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Found 146 results

  1. Minion

    Minion's 86

    Hi guys/gals I've had the car for just over 3 years now and still love it as much as when I first got it! I've been about on here and going to shows for a good while now so a lot of you might know me and my car others might not so thought I'd start another build thread seeing as I started one a couple of years back but never really did too much too it due to time and well just being a general lazy s**t! The reason I've decided to start another one as if everything goes as I'm hoping it should within the next few months there will be big changes to my car but you'll see that all in due course. Please see the pictures attached to the thread of my car when I first had it, I got it from Lister's Toyota in Grantham when it was about a year old with 9k on the clock as an Ex-Demo with a nice healthy saving from the list price with it being a TRD which imo finishes the look on an already near perfect car! If any one has any questions about anything in this thread just ask and I'll try and help
  2. Howdy all, For sale is my APR carbon fibre alternator cover, it's been fitted for 2 years now, doesn't move around obviously so it still in great nick. It's a lovely piece of carbon with a gorgeous weave to spruce up the engine bay, a bit of bling for the show days Note: I will be receiving a brand new, revised carbon fibre alternator cover, So you will receive the brand new, never fitted one Price: £130.00 (for a brand new carbon fibre cover) Location: Hertfordshire/Epsom Postage: Possibly! Collection: Yep, can do! Payment: PayPal (buyer pays the fees) | Cash | Bank Transfer As always, if you have any questions, please let me know
  3. Title pretty much says it all. In the market for a turbocharged GT86 or BRZ. Let me know
  4. This has been due for a while, Chris @chillismoke contacted me to help him detail his 86 in preparation for Japfest, I think that was back in May or something! Anyway we agreed on a weekend to do this, he popped down on the Saturday (unfortunately arriving a tad late which ended up causing some issues which i'll touch on later) There aren't any before pictures as the purpose of this thread it really to document what we done to get the car sealed step by step (Albeit missing a few pictures) I'd rather people didn't drum on this thread about how polishing an 86 is pointless, if you do it will just be deleted. For those that know chris you will know he doesn't hang about on the TSS and goes "balls deep" so to speak in that department too Products Used (in no particular order) - 5 Million Microfibres - Autobrite Purple Rain - Autobrite Citrus Wash - Autobrite Purple Velvet - Poorboys wheel cleaner - A mixture of polishing pads & Autobrite/3M Compounds - Autobrite snowfoam - The entire Gtechniq range The Good Stuff So first off with it being relatively warm I gave the car a light spray with the hose, to cool it down so the foam didn't dry up too quick (This got some loose bits of dirt off) Then we attacked it with the foam lance. This was left to dwell for around 10 minutes, topping up the coat halfway through so it didn't dry. Next up we got the citrus wash out and applied it to the entire car (paying particular attention to the front & rear bumpers, bonnet and lower quarter of the car. (This aids the removal of traffic film & bugs) This was then left to dwell then jetwashed off after a few minutes. Sprayed in to the arches also On to the wheels with the Poorboys wheel cleaner (I needn't have bothered as chris got them off later and clayed them down to apply the c5!) Wheels were then rinsed (Oops, no picture. Blame the photographer for engaging in conversation with the homeowners ) On to the washing, purple velvet goes in to the bucket. (We used two buckets for obvious reasons I will not explain) Panels were done in the following order (Bonnet, roof & upper 3rd of body panels, boot, lower 2/3rds of body then bumbers) Due to heat each panel was jetwashed on the fly Once all panels were washed we got the car back on to the driveway under the marquee to begin claying (This took us around 4 hours I think...) Once this was done I began the polishing process, it was all going swimmingly until I started doing the front bumper and not being able to cut it at all. Due to an accident Chris had it was resprayed by RRG and I have to say rich, it was a poor job! Worse orange peel than you get from the