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Found 24 results

  1. Hello Friends, I am selling my HKS Hi-Power Single Exit Exhaust V2. I am looking for £300, collection only from Cockermouth in Cumbria. I realise this is the arse end of nowhere but it is a big item so I really do not want to have to organise shipping. If it's up here a long time then I will reconsider. I also live in Glasgow so can do drop off near there/central belt if that helps you. Purchased from Part Box originally here You can check how it sounds here This exhaust was on my car for 1 year, so it has rusted at the welds only, as stainless does. I drive my car through the winter, so would not look at this for your show car lol. In the pics I have given it a light wash, so the marks you see are not mud or dirt. Whether they come away with a heavier scrub I don't know. I'm not going to find out anytime soon because it is COLD and my hands were in pain even to get these pictures. Reason for selling: This exhaust is unreasonably LOUD. It was the first time I had ever swapped an exhaust on a car and I thought going for the version with the 'Silent' muffler might have been a bit underwhelming but thank the lord I did. I have the cat delete in the header, so I don't know how it is swapped on to a stock header but I imagine it is quieter. It looks very cool in my opinion, I prefer the single exit for more lightweight and racecar sense of purpose but I no longer care about that. I just don't want to be antisocial. The anxiety of driving through a quiet town with this is huge. I ended up swapping for the super resonated set up from tuning developments which sounds perfect, exactly what I wanted. Any more questions or photos feel free to ask If you want me to scrub it better to see if it looks better in the current weather it's an extra £100. Thank you, Rory x
  2. I am looking for any good condition aftermarket decat manifold preferred Tomei or HKS. TIA
  3. Lordyboi

