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  1. Excellent Condition - Like NewSelling because the car is going back to stock Can post anywhere in Europe Price: 200 GBP - Shipping cost included Located in Athens, Greece
  2. Back box, in excellent condition, has around 10.000 km - 6.000 miles.Designed to fit to the MY2017 onwards but can also be fitted to the MY 2012-2016with a slight modification on the coupling where it bolts to the mid-pipe.Selling because the car is going back to stock HKS Part number:32018-AT058 Full specs: https://www.hks-power.co.jp/en/produ...ffler/db/17905Price: 500 GBP - 550 euro shipping includedLocated in Athens Greece,Able to post anywhere in Europe
  3. After the EcuTek remap the idle has reached 1400 rpm in cold start, while when on stock setup it reached 1100 rpm max. even in snow conditions. Is this normal?
  4. Nik_86

    Second cat delete

    Have you noticed any kind of smell when you remove the second cat while keeping the primary cat - headers and everything else stock ?
  5. Nik_86

    HKS Legamax vs Invidia Q300

    I'm looking for your opinion about the HKS Legamax vs Invidia Q300 exhausts.I used to have a Milltek resonated catback but I wasn't satisfied with the tone, it was too bassy for my taste.Basically, I am looking for a ''quiet'' aftermarket exhaust with a more high pitch tone rather than the deep bassy tone of the Milltek. Something sporty enough like the Porsche Boxster-Cayman tone, not too bassy and not too loud without drone on motorway speeds etc.From the research I've done on youtube, I think that I should choose between the Invidia Q300 and the HKS Legamax.I live in Greece and there are only 20 cars sold. So it is practically impossible to listen live to any other exhaust other than stock or TRD.As you realize I need your help and your suggestions for the exhausts above or for any other exhaust brand that I should check.Also, is it possible to achieve that sportier tone just by changing the frontpipe with a resonated aftermarket and leaving everything else stock?
  6. Paul, How can your exhaust make pops and bangs? Have you tuned the ECU?
  7. Anyone selling an Invidia Q300 - a TRD - or an HKS Legamax exhaust?
  8. Anyone interested for a Milltek Resonated Cat-back exhaust? It has about 15.000 miles (20.000 km) on the clock and as you can see it's in great condition without any rust. The photos were taken when the clutch disk assembly was replaced a few months ago. Just needs polishing. I bought it about 700 pounds, so I'm thinking around 350 considering the good condition. Located in Athens - Greece, able to post everywhere
  9. Milltek Resonated Cat-back 
    K&N Panel Filter
    TRD Soundchanger 
    Work CR Kai 18 x 8.5 '' 
    Valenti Tail Lights
  10. Hello, Can anyone inform me about the sound level of an Invidia Q300 compared to a Milltek resonated catback ? Is the Resonated Milltek quieter or the Invidia ? I already have the Milltek installed but I would prefer a bit quieter exhaust. The only aftermarket exhaust I have listened to other than the Milltek, is a TRD muffler, which sounded exactly like the OEM, (and apart from the look), it didn't impress me. I live in Greece and there are very few cars available to see and listen to and most of them have the OEM exhaust. Also, What about the Q300 replicas, anyone with experience ? I can find loads of them on ebay on competitive prices Looking forward to your comments