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  1. Daninplymouth

    TD resonated mid pipe

    Forgot I had this in my shed still if anyone is looking to make their TD exhaust quieter or louder
  2. Daninplymouth

    Tail Wagging

    I doubt they will unless you do massive mileage. My originals done about 15000 before I changed them and that included plenty of burnouts etc and I would say they were about half worn
  3. Daninplymouth

    Oil Temps

    It’s at oulton park next month. i doubt il be pushing it that hard for my first time anyway but I just wanted to double check. Thanks il make sure it gets backed off before 130. Is there a temperature sensor on the newer cars for the oil display or is it more of an electronic guess
  4. Daninplymouth

    Oil Temps

    Hi, I have been doing some reading as I have my first track day in a few weeks. I just wondered what the limit for the standard 0-20w oil is? I was thinking of 120-130 then letting it cool. Also do we know how accurate the oil temp gauge is on the kouki’s thanks
  5. Daninplymouth

    Tail Wagging

    Pilot sport 4 are probably the best rated toad tyre
  6. Daninplymouth

    Front number plate surround

    Hi, I was looking to tidy up the outside of my car a bit, so was planning on a 3/4 front plate and the American import for the rear. My question is I have just removed the plastic frame and been left with the holes below. Is there any reason not to drill the plate and screw straight to the fixing washers already fitted? Also can the big black piece of plastic running along the top be removed? Just noticed the facelift has a different surround 🤦🏼‍♂️
  7. Daninplymouth

    Flex A settings

    Yes these make a difference and you shouldn’t exceed 16 from full stiff
  8. Daninplymouth

    Flex A settings

    This and tein advise not to go over the 16 clicks. It’s due to them using the same needle adjuster across the range and other shocks have up to 32 clicks of adjustment but the flex A’s you only have 16
  9. Daninplymouth

    Flex A settings

    Hi, after recently getting my Flex As fitted I had a little fiddle with the dampening settings and wondered what most other people have them set at for road use. I tried 6 back from full hard and that felt quite firm so have gone to 8 at each end but due to the weather we have at the minute haven’t had a chance to have a proper drive. also is it common to have them a click or 2 softer at the rear?
  10. Daninplymouth

    Oz hyper GT HLT

  11. Daninplymouth

    Oz hyper GT HLT

    18x8 ET35 excellent condition fitted with pilot sport 4s 225/40. Been fitted for about 5minths so plenty of tread left will measure properly over the weekend. only reason for sale is another set of wheels have come up that I’d like to try located in Plymouth £1200
  12. Daninplymouth

    MartinT's BRZ

    Does the harrop work with the TD manifold or did you have to change it?
  13. Daninplymouth

    MartinT's BRZ

    Looks very nice that. Think I need to start saving for FI
  14. Daninplymouth

    MartinT's BRZ

    Look forward to seeing the graphs for this
  15. Daninplymouth

    Bonnet weather strip

    I get the vents are a much better solution but just had a thought and wanted to see if there was any issues with removing the seal. For instance I have a track day in a few weeks and for the 30seconds it takes to pull off if it helps a little then it’d be worth it. On my old car you could see and feel the heat coming out