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  1. Quball

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Delivered back from storage after a couple of years tucked away.
  2. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    I Suppose I should really do an update, So all my additional Orange samco hoses are now here for the rad and heater and mentioned before to go with the joiners for the turbo kit to replace the blue. Next up to arrive was my custom Valenti headlights, that I had opened up painted black, along with colour changing demon eyes,brows and to allow the brows to be used as a permanent on feature. so attached a shot of the one I got sent from Ronin aka Jack who did these for me, wont be to everyone's cup of tea and is merely a show piece. And a poor photo of when I got them I had seen photos before they were sent so I wasn't to bothered about getting a decent shot here, the reflection in the light is my monitor its nothing inside the light. Then I de-striped the BRZ. Had news from Dan at Fensport that the new bonnet had arrived in, but no pics of that as they are being kind enough to keep it in storage for me till later this month when I need it because of my sheer lack of space that's becoming less and less. As with most of the car everything is pretty much on the change up and with that I ordered new tail lights and they arrived a couple of weeks ago, not to everyone's taste and originally not to mine but they have grown on me and I think they will sit nicely with the rest of the car. Intec Carbon fibre with smoked lenses. And Then......after a couple of weeks delay at the finishers and then waiting for them to come in and clear customs etc etc etc the wheels, which only arrived to me this Tuesday just gone. So here they are first 3 images are the rears last 2 are the fronts. Avant Garde - AGFORM F420 Fronts just a couple more things to sort and arrange and she's almost all set to go.
  3. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Was originally heading elsewhere but hadn't got a date in mind, got told about Big Bear Kustoms had a chat got some good vibes and as you say Will with what the guy does was a no brainer to go with him in the end, so dropped him a deposit to cement the slot, handy as well for the date cause I am off work that week as well so I can get everything together ready for it.
  4. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Big Bear Kustoms @will300
  5. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    FT86 speed factory @nikndel haha no your be ok you won't have to dip in to your cheese's fund.
  6. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    Thought would give a small update as haven't for a while. Updates New wheels are on order and this week had an update that they are just at the finishers so shouldn't be too much longer till they are here was given a 6 week lead for them to be here and so far we are 3 weeks in. New custom Valenti headlights are being worked on at the moment should be here in the next couple of weeks or so. new bonnet is on order new colour has been chosen. Bodyshop date is booked in 28/6/2018 I have probably missed something off as there is so much going on at the moment with other little bits and pieces. need to order my new tail lights which should be doing soon. fender hardware will be using Downstar seems very popular with the builds over in the US Have had the replacement side repeater garnish's for way back in last year but have never uploaded a picture so here they are. Other than the new Turbo/Intercooler joiner coupling hoses that is it for pictures for now, still awaiting the rad and heater hoses before fitting these may as well wait do it all at the same time. Will try and remember to update as and when.
  7. Quball

    BRZ in Kenilworth spotted

    Must admit didn't see yours I was in rush getting out the door saturday so complete oblivious to what was around me, Aha they coming off soon and the cars changing looks as a whole so depending on how often you head up may look different next time.
  8. Quball

    BRZ in Kenilworth spotted

    Yep Gu Boo @nikndel I posted on here not long back just before the project section got locked. But yep if that almost sounds like it could be me
  9. Quball

    Minion's 86

    aha yes was indecisive in the end, glad you got it on this time round looks good
  10. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    So today my new wing arrived....ill just crack on with some pics now we're getting to the good bit slightly No complete built up shots from me as there is no point building it up for a few shots to dismantle it all and pack it back up, so for those who are interested and want to know its the Voltex Type 7 Swan neck 1600mm and below is a photo of how the wing looks.
  11. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    I’ll be around and about Nick
  12. Quball

    Quball's Pandem V3 BRZ

    So..I've been debating for a while weather to revive or update this thread on here or not i did on the other side a month or so ago but yeah I've decided I will anyway...Now I almost recently sold up and moved on it was a blessing in disguise the deal fell through as its revived me and the love/enjoyment for the BRZ, I had stopped spending my £ on it didn't know which direction I wanted to take it but now its much clearer and the wheels are turning. So....I'm going to do a catch up and to where I am in brief with pics of course. I had the N1 fitted, spur of the moment purchase fitted Dec 2015 Before the N1 car was running 277bhp & 225ft lbs After the N1 was fitted 281bhp & 237ft lbs had this fitted by TD Anyway excuse the dirt on the car in the pics but hey ho Then I opted to put in the Password JDM engine bay dress up bolts - Date - May 2016 Also Password JDM battery tie down was fitted probably end of April time. Next up was my new knob - Date July 2016 Then I tried 3 different shades of orange at once only for some reason can find pictures of 2 that i tested inside the car to see which route I wanted to take. As before this point I'd painted the dash didn't like it wrapped it twice in two different colours at different stages didn't like it ran for a few months with nothing, had to put something in there so fitted a blitz panel ready for gauges (still waiting to get them sorted as I wanted to decide what i was doing in solid rather than constantly swapping it in out in out. Orange 1 rough date november 2016 Colour 2 below as mentioned couldn't find a pic for the 3rd and in the end i changed it to all black.....for now, But now I know the route I'm going with this but this will be done along with a few other bits later on in next year. In November also I did actually buy an Aero wing when @Minion had it for sale that as you probably know obviously sometime this year went back the other way and he finally got it on his 86 (looks good by the way) but here is a pic not fitted but positioned it roughly and decided in the end its not the direction I wanted to take as a lot of people seemingly are fitting them of late. Into 2017 I decided to get the tints done. That pretty much brings me up to October 2017 I have more than likely missed something, I have also had the clutch and flywheel upgraded, also switched out the KW V3's for BC Coilovers. This week Ive had a couple of packages turn up for what I'm calling Phase 3 with the BRZ in terms of looks as its all changing again, first up I had some new fender garnish's turn up I haven't yet taken any photo's of these. The next package which arrived 28/10/2017 the big one the one I have been ultimately waiting for my genuine Pandem V3 Kit first one to hit the UK, I am aware of another due in you may see that one before this one as I'm waiting on some more parts and have yet to still order others as I want it all to be here before it goes away to be fitted rather than back and forth and I want it to be right, I only took the front bumper out its packaging for a photo as the rest is all securely wrapped up and i don't want to have to re -wrap for the sake of a few photos but anyway...Pics... I have opted for another wing rather than the V3 wing's, I'm 90% sure on the new carbon bonnet style and I'm spending more time than anything of late figuring out what wheel sizes and offset I'm going to run. Latest December 2017 update New wing landed in the UK last Monday which I asked for it to be not shipped out because of me not going to be around to take it in, will be shipped today 18/12/2017 and shall be with me 19/12/2017 so should have a little update then. I will more than likely be doing the odd bits here and there before this is fitted but its progress right?
  13. Quball

    Anyone up for an epic adventure? 9th-13th April

    sounds interesting so possible
  14. Quball

    2013 Tuned GT86

    What are you doing? You have officially become worse than Will. Because you have placed an advert.
  15. Quball

    Midlands Breakfast Meet - 21st November

    My maybe will be a no now