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  1. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    Why am I shady? so with a little work I can work out who you are? The kit was updated after the issues that I said about above , with a little time on Google your see the HKS kit part number has changed. We have sold a fair few of the later kits ( early kits that failed while in warranty where replaced with the Up-dated kit) Just remembered I had to chase you for my loaner Ecutek kit took you over a month of chasing for it to be returned? Did you sell the car?
  2. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    Come forward with a full name please then, you say we have spoke before but I speak to numerous people about a lot of things Did we supply a HKS kit to you or did you buy a car we had fitted a kit to? The HKS kit was updated some time ago, the failed kits which broke within warranty period was updated with the new specification Super Charger unit. From what we worked out was a gear drive unit failed.
  3. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    still waiting for a reply @ThatGuyThere
  4. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    I presume your Clive? Is that correct?
  5. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    I been slow as I have been super busy @ Abbey HQ , Okay , can we all be transparent then , can we have your names and not your forum names. I thin this is the way forward. Thanks
  6. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Cosworth full kit (headers/exhaust) and SC kit with stock pulley and stock Cosworth tune versus Harrop running stock pulley but full stock exhaust system inc both CATS. The one with the dip is the Cosworth the green single is the Harrop, BHP figures is at the HUBS
  7. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Like for like on the same dyno?
  8. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    I have no doubt Cosworth have a good name , Myself coming from a racing background numerous years in GT and Prototype Racing numerous having worked with/used numerous Cosworth power units , did Cosworth run a GT86 Engine for 10000Hrs on a dyno? Thats is a huge investment and that would need to be passed on to the end customer. You could say that the long intake pipe on the Cosworth is a little ugly and un-needed when the intake can go directly into the from of the Charger housing, like wise the Harrop Charge cooler pump is hidden away and the header tank built in the back of the Manifold which is a far tidier build. What i find strange is Cosworth have stopped making the kit , wonder why this was, not profit making I presume , maybe not the sales or something they decided wasn't worth the effort. Harrop have delete with GM and Toyota over the development and supply of SC kits for a long time as well, they maybe not as big name in the UK but they have been around since the 1950.s so they have a rich deep history in performance tuning. Thanks If everyone like the same thing it would be a boring world
  9. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Harrop GT86 Eaton TVS1320

    Yes they have smaller losses but the kit doesn't fit as nice/look a snice in our eyes that why we use the Harrop kit, regards R&D can you enlighten me please what Cosworth have done over and above what Harrop had done please? I presume you referring to the engine work they did in regards engine loading. , exactly them same as Harrop did when they developed the kit , they have had a GT86 Development car for a long time.
  10. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS Supercharger - Design Flaw

    There was an issue with the earlier Kits that have been sorted , I being a HKS dealer and a well known tuner wouldn't be selling something that isn't good
  11. Mark@Abbey M/S

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    Syvecs have a standard alone ECU nearly ready for sale this will allow the full potential to be found I feel.
  12. no other damage other than the broken spring.
  13. The said 2014 car has the original valve springs fitted, it seems it was just a batch of springs made to the same part number that was to fault and this was fitted to 2012/2013 cars,. Toyota have now superseded the valve spring part number for the earlier cars to a later part number that is used on re-call work. I haven't had a reply to my question from my Parts supply if the original part number for 2012/2013 cars is the same as this 2014 car but I am expecting it is. Not all cars have had this valve spring issue but the 2014 is the 1st car I had actually seen a broken valve spring for myself. Car would misfire at idle , compressions all good, valve clearances all good but the valve with the broken spring felt soft due to 1 coil be broken at the top of the valve spring
  14. The sealant used on these engine it is advised to leave to go off before any heat or fluids are added, the same sealant is used on the Nissan VQ motors we build and we always allow it to cure before any heat or fluids are added.