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Found 14 results

  1. What Spoilers are people selling for a 2012 gt86 (£300-£500) Thanks in advance
  2. Now no longer available The time has come for my 86 to go, so I'm selling a brand new TRD ducktail that I never got around to fitting, and now don't need. It's still in the box, sealed as it came from Japan, so everything is present (I hope). I'd like £350 for it, slightly cheaper than buying it from fensport, and you won't have to wait for delivery. Collection is from near Birmingham, anyone interested drop me a PM
  3. I'm after a TRD rear boot spoiler, ideally in black or unpainted please! EDIT, also after: Set of OEM or cheap aftermarket 17s (without tyres ideally) so I can fit some winter tyres. UEL manifold
  4. I'm selling my Toyota gt86 black areo wing . As I know longer need it due to getting a rocket bunny v3 kit . Looking for offers around 700 in the UK. All parts for mounting included. Message me on 07496417907
  5. projecteightysix

    GT86 OEM Spoiler - £150 ONO

    As my Toyota GT86 is up for sale i'm selling the parts I have left. OEM spoiler in D4-S Black is up for sale, a bolt was snapped on removal by the bodyshop when fitting the new spoiler with the 3 other bolts and clips it is more than stable but due to this i'm asking for £150 ONO.
  6. Hi, I have a mint condition Aero rear spoiler/wing for sale. It's from a 2016 car and is complete with the fixing kit to enable it to be fitted to a standard boot lid with the appropriate modifications. However I also have the matching boot lid which has the correct mounting holes and captive nuts which I would be prepared to swap for a standard boot lid as part of the deal. With this boot lid it would simply be a bolt-on job with no modifications needed. It's in it's original colours of pearl white, (with black horizontal blade) which would be an ideal base colour to repaint if required to match your existing body colour. I am based near Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and looking for £350. Any queries/questions don't hesitate to let me know! Cheers
  7. Selling my pearl white OEM spoiler. It was on the car for about 30,000 miles, and is in excellent condition with no damage. I'm looking for £50 ono. To be collected from North Warwickshire.
  8. Hi all, Here I have a standard pearl white 37J spoiler for sale, comes with all original bolts and fixings so is ready to be bolted straight on easily. Not a single scratch on it, it's in perfect condition! Asking for £80. It must be collected from myself in Crawley, West Sussex (i will deliver if you are within a half an hour radius) Pics to come below:
  9. Hi Guys, I am selling my GT86 so all of my mods have come off. Winter Tyres: Nokian WR A3 215/45 R17 91V XL. I put these on in November and have probably only covered 2000 miles, tread is approximately a good 6-7mm. looking for £250 delivered or £200 collected. I'm based in Guisborough but work in Northallerton and would be willing to meeting any buyers halfway to save on the cost & hassle of posting. thanks Mike
  10. Hi all, Recently found out all the stock stuff from off my gt86, all parts have done MINIMAL mileage and have just been kept in storage at Toyota ever since they came off. Below are a few pictures of the stuff i have, but heres a list of everything: Front brake calipers and brake lines - £160.00 FOR THE LOT (ON EBAY THEY ARE £200 EACH) stock white rear bootlid spoiler in perfect condition £300.00 - OR BOTH THE BOOT LID AND THE SPOILER FOR £500.00 full stock radiator and pipework £60.00 FULL stock exhaust system with around 5000 miles on, £1000.00 (FREE POSTAGE - NEXT DAY) Stock header £250.00 (£300 ANYWHERE ELSE ONLINE) 3" ultimate racing cat back non res system £450.00 3" AVO decat pipe £350 (OR BOTH THE DECAT AND THE CAT BACK FOR £700) ROCKET BUNNY V1 Side Skirts and FRONT LIP/Splitter brand new in primer - never been fitted - £300 FLYWHEEL - LESS THAN 1000 MILES --- £125 more stuff to be listed shortly message me if interested need to clear the room out of my garage. Cheers all
  11. Selling my Carbon Fibre Spoiler which has recently been removed off my car. It is in near perfect condition. Only quibble would be a mark on the bottom of the rear spoke as shown on the below photo, which is about 2 mm wide (not noticeable when on the car). I purchase it for just under £400 and am looking for £270 which is very reasonable given the condition of it Simply to fit, just unbolt your existing OEM spoiler, and refit this spoiler over it and bolt it down. No drilling required. Unfortunatly I don't have to 2 bolts to fix it down, but these can be picked up from a local DIY store. This price is for collection, if you require it delivering I can get a cost to do so. Or I am going to the Tuning Developments Open Day this Sunday, so could take it with me. Cheers