    HKS Air intake duct advice

    Looking to pick up the HKS intake duct to improve air flow. Excluding the price does anyone know any down sides of installing it? I'm not interested in a full ram air intake so I'm currently trying to get the most out of the stock air box. I've got a UEL on the way and will get a tune after I've installed it so want to clean up the intake and squeeze every last HP out of the stock box to compliment the HP gain from the UEL when its tuned. I'm currently running a K and N air filter and the Mishimoto induction hose so the HKS intake duct would finish it off nicely. Im mostly worried about water ingress as I have read that the due to the larger opening more water can get into the filter box but I cant see why as its mounted at the same height as the stock intake so the same amount of rain water should find its way up to that point? Anyone with it fitted/had it fitted could shed some light on this or anything else worth knowing that would be great!
  4. HiSo back in March I made the best decision and bought a gt86. Bought it for £14,000 with 24,000 miles on the clock. Didn't take me long to decide I wanted it, made the deal and part ex my slow 1.2 corsa ha. Out with the slow and in with the beast
  5. If you're after an Exhaust, I'm sure you can find something that suits your needs below HKS Manifolds - GT-Spec EL with a CAT / SS EL without a CAT / Super Manifold UEL Cat-Backs - Hi-Power Spec L Carbon Tips / Hi-Power Spec L Red Carbon Tips / Hi-Power Spec L Titanium Tips Legamax Premium / Legamax Sports / Legamax Sports Titanium Tips Hi-Power V2 Single Exit Front Pipe - SS Front Pipe - Catless TOMEI Manifold - EXPREME 4-1 UEL / EXPREME 4-2-1 EL Overpipe - EXPREME Front Pipe - TYPE-60 Straight cut Cat-Backs - TYPE-60S / TYPE-60R / TYPE-80 COBRA Manifold - UEL De-Cat Front Pipe - De-Cat / High Flow Cat Overpipe - Sports Overpipe Cat-Back - Resonated / Non-Resonated
  6. Back box, in excellent condition, has around 10.000 km - 6.000 miles.Designed to fit to the MY2017 onwards but can also be fitted to the MY 2012-2016with a slight modification on the coupling where it bolts to the mid-pipe.Selling because the car is going back to stock HKS Part number:32018-AT058 Full specs: https://www.hks-power.co.jp/en/produ...ffler/db/17905Price: 500 GBP - 550 euro shipping includedLocated in Athens Greece,Able to post anywhere in Europe
  7. Hi, Got a HKS Super Hybrid Filter here for sale, Brand new, asking for £25 20 delivered, Can also be collected from Manchester. Thanks
  8. Well we have been told it would be released early 2018 and here it is; The GT-RS will work real well with the FA20 motor as long as we can control the torque on a stock motor. I think HKS are pushing there luck with running 40 kg/m torque where we run only around 30kg/m max torque on the Harrop SC kit installs. Intercooler set up is very much like our Turbo kit we have produced in very small numbers and now with this kit released we may retire our kit TBH. Will have a think about ordering a kit but I think We will miss the awesome torque the Harrop produces looks like the HKS kit doesn't pull until 3500rpm which I feel will make our light cars a little aggressive on the torque curve. Going to look to work a price out from drive in drive out kit , the HKS stock motor plots had injectors fitted so we hope to be able to tame the tune down to run stock injectors/fuel pump. Should be a awesome piece off equipment thou anything that comes from HKS will be a excellent fit and will look and last for a long time.
  9. HKS GT86 EL header manifold (USED) but newly coated with the expensive Zircotec Coating for heat management. Customer has sold his car so no longer needed. HKSmanifold new is £840-00 inc vat and the Zircotec costing is £590-00 inc vat http://www.zircotec.com/performance-white/ We are looking for £550-00 inc vat for this header. Any questions ask away. Works very well with and FI and NA conversion together with ECUTEK remap. #gt86 #brz #FA20 #HKS #zircotec
  10. Hello, We have this HKS RSK Reloaded - Induction kit for sale. (70020-AT022) It's got a tiny scuff marks on the inside of the filter, as shown on photos. Scuffed in transit. RRP: £504 inc. VAT Now: £315 DELIVERED Now: £245 Delivered HKS Racing Suction Reloaded Kits have been developed as the leading intake system for high performance applications. Each kit features aluminum suction pipes that have been tested for optimal air flow. Included in each kit is HKS’ Reloaded filter with its patented Super-Funnel and new technical advances: Filter cage allows for 30% more intake surface area Aluminum back plate for added strength Sealing ring reduces contaminants from entering engine Dual Density wet filter element
  11. HKS Black Gear knobs are available. M12X1.25 GT86 fitment. They are discontinued stock, so when it sells out, that's it. £44.99 inc VAT & Delivery Let me know, or buy here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192278311301?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  12. HKS OBD-LINK TYPE-FA20 meter. Really smart thing if you want that little extra info about your car. I, personally was bit a bummed about not having an oil temp gauge in my car.. and this seems like a good solution, GT86 head unit isn't the smartest, so with a little help from this OBD Link and your phone, you become the god of all the running data. 21 items OB-LINK obtains - Speed - Intake air volume - E/G oil temp. - E/G RPM - Intake air temp. - T/M oil temp. - Water temp. - Throttle 1/2 - Gear Position - Ignition timing - Acceleration - Error code - AF correction - Intake manifold pressure - Calmative driving distance - AF learning value - Airflow output - Steering angle - O2 sensor - Brake (ON/OFF or tread) RRP is £192 inc. VAT For 86club members, £172.80 inc VAT & free shipping. All you need is this OBD link, a free app from HKS and you're set.
  13. Another HKS clearance item! HKS Mechanical Oil temp gauge/meter. - 4401-SA097 It's universal. Length 4.5m Diameter of the gauge 46mm RRP: £178.20 inc. VAT Your price: £68 inc. VAT & shipping
  14. Hello guys, just to let you know, we have a decent range of HKS Oils, oil filters, air filters etc. https://www.part-box.com/hks If you want to order something, let me know, a discount is certain! This is my service setup I used a couple of weeks ago, and also the range of oils we do. HKS Hybrid Oil Filter - 52009-AK001 HKS Super Oil 0W-25 6l (5.4l needed) - 52001-AK108 (4L) 52001-AK091 (1L) HKS Replacement Foam - 70017-AK001 PFC Z-Rated Front Pads - 0929.10 Cosworth Street Master Rear pads - CFS3039 I went for 0W-25 because I drive my car daily and it won't get hot enough on the journey from home to work, but I make sure it gets hot on the weekends though So, that's why I went for 25 rather than 20 as the book says or even 5W-30 which can be used too. If you're interested, choose what you want and let me know.
  15. Hi all, I'm selling my HKS 4-2-1 EL manifold. The best NA mod you can do for HP gain, or perfect alongside a supercharged setup. Brand new/never fitted complete with gaskets and documents. Can post or you can collect in Norfolk. Proven to be one of the best headers on the market for peak output. This would cost you 930 inc vat at Fensport. £600, drop me a PM.
  16. KobayashiMaru