factory! Lets hope the painter was having a bad day? I managed to cut it back a bit but it was a lost cause without wetsanding and a rotary.... Something we really didn't have the time to do! Chris got the wheels off and began to clay them and he applied C5 to them in the meantime after some instruction by me So the car was polished up, 98% swirl free. I say 98% as at this point we was behind schedule with Chris arriving late and having issues with the whole front end. We were about 2 hours behind. OOPS! The glass was polished with Gtechniq G4 and then the Gtechniq G1 was applied and residue removed with Gtechniq G2 Once done, we moved on to applying the Gtechniq C1, but before hand we gave every panel a wipe over with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, aka expensive watered down isopropyl alcohol. At this point, once the residue was removed we had ran out of time, it was nearing dark, we needed to wait for the C1 to cure for 6 hours before applying the EXO. We left the car for a few hours then chris went on his journey home! To my knowledge I don't think he applied the EXO yet. and due to condensation overnight water spots appeared in the C1 layer. These were barely noticeable (I doubt any of you noticed them at Japfest but none the less a pain in the arse) They can be clayed out but really a polish is the quickest option. As it was only on the roof mainly Chris clayed it. Other bits we done were the interior with Gtechniq though we didn't get pictures of this. Anyway here are some after pictures If anyone has any questions about any of the products used or further detail on anything fire away! I appreciate 90% of you won't be this anal about your 86.
  5. Please can anyone offer any technical advice into this? My brand new GT86 is veering towards the right when it is pointing straight and you're accelerating. My brother-in-law also owns a GT86, and when he drives mine the same thing happens. When you're pulling off or accelerating along the road the car feels as though all the power is going to the back left wheel, and it veers off to the right, so you have to steer left to go forward in a straight line, and when you take your foot off the power it veers back to the left. The tracking has been tested and is perfect, and the tyres have been tested and proved to be faultless. The car is not delivering the power to the road through the wheels in the same way as my previous two GT86 or my brother-in-law's GT86 or the Demo GT86 from the dealer. It accelerates less quickly. On bumpy roads the car feels like something is loose, and has noise and feedback through the steering wheel. I received my car brand new with this issue, and the the Dealer claims this is a normal characteristic of the GT86. Has anyone else experienced this with their GT86? I have never experienced this problem before, with any vehicle I have owned or driven. What can possibly be wrong? I am so confused!
  6. Hey peeps. What are the aftermarket options for sterring wheel for our 86/brz? I am ideally after alcantara / bit of carbon accent ones.. slightly thicker aswell - as i recon the stock ones feel small. Thanks folks as always.
  7. I am looking to sell my road/race going 2012 GT86 as my age and health are conspiring against me . . sob Bought new in November 2012 and used daily, this is possibly the most highly modified and successful autotrans GT86 in Europe and has been professionally maintained by Dave and Adrian at Fensport since I first bought it. Fitted rebuilt forged engine less than 1000 miles ago with HKS supercharger producing 250.5bhp at rear wheels (approx 290bhp at flywheel), SSP Ver 2 upgraded autotrans, torque converter and oil cooler. Fitted Seibon louvred carbon fibre bonnet, bootlid and aerofoil, Tein EDFC suspension, Summit stiffening and control arms, StopTech brakes, TDM forged rims (incl spare). MOT due November. Host of spares include full set of Rota Grid wheels and std. rims fitted snow tyres (never used), spare SSP rebuilt torque converter and spare SSP autotrans awaiting rebuild. ECUtek mapped, needless to say. Fully gauged incl. transoil temp. There is so much on this car I've forgotten half of it . . Currently the only F1-S class car in the TSS - explains the class win at Kendrew, haha . . I would like to complete this years TSS but if some go-faster petrolhead would like to donate £16grand to my pension fund I shall retire gracefully . . (My favourite pic is Eau Rouge . .) Spec K
  8. Ch1L5t3R

