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    Lauren reacted to AJM in Jap2Jap NW - Eccles Manchester Sunday 2nd Feb   
    Hi Lauren,
    Don't forget to give me a shout if there's one soon.
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    Lauren reacted to EIGHTY_SIX_ in Mx5 to blue edition - Dorset   
    Hey Lauren,

    Thanks for those points. I'll go for number 1 and do a swap around. Also your review on the blue edition definitely swayed me to go for one. Great content.
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    Lauren reacted to Adamd in Recall issued on cars to have valve springs replaced 2012-2013   
    Had my recall work done by Huddersfield dealership this week.
    Provided a top-spec Corolla as courtesy car, communicated well, did the service and plugs (and diff oil, unlike some!) at the same time, washed the car, and charged me £130.
    Very pleased with the service received. Would recommend.
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    Lauren reacted to mustimustdie in GT86 Aero | White | 26K Miles | FSH | Pristine condition   
    Thanks Lauren. 
    £18,000 ONO
    (West) London, UK
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    Lauren got a reaction from mustimustdie in GT86 Aero | White | 26K Miles | FSH | Pristine condition   
    You need to put a price and location up as per selling rules. 
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    Lauren reacted to Subota Boy in Recall issued on cars to have valve springs replaced 2012-2013   
    All done!  The Tech spent 26 hours in total, although they can do a standard car now in around 14 hours. Car feels great so far and a little smoother. That may be the plugs. Very pleased so far.
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    Lauren reacted to Portalfl0w in Test driving a GT86 on Tuesday - Looking for some advice   
    Couple pics, weather's not great //as we know// - but loving it so far! Starting to plan out what I'm going to do to it over the next few years. 
    Yep, can't really enjoy it fully right now. Can't wait for a bit of sunshine. 

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    Lauren reacted to Deacon in Deacons '86   
    Rocking the 18" front 17" rear look currently 😂

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    Lauren reacted to gavin_t in Recall issued on cars to have valve springs replaced 2012-2013   
    Took the car back to the dealers last Friday.

    Aircon is now tip top and blowing ice cold again.
    Unsure if it was their machine or if they were just covering not putting something back right.
    Either way was a bit of a pain dropping the car back again but it was fixed without too much hassle
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    Lauren reacted to Test Drives Unlimited in Looking to Buy Soon   
    I have so far driven 125k in my 2013 remapped Automatic and had no major issues touch wood
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    Lauren reacted to Church in Track mode on pre facelift?   
    Check this thread.
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    Lauren got a reaction from Test Drives Unlimited in Looking to Buy Soon   
    The torque dip isn't really a massive issue. Keep the revs up and it is fine. A lot of us have sorted this with a manifold and remap. Makes a big difference to mid-range torque. 
    The car never had a reversing camera. You can fit an aftermarket unit to do this to the stock head unit. 
    Plugs are only changed every 60K. Yes a pain to do and a more expensive service, but you don't have to change them often. 
    Auto gearbox is reliable. It only really has limitations if you go turbo, but this can be managed.
    As for important parts of the service history, spark plugs at 60K, fuel filter at 80K and also that the diff oil has been changed every 20K. Some dealers seem to skip this. 
    2012-2013 cars that the valve spring recall has been done, also steering harness recall in 2016. 
    There are no real issues with rust yet. 
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    Lauren reacted to Portalfl0w in Test driving a GT86 on Tuesday - Looking for some advice   
    Got the car! Mechanically it's pretty sound, has a few visual issues that can be sorted out. Very happy to finally own an 86, it drives like a dream! 
    Thanks everyone for your advice!
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    Lauren reacted to Church in Need help with BBK kit (Reyland kit or other)   
    Lauren: Essex kits (sprint & endurance) are popular in US AP-racing race caliper front-only BBKs by known in field brake shop, that retain braking bias with rear stock brakes, and have common & thick brakepad shapes, letting to use wide pad selection & save a lot on wearables on top of usual BBK benefits (of thermal capacity/cooling/weight reduction). Race calipers though, so not that good for DD, at least where there is winter with roadsalt. And US based shop, thus less competitive offering on this side of pond.
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    Lauren got a reaction from Quemadillo in Need help with BBK kit (Reyland kit or other)   
    The Reyland Kit, 4 pot with 330mm discs would be great for your usage. I have had them on my car for two years and 40K miles. I have had no issues. 
    The replacement discs are 'special' and made by Reyland. Not sure on replacement cost for the discs as I haven't needed to replace them yet. You can use AP discs and these will fit, but cost will be more. So if you want to use the cheaper Reyland discs then you will need to order through them. 
    My best guess is that your wheels will probably fit. I have 17x8 TE37 with an ET of 38, I have lots of clearance. 
    The AP kit works on track fantastically well. I use DS2500s and they are great on the road too. Seem to last well too. 
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    Lauren reacted to Matt21 in Almost an owner! North Yorks   
    So I managed to track down the previous owner (very creepy I know!).
    The car has a tuning developments n/a pack on it, so exhaust manifold, panel filter and a remap! Rest of the exhaust is standard. as is the rest of the car apart from Maxton designs splitter and side skirts
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    Lauren reacted to Matt21 in Almost an owner! North Yorks   
    Hi Lauren,
    I checked on the Toyota site and there are no recalls outstanding.
    The dealer has also sent me copies of photos from a 'recall', I can see an open cylinder head in them and also a clutch that's been removed, so assume the springs have been changed as well as the clutch and plugs while they were at it!
    Should have done around 6k miles since that (I think), and obviously still going ok! 
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    Lauren got a reaction from JIM THEO in Test driving a GT86 on Tuesday - Looking for some advice   
    PS4 are available, PS4S are not. 
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    Lauren got a reaction from Portalfl0w in Test driving a GT86 on Tuesday - Looking for some advice   
    It's a £600 service as it's tricky to get to the plugs. I would check that has been done or agree it at point of sale. As for the Primacy tyre, there are better tyres out there, though I stuck with the Primacy for the first 25,000 miles and did enjoy it a lot. You can get PS4's if you want grip over anything else. I had more fun though on Yokohama V105's, not quite as much grip but you could play with it more and a good upgrade over the Primacy HP. 
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    Lauren reacted to Samwise in Bringing an 86 back from the dead   
    Finally the time has come!
    The update i've been waiting since September to finally make, the Rocket bunny kit is finally here!