    Anyone Have This?

    Was looking for a HKS Panel Filter for my brother for Christmas then saw this. Looks well made but is it worth getting? http://www.amber-performance.co.uk/product.php?xProd=25269&xSec=8425
  17. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS V2 Supercharger self fit kits

    With HKS excellent price reduction on1st February, Abbey Motorsport are going to offer a self fit V2 SC kit for the GT86/BRZ platform. V2 kit with ECUTEK cable/dongle/license and base tune for £3100 inc vat. Base tune will be for a stock car or car with 2nd cat and full exhaust system. I think this is the cheapest quality SC kit on the UK market.
  18. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS price reduction

    HKS Europe as off the 1st Febuary have adjusted the European list prices. This has lowered all the parts HKS make for the GT86/BRZ; I will get all the parts available for the Gt/BRZ listed but these are a few prices; HKS V2 Supercharger kit Original price £4200-00 inc vat reduced to £3120-00 inc vat HKS oil cooler kit Original price £870-00 inc vat reduced to £600-00 inc vat HKS 2nd CAT delete pipe 2 resonators fitted £234-00 inc vat reduced to £204-00 inc vat We can ship free of charge to any where.
  19. Hey guys just a quick question, Does anyone know how long the HKS Hybrid Air filter panel for our cars lasts before it needs replacing? Cheers!
  20. SOLD!!!! OK following the sale of my GT86 I have for sale my HKS Hipermax IV GT coilover kit, this kit was only fitted for a few hundred miles before I removed it to sell the car, so condition is as you would expect like new! For those not familiar with these new HKS GT kits they are marketed as the ultimate road/track kit giving improved ride on the road but plenty firm enough on the track as well, I can vouch for this and certainly work very well and only for sale as car has been sold. Price on these new is £1500 but I would accept offers around £950 for them which is a bargain for someone Im located in Cumbria and can be collected or I can send via courier. Pictures below hopefully!....still boxed with everything you get when you buy them new! Cheers Ian
  21. I’ve started this thread which will probably be like a small Mods blog as i’ve never really set one up for my car. I’ve always thought about boosting my GT86 but never really decided on a route or if it would be viable. But after driving Maz’s car a fair bit on the road and once on track it made sense to go the Centrifugal Supercharged route. For the style of driving and type of roads I drive it made sense. The HKS supercharger to me just feels like a bigger block NA car. You don’t get that sudden rush of power in one peak. It just keeps climbing and climbing. Over 6.5krpm is just awesome! Being hands on and quite technical and capable I decided i’d fit the kit myself as a sense of achievement and a little personal project with the help from Maz at HKS Europe. We picked this weekend as it gives me the extra bank holiday day and fitted in best with Adrian mapping it at Fensport this week. We started the install at about 5:30 Friday evening with the plan to get all the prep work and old bits off the car so that Saturday morning we could start fitting the go-faster bits. The Manual is relatively easy to understand although at times the Japanese to English translation is a little poor. But luckily with having Maz to help he could read the Japanese ones and it all made sense! First thing is to get the Bumper off and expose the front of the car. Along with unbolting the crash bar as we fit some brackets to this for the Intercooler. We also remove the bonnet catch and top bonnet support for later. Also free’d up the Oil cooler and made sure this was out the way temporarily whilst fitting the new parts. What’s impressive with the HKS kit is the amount of dedication and precision gone into planning the kits. We spent a fair couple of hours adding clips to existing hoses and supporting stock parts for the preparation of them receiving positive boost. Parts like the canister can under the manifold. Usually the hoses are just pushed on loosely. But now they’ll see positive pressure HKS actually supply clips to add to these hoses to make sure they don’t pop off! It would be a real PITA if one popped after install! It just gives a little bit of piece of mind that you’re adding reliability. Interestingly Version 1 of the supercharger didn’t have these extras! But they added them for Version 2. Once this was all done and the fiddly bits out of the way we had the car ready to receive boost! We have to add a bracket to the underside of the Crash beam which will be used to support the intercooler so we got this added and in place. This is fiddly as you’ve got to get a nut on the bolt which is half way along from an opening at the end! We got there in the end! Also had to cut a little channel in the upper bonnet support for the charge pipe to come back into the engine bay. Next up was fitting