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  1. Sold to the very nice gent @fubarphill
  2. Hanslow

    Invidia N1 catback exhaust

    Thanks Dave It helped greatly that you were also so easy to deal with and didn't mind me taking a bit of time to sort things out so that you ended up with what you wanted, so kudos to you too.
  3. On hold for fubarphill to come have a look
  4. Hi Phil, They are indeed. If you want more info/pictures details post in here or drop me a PM
  5. Hanslow

    Invidia N1 catback exhaust

    Booked in for courier pickup on Monday
  6. Hanslow

    Invidia N1 catback exhaust

    Let me have a look Dave and see what I can find out. We've a big monitor box at work that could suffice but I'll need to get measurements and see if it'll fit. Alternatively, we have an office down in Surrey near Hampton Court palace that I occasionally go down to so it might be possible to sort something out to coincide with a visit if you're not in an immediate rush. I'll get some measurements and possibilities looked into tomorrow once I get an idea of the box size and if stuff might fit.
  7. Hanslow

    Invidia N1 catback exhaust

    No worries Will. I wouldn't want someone to end up with something louder than they'd ideally like and this is pretty loud certainly compared to stock. That said, how loud is loud? The following video is a good comparison of stock with the N1. Again, all depends on the ears and the microphone as to what's palatable or not, I just want to make sure people realise this isn't quiet.
  8. For sale: MY99 Subaru Impreza 16" wheels with Nokian winter tyres These are my winter seasonal wheels up for sale and fit the '86 perfectly and really suit the car, to my eyes at least. When I bought the wheels they weren't in the greatest shape finish wise so I scrubbed them down and gave them a quick home refurbish. They're far from concourse, but as a set of winter alloys they're perfectly fine and run straight and true without any vibrations or such. The Nokians have about 2-3mm on the rears and about 3-4 on the fronts so won't last much longer but might see you through this winter, particularly if you rotate them. They're stored in wheel covers, same as these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/XL-size-SPARE-COVER-WHEEL/dp/B00O2BGFMU , which I've marked which corner they've come off, so they've always gone back on the same corner. They're currently a bit dirty with brake dust since I took them off in a rush in spring and haven't got round to clearing them up so gloves would be useful for handling out of the bags. I'm looking for £150, collection from Crich in Derbyshire or could meet within an agreed short distance. Free cup of tea on collection
  9. Hanslow

    Invidia N1

    Hi both, advert with pics and stuff up now here
  10. For sale: Invidia N1 catback titanium tip exhaust This has been on my car for approximately the last three years so is showing a bit of surface blemishing and protective dirt but will clean up with some elbow grease and autosol if you like your exhausts shiny. All welds are fine. For those of you who like your exhausts subtle, stop reading and walk away now, this is one of the louder ones. When I first fitted it I wondered if I'd actually made a mistake as the contrast with stock was so great, but once used to it I've grown to love it over the years. It's good for early warning as my better half tells me she can hear me about half a mile away if she's out in the garden so knows when I'm on my way home. Having just switched back to stock, only because I'll be selling up next year, my comment on the stock was that it felt like I'd gone deaf as I could barely hear it. So if you like them loud, check out some online vids for a feel of what it's like then get in touch if interested. The exhaust will come with three new gaskets since I thought it best to sell it all ready to fit, some stainless steel bolts with brass nuts that I had it secured with on my '86 and after a quick cleanup they're still in excellent condition. I had greased them all up to to help protect them which I've mostly cleaned off. In addition to the exhaust as shown in the pics, it comes with the two silencer bungs, which I've never used and can't find the retaining bolts for them, but any small bolts should hold them in place once inserted into the silencers. I'm looking for £400, collection from Crich in Derbyshire or could meet within an agreed short distance. Free cup of tea on collection I initially responded to: so, if price/location isn't an issue, @Dave86 and @willclarke could already be interested so I'd like to honour their interest first.
  11. Hanslow

    Invidia N1

    I've just finished taking it off and putting the original back on. I'll put up a proper for sale soon with some pictures and give Dave first consideration followed by Will. I can give a bit more detail, pictures and price then
  12. Hanslow

    Invidia N1

    Still looking Dave? Mine should be coming off tomorrow if I pull my finger out although I'm a few miles away from you up near Matlock in Derbyshire. Drop me a PM if interested and you think we could work something out.
  13. Hanslow

    USB slot question

    I have one of those in 32GB form and it works fine with the 24GB or so of music on it. I have a 64GB one too, which is a little bigger, but since the 32GB one still has capacity I haven't ventured to try it so no idea if it'll actually work ok with it or not.
  14. Hanslow

    Bacon smell

    The dealer fix is to remove the plate, clean it up, add new sealant and replace. It may happen again, or if you're lucky, may be fine. Alternatively, you can buy 3rd party plates that have a rubberised seal embedded in them that should hopefully form a better seal. I've got one of these, just haven't got to the point of fitting it yet.