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  1. Not heard of this before. Unless they have arranged some kind of payment scheme with him. Could be handy for @Leevsfortyone if it turns out to be true...
  2. Strange they want to drop the oil in 3 months. As far as I am aware springs shouldn't "bed in" and leave any particles in the oil. Good to hear you had a good experiance with the recall 😀
  3. Got an email through to confirm I am covered on a 12 month Warrenty on the repair. Just getting them to send over a invoice for the full total inclusive of vat with the clutch and plugs price added on so I have it in writing. Then I think I will agree and let the work commence. May call toyota customer services myself to see if they can shed any further information but I doubt it will get me any further. Purely for my interest really. At least all this Google research and reading to tech diagrams has given me a good understanding of the FA20 😂
  4. Yer I am suprised that happened so quick. Providing they offer a Warrenty on the work I will probably go with it. Just a shame I can't see what was said
  5. Everyone else barring the chap from fensport that commented on Facebook seems Confident of the same. As long as I can get something in writing about a Warrenty I am happy. But they swerved that in their last email reply so have sent another. Plus asking for an all in total for everything so I know 100% where I stand. Will ask if I can get the info from toyota direct if I call them personally though. If it is purely a gesture of good will then fine I am happy that have done so. But if they have admitted fault why not just cover the lot.... Either way I am in a better place then I was on Tuesday
  6. Yer that's my thinking at present. To be fair if it was the ticking bomb I was I have done well out of this anyway. If it had imploded prior to been opened up on the recall I would have been told to go and fish most likely.
  7. Yes it was another local dealer that did the work the first time round (same franchise) Asked for info on what was said but they have said mechanical loss discussions outside of Warrenty cannot be disclosed with myself. So I guess unless I discuss now with toyota directly I will have to go with this offer. Seems like I am then going behind their back and risking upsetting the Apple cart when they have been helpful up until now though if I do this. Just tricky as I don't know what has been said and only have a figure on paper .
  8. No that is for the cam damage work that was originally close the 3k. The clutch and plugs are still the £220 and £80 respectively
  9. So basically if now boils down to do I stick or twist 🤔
  10. I have heard back. Toyota UK are applying a discount to the works I now stand with a balance of £538. Which is alot better then the almost £3000 it started at. Going to ask if I can get a copy of the communication to find what was said. Also need to discuss what kind of Warrenty this will come with as I am bolting an engine back in with an unknown quantity now as it has clearly has sealant flying around it at some point..... Also I am happy with this progress but seems to be that if they are discounting that heavy already are they admitting there was a fault. If so I am still out of pocket due to their origional blunder...
  11. Hi Just looking to see who has been through the process of trying to claim for work to be carried out by claiming costs against Toyota. As some may have seen I am having some issues with my car since it has gone in for its Valve spring recall and am facing a hefty bill for new cams and carriers and associated parts and labour. dealership have been helpful so far and have offered to put the claim to Toyota UK on my behalf. Currently waiting to here back from them on if there has been any success. If there is no joy or similar can you try again or is it a case of once the issue has been raised once a no is a no... Was happy at first that the dealer offered to do it on my behalf but have since released this means I am out of the loop so don't know what is been said etc. Got some good evidence for a claim but as the car is a 12 plate the official warranty has long since expired which is my main issue. Just looking to see who has been through the process and how you went about it Thanks Gavin
  12. Dealership were happy to approach toyota on my behalf. So a waiting game now I guess. Only issue with me not contacting them direct I suppose is I don't know what is been said 😒 Although they have been helpful so far so will leave them to it for now...
  13. I feel my weakest link is the techs comments been a verbal chat. Could be hard to get something in writing. Will see what happens today.
  14. Suppose whilst it is in their workshop in bits and I have their posh lexus the pressure is on them 😂 so yer leverage is the key I suppose. Dug through my service history and confirmed toyota themselves had the engine out in 2014. So confirms the techs comments from today.
  15. I am friends with Andy on Facebook so may ask if he has a contact for me to speak to. Engine has never been out in my ownership. Had full toyota service history up until then. Toyota press car, dealers demo, local chap then me. So all done at the two local dealers unless something happened whilst it was a press car. I have asked them to check their files to see what show up. @Lauren do you know if claims can be reimbursed after I pay? As I think they want a quick answer as I have their loan car and probably don't want the 86 taking up their workshop space.