    Soon to be a GT86 Owner o/

    Good evening GT86 fans! Just thought i'd finally make a post and introduce myself My names Charlie, i live in Milton Keynes and work for Thames Valley Police. I currently drive a Toyota Celica 2001 in Blue which has been an awesome car to have from the age of 21! But after many months of saving, reading reviews and staring at forums and posters i have finally placed my deposit on a GT86! I'm picking myself up a 2013 GT86 in red (manual) with only 29k on the clock. Unfortunately as the car itself is still being driven by its first owner (its being handed back to the dealer on the 29th for me to then buy) i have no idea if it has the spoiler or Pro interior spec but regardless i'm getting it anyway! In regards to mods, in the short term as funds will be low i won't be doing any mods. But in the long term (as i plan to keep this veh for at least 10 years if all goes well) will be to lower the suspension a little, get some wider tyres with some white alloys, and possibly looking into getting the stage 1.1 cosworth upgrade package to help bridge the mid-range torque dip! I am also really interested in any meet ups. If anyone knows of any local groups that meet around Milton Keynes (or anywhere in Bucks/Beds/Northants/Oxon areas) would love to know so i can come down as soon as possible! Other than that i will try to be an active member on this forum to check out other peoples ideas for mods etc and be part of the community! I will do a further post once i actually have the veh with some nice photos p.s - if the current driver of the veh MA13*** based in Milton Keynes is on this forum by any chance i would love for you to comment so i can get more details about your car as the end of the month cannot come sooner!!
  9. I'm selling my Toyota gt86 black areo wing . As I know longer need it due to getting a rocket bunny v3 kit . Looking for offers around 700 in the UK. All parts for mounting included. Message me on 07496417907
  10. So I recently got myself a GT86 2012 and I am looking to get a decent sound out of this thing without spending a fortune on it. 700€ maximum! I've been recommended "invidia n1" once but I could only find it for 1,100€+. What should I do/get in order to achieve a decent sound with this amount of money. Is there some other modification I should prioritize ahead of this? The car I have is completely stock and has not been abused by its last owner.
  11. Hi Everyone! As my username would suggest, I'm Lee and I'm from Bristol! After many years of lusting after the GT86/BRZ, I finally put a deposit down on a 2017 GT86 Pro last Friday, in GT86 Grey, with Fish Bros Toyota in Swindon. The car should hopefully be with me at the end of March. While this will be my first GT86, my first brand new car infact, I have spent a fair amount of time in the car over the last few years. I have previously been fortunate enough to take the TMG CS-V3 race car up the hill at the Goodwood FoS in 2014. Competed against and with some of GT86BRZDC members (Keith- with his yellow monster) at the Toyota Sports Day in 2015, attend the meet with Tada-san, delivering the AE86 to it and finally was lucky enough to be asked to drive both the Castrol and Shelby cars in the recent #Drive film (shameless humblebrag video below!). https://www.youtube.com/embed/DEXccYb1Dfo I currently drive a 2005 Celica T-Sport (that's the 190bhp version), which I've loved for the last almost 6 years, but the time is right to change it up and finally own, drive and possibly even modify one of my dream cars. I do have one question. What are the benefits of Premium Membership (£12.50?)? Other than the 5bhp from the stickers I'm looking forward to getting stuck in and involved with the club, and hopefully being the sort of club member that many of you have been to me at events in the past. Warm, friendly, chatty and most of all, game for a laugh! Cheers Lee
  12. After three years of ownership and so many smiles later, its with a heavy heart that I have to sell my pride and joy. It has a full Toyota service history Still drives and handles like the day it rolled out of the showroom 14 plate (3 years old), 46,000 miles, Interior & exterior in very good condition, £13,450 o.v.n.o more details on Auto Trader click here
  13. Very well looked after Toyota GT86 owned for 14 months. Needing to sell due to the increase in commute distance. Sat Nav (Touch and Go 2) Half Leather Heated Seats Tommy Kaira Spoiler Stock Exhaust has been refitted. ECUTEK License installed ready for map to be applied. Car will have private plate removed and original number plates placed back on and front plinth will be re-added before collection. 47,500 miles, 2 owners, Next MOT due 26/04/2018, Full service history, Black. Please see AutoTrader for more photos: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201706176542866
  14. Iceman200_6