  12. Alright Folks, I've got a few items for sale now I've sold my GT86 I have a spoiler from Tarmac Sportz - the TRD replica. £115 new, Looking for £75. Again, this is brand new, and unused. ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-GT86-TRD-Style-Rear-Spoiler-/161133363882?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item25844c02aa ) # Open to sensible offers on all 3 items. I'm located in Dumbarton and would prefer collection (would consider travelling to meet). PM me if you want any more information. Thanks, Dave
  13. Hi all, GT86/BRZ performance parts for sale, all used and in great condition. The parts are from a TRD edition car with 15,000 miles. All are listed on ebay for your buying pleasure. TRD Sportivo Suspension Set - on the car for 2000 miles. MS250-18002 and MS260-18002. Perfect condition £399 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRD-Sportivo-Suspension-Set-Toyota-GT86-Subaru-BRZ-/252117573537? TRD Springs for the TRD coilover set MS250-18001. New condition £149 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Gt86-Trd-Spring-Set-Ms250-18001-/252117562420? Genuine Steering wheel in perfect condition £49 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Steering-Wheel-Genuine-Toyota-GT86-Subaru-BRZ-/252117586077? Genuine rear lower control arms in perfect condition £70 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rear-Lower-Control-Arms-Toyota-GT86-Subaru-BRZ-Genuine-Part-/252117582502? Genuine spoiler (satin white pearl 37J) perfect condition £80 http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Gt86-Subaru-Brz-Spoiler-Standard-37J-Pearl-White-/252117561966? All can be either posted or collected, let me know if you would like to collect. Images below.
  14. I’ve been on the hunt for a spoiler / wing for the last few months and been looking around. Part of me wanted something small, effective and discrete. And other parts of me wanted to go all out and hang a massive carbon wing off the back of it. Knowing I didn’t have 400-500bhp to warrant a massive wing. I decided to go somewhere in the middle. And try find a high rise spoiler to sit off the boot lid but one that wasn’t to big. I’d always had my eye on the Aero spoiler but part of me thinks once they come down in price it won’t be so special and they’ll be common. And the easy option to just bolt it on. I felt anything that was nice or easy was just being done. The TRD ducktail seems to be a common one because its easy to fit, solves the solution to the holes in the spoiler and cheaper to get painted. There were a couple of other options but nothing really caught my eye. They all had an element I didn’t like, or the mounts looks bulky and horrible. Or the cost of getting them prepped and painted was ridiculous. Whilst looking around on ebay a GTR R35 spoiler came up and got me thinking. Knowing it probably wouldn’t fit I didn’t get too excited but I knew this was the sort of spoiler and height that I wanted. Fensport actually had a GT86 specific GTR style wing. But the mounts were quite bulky and it was too rounded for my liking. The GTR wing looks very well built and angular. Which works very well. So I decided i’d buy the GTR Spoiler. The guy on ebay took £80 including shipping for a carbon wrapped 2010 R35 Spoiler. So I took the plunge and went for it. It arrived and I set out working out how to fit it. It sat on the boot lid perfectly. It lined up with the car perfectly. But the mount didn’t sit flush on the boot lid, as expected. The first bit of the mount sat flush but the GT86 boot lid curves downwards towards the edge and front. So decided I would need to make some custom brackets to fit it. First up was to make a Fibreglass Mould of the boot lid…. Taped up the boot lid so that I could remove the mould and it didn’t stick to the paint work… Then time to apply the fibreglass resin and glass cloth…. To get a rough idea of the size and shape I made some styrofoam templates to get a rough idea. Obviously one issue that needed to be resolved was the holes in the front of the boot lid which were used to hold the original stock spoiler on. From the inside I applied a layer of fibreglass to block the hole up. Then added filler of this and smoothed it all out. Once dry I then rubbed it all down and smoothed it over. At this point I had a boot with no holes, two fibreglass moulds, a very dusty bedroom and a car without a boot. Next up I placed the fibreglass moulds onto the boot lid and taped them down so they were in place. Added some insulation tape over the whole lot and lined the spoiler up in its perfect position to where it needed to sit on the boot lid. By adding the insulation tape it allowed me to press the spoiler down and create a mark on it ready for drilling. The spoiler has bolts built in to it which made it easier to line up and lock the spoiler in place. Concentrating on just one bolt for now I removed the other two. Marked the position this bolt needed to go and then drilled through the fibreglass and boot lid. With the spoiler now lined up on the boot lid and in position with the nut and bolt in the correction location it was