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  1. 86iain

    New GT86 Owner

    Welcome. I love mine too [emoji2]
  2. 86iain

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    Like the rest of the car, apart from the chassis 😄
  3. 86iain

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    Mine is super glued on. It fell off about a week after I bought it..
  4. 86iain

    How do we report a user

    I'd give it a go. I'm already a mod elsewhere, which to be honest runs itself. 99% of the folk on there are blokes in their 50's 😂
  5. 86iain

    How do we report a user

    I'm still a mod on the RCZ forum, we used to get loads and loads of crap. They revamped the forum and now we have a great filter system. It scans IP addresses and checks them against a blacklist, and flags usernames too. Means we rarely get much crap posted these days.
  6. 86iain

    Thespeedline valenti taillights

    Mine must have been on well over a year, and zero condensation.
  7. 86iain

    Thespeedline valenti taillights

    I got mine from there too. I just installed them. I didn't over think it. Try not to pinch the seals by wanging them up too tight, that might help.
  8. 86iain

    Tony banks custom exhausts

    Quite popular with guys on the rcz forum. In Leeds I think?
  9. Probably because the earlier cars had the valve spring recall and some, a small amount, have subsequently gone pop. Mine has been fine, but isn't for sale.
  10. 86iain

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Had a James Bond-esque gadget fitted to slow down faster cars..
  11. Welcome. You're the same age as me. I've owned a few more cars than you though..
  12. 86iain

    Milltek or Cobra exhaust

    I have a non resonated Milltek. I'm happy with it. Apparently some people have had issues with cracking something somewhere, mine had been fine for well over a year.
  13. I have an Optimate trickle charger. Over periods of time I know I won't be using it much, like Xmas, I stick it on the car. I've owned the car 2 years today and no battery problems. Mine is a 60mAh that was on it when I bought it.
  14. 86iain

    Depressingly basic touch and go?

    Mine has that unit + Nav. Which is getting a little outdated now. We've just been to Stirling for a week and a few times it got itself a bit flustered. At one point going over the Queensferry bridge it completely lost the plot. I'm not sure if I want to spunk the cash on an update or try and find something that will do everything the current unit does. I couldn't care less about applecar play or streaming so I suppose that narrows it down somewhat.
  15. 86iain

    Jordan aka Smudge

    Sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. I went through this shit and did the self harming thing when I was a lot younger. I'd have been the first in the queue for a chat to help him through it.