    New GT Owner in Leicester

    Hi Folks, Got my ginger GT86 today from a fellow member. Love it. I have been wearing the biggest smile all day. Can't wait to take it into work tomorrow. It will be my daily drive. Look forward to meeting you at a future meeting.
  15. 2.5 years ago i bought a 62 plate GT86 with in Silver 50k on the clock. I wanted a change and to be a bit different, plus i live in a city centre (Norwich) so i went for an Auto. Usually I'd avoid AT on most cars but I heard this box was actually pretty good with intelligent down shifting and whatnot. I paid 15k in the end (only 6k over original car budget). The car was advertised much cheaper than all the others at the time due to mileage, so the perfect culprit for a project build. The car also had a good service record (RRG Macclesfield & Bolton) and no initial issues besides an exhaust rattle that was fixed at 10k miles. As this would be my first build i did a lot of reading up on the car and various mods, and spent a good amount of time with it stock so that i could get to know the vehicle as a daily, and decide whether i was happy with my decision before i put any money into it! Flash forward one year and i had my first full service to take care of. Thanks to lurking on these forums and reading up about their race car, i then decided to pay the guys at Fensport a visit, only an hour down the road so would be rude not to . I had the service done with no issues, turns out this was the first time they had done a 60k service, so i was delighted to be the guinea pig! Everything went without a hitch. All the guys are super friendly and enthusiastic. First impressions is this is how a business should be run! I discussed with them my plan for NA tuning + FD mod. Also opted for the HKS panel filter and HKS spark plugs for the service. All good stuff! The plan now was as follows: 4.67 FD, manifold, remap and license. - FD for torque/improved 0-60 - Remap + HKS EL catless manifold to address the torque dip - Suspension to improve stability and handling This is the arguably the best bang-for-buck option and should be the go-to for anybody who wants a relatively low cost transformation. The next step was going to be new wheels, rubber and suspension. Happy with the service and eager to do more, we booked in the above for a couple months time, but unfortunately i had some personal issues pop up and we had to cancel . Turns out i would not get around to doing anything with the car until 2017! February: During February i decide to start looking around again for wheels as i can't stand the OEM any longer, that and I'd need wider rubber for more power in future anyway. Granted Silver is not a popular car color choice but it actually has potential to look really clean if you pair it with the right wheels & mods. This is by no means an easy task, anything glossy outside of black clashes in my opinion and most colors/finishes just don't sit right. Black is also just a little too dark in contrast to the silver imo and looks better on a black or grey car. After plenty of poking around i realize that I'm pretty much limited to Matte Gray, Gunmetal could in theory be an alternative option but can look cheap and tacky on some wheels in my opinion (Rota). I also saw a some forgestar in a dark midnight blue that looked really mean with a silver BRZ, so that color might be an option some day if i get bored. After a fair few restless nights browsing wheels and fitments i stumble across this on the usa forums: Gram Lights 57C6 18x9.5 +40 'Matte Graphite' Just what i was looking for. Looks like he decision has been made. However, i contacted the UK distributor only to find that these have been discontinued! I then spend a good couple weeks (!) poking around and come across a small lesser-known company in the USA and look what they have: Vordoven Forme 6 18x95 +38! There is a god! A very cruel one who will later sting me roughly £500 on shipping and fees . Although i decided it was worth it when i stumbled across a thread where a guy tried out four different made in usa 'replica' wheels over the course of a year and voted these to be the best by a long shot and turns out the weight