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  1. This still for sale by any chance?
  2. Looking if anyone is planning on selling a carbon bonnet or bootlid, please let me know 😊👍
  3. likaito

    Complete exhaust questions

    Hey mate, I'm running a Tomei UEL Manifold, Decat front pipe, stock resonator and Berk muffler delete. That's pretty much a straight pipe. I would recommend leaving the stock resonator because a res delete would be really really raspy. This set up is pretty much as loud as you can get imo, and is really deep and bassy. Love it. Probs one of the loudest set ups in the UK haha
  4. Would you sell the aero wing separately?
  5. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    Perks of living by the sea 😊👍
  6. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    Also, installed the SAITOWORKS sunstrip since it was so nice out. nice and patient, took a while but wanted rid of any bubbles and creases. There are still a few but not too noticeable. 😊 Sunstrips are a marmite thing, I agree, and the main reason why I got it is because I've always wanted one and because fast and furious vibes are cool. Let me know what you think if you like it or hate it, I won't take offence trust me haha. I personally am quite happy with it, thought it might look too out of place initially but glad I went for the gloss black lettering instead of white on the matte black background . The words are subtle and you can only really see it at a few angles with the correct lighting. I think also because I've gone for a lot of black on the red the sunstrip blends in a bit better than others I've seen with a white background or chrome colours.
  7. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    Did a bit of rewiring today, originally had the headlight DRL wire tapped into the fog light, but I want them to turn on all the time. So I connect the two headlights together with a T tap and then routed a wire straight into the fuse box, into an always on 12V supply hole. Perfect now, boomerangs are on all the time. Will take some pics of the wiring and car later 👍
  8. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    Apologies haha didn't realise, I've updated the links.
  9. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    Of course. This is the ballast. Need to buy 2 obviously, one for each light: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12v-35w-Conversion-kit-Slimline-Xenon-Hid-Slim-BALLAST/170823543539?pageci=311b7095-9934-4b03-89c5-96e05272f5c6 These are the bulbs. Just cheap ones because I wanted to test. Surprisingly good output, no worse than my old ones: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-2-x-D2H-Cnlight-XLX-Xenon-Bulb-Car-HID-Projector-Lens-Lamp-Bulbs-12V-35W/283484807138?pageci=518a566c-4ffd-47a1-8587-e4aeaa3972e6 Hope that helps 😊
  10. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    So fitted the VLAND bumper light to complete the VLANDs all around. Straightforward install, took around an hour and a half. The hardest bit was getting off the 2 rusted 10mm bolts holding it on. Apart from that, just unplugged and removed stock one then replaced with the new one. The wiring is super super easy, plug and play. There's an additional harness that plugs into the tail lights and connects the extra wire to the bumper light for the brake light to work. Job done. Super easy install. Very happy to complete the look and remove that chromey bumper light. The reason I went for the VLANDs and not the Valenti ones with a V bar is just because these are way less common from what I've seen (they seem to be the only choice) and way cheaper. Plus I think they compliment the tail lights well and are just different. Pictures are a bit crap because the sun was directly on the car, will try and get some decent pics in the next day or so after I install the sunstrip 😊😊
  11. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    I bought some D2H 5000K xenon bulbs, with some ballasts as well. Super easy plug and play bulbs, no problem with fit. I believe you can use D2S bulbs but they are a bit harder to fit and require some adjustment.
  12. likaito

    Stock PRIMO headlights with bulbs

    SOLD! Please close 😊
  13. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    I got them from Amazon as VLAND EU sell on both Amazon and eBay , as well as their own website. The price is the same no matter where you buy it from as far as I've seen, it's just over £400. To be honest, it's as cheap as you'll find for headlights that look this good. Others you're looking at >£600 probably
  14. Selling perfect condition stock headlights from my 2015 Primo. Selling due to swap to aftermarket ones. Selling at £250 but open to any offers. Collection from near Exeter or postage at buyers expense.
  15. likaito

    Budget Build - Kai's Primo daily

    So, VLAND headlight installed today. Took way longer than I thought, around 4 hours but was fun. Initially took off the bumper which was the easiest by far, was expecting it to be a pain. Taking off the brackets holding the headlight was pretty easy as well. Side by side comparison shows how chromey the stock primo lights are. The wiring was the most challenging for me, just because I have zero experience with splicing and electrical stuff. I'm a mechanical engineer not electrical 😂 i promise I will tidy the wiring up one day after that, straightforward to reinstall the bumper. In my opinion, they transform the front end of the car and makes it look so much better. Would be happy to hear some opinions on them! P.s. thanks dad for helping me tidy up the cables 😂