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  1. Daninplymouth

    2017 facelift white turbo £23’000

    Car was turbo’d about 18months ago then went stage 2 about 6 months back
  2. Daninplymouth

    2017 facelift white turbo £23’000

    Oops thanks
  3. 2017 Toyota GT86 · Coupe · Driven 35,000 miles Hi, thinking of putting my 86 up for sale. Car is highly modded and has had no expense spared with my goal to build it it into a fast and reliable car which I believe has been achieved. It’s a 2017 facelift pro model. Done almost 35’000 and has been my only car for 31/2 years and has been nothing but reliable in all this time. Mods are Tuning developments turbo kit, also have their stage 2 parts fitted so can swap between 280bhp and 320bhp, all it needs now is forged conrods and it is good for 400+ bhp TD full exhaust system TD oil cooler Baffled sump Tein flex A coilovers and rear arms (SPL) from memory Mtec clutch and gearbox springs + diff mount Mtec 4.44 final drive Summit strut brace As new AP 4pot callipers and 330mm disc 2forge 18x9 wheels Focal speakers Probably a few other bits Iv forgotten about, have a pile of receipts totalling 1000’s Only issues are curb marks on a few wheels and some small chips on the bonnet (have paint to touch these in when I get the time)
  4. Daninplymouth

    Fuel when lower compression

    Wouldn’t be going junk fuel, as it’d still be super but BP ultimate is only 97ron. once upping the boost the car is capable of about 450bhp I was going to wind it back to 400bhp. Just wondered if I could hit 400 on 97ron, or would the different fuel make that much difference
  5. Daninplymouth

    Fuel when lower compression

    Yeah I know that not the cost can get 97 less than a mile from my house whereas the 99 is a 15mile round trip. I just weren’t sure if it would balance out on the poorer fuel with dropping the compression. Not forged yet, I was just thinking of the future and wasn’t sure what sort of impact it’d have
  6. Daninplymouth

    Fuel when lower compression

    Hi, just after opinions. I know as standard we should use 99ron fuel. Now if you forge the engine and drop the compression is it best to still run on this or would 97 be ok? as I thought the higher rating was better due to the stock compression ratio, I just wondered what effect putting a slightly lower grade in would effect if lower compression but running more boost
  7. Daninplymouth

    Help Value my car

    Hi, this isn’t a for sale add. But I am considering putting my car up for sale just wondered what you would think a fair price is? It’s hard to gauge as I know used prices have gone right up and mine has quite a few mods. Car has no expense spared and was built to be quick and reliable it’s my only car and has been my daily since buying 31/2 years ago. my car is a 2017 facelift in white, 35’000 miles mods are: tuning developments turbo, also have stage 2 mods so can switch between 320&280bhp tein flex a coilovers adjustable arms oil cooler baffled sump mfactory 4.44 final drive fitted 2forge 18x9 wheels almost new AP callipers and 330mm discs front strut brace, mtec shifter and clutch springs, focal speakers and probably a few other bits Iv forgotten got a pile of receipts 😢
  8. Daninplymouth

    TD super res centre pipe

    No as I originally had the res system changed the centre pipe to super res as found it a bit loud now Iv gone turbo Iv changed back so this is spare
  9. Daninplymouth

    TD super res centre pipe

    I’m in Plymouth. I’m off towards Swindon next week if that’s any closer
  10. Daninplymouth

    TD super res centre pipe

    Couldn’t tell Yoj really only drove the car with the stock exhaust for about a week and that was over 3 years ago
  11. Daninplymouth

    TD super res centre pipe

    The turbo quietens it down and gets rid of some of the drone. I’m only using the car for fun now so wanted a bit more noise
  12. Daninplymouth

    Stock front brakes + extras

  13. Got standard front callipers, discs and mounts etc from a 17plate. Hel braided lines and ebc yellowstuff pads. Callipers have done 30’000 pads about 10’000 £120
  14. Daninplymouth

    TD super res centre pipe

    Another pic
  15. Daninplymouth

    TD super res centre pipe

    Had on my car as I found it to loud with the manifold swap, this really got rid of the drone around 3000rpm whilst still sounding nice. Iv gone turbo now so wanted to go louder again. Had a slight crack on the rear of the resonator which has been professionally repaired £120