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  1. 86iain

    Hi all.

    Welcome 😁
  2. 86iain

    Hoping to buy - Info greatly appreciated

    My tip when you've got money wasting away and looking lonely in your bank account. Drive to the opposite side of the country, and buy the first one you see. Worked out perfectly for me.
  3. You need to clean your fob 😁
  4. I use Sainsbury's 97 most of the time, sometimes VPower. Not so much Tesco 99, I've heard it's just boggo petrol with a load of bioethanol in it to bump up the RON.
  5. 86iain

    Any1 used Aliexpress?

    Yes, a few times.
  6. 86iain

    Hey GT86 Crew

    Welcome. Mine is silver too, I'm from a few miles down the road in Grimsby.
  7. 86iain

    Factory JBL subwoofer not working?

    If its anything like Peugeots with JBL, you swap the stereo and it stops working.
  8. Can you get in to them at all? Maybe rig up something on a vacuum cleaner and try fish it out?
  9. 86iain

    Weird rattle...

    Wasn't keen on the intro music, but you immediately redeemed yourself with the "ey up"
  10. 86iain

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    I had it on axle stands to do that. When I fitted the new ones I dropped it on its wheels. I got them as tight as factory spec then gave them a couple of days then put it back up in the air and fully tightened them up with extra leverage as I was getting the odd clinking noise.
  11. 86iain

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Mine is lowered "around" 30mm on Flex Z coilovers, I have no knocking or rattling but do every now and again get and kind of rubbery sounding creak at the front. I am expecting noise obviously and have triple checked things and everything seems ok. When I fitted them I wrote down every torque spec I could fine to have to hand. The only nuts I couldn't torque as my wrench doesn't go that high is the two 19mm nuts on the front. I just reefed on those with my driver with a couple of foot of tube added.
  12. 86iain

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Absolutely sure everything is tight? It could be something else moving.
  13. 86iain

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    Mine were £80 from Japspeed.An added expense, but as I had to cut the original links off I had to have some. I subsequently learned apparently people fit Corsa D ones.
  14. 86iain

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    I put adjustable links on mine.
  15. 86iain

    Help Trying to get pop and bangs

    Cough people will think you're a twat cough.