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  1. The sealant used on these engine it is advised to leave to go off before any heat or fluids are added, the same sealant is used on the Nissan VQ motors we build and we always allow it to cure before any heat or fluids are added.
  2. This isn't true I am afraid , we use the Toyota recall springs if we are carrying out a rebuild
  3. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Oil starvation on track

    we need to use the EPC valve set up with the Accusump as this makes the Accusump controllable from the ECU that needs Ecutek to enable the ability to control the Accusump
  4. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Oil starvation on track

    Send me an email to mark@abbeymotorpsort.co.uk please
  5. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Oil starvation on track

    Adrian's car if it I was dry sumped wouldn't need an Accusump , Accusump is used on wet sump cars. We have used Accusump on numerous GT86's and with the use of the Ecutek and race Rom maps we control the Accusump to only work when the car is under load.
  6. Mark@Abbey M/S

    WANTED Stock GT86 Wheels

    WANTED set of 4 17 in stock GT86 wheels , reasonable tyres or no tyres are no problem , no silly pricing thou Swaping a few parts out on a car I have here so wheels 18in/ Alcon 4 wheel brake kit /built motor/Litchfield SC kit all available soon
  7. Mark@Abbey M/S


    need this gone so listed it on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-GT86-BRZ-Performance-Exhaust-Manifold/332995927894?fbclid=IwAR0hrHRonJCUlrVDydU0hPc8pymHNWEAIkdCHTmRm1h6dlKKmmIeIhw2Rl4
  8. Mark@Abbey M/S

    FA20 Genuine Manifold

    yep includes postage; made from Schedule 10 stainless pipework. Ecutek remap is £498-00 inc vat (this includes the licesne and 4 maps It is on ebay as well with a lot of watches. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-GT86-BRZ-Performance-Exhaust-Manifold/332995927894?fbclid=IwAR0hrHRonJCUlrVDydU0hPc8pymHNWEAIkdCHTmRm1h6dlKKmmIeIhw2Rl4 Thanks
  9. Mark@Abbey M/S

    FA20 Genuine Manifold

    Brand new Genuine FA20 club GT86 manifold. Made from Schedule pipework. £300-00 inc postage. thanks
  10. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Smudge's supercharged V8 build

    can you just make a larger diameter tensioner to take up the slack?
  11. This is interesting information Seems the Valve Springs part number although listed under different years is the same from 04/2012 to 05/2016 Then changes to another number until current build date
  12. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Stoptech 328mm 4 Pot Caliper kit

  13. Mark@Abbey M/S

    What supercharger? (Maybe turbo)

    They have updated the Part number as they have changed the design. Strange things the 350Z uses the same SC unit and we have never had one fail on a 350Z.
  14. Mark@Abbey M/S

    What supercharger? (Maybe turbo)

    Non exsistent customer servcie @Adamd Yes HKS had an issue and was looking after people. We helped you out as much as possible The are still making a SC kit as we as the turbo kit.
  15. Mark@Abbey M/S

    What supercharger? (Maybe turbo)

    Shame your based so far north as you could drive our demo with the Harrop kit fitted.