isn't far off the Rays either, practically the same in fact. Also no cheap Taiwanese jobby here so i was sold. March: Wheels & Yokohama Advan Sport V105 245/35 square setup are ready to go on. Luckily I managed to take this all to the fitting place in one trip! As you can see below four new tyres and wheels of this size will only just fit in the car. TA-DA! All balanced and fitted by the guys at STS Tyre pros in Norwich, doesn't it look fresh. I can confirm that this size and offset will only just fit without rubbing on stock suspension, if it wasn't for the mild tyre stretch the front would most definitely rub against the spring. Also worth noting that the wheel caps actually match the color of the body paint too which is a nice touch. April: Suspension time.. So i did a lot of research here- I wanted a nicely balanced & silent coilover setup for fast road & track at a reasonable price. I also wanted a mono-tube damper setup rather than a twin tube, plenty of details online between the pros and cons for both types. The Tein Flex A was my second choice as it was a twin tube. I ended up opting for a set of MeisterR ZetaCRD+ mono-tube dampers and an Eibach rear LCA kit. If you want to go a little more track-focused then heavy duty anti-roll bars would compliment this setup very well, and i will be doing so in good time. So with these coilovers the spring rate is a bit more sensible than that of other popular solutions. With front at 5kg/mm, rear 4kg/mm These are designed to be a good fast road setup with enough damping adjustment for occasional track day use. Front top mount is spherical bearing with camber adjustments. The rear top mount is rubber insulated press steel to reduce possible road noise. These are 32 stage damping adjustable mono-tube dampers (compression & rebound combined). The spring rates of the ZetaCRD+ come out at 5/4 is because of the vehicle dynamic calculation that they do. On the GT86, when you are on the low end of spring rates for fast road, a 5/5 setup is a bit too close between the front and the rear so you could hit a harmonic frequency. The choice then is either 5/4, or 6/5. So they opted for the 5/4 in the end because it suits the requirements of a balanced fast road & track car better. Pictures of them fitted on the car below, 5mm pre-load at the rear and id say 35-40mm drop all round, i would not go lower as i've already had a few scrapes on speed bumps . Camber at approx -1.5 all round definitely gives the desired aesthetic (yes i do need SS lines). : It has totally transformed the ride! Tight, responsive, nimble and composed through the twisties. Feels like a totally different car in many respects now, the grip is insane on NA but doesn't feel bogged down at all once aligned correctly. For those worried about running a desired 9.5J aesthetic due to weight, just do it. I read a really informative article where different sizes and weights were tested and there was literally a couple tenths of a second difference on a track at most, and i know that most of you wont be building a fully stripped out race car ;). I'm running damping at 18 clicks from soft front and rear, 16 was a little too soft. Even though it is stiffer and lower I find the ride to be just as comfortable as stock in my opinion. Everything that I was told was correct, these are the coilovers to go for if you want to upgrade for occasional track without sacrificing too much comfort on the road. Thoroughly impressed. If you have any further questions be sure to hit up Jerrick at MeisterR, he knows his stuff. Coming Soon: FI and more!
  16. Hi All, A new item has been added to the store Leather Keyrings - @nikndel sold these well (forced people to buy them) at Japfest and now they are available online also! £7.50 Base Price, Premium members of course get the usual discount making them £6 (Postage Included) T-Shirts will also be back in stock shortly and as such these are now available after being asked a lot about them! £17.50 Base price, Premium members get these for £15! Don't forget all the other merchandise is available, polo shirts can take up to two weeks due to being bespoke to the member. Any questions just shout.
  17. Jordz

