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  1. Still available?
  2. O'Keeffe 88

    (SOLD) Malian resonated catback

    Like Jay said, I'd be happy to take the rear mud guards off you 😬
  3. O'Keeffe 88

    Ducktail bootlid with moulded spoiler

    I know this was probably sold long ago, but I'm looking into ducktails and came across this; just had to comment on how amazing it looks πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  4. Preferably after the clear Valenti version to match my tail lights, but something similar-looking will suffice for the right price.
  5. O'Keeffe 88

    Valenti Central light bar clear/red

    Would love one of these, but well out of my price range, unfortunately. Good luck with the sale. ☺️
  6. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    By the way @Leonard, there's a guy on the Facebook page who says he's a former owner of your car, and he's keen to keep up date with how you transform it! Go take a look if you haven't already: search for 'Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ Driver's Club'.
  7. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    Gave mine some love, too. See you tomorrow πŸ‘
  8. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    @Lauren - enjoy yourself! And if you don't make the Sunday, no worries - I'm sure I'll see you at a meet in the near future ☺️
  9. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    So there's more information available on Sunday now - a few details, as well as the route! See below: "Sunday is fast approaching! For those who intend to have breakfast at the Harvester, I have been kindly informed by the restaurant that it would be wise to book a table in advance to ensure you are able to eat in! Bookings should consist of groups of up to 6 people maximum, to keep things simple. There's a McDonalds across the road for those who crave that kinda thing, otherwise do bring some food for the drive as there are no plans to stop at a restaurant. Under no circumstances should you be doing burnouts, handbrake turns or anything anti-social in the car park. Lastly, do keep your litter within your car during the drive, we certainly don't want to be ruining the scenery or giving ourselves a bad name! I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday from 9am. Fingers crossed that the weather is pleasant on the day, but I'll be there rain or shine 🌞"
  10. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    @Leonard - checked on the event; it just says setting off once everyone has eaten breakfast πŸ˜… Guess that means the set off time is fairly relaxed.
  11. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    @sam534 - I'm sure driving is more important that whatever else you have planned?! Where are you based? Perhaps if you can't make this weekend, you'll be able to make the Yorkshire meet once it's organised? ☺️
  12. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    My first too, bud! Great to hear that you're bringing mates - the more, the merrier! Don't hit it too hard on Saturday night or you'll miss the depart time. Mine's black with gold wheels; it'll be parked next to a blue BRZ - I daresay the 86 drivers will try and group together so find the slowest cars in the car park and you'll find us πŸ‘ My number is 07811153468 - feel free to ring if you're struggling to find us all ☺️
  13. O'Keeffe 88

    Aftermarket part out , updated

    Can the 17" space saver be used when you have 18" wheels?
  14. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    Hi all, Just a quick one to say that there's an event I'll be tagging along to next Sunday (details on the events page, Facebook and at: https://facebook.com/events/s/peak-district-cruise-4/2220911314868584/?ti=as). Hope to see a few of you there πŸ‘
  15. O'Keeffe 88

    Peak District Cruise

    Event Title: Peak District Cruise Event Author: O'Keeffe 88 Event Date: 05.07.2020 Hi guys, Hope you're all well and staying safe! This isn't an event I've organised, but one I'll be attending - I thought a few of you might be up for joining me and the few others who have confirmed so far. Here's the description from the event page on Facebook: Another year, another day to send it straight into the Peak District! Same as always, meet up at Alma Retail Park in Chesterfield and shut it down first thing in the morning. Then we move out as soon as everyone's had breakfast, and enjoy the day out! Cars, Bikes, bring whatever you want! Let's make it a big one in 2020! πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯ For more details, here's the link to the original event page: https://facebook.com/events/s/peak-district-cruise-4/2220911314868584/?ti=as Hope to see you there! P.S. - if anyone is going from the West Yorkshire area and wants to convoy down to Chesterfield with me and one or two others, let me know ☺️ Peak District Cruise