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Found 6 results

  1. I'm selling my Tuning developments resonated cat back exhaust as I've now sold my car, if you're thinking of getting rid of your stock exhaust I'd definitely recommend one of these, totally transform the sound of your 86 without pissing of your neighbours 😀 I put it on my car just after Christmas and it's done 2000 miles at most as you can tell by the photos. I'm located in North Birmingham and can deliver if within a 20 mile radius ( as I'm such a nice bloke ) I paid £535 but I'm looking for around £475 Collection only from North Birmingham
  2. Hello Friends, I am selling my HKS Hi-Power Single Exit Exhaust V2. I am looking for £400, collection only from Cockermouth in Cumbria. I realise this is the arse end of nowhere but it is a big item so I really do not want to have to organise shipping. If it's up here a long time then I will reconsider. I also live in Glasgow so can do drop off near there/central belt if that helps you. Purchased from Part Box originally here You can check how it sounds here This exhaust was on my car for 1 year, so it has rusted at the welds only, as stainless does. I drive my car through the winter, so would not look at this for your show car lol. In the pics I have given it a light wash, so the marks you see are not mud or dirt. Whether they come away with a heavier scrub I don't know. I'm not going to find out anytime soon because it is COLD and my hands were in pain even to get these pictures. Reason for selling: This exhaust is unreasonably LOUD. It was the first time I had ever swapped an exhaust on a car and I thought going for the version with the 'Silent' muffler might have been a bit underwhelming but thank the lord I did. I have the cat delete in the header, so I don't know how it is swapped on to a stock header but I imagine it is quieter. It looks very cool in my opinion, I prefer the single exit for more lightweight and racecar sense of purpose but I no longer care about that. I just don't want to be antisocial. The anxiety of driving through a quiet town with this is huge. I ended up swapping for the super resonated set up from tuning developments which sounds perfect, exactly what I wanted. Any more questions or photos feel free to ask If you want me to scrub it better to see if it looks better in the current weather it's an extra £100. Thank you, Rory x
  3. Hi guys, I have just had a NA tune up done and CAT back exhaust fitted at Tuning Developments in Warrington and I just had to share how amazing it is. Tuning Developments were great throughout. What I have now is amazing. Horsepower is increased by about 20 with a more linear delivery. Feels great. The best part about it is the noise from the exhaust. I am not a young hooligan so I didn't want something that was stupidly loud. What I have now is perfect. It has a lovely deep throaty growl at idle, louder that my stock exhaust and much deeper but not so loud that I will wake the neighbours when I head out in the mornings. Similar when driving with a steady throttle at a fixed speed, the noise is lovely but not massively loud. The real joy comes when you put your foot down... it is just an absolutely perfect deep rumbling loud noise... amazing. I also get a bit of a burble when coming off the throttle. It makes me smile every time. I haven't had it noise tested so I don't know the numbers but someone I know had it done and they registered 95 dB on a track day. I would seriously recommend getting this done.
  4. Selling my stock exhaust cat-back. for £60, I will take offers though. Based in Sheffield/Barnsley It has done 43,000 miles but there's no holes or leaks and overall in a decent condition. Ideal for someone looking to put their car back to standard for resale. It does not come with the spring bolts to mount it to the front pipe. I am willing to deliver so far providing fuel costs are covered. Pictures were taken as it came off the car, it just needs cleaning up.
  5. Sadly I am no longer part of the gt86 owners club as I needed something more practical so im selling my malian resonated cat back. I was really impressed with this exhaust, loud but not overly, really deep growl, good quality and looked the mutts for the price. Only had it fitted in January. Paid £350, looking for £250. Collection from Dundee preferred but will consider meeting half way for cost of fuel or postage at buyers cost . Feel free to message or call me on 07720843305 if you have any questions!
  6. Some of you may be aware that I am getting tired of my Cat Back exhaust. I think it sounds fantastic and one of the best sounding on the market, but the old man inside me finds it a tad loud. Current Exhaust is the Cosworth 3" cat back. It measures 92dB using the 1meter/45degree test, so not exactly loud but I find it undesirable on longer journeys. This is not the crazy loud full Cosworth exhaust some of you would have heard at the open day - this is just the cat back. My aim is very little noticeable noise on the motorway. I dont mind a little rumble, but with the current setup small amounts of throttle and it gets loud/boomy at 3k rpms so its okay when cruising on the flat but any hint of throttle to overtake or go uphill and it gets boomy. Its a subjective thing, and many don't consider this to be "loud" but I do and have decided it is time to swap it out for old man mode exhaust. Current list of alternatives are: Invidia Q300 - very quiet and popular with people that swap the manifold out. You tube videos vary. Some it sounds quite loud and other it sounds almost stock. Miltek resonated - You tube videos make this sound louder than the Q300 with a more bassy tone. Bliz Nur Sec C-TI - very quiet but small bore and chamber type back box makes it as restrictive as the stock back box. Ear plugs - Cheap and effective but then I wouldn't be able to hear passenger talking to me. Custom - could ask H&S to make me a massive straight through back box and fit a large silencer in the mid pipe. Might be expensive but also might be able to retain the "3 piping. Does anyone else have any real world experience and possible alternatives? Budget up to £1k