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Found 13 results

  1. I am looking for any good condition aftermarket decat manifold preferred Tomei or HKS. TIA
  2. Ace Equal Length Exhaust Manifold and Overpipe. The ace header has a 4-2-1 design and is regarded as one of the best manifolds for the 86 platform with one of highest torque values. Perfect for those who wish to remain N/A Amazing quality. Only done approximately 2000 miles Cost new over £1500 looking for £750 Collection only. Romford area Thanks
  3. Hello all, We've decided to put together a package for those wanting to release more power from their GT86 or BRZ, without going for forced induction The kit contains the following: 'Before' Dyno Run Tuning Developments Manifold (EL or UEL) Tuning Developments Overpipe Gaskets Heat Wrap For 'Downpipe' Section K&N 'Drop In' Replacement Panel Filter Installation ECUTeK License In House Remap On The Dyno £1495.00 inc VAT Website link here This package has been proven to remove the torque dip which plagues these cars, along with making more peak power. The whole curve is stronger, making the driving experience much more enjoyable! The ECUTeK Remap features the excellent RaceROM which gives you 4 switchable maps via the cruise control stalk which can be adjusted whilst on the fly. For those without cruise control we can set this up via the heated rear window button. Net gains are upto 30lb.ft through the mid range and upto 25bhp peak power (based against a 100% factory car). You do not have to have an aftermarket exhaust, this is completely optional. The second CAT can also stay in place if needed. This gives an end result of a car that when cruising, sounds very close to OE sound levels, and has a pleasant bark to it when pressing on through the gears. The gains in torque make it much nicer to drive and give a far more linear delivery. The top dyno graph has the factory second CAT and factory exhaust. The lower dyno graph has a high flow second CAT and an aftermarket exhaust. Above - TD EL Manifold, Full Exhaust & In House ECUTeK Tune (Didn't photo the overlay from before sorry!) Above - Exhaust & ECUTeK Tune - Versus TD UEL Manifold & In House ECUTeK Tune. Above - Exhaust & Stock Tune - Versus TD EL Manifold & In house ECUTeK Tune. Above - Full Exhaust & Tomei Manifold & ECUTeK Tune - Versus Full Exhaust & TD EL Manifold & In House ECUTeK Tune Noise testing data This Package (UEL Manifold) Stock Second CAT Our Resonated CAT Back Exhaust @4500rpm static test is 89db. Gives a lovely bark when pushing on yet subtle when cruising. When we have an EL setup in we will do the same test. This Package (EL Manifold) Stock Second CAT Stock CAT Back Exhaust @5000rpm static test is 84db. Feedback: Some of the feedback from the NA Tuning Package. Any questions, drop me a PM on here, email me on mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. Thanks Mike
  4. Hi all, I have decided to make this post as I'm not aware of many people who have gone down this route - hopefully will provide some help/feedback to anyone who has been considering this. I must stress that this is not a guide on how to install the manifold (how to do that is readily available online), I am just sharing my own experience. I reached out to Mike from TD and ordered the Unequal Length manifold they offer to be shipped to me - it is well known that this manifold produces good results and is highly recommended by others online, but due to work commitments and location, it was not easy for me to commit to a journey to TD in Warrington. My first job was to get an additional gasket and a set of bolts as I did not choose to get an aftermarket overpipe, then I purchased some DEI titanium exhaust wrap and wrapped the "downpipe" section between the manifold and overpipe pieces. With the exhaust wrap applied, removing the OEM manifold was the next job. This was not as hard as anticipated - I bought this 3-IN-ONE Professional High Performance Penetrant Spray from Halfords and sprayed some on all the bolts. I left this to soak in a bit and unplugged the o2 sensors and the bolts came off without much struggle. All in all, the whole DIY removal and installation took about 2 hours. Thoughts so far? Even without a remap (I am booked in to get this done at Abbey soon), the car feels noticeably more responsive. I feel a big improvement in torque around 3-4k RPM. I also love the exhaust note it makes (I am running this manifold with a HKS drop in air filter, Cobra resonated catback exhaust and stock overpipe/frontpipe). I am yet to get the CEL but it has only been a day and I'm sure this will come until I get the remap. All in all I am very very pleased with the outcome and am looking forward to getting the remap. Will post some results as soon as I have them.