    Eibach Pro Kit

    Hi everyone I've seen a few forums to people wondering about lowering their GT86's/BRZ's. I've also had people watch this video and ask me further about how the car feels with these springs compared to stock. Firstly, the thumbnail to this video (which hopefully you can see) is after my car has had the springs fitted. Truth be told I measured the stock vs lowered height using my shoe rather than a tape measure haha. Also, the car corners flatter than stock, giving me more confidence in corners. I may make a future video with driving shots where I speak about this properly. Anyone of you with a lowered GT86 will ovbiously already know about having to slow down more than usual for a speedbump though! My car has been lowered 25 - 30mm at all 4 corners. Anwyways, enjoy the video
  18. rob275

    TAROX BBK Review so far

    As some of you know I acquired a BBK kit from TAROX late last year for evaluation purposes. A stint of illnesses and other bits and bobs mean't that I got the kit fitted on just before the new year. Now that I've had it on for some time and have a trackday under my belt with them I can provide a well enough review to you all on the brakes and rotors. So the kit they gave me was the 328mm Sport Compact brake kit which consists of the following Red 6 pot TAROX Calipers, discs, pads and hardware to mount to the car. Braided hoses and all the nuts & bolts and boring bits! Packaging was well enough! The box came with a dent in it but nothing was damaged and the whole kit was packed well enough to prevent and scratches or chips to the calipers. Being in one large box it obviously weighed a fair bit! Also came with a complimentary lanyard of course and a small booklet of all their kits. Disc used is their F2000 single piece, obviously many think the grooves are pointless but lets not get in to a debate about them here! Their website states that their Sport Compact kit comes with the B280-6 or B30-6 Calipers usually. However the below suggests otherwise with the B32-6 Calipers instead. The one thing I do need to clarify with TAROX is what pad is used in the kit and I will post that up shortly when I get a response Drawings of the Caliper can be found here: http://en.tarox.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/B32-6.pdf Piston number Disc Ø (min-max) Disc thickness (min-max) Disc Depth Weight Mounting Type Lug offset Minimum internal wheel Ø Lug PCD Knockoff Piston Mounting Centres Piston Layout (Diameter in mm) Total area (both sides) cm² Piston Layout (Diameter in mm) Total area (both sides) cm² Piston Layout (Diameter in mm) Total area (both sides) cm² Pad Code Pad Area Pad Choice Pad Thickness Pad Depth 6 290-330mm 10-30mm 60mm 2.2 kg Lug N/A N/A N/A Optional 89mm 26/31/26 363 26/34/26 394 31/34/31 483 SP0239 80 cm² .114/.501./116/.601 17mm 60mm Daily Driving Usage As a daily driver, I was sceptical about putting a BBK on as I didn't want all brake and nothing else, I didn't want the Girlfriends head flying through the windscreen whenever I approached a set of lights! Safe to say that in these respects the brakes are probably somewhat tamer than the brakes they replaced which were DIXCEL ES Discs & Z Type Pads. The TAROX has a lesser initial bite and seem more progressive, i'm guessing these pads work better with a bit of heat in them (more on that later). The pedal feel however is improved with the braided lines and overall braking performance is definitely not decreased. They stop well in day to day traffic and handle fast road work just fine. Do not squeak which is an advantage. Dusting on the brakes is probably somewhat less than the DIXCEL pads but ultimately this isn't something that i particularly factor in when looking at a kit, if some of you do, they will dust more than stock but I guess lesser than some pads out there. Track Use Hopefully one of many trackdays to test the brakes out I was at brands hatch in January to give them a better test, slightly hampered by both the weather and the black flag I incurred (not through my poor driving I might add) but never the less a good day. As suspected the lesser initial bite was seemingly due to the pads working once they had a bit of heat in them. Probably more for the track biased then, but by no means a death trap on the road. It's worth noting i'm not 100% sure what pad it is. I shall find out for all though. They stopped well enough, it's all I can really say as they didn't particularly feel any better than my old discs and pads as the ABS would just kick in as it was an extremely wet and greasy track. I need to pencil myself in for a dry day clearly to compare properly. Brake fade was non existent, it wasn't on my previous discs and pads either but what I can say is they are an improvement over stock. I'll give them another test in May and see how they do for now though, overall i'm happy with the performance of the kit and would recommend it, it's not the cheapest of BBK out there, but it's certainly not the most expensive.
  19. Hi, I have a mint condition Aero rear spoiler/wing for sale. It's from a 2016 car and is complete with the fixing kit to enable it to be fitted to a standard boot lid with the appropriate modifications. However I also have the matching boot lid which has the correct mounting holes and captive nuts which I would be prepared to swap for a standard boot lid as part of the deal. With this boot lid it would simply be a bolt-on job with no modifications needed. It's in it's original colours of pearl white, (with black horizontal blade) which would be an ideal base colour to repaint if required to match your existing body colour. I am based near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and looking for £350. Any queries/questions don't hesitate to let me know! Cheers
  20. rob275

