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  1. Throbbe

    Cosworth Supercharger Kit For Sale

    I probably could but it would mean divorce as I've promised that mine stays stock until it's paid for! In the very unlikely event that it's still available in a year, count me in.
  2. Throbbe

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    A close up from Saturday, just after a clean.
  3. Hi Will, I'd be interested. I've contacted you via Messenger.
  4. Throbbe

    New owner in Cambridgeshire

    Thanks. I'm down the A1 from you just outside Huntingdon.
  5. Did you get anywhere with trying the spare? Also looking for a space saver to go over the pp Brembos.
  6. Throbbe

    New owner in Cambridgeshire

    Hi all I actually picked up my 86 last month but work and driving it have got in the way of posting here. It's a Blue Edition with the performance pack, and while I'm the second owner it was a little used demonstrator so feels like a new car! Daily driver (but working from home for now so not that daily) and the plan is to keep it standard for now. I'm loving getting to know it and haven't had a hint of buyers remorse. It's the first car I've owned in a while that makes me grin just looking out of the window and knowing that it's mine. I've always said it's better to spend money on making the driver quicker with track days/tuition than making the car quicker. I've never actually stuck to that motto, but I'm hoping this is the first time!