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Colour Car

Found 13 results

  1. Afternoon all, Hope you're all doing well. I'm Luke, I bought my 2017 86 back in August 2019 and I've been absolutely loving it. I've recently been looking at Milltek's Second Cat Back system and pondering whether to go with Res/Non-Res. As much as the non-resonated system would be awesome, I think it may just be a bit too loud for the sake of my neighbours at 06:00hrs when I leave for work. Although, as I've not had chance to actually listen to the resonated system in person, I'm not sure on how much of an advance off the stock exhaust it is. Is there much of a noticeable difference? Does anyone have any advice or experience on the above? I've only been driving a couple of years so I've got limited experience into the world of car mods, so if you have any ideas of starting points for performance modifications for someone new to the game, that would be much appreciated. FYI it's my daily driver (raking in 18k miles a year) so nothing too hefty thanks! Stay safe! Luke
  2. JBareham

    Newbie from Cambridge

    Hiya, Been looking at getting an 86 for roughly a year now, so excited to finally get my hands on one. Love some of the builds I've seen at events like Japfest!! looking forward to 86 ownership. James
  3. Rob@FrankieJ's

    Hi All

    Hiya Joined up as me and a mate are looking at getting a Gt86 as a track car and looking to get an ls1 engine sourced so we can fit it, just researching atm and looking out for a rolling shell IF theres any about, look forward to chatting to you all 👍 Rob
  4. NXB

    New owner

    Hi guys. New owner of a 62 plate GT86. Had it for a week and loving the car but the noise at 70 mph will take some getting used to. The other joys of this car far outweigh this minor inconvience though.
  5. Reedy

    New owner

    Hi all im a proud new owner of a pearl white gt86 pro! Get a quick question for anyone really what’s the best products to keep the suade seats and dash protected and clean ?? Old car was just fabric seats so have no idea what to get to clean them and keep them clean.
  6. Anton

    Picked mine up today

    Hello, Just picked mine up today! Wanted one for years and now, finally joined the owners club!
  7. Ch1L5t3R

    Soon to be a GT86 Owner o/

    Good evening GT86 fans! Just thought i'd finally make a post and introduce myself My names Charlie, i live in Milton Keynes and work for Thames Valley Police. I currently drive a Toyota Celica 2001 in Blue which has been an awesome car to have from the age of 21! But after many months of saving, reading reviews and staring at forums and posters i have finally placed my deposit on a GT86! I'm picking myself up a 2013 GT86 in red (manual) with only 29k on the clock. Unfortunately as the car itself is still being driven by its first owner (its being handed back to the dealer on the 29th for me to then buy) i have no idea if it has the spoiler or Pro interior spec but regardless i'm getting it anyway! In regards to mods, in the short term as funds will be low i won't be doing any mods. But in the long term (as i plan to keep this veh for at least 10 years if all goes well) will be to lower the suspension a little, get some wider tyres with some white alloys, and possibly looking into getting the stage 1.1 cosworth upgrade package to help bridge the mid-range torque dip! I am also really interested in any meet ups. If anyone knows of any local groups that meet around Milton Keynes (or anywhere in Bucks/Beds/Northants/Oxon areas) would love to know so i can come down as soon as possible! Other than that i will try to be an active member on this forum to check out other peoples ideas for mods etc and be part of the community! I will do a further post once i actually have the veh with some nice photos p.s - if the current driver of the veh MA13*** based in Milton Keynes is on this forum by any chance i would love for you to comment so i can get more details about your car as the end of the month cannot come sooner!!
  8. Hi all, I picked up my '14 plate black GT86 at the weekend, under 15k on the clock. All the spec I was after, manual, mainly black inside, full leather, heated seats, sat nav, bluetooth etc. I'm still in a bit of shock to be honest, I'd been watching the second hand market for a while and wasn't expecting to buy quite as quickly! Looking forward to taking it on a longer run this weekend. A few pics here.
  9. Gary p


    Hi Iam Gary a newbie to this club been meaning to join for a while from talking to you guys in 2015 at JAE some real nice cars at your stand hopefully mine will be worthy of parking at the side of you lot this year😛👍
  10. ivorh964

    Hi from East sussex

    Hi there We have had our 2013 GT86 since May, and have been busy driving it around since, including a great trip to those stunning roads and scenery in Wales! We saw several cars before buying and eventually decided on a metallic blue car, with a genuine 6,500 miles only. I'm a bit of a petrol head and have admired these cars since they first appeared, but only recently decided it was about time to buy a car that I really enjoyed driving, so here it is! I think there must be a technique to easily washing/cleaning and polishing these colour cars (it's not garaged), but I haven't discovered it yet - water staining and pollen seem to be attracted to this car! We are going to the Grasshopper/Westerham meeting on 3rd Sept, so hope to catchup with a few of you then - Cheers, Ivor & Elaine
  11. Disco_UK

    Hi from worcester

    Hello from Worcester, ordered my grey one from Cheltenham and all being well I'll get it next week. There was a window sticker on it with this websites address, so decided to give it a visit.
  12. Eleanor11

    Hi from North Lincs

    Just wanted to say hello!! I've had my orange GT86 for less than 1 month and still adore it - I wanted one ever since they were launched and finally could (almost) afford one. Its 2 years old, with uprated anti-roll bars and brakes, plus gear box inserts. My last car was an MR2, which I had for 7.5 years and drove every day for my commute to work (interesting when it was icy to say the least). A question - when I test drove a GT86 from Toyota it didn't feel much faster than my MR2, but the GT86 I've got feels much nippier - is it just the engine bedding in?
  13. TankGirl

    Introduction from another newbie

    Hi all, Just wanted to say a hi to all the people I met at the GT86 Owners Day held at Oulton Park on Thursday. Thanks for the big welcome, and a special mention to the lovely Lauren for the passenger laps towards the end of the day Also wanted to say hi to all of you I didn't meet then but hope to meet at some of the meets in the near future. My time is split between Worcestershire and Hertfordshire so if there is anything happening within a good drive of either location I would love to hear about them! Thanks for listening folks x