time to stick the fibreglass to the GTR mount. Bolted it up tight and left it to dry. Filled in the gaps with styrofoam to give the fibre glass some support and a little more shape. Once all was dry unbolted the spoiler from the boot lid and removed the mounts from the top part of the GTR spoiler. The GTR spoiler is in 3 parts. The two side mounts and the top edge. Which can be taken apart. I then cut off the excess fibreglass to the rough shape of the existing mount. Filled all gaps and smoothed with Body Filler. Next up was hours and hours of smoothing, sanding, filling, rubbing, priming, filling and more sanding. Some sanding done with an electric sander. Sand paper and wet and dry. It was difficult to get both mounts perfect and identical whilst keeping a perfect shape and smooth. At this point I drilled through the entire mount and added the bolts back in to all 3 locations. With extended bolts. This works well as its then using the original mount as the mounting point and not relying on my new fibreglass mount. My fibre glass mount almost becomes a sandwiched bit between the bootlid and original spoiler mount. After lots of sanding. lots of concentration, lots of dust and patience I finally had something which looks like it would be acceptable to fit to my car! Also added in a single cable to make it easy to thread the brake light cable through the mount. Bit more sanding for good luck.. Next up gave the mounts a good thick spray of filler primer. This showed up all the imperfections and indents and small marks. So more filling, sanding smoothing and dusty bedroom. At all times test fitting it on the boot lid to ensure it still fitted and the shape of the mount was correct. Next up I made the commitment and drilled the other two holes in the boot lid. Added in the bolts, put the spoiler back together and for the first time sat the spoiler with the new mounts on the boot lid.. And it fits! Almost perfect! Couple of 1mm gaps! So bit more sanding, little filler and a wet and dry sand. Also in this time I had the boot lid sent off to the body shop to have a full sand fill and respray to ensure the holes were filled. paint was brand new and looked amazing. Next up you have to drop the drill with your sharpest steel drill piece onto your new full can of primer spray paint. So that it immediately starts pissing out primer all over the place which you try and grab and get outside asap, but fail. For now I’ve had to wrap the Spoiler as i’ve not had a chance to get it into the body shop for respray and haven't yet added the centre mount to it. Got it fitted onto the car again and wired in the brake light. Done this by removing the old brake light cable and extending it to the original GTR brake light. This means i’ll be able to get rid of the after thought 3rd brake light on the rear parcel shelf. It probably took me around 50 hours to get this on the car. it was 3 solid weekends and a few nights. Hours of sanding, hours of filling and hours of waiting for things to dry. Sore fingers, spray paint everywhere, cut fingers and some stressful / ‘Oh Bugger’ moments. But obviously like everything the first one would always be hardest. I’ve not driven it much since having it fitted or hard enough to notice a difference. It does feel a bit more planted on the back and can actually feel a slightly different steering feel. Not sure how much it really says but without the centre mount the middle flexes a fair bit. Looking in the rear view mirror at higher speeds the spoiler is actually flexing in the centre. I reference it with the rear brake light and it probably drops around 10 - 15mm once getting up to speed. So I believe it is actually generating some downforce. Being off a genuine GTR they've’ probably done some research into it having some aero benefits. Probably not enough to notice. But I done this mod more for looks and the appearance. I’ll add the centre mount in soon and see how that changes things. But next up is to just extend the centre mount a few mm to make it fit better. This will stop the spoile flexing in the centre and stop some ressination you can hear under low RPM high engine load accelerations. For those of you who are super worried about weights and adding weight you'll be surprised to know the stock GTR spoiler is very well built and only weighs 3kg. The stock spoiler weighs in at 1.8kg. The GTR spoiler with my custom brackets brake light and bolts is 3kg. I can also remove the brake light from the back of the car. So for the added looks, better brake light and maybe extra downforce I don't mind adding 1kg. Will also be getting it all sprayed in a High Gloss Black to match my wheels and TRD accents. I might make it red in due course if I feel the black is a little too outgoing and in your face. Total cost to do this was around £350 £80 for the spoiler (From ebay) £20 for the Brake Light (From and GTR Owners Club member) £200 in respray / smoothing of the boot lid. (Local body shop) £50 in filler, sandpaper and bits etc.