the actual compressor to the car. The bracket is very substantial and quality is outstanding. Everything just fitting into place lined up and went perfectly. The bracket basically fits into the existing holes in the Alternator and fits in really well. After a few bolts, belt on and tensioner released we had the unit in place! We then went ahead and mounted the intercooler in place. It looks as though it sits on the bottom shelf. But it actually hanging from 2 bracket. Its a very good fit and the HKS kit hasn’t failed to impress regarding quality and fitment! This charger uses a traction fluid system with it’s own oil cooler to lubricate the charger components. A tank is mounted just beside the airbox, using two existing holes in the support just below the bonnet release. After cutting the supplied hoses to length, adding an inline filter and clipping it all on. The traction fluid system was in place along with the cooler, bottle, lines and filter. It's important to get the traction fluid cool and ensure everything is working correctly. As this can seriously damage the compressor if the fluid isn't there as expected! Now to put the stock airbox back into it’s location ready for the intake suction pipe. Any airbox or induction that uses the stock intake pipe location should fit with this kit. Here we put a restrictor plate between the supercharger and the intake air box. The restrictor is a simple plate which sandwiches between the intake pipe and the charger with two gaskets. It restricts the power from the capable 400hp to about 300hp to use on a stock engine block! The restrictor is great as it keeps all the available torque and power low and and just clips the peak power towards the top end. You can of course run it without a restrictor if you dare on a stock engine! The great thing with this unit is if you do decide to go for a forged engine you can simply remove the restrictor, tweak the map and you’ll be able to produce around 400hp comfortably with the same kit. We then plumbed in the intercooler which is a fiddly job as there isn’t much room, especially if you have the oil cooler installed too! This kit was obviously designed, tested and fitted in Japan where they do not have HID headlights also meaning they haven't got the headlight washers! Which actually get in the way a fair bit on the UK cars as the headlight washers sit just where the pipe wants to naturally sit. But after some persuasion and careful positioning it does all go back in and the headlight washer still works. Moving on by connecting up the throttle body intake pipe from the intercooler. This bit was straight forward. The pipe sits in the neat hole that was cut earlier on in the process. All connecting up and on the throttle body. We have a completed plumbed in Supercharger. We have to take a vacuum line from the vacuum brake line so that the Recirc valve can work. For this we simply take a T-Piece in the original vacuum line and connect it to the valve. At this point the install is done! We topped up the traction fluid tank. Fired it up and ensured there are no air leaks and fluid is circulating ok. Starts first time and the sound is just fantastic. A real rushing of air and breathing sound! One with the final bits like the bumper, and side indicators etc. And it’s finished! All together it took us around 12 hours with two of us working on it. What helped was Maz’s ability to know stuff as he’d already done it on his car. Little tips and tricks to make things easier and the knowledge of knowing what we we’re un-doing was correct! The manual makes it easy as the install is split up into smaller chunks of work. So you’re only ever aiming for one goal at a time. Such as ‘Fit the intercooler’ - ‘For this you will need’. Rather than tackling the entire project with all the bits in one go. Off to Fensport today for the map! Once i've driven it with some boost i'll report back
  22. Have been considering lowering my car for some time. Problem is I have Seibon front lip so don`t want to go too low. A certain person who shall remain nameless but resides in Oxted has dangled a carrot in the form of a set of Hipermax MAX4GT coil overs. From what I have read the drop as supplied is about 1" - but is adjustable. Has anyone got these fitted ? How does the drive compare to OEM for both handling and damping ? I don`t want to lose my fillings as the result of a harsh ride and may also need to raise the seat so I can get out (old b***r ). Cheers.
  23. I have an HKS Hybrid Air Filter with about 200 miles on it if anyone is interested? It's still clean, in the box and pretty much brand new. I don't have a photo of the item. But given this is not 'the other forum' we can probably use some common sense and all know what an air filter looks like? Or Google search it. It's this item - http://www.part-box.com/product_info.php?products_id=83226 Only reason i'm selling it as I already have the K&N equivalent. Looking for £20.00 delivered....
  24. GT86Jay

