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  1. LuckyLukeT

    Various Stock Items For Sale

    Just added some Stock Tail Lights
  2. Ideally, I'd prefer the items to be collected, I may be able to deliver or post depending on the size of the item and distance. Based in Sheffield. All prices are negotiable. OEM 17" 5x100 Wheels (Almost New - ~3000 miles) & 215x45x17 Nokian WRA4 Winter Tyres (6mm all round) No damage and stored correctly. Great to have as a set of spare winter wheels through the snowy seasons. Served me well! Sadly I'm running too much power for the size of the wheel now. Tyre Blankets come free. Price: SOLD More images available. OEM Coilovers (~45,000 miles) Used, but untouched. Other than a bit of rust, bushes, top mounts, covers and dampers all in decent condition for the age. Sadly the Drop Links will need removing (had to grind them off the roll bar). Price: £80 OEM Intake System (Including Sound Generator) & Blitz Hybrid Air Filter (~8000 miles) Used, all in good condition. Price: £40 OEM Exhaust Manifold with CAT (~48,000 miles) Used, decent condition overall with surface rust, all threads for sensors & flange are okay, just needs cleaning up. Price: £50 More images available OEM Exhaust Overpipe (~48,000 miles) Used, decent condition. Price: £15 OEM Exhaust Front-Pipe with CAT (~48,000 miles) Used, decent condition. Price: £30 OEM Rear Lower Control Arms (~48,000 miles) Used, bushes are in decent condition for the milage & age. Price: £30 OEM 6.5" Door Speakers & Dash Tweeters Used, no issues. Price: £15 OEM Head Unit (No Navigation) Used, no issues. Price: £30 OEM Tail Lights Good condition, not had them on for over a year. Don't recall them having any condensation issues. Price: SOLD I do also have a pair of OEM Front Brake Calipers & PFC Type Z pads (Used) but no images yet. If you're interested, just let me know
  3. LuckyLukeT

    A couple of questions for turbo kit owners

    On topic, would it be worth adding a sports cat to the front pipe using a set of V-band clamps so you can remove it for track days of course? If so, do you reckon it's something you could do Mike?
  4. LuckyLukeT

    Stock Exhaust (Cat-back) SOLD

    Item is now sold
  5. LuckyLukeT

    2018 Black Friday Deals From Tuning Developments

    After seeing how it performs, I can't help myself. I'm in!
  6. LuckyLukeT

    Parts of TD Turbo + Exhaust package

    Are you willing to break into the package and sell separately? If so, how much would you want for the Decat Pipe (Non Res I presume?) and/or overpipe?
  7. Selling my stock exhaust cat-back. for £60, I will take offers though. Based in Sheffield/Barnsley It has done 43,000 miles but there's no holes or leaks and overall in a decent condition. Ideal for someone looking to put their car back to standard for resale. It does not come with the spring bolts to mount it to the front pipe. I am willing to deliver so far providing fuel costs are covered. Pictures were taken as it came off the car, it just needs cleaning up.
  8. LuckyLukeT

    Nurburgring 2018

    That was my only lap with no yellow flags haha. I fell very lucky with that, but that track had reopened from an earlier incident to be fair. I just aimed to be fast enough so I couldn't get overtaken! As for how the car handled into Brunnchen, indeed, it is the scariest part haha. The car grips really well but is on the borderline for oversteer. Which is fine if you can control it haha. Up brunnchen I noticed every time it would kick out a little on entry but then understeer out onto the blind apex.
  9. LuckyLukeT

    Nurburgring 2018

    The brakes were pretty cooked haha, but I am very impressed with the cooling as well, compared to other cars, the 86 seems to cool the brakes really well. I plan on attending three sisters to try some sprint times. Just waiting on some new tyres so I can destroy my current ones, avoiding semi slicks for now because I don't have any geometry setup and aftermarket arms so I don't want to add more grip than the car is capable of to avoid any damage. Plus I do enjoy how sideways it gets AdvanSport V105's seem to be holding up pretty darn well though, still got around 3-4mm left and they've done a track day, Nurburgring and 8500 miles haha! Plus they're slightly stretched.
  10. LuckyLukeT

