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  1. Daninplymouth

    K&N filter and intake hose

    Hi provisionally sold sorry
  2. Daninplymouth

    Deciding on Oil Weight

    Just to add in I believe TD use 5w40 in their turbo kit
  3. Daninplymouth

    Oz hyper GT HLT

  4. Daninplymouth

    Oil heat up time?

    Thanks all, was just pleasantly surprised as I was expecting it to take much longer to get to temp but it’s actually the opposite 😁🏎💨
  5. Daninplymouth

    Oil heat up time?

    This is what I was thinking but I give it minimal throttle untill temps rise. Does hot exhaust gas still flow through the turbo even though it’s producing no/minimal boost?
  6. Daninplymouth

    Oil heat up time?

    Thanks I only take it easy whilst the oil warms up which is why it caught my attention. I was just expecting it to take longer but that doesn’t seem to be the case
  7. Daninplymouth

    Oil heat up time?

    Hi, iv recently had my car turbo’d and a TD oil cooler fitted. They use a 5-40w oil I think, and I just wondered as in my head I would’ve thought the thicker oil would take longer to get up to temp but my car seems to warm up quicker now. Now ambient temperatures are slightly higher this morning but only a couple of degrees. Or could it be the turbo and associated pipe work creates more warm air around the engine block so this helps warm things faster?
  8. Daninplymouth

    We'd like your feedback if possible...

    Wouldn’t make any odds to me as I already do 41/2 hours so the move might be better for me 👍🏻 collection and delivery would be handy though especially for those bigger jobs
  9. Daninplymouth

    Dans Daily

    Bit of a follow up now on the turbo as although it’s only been a few days I have spent far to long in the car for my liking. i think it is a great mod and really now feel this is how the car should’ve been from the factory or offered as an upgrade R type model or something. the boost picks up really well and comes on nice and strong, it is so smooth though I would imagine it’s very similar to a supercharger. paired with the super res cat back the exhaust note has really calmed down, Mike thought it was to quiet. But after a disaster at cadwell I was pleased it was running as it was on a late night run across the country. You get the nice induction noise as the turbo starts spoiling and the classic pssst when letting off, I had mine recirculated back into the system and you can still hear this fine inside the car. also had the TD oil cooler fitted and this dropped my temps a good 20-30degress, before long road trips I would sit at 105-110 where as now it seems about 85. At my last track outing my oil got to almost 130degrees and this was at about 2degrees ambient air temp. Yesterday it was at 90-100 or so max
  10. Daninplymouth

    Mtec black gear knob

  11. Daninplymouth

    TD over pipe

    Ah right I wasn’t 100% sure which is why I asked in the other post if this post is wrong can it be deleted
  12. Daninplymouth

    TD over pipe

  13. Daninplymouth

    Exhaust part help

    Thank you
  14. Hi have a k&n panel filter and tuning developments silicone intake hose with sound generator delete £60 for the 2 posted
  15. Daninplymouth

    Mtec black gear knob

    Hardly used in perfect condition £35 posted