    Tunerfest South - Brand Hatch

    Will be getting a stand together for this please put names down! Tunerfest brings you a day for all owners and lovers of seriously tuned, performance cars. With hundreds of performance cars on display, a full day of superb track activity, a trade area, on and off track passenger rides, plus many other things to see and do. From the minute you arrive at the world famous Brands Hatch Circuit you will be encountering some of the finest cars on display. The show offers something for everyone including free children’s entertainment, special displays and track action all in the world famous and iconic Brands Hatch Circuit. Show features will be continually added and updated so please keep checking back. You’ll find a mass of information about the event, what’s on and the venue right here on the website if you click around. Please also see the boxes below to read more about some of the exciting things we already have lined up for you, your friends and family. A Summary of what's on PAAA Time Attack Track Sessions Show & Shine Drift Demo's Supercar Display F1 on Track Caterham Rides GT86 Rally Rides Go Karting Traders
  21. Time to kick off the SE Socials, i'm posting it up as Dan is off sunning himself in Jamaica, hopefully he comes back burnt and looking like a lobster and we can all take the piss. Those who are regulars will know the Lion Inn well, good food and fairly large carpark. Midday for a Carvery & some tyre kicking. Names Below please, I will need to book a table so please left me know by Wed's 8th if you can make it. Date: 19th March, 12PM Location: The Lion Inn, Main Rd, Boreham, Chelmsford CM3 3JA
  22. rob275

    Robs S/C GT86 Project

    I love doing these threads, gets you all excited Will post everything tomorrow DYNO Plots:
  23. Jordz

    Exhaust Systems!

    Hey guys! I just thought I'd make a new little discussion about the exhaust I've recently had fitted to my 86! It's completely changed the driving experience of the car! I'll be making another, better video in the future with more angles & better camera equipment once the exhaust has properly bedded in. It's actually louder now than when it was first installed, as the carbon has built up a bit. Enjoy this video for now, plenty more videos to come to my channel -Jordz
  24. Hello, As per the title, I am looking for a boot lid, the front fog light and indicator assembly as well as the front bumper grill. Bit of a stab in the dark but if anyone does has any of these items and is willing to sell them then please let me know colour doesn't matter as all being painted anyway! Cheers!
  25. Welcome to your new Toyota GT86 This your new 2012 GT86... Under 48,000 miles Manufacturer warranty until November 2017 MOT until the end of July 2017 Service history Three owners The car has keyless entry and start, touchscreen multimedia system with sat nav, electric folding mirrors, heated front seats, centre console armrest and mud flaps. This car is in fantastic condition and is well looked after. There are no major issues, however one of the alloys has some kerbing and the bonnet has the usual stone chips. There is a slight dent in the front fender which has been there since before I owned it, but this can only be noticed in certain lighting. Mods include: Smoked Valenti tail lights Smoked Valenti reverse/fog light TRD style spoiler Beatsonic V2 shark fin aerial Rota Force alloys (17" 8J ET 35) finished in gloss black with metal flake lacquer GT86 centre caps to match alloys Debadged 'Toyota' badge from boot Toyota emblem on bonnet and boot, along with 'GT86' logo on boot dipped in matte black Matte black GT86 piston badges on fenders Also including a brand new paint touch-up kit. This is a truly excellent car and it has been a pleasure owning it. I'll be gutted to see it go, but need to make way for my new company car, which just happens to be a BRZ. Located in North Warwickshire. Viewings welcome, please drop me a message to arrange. Further pics available here / on request. I'm looking for £13,000. It's ready to pick up whenever you are... Private reg not included.