  5. Been looking into going with unequal length headers but was unsure if a remap is absolutely necessary straight away. Will the cars ECU get confused? Can you run the car reliably for a while with uel's on the stock map? I understand that a map will give gains and help with overall performance and I do intend to map it eventually. Just a big lump of money to do the two at once. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Hi all, It’s that time of year again... Black Friday. For 2018 we’ve tried to put together our best line of offers yet and we hope people find it useful! Offers go live on Friday 23rd November and run until Monday 26th November. For mail order parts these are payable in full and will be dispatched immediately if in stock, or as soon as they arrive if they are not in stock when ordering. Workshop offers have a deposit payable before the close of play on the 26th, all works are to be then booked in and paid in full before Thursday 31st January 2019. All deposits are non-refundable in order for us to prepare parts and so forth. These offers cannot be used in conjunction with our finance offerings i’m afraid. To take up one of our offers or with any questions, either drop me a PM on this forum, send me an email to mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. We’d like to thank all of our customers for another year of continued support and wish you all a great festive period. Workshop Offers : Offer 1 : Tuning Developments NA Tuning Package & Install - £1495.00 – Reduced to £1299.00 - £199.00 Deposit. Included in the package for those that are unaware: 'Before' Dyno Run Session Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length OR Unequal Length Available Stainless Steel Overpipe Titanium Heatwrap FA20 Cylinder To Manifold Gaskets Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Overpipe Gaskets K&N Drop In Air Filter ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite 'After' Dyno Run Session Incorporated With Remap NOTE: MTEC Springs & Shifter Bush are added extras. Can be ran on an otherwise stock car to give the extra drive ability however with very little extra exhaust noise for those that don't want volume. Offer 2 : Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit & Install - £4495.00 – Reduced to £3995.00 - £295.00 Deposit. Full details on the kit itself can be found online here: http://www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk/product_info.php?cPath=502_625_852&products_id=2366 A quick rundown! Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold - Equal Length OR Unequal Length Uppipe with external wastegate takeoff TiAL MVR 44m External Wastegate Precision CEA Billet Turbo 3" Downpipe Intercooler piping Intercooler core Oil feed line Modified sump pan for oil return Air Filter Turbo blanket Heat wrap ECUTeK License Fee In-House Custom Remap Session On The Dyno Incorporating The Excellent RaceROM Suite Fits with stock exhaust system, although we recommend aftermarket for power gains Fits with stock radiator and cooling fans Those wanting overpipe, second decat or CAT back systems at the same time will get free fitting and also discounted costs on the parts themselves as follows: Overpipe: £149.00 Second Decat: £159.00 Resonated CAT Back: £520.00 Super Res CAT Back: £550.00 Offer 3 : Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit, Engine Oil Cooler & Install - £4951.00 – Reduced to £4450.00 - £295.00 Deposit. As per offer 2 with the addition of our engine oil cooler kit. Same additional discounts apply on exhaust parts for this offer. Offer 4 : Tuning Developments Stage 1 Turbo Kit Upgrade & Install From Our NA Tuning Package - £3850.00 – Reduced to £3495.00 - £295.00 Deposit. Anyone already on our NA Tuning Package can make the jump onto our stage 1 turbo kit for just £3495.00 Offer 5 : BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit & Install & Alignment - £999.00 – Reduced to £899.00 - £99.00 Deposit. BC Coilovers as used on our GT86, package is on a supplied, fitted and aligned basis. Offer 6 : BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit, SPC Rear LCA & Install & Alignment - £1249.00 – Reduced to £1120.00 - £99.00 Deposit. BC Coilovers as used on our GT86, package is on a supplied, fitted and aligned basis. Mail Order Offers : Tuning Developments Non-Res CAT Back Exhaust - £480.00 – Reduced to £440.00 Tuning Developments Resonated CAT Back Exhaust - £576.00 – Reduced to £520.00 Tuning Developments Super Resonated CAT Back Exhaust - £619.00 – Reduced to £550.00 Tuning Developments Silenced Second Decat Pipe - £239.99 – Reduced to £199.99 Tuning Developments Exhaust Manifold – EL - £699.00 – Reduced to £569.00 Tuning Developments Exhaust Manifold – UEL - £729.00 – Reduced to £599.00 Mail Order offers are subject to Postage & Packaging which for mainland UK will vary between £9.99 & £14.99. Worldwide shipping is available please enquire for pricing. Any questions, please drop me a message Thanks! Mike
