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  1. GT86Curn

    Dark Colours - What Wax Are You Using

    Another vote for Poorboys Blackhole. Really helped deepen the black and hide minor swirls on mine.
  2. GT86Curn

    Catback that looks like std?

    I believe Hayward and Scott use your standard tips on their custom systems
  3. GT86Curn

    Potential Pick Up Tomorrow - Question

    Same as. I had a 2014 model for 2 years and it never went off. My current one has never gone off either
  4. I see what you mean. These are genuine with proof of purchase
  5. I have the reciept from when I imported them from RHDJapan. Dont worry they are all above board! 😂
  6. You can change over to your own pressure sensors if needed. The little light on the dash hasnt bothered me so far. There is no problem at all with rubbing. Im lowered on 25mm springs and still not had any issues
  7. Hi, No just standard valves. Cheers
  8. Additional photos taken just now: 1st 8" Front. No marks: 2nd 8" which has kerb marks: 1st 9" rear. No marks: 2nd 9" rear. Small mark: How they sit:
  9. Still for sale, I unfortunatly curbed 2 of them in a carpark (Peed off to say the least!) Reduced to £1000 collected. The wheels alone cost £1800 so thats as low as im happy to go. Please pm me if you want more photos. Cheers
  10. GT86Curn

    Saw my first Supra today

    Is it just the photo or is it really small?
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. They are great lightweight wheels. The only reason I went for a staggered set is because I dont like poke on the front. Yeah taking a hit but plans change.
  12. For sale are my almost new Wedsport wheels. These have done around 300 miles so both the tyres and wheels are as new. 2x 17x8" ET42 with 215/45/17 tyres 2x 17x9" ET35 with 245/40/17 tyres The rears fit flush with no rubbing at all. All the tyres are as new Michelin Pilot Sport 4s. These wheels are stupidly light. The 8" fronts weigh 6.75kg while the 9" rears weigh just over 7.00kg. The wheels and tyres cost me £2300 all in. Im looking for offers of around £1500. Im im no rush to sell as Im just about to order a wide arch kit. Collection from Swindon Wiltshire. Im happy to travel and meet a certain distance away but I will not post. 8" Fronts: 9" Rears: On the car:
  13. Agree with above. Lifes too short to get wound up about a self dimmer mirror on a car thats been written off.