    Nurburgring 2018

    Thanks fellas! A lot of my habits are from Karting and sim racing haha. I actually push more than pull but I don't like to firmly grip the steering wheel, because gripping hard strains your wrist and forearms, in long karting stints anyways and it practically felt like a go-kart haha and not one bit did the car feel out of control despite the hairy moments. But I agree, it seems a very unique way of holding a wheel I guess I just like to let the car do the work and then I make the fine adjustments with a lighter grip, but I'm by far not the perfect driver even if I've had all the karting time sim time so cheers for the advice! I did make many mistakes, I didn't hit the curbs before brunnchen and was in the wrong gear on quite a few occasions. Misjudged how hot the brakes were going into the second Karousel, hence why I went in a bit too fast, But without mistakes, you don't learn, which is what I love about recording the laps hehe. It depends on which days you go on for the cost. It has new owners now so It's cheaper during the week than weekends, around 25 Euros per lap same for GP Circuit but, you now have free recovery if you break down or crash and full-time marshalls I believe on most days. And I've got to say, it's scarier being a passenger than the driver haha! Track days are the plan and I hope to join in with you all! This was my last event before the ring at Angelsey: (close calls at 2:20 and 6:15 which just turned into, "ah it's fine I'll just power out!" haha)
  11. Hey all, Recently just came back from Germany with a load of mates. Had an absolute blast with the 86! The roads were just fantastic and well suited for this car, especially in the wet It's nice to see a handful of 86's and BRZ's out there. It was my first time actually driving on the Nurburgring (2nd ever time on a track in this car, first being at Angelsey), so the first 1 or 2 laps I took with caution while I learned where my braking points are and how the car handles. Sounds silly, but I know the track pretty well just by racing with my sim setup on Assetto Corsa and IRacing and it felt very familiar and comfortable haha! I didn't lap with the intentions of timing but I do a fair bit of endurance karting, so I have the mindset of a racer of wanting to overtake everyone and follow fast lines I had it all on video so I was able to time the laps afterwards, however, almost every lap bar my final and quickest lap was hurt by some serious yellow flags and traffic. You're very lucky to be able to do a lap without the ring closing or a yellow flag present somewhere! All my laps I had a passenger in and almost a full tank of fuel so that plays a large factor in handling and times as well especially in our cars! haha. My 4th lap was my fastest lap as I decided to do a solo lap with low fuel to see how the car handles and it made a huge difference! (5 seconds quicker halfway into the lap than my 5th and fastest recorded lap) but then I hit a load of yellows at the end of the circuit which ruined the time. To top it off, my camera died which is a massive shame but that's how it is! Eventually, the 5th lap I managed to get ahead of traffic and set an 8m 48s lap for my first ever trip to the ring and that's in a stock car! Came away a very happy man! haha. This is the lap: Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBTZur0nO1t_uh65xcSTQTeP5k7HkjhED A handful of photos: (link:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10211780077443345.1073741860.1411372255&type=1&l=afa18d7c16) Now it's been round stock, it's time to add a few bits to it and see what it's really capable of! I imagine this can get in high 7's with wider tyres, a bit more power in engine and brakes and a good geometry setup! Anyone else got any Nurburgring experiences to share?
  12. I'd highly recommend! Although It did take about 3-4mm of rubber off my V105's so be prepared I hope to go again soonish!
  13. Took the 86 for its first track day on Tuesday. Graced it with the wonderful Anglesey Circuit in Wales! Safe to say I loved every bit of it! Did it with Javelin with my brother (FN2 Type R) and a few mates (More FN2's and Golf Mk2). Great learning how the car handles when giving it some beans, it's currently completely stock apart from some Rota 18x8.5" wheels and Whiteline Positive Shift mounts + Whiteline Differential mount inserts. Come to realise I think coil overs and a meatier exhaust is necessary, although it's a great stock setup, I feel like it squirrels a little too much under braking and understeers when the weight shifts forward. Thinking of some Teins Flex A's and an Invidia Gemini R400. Any opinions on these will help greatly! I know my heal-toe is a little off, finding it difficult at times with how long it takes the car to rev up and down with the heavy flywheel. Just need a bit more practice Obviously, the first few videos are rather tame with some interesting lines and close calls but throughout the day, especially on the last video I felt really confident and loved how easy the car is to hold on a powerslide. I must admit in one of the videos around 6:30 I took the first corner a bit hot and attempted to power out of it, almost let it take the better of me and ended up with a tank slapper haha! Loads of fun, lots of burnt rubber, fast track and beautiful scenery, and I didn't spin once! Couldn't have asked for much more hehe. I apologise for some of the strange camera angles, I just used my DLSR on a headrest mount so it was difficult to place well. I hope to get to some events and meet up with some fellow 86 owners to see how they set their car up for the track Playlist: Some images I took and the professional photographer took:
  14. LuckyLukeT

    Eyup from Yorkshire!

    Thanks! Damn straight! Needs a good few mill taken off it to make the wheels a little less exposed
  15. LuckyLukeT

    Eyup from Yorkshire!

    Haha! Scared me for a moment then as well! Blimey, couldn't get much closer! Ah yes! Likewise, love the look of your 86, you take some fantastic shots of it! The plans are likely to never end hehe, only thing that will stop me is budget For now, I'm trying to prep it for a trip to the ring in May next year (Service, brake lines, Coilovers etc), I'd love to take it to a track day as it is to get a feel for the differences the mods I do make. I'm currently looking at a Cobra catback exhaust system and a front pipe 2nd-cat delete to boost the noise a little and maybe a Takeda cold air intake system for now (since that seems to be one of few that actually provide performance benefits over the pretty decent stock intake). Get some handling mods done such as some Tein Flex A Coilovers, whiteline bushings and mounts for the diff and gearbox to help with the gear changes on 2nd and 4th, maybe for the arbs too. And the goal is some point late next year is to look at either TD's Garret Turbo kit or Fensports Avo turbo kit to get to about 270-310bhp, K-sport brakes are also worth a mention haha. Not to mention the small cosmetic things I plan on doing to it. It is my daily so I want reliability and nice looks haha, so the weight reduction will be subtle, maybe carbon a few bits and change the rear wing up a bit Endless plans! haha