  7. Looking for a used borla uel manifold. Thank you.
  8. For Sale Tuning Developments Equal Length Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold, and Stainless Steel Overpipe. This was fitted by Tuning Developments on 17 June 2017 and removed by them on 14 December 2017. It's all perfectly good but I had it removed because I was going to Part Ex my car for something else and wanted it back to standard. I've now changed my mind about selling my Giallo but that's another story and I'd feel a right fool if I had it all put back on so I'm selling it. £600. To see the kit on Tuning Developments website see GT86 Tuning Package. Located in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Bob
  9. All SOLD thanks Ok another part left over after sale of car is my Sports Cat Manifold, this was fitted to my Cosworth charged car when I bought it and made good power so flows well as you would expect for 4-2-1 setup, its near enough equal length runners for best power and coupled with the free flow cat will allow engine to breathe lot better than stock item. I only removed it as suspected It had a cat problem due to EML coming on but turned out to be a map issue and cat looks fine, however if I was to of refitted it would probably of hollowed the cat out as these cheap cats can struggle to pass mot's so might as well open it right out imo. SOLD - Price wise for the manifold I was thinking around £100+postage, or can be collected from me in Cumbria, it was £275 new as you can see on paperwork Also to go with it if required is a manifold to heads fitting kit, this is all genuine Subaru parts as you can see and consists of 2 gaskets, 6 studs and nuts to, price wise £15 if sending with manifold, or £20 posted on its own. - BOLT/GASKET KIT SOLD Pics below get in touch if any questions. Cheers Ian
  10. I have for sale a Hayward and Scott GT86/BRZ EL 4-2-1 manifold. I bought it off Teg a couple months back and took it to H&S and got it welded where it had cracked and strengthened. Also had the cat removed as it had become unglued and we weren't sure if it would still be any good. It also has 6X 1/8" BSP ports for fitting thermocouples, but they come with a bung fitted. It has a Cam Coat thermal coating and I have given it a coat of VHT ceramic paint to make it look a bit nicer. Item location: Nr Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire Asking £450 + postage, collection welcome. ono Any questions or offer please PM me. Thanks for looking
  11. Hi all, I'm selling my HKS 4-2-1 EL manifold. The best NA mod you can do for HP gain, or perfect alongside a supercharged setup. Brand new/never fitted complete with gaskets and documents. Can post or you can collect in Norfolk. Proven to be one of the best headers on the market for peak output. This would cost you 930 inc vat at Fensport. £600, drop me a PM.
  12. I'm selling my 2.5" exhaust system and manifold as I've just had to upgrade to a 3" system. This exhaust & manifold was custom made for my GT86 by Alunox Exhaust Systems. The exhaust is second CAT delete and high flow CAT primary, and has the coned tips. Exhaust & manifold has had roughly 7,000 miles use and been on the car for around 10 Months. Great sound to it, fairly loud but the manifold gives it a lovely rasp noise. The exhaust was £780 new and the manifold was £1,140 But I have no use for them now so asking £900 for the lot. (Collection only - from Wrexham) The exhaust is in too parts as It has to be cut to transport back from Fensport so will need fitting by a garage I assume. Pictures: Any questions please ask away
  13. GT86Jay

    Best Cat Position?

    So thinking about this from a future plan point of view. Does anyone have any experience / knowledge to suggest if there is a 'sweet' location for the Cat? I am currently running Stock manifold with a full non-res 2nd Cat Delete exhaust. Future plans are to get a new manifold. But the question is... Is there any difference in having a Cat in the Manifold or the Front pipe? My options are to either get a high-flow cat in the manifold, and leave the 2nd cat removed, or replace my front pipe with a cat and have the manifold catless? Wondering if there are any benefits / advantages to either?