    Driven the HKS Supercharger

    Last weekend Maz from HKS Europe was kind enough to come up to Norwich for a little meet and to let me take his newly supercharged GT86 out for a drive. Over the Christmas period Maz (which some of you probably met at the UK Meet) supercharged his GT86 using the HKS Kit. First look at the kit is that it’s very impressive to look at and definitely show-off material! Pipes are nice and shiny. The charger sits right up top in front of the throttle body and is the main focus on the engine bay. Lots of nice looking pipe work and all looks very clean. Far from an OEM look though! … Maz has this kit coupled up with the HKS High-Flow Exhaust and also fitted an oil cooler. On initial thoughts driving out of a busy crowded city there was little to experience. Whilst pottering around and maybe getting to a top speed of 25mph there's not much difference to an oem car, still drives very well at low speeds. A subtle little air rush sound on over-run. But nothing exciting yet. We get out on to the dual carriageway, up the slip road I was following a 40 tonne lorry! Soon as I could see clear lane I pulled out and booted it. Initial thought was ‘hmm not much going on’ couldn’t see the £5k improvement over my remapped car. But then we hit 4k rpm! The car just lifted the torque came and we flew. It was smooth, fast and a little surprising. The amount of speed it picks up whilst being very unassuming was amazing. No fuss just speed. It was different to the turbo where you can really feel the speed building and the acceleration. The supercharger you looked down as was just going quicker. Which was a unique feeling! It was particularly good when overtaking. Dropping down a gear and hitting the 3500rpm range the car just pulls and you get past in no time! But again you don’t really feel anything going on. You’re just going quick! This is obviously a first stage initial install HKS SC with not much UK development yet! But for first impressions I was impressed! Currently the HKS kit comes with a piggy back ECU which Maz thinks is limiting the system. But development is being carried out for the kit to work with EcuTek. Being a first install this isn't producing it’s peak power and not producing anything near the Avo Turbo kit, it doesn't seem to have any problem being installed with the stock clutch. This is apparent but it’s still quick and is going to have some serious potential. Definitely an increase in Torque. Patches the Torque dip well and outputs smooth NA feel power. The one downside for me with this kit was the sound. On over run when you lift of the throttle the extra boost gets diverted around a series of tubes. Which makes a loud whooshing sound constantly inside the cabin. Almost like metal grinding together. This is good when you’re going on a mad run and driving hard and want that feedback. But I imagine it could get annoying after a while on a long journey cruising up to roundabouts on the motorway etc. But Maz has said that can be toned down and probably hidden. Some people may love it! Overall it’s a good solid install and producing a good amount of power. Estimated at around 240bhp on the initial base map. It’s pretty to look at has potential of being a great system. Backed by HKS it should see some good improvements and development on it! I’ll be following this closely once its been mapped with the EcuTek maps.