep meaning to look into mud guards myself. Wider wheels means mine is taking a hammering on the sides etc from stones
  6. gavin_t

    Saw my first Supra today

    Indeed I am rocking an old GV12 GT86 press slut as my car The look of these is growing on me. Looks good in white above ^^ think they are a car that will look better in person then the pics. Need to keep my eyes peeled for one... By all accounts they appear to be reviewed well by people. If the half BMW bit doesn't bother you then they seem to be a good bet
  7. Visiting Nottingham this weekend with a couple of friends. Anyone recommend any good venues, pubs etc?? Particularly need to find somewhere to watch the champions league final good curry would go down well too.. we are staying in the city centre some somewhere around there 😀
  8. gavin_t

    New Orange GT86

    Welcome The orange revolution is on
  9. gavin_t

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    If not Halfords I have also had good experience with a clarks one. Comes in a nice case and I keep it in the boot so it is always to hand for torqing wheel bolts on trackdays etc Especially important to get the correct torque on calliper carrier bolts etc as they are very easy to strip if you go too gun hoe! I learnt that in the past on a previous car at my expense Nice easy job on the 86 and have a bolt to hand (think its M10) to screw into the hole on the brake disk. Pops it off nice and easy then rather then having the hammer it off the hub...
  10. gavin_t

    Essex Crew Midweek Meet.

    Ah there is more then I thought actually
  11. gavin_t

    Essex Crew Midweek Meet.

    @Leevsfortyone who is confirmed for this evening? As I know a lot have mention that they cannot make it...
  12. gavin_t

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    Very well put, exactly my thoughts
  13. gavin_t

    2013 Supercharged GT86 Pearl White

    Good luck with the sale matey and might well see you on sunday Be careful posting vin numbers etc in the MOT document online. Might want to block some of the details out. Cant be too careful now days.
  14. gavin_t

    Dashcam cable hiding

    What would the recommended routing be do you think?
  15. gavin_t

    Dashcam cable hiding

    This is the one thing I was thinking with tucking the wires up the A pillers......