    but before I get on to that I'm going to turn this in to a bit of a double whammy as I forgot to make an update about another part that arrived recently, i'll keep it short and sweet to get on to the big bits!

    I've always been a big lover of ducktail wings/spoilers rather than alot of feeble OEM wings or huge boot/chassis mounted ironing boards (BGW for short!) but i'm a bit picky when it comes to them and truthfully alot of the offerings for the 86 aren't to my taste but I found one that fit the bill.. (duck bill?.. i'll get my coat.) and ironically it turns out to be the Liberty Walk wing. The rest of the kit looks tragic but the spoiler is perfect to me and i'm sure i'll have someone tell me its sacriligous to mix Liberty Walk with Rocket bunny but who cares, it'll look epic!
    However the fact that what is essentially just a fairly simple glass fibre piece was eye wateringly expensive and comes with it's own certificate of authenticity says more about Liberty Walk and their Target audience than me I think..

    Now to get on to the main attraction..

    Had a rather fun start to the week as I took a 700 mile round trip to Germany and back over Monday/Tuesday to go get the kit. A bit unnecessary but it was my own fault for organising it this way with the supplier all the way back when I raised the order in September. I had the idea to turn it in to a week long road trip holiday, visit Bruges, Nurburgring, etc on the way but after the headache of not knowing when it would show up and various delays I decided just to forgo it and just make it a simple there and back thing and put off making a holiday with it until the spring (I still have a booking for a track car hire and Eurotunnel trip i couldn't cancel!)

    Anyway so here was the route, pretty easy in reality for my first time driving in Europe and surprisingly fast on the way home.

    When I finally arrived on Monday evening this was waiting for me. I just about got the 200cm x 75cm x 55cm box in to my Dad's X3 which I had borrowed for the trip and set off to my hotel for the night.

    The next morning when it was a little brighter and less windy/rainy in the Hotel car park I had to get the bits out to well.. Have a look of course! but also to fit them in the car a bit better so I could actually see where I was going!

    And finally after a quick trip back home I was able to get the obvious pic of the bumper sat infront of the car.
    Now I just have the next monumental task of trying to find a decent Garage/Barn/Unit to rent to store and work on the car. It became painfully obvious just how undersized the old single garage is when I tried to move the car about taking me a whole 15 minutes just to inch it down the drive way backwards, turn around and then inch it back up backwards again to get these pictures. The car will be milimetres at best from the walls either side between the houses with the arches and wheels are on and I think it will have 15-20cm at most between the car and the walls of the garage once it's in there so a bigger area to play is needed! but then again it feels as though I may be wishing for a lottery win instead with how difficult it's proving to find somewhere in my area...

    Hopefully i can get back on to giving more regular updates now that I have all the pieces to crack on but I don't really want to start any drastic work without the space available. Fingers crossed to finding somewhere SOON. I was even thinking of making a few youtube videos of my progress as it was something I wanted to do alongside this Project thread when I started but chickened out of the idea down to lack of space again and being a bit of a wuss
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    Lauren got a reaction from AJM in The difference a light wheel makes   
    So today I've put back on my Rays Engineering Volk Racing TE37 wheels in 17x8 shod with Primacy OEM tyres back onto my car. 
    IMG_3719 by Lauren Blighton, on Flickr
    My standard wheels with winter tyres were what came off: 

    Now the weight difference is this, Rays are 7.4kg, the OEM wheels are 9.2kg. 
    The Rays are also 10mm less offset so a 20mm wider track and obviously the wheels are an in inch wider. 
    The difference I find is tangible. The car is more responsive to the throttle, turns better and more quickly. Also braking is better too. It's almost like the car feels lighter on it's 'feet'. I kind of knew this was coming as I immediately noticed the difference when I put them on for the first time last year. 
    It's certainly something to think about. The biggest problem is that lightweight forged allloys are always expensive, though I was fortunate enough to snap mine up second hand and refurb them. They'll always be worth what I've laid out for them, so that's all good. 
    But really if you want your car to feel more agile have quicker reactions, then a lightweight wheel is certainly worth giving serious thought too, particularly so if you like to really drive the car. So check your wheel weights!
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    Lauren reacted to O'Keeffe 88 in West Yorkshire Meet   
    That's it - see you there!
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    Lauren got a reaction from Kul in West Yorkshire Meet   
    Looking forward to tomorrow, have even washed my car. Expect it will be filthy after Storm Ciara, or  in the midst  of it!
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    Lauren reacted to O'Keeffe 88 in West Yorkshire Meet   
    Unless anybody has any objections, 8th of Feb it is! 
    Who's in? @BRZ_blue @86iain @Brig @Gudzy @GravelRash @NathanF @Benjamincliff @Lauren
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    Lauren reacted to James7 in West Yorkshire Meet   
    Saturday morning normally involves taking the kids to swimming lessons but a change of plans means I can now make this 👍
    See you tomorrow!