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  1. nerdstrike

    Tuning Developments NA KIT + stock exhaust

    Nice to see the impact when nothing has been done downwind of that. 12 whp gain isn't bad going for still catalysed and with a nice 10-20 lbft improvement in the convenient range. In practice, a ~10% increase in torque at 3500 rpm is very much like the car weighing ~100kg less, albeit at the cost of a bit more fuel. Edit: kmh, I knew it!
  2. nerdstrike

    What I did to stop rattles for my brz

    Excellent documentation and solutions. Top quality rattle-hunting. Now if only I could deal with a seemingly loose passenger seat position lever that makes a boing noise over certain bumps! I've dealt with the clicky parcel shelf and added some damping for road noise and don't have many rattles, but my two enemies are the boingy seat lever and driver seatbelt clasp that creaks like crazy in summer when I'm lightly dressed.
  3. nerdstrike

    What I did to stop rattles for my brz

    You're a giant amongst car owners!
  4. nerdstrike

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    Quite apart from the great fuel debate, I wonder if the learned trims have an impact on a fresh tank of fuel from a different provider. I wonder if we only observe differences between the brand we've used consistently and others, irrespective of which it is. A few hours of varied driving ought to be enough to correct the trims. There's also the fact that our experience between tanks is from week+ old fuel to fresh, and human perception is notoriously unreliable when the comparison is not immediate. It's a tricky business! All the more so for you peeps with the custom tunes.
  5. nerdstrike

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    If you've got a deep enough clamp to hold it in place while it cures, I'd recommend an epoxy instead. Superglue is pretty weak on everything but fingers and plastic. The adhesive pad is optimistic at best :/ unless its a high temp adhesive.
  6. nerdstrike

    Indicators flashing for a few minutes after locking

    Servicing oafs bend mine roughly once a year. Just enough to make the locking fail and the mystery beep to sound. Next you'll find you can buy a Litchfield-branded up-rated bracket.
  7. nerdstrike

    BRZ stock clutch 30k miles on it

    I reckon that would depend on condition. A total doofus (or poorly adjusted item) can ruin a clutch in 30k miles, so it's not a normal item to buy used when the cost of fitting (or several hours plus tools) gets quite close to the price of the item. I wouldn't expect a great deal. One last hurrah at Santa Pod?
  8. nerdstrike

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    No, I read the Esso website.
  9. nerdstrike

    Sainsbury’s fuel

    Keep an eye on the E numbers. Esso supreme+ sometimes has ethanol in it depending on how far you are from London.
  10. nerdstrike

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I think a car receives the highest praise when you come away wanting to see what more it can do besides pile on speed.
  11. There's always the lead-based-elephant in the room, which is to unwire the battery until you need it. You have to put up with some lost trims and settings, but it will last until you need it. Another thing you can do (albeit with insurance connotations) is leave the car in a secure place with the doors unlocked. That way the alarm would never arm.
  12. nerdstrike

    ****Heads up everyone****

    You must have liked the 86, you kept it for quite a while! May your next car be as good.
  13. nerdstrike

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    For those of us without a homologation special on pre-order, Jonny Smith's review of it is very detailed:
  14. nerdstrike

    GT86 Severe Knocking Sound

    The dipstick tube has a twist in it, and the stick won't slide in in all orientations. It might be that simple. I hope your engine isn't in big trouble. Depending on the age of the car, you should check whether you're still under the five year warranty.
  15. nerdstrike

    Coilpacks - life expectancy? Upgrading?

    I'm not sure I'd want to change a coilpack at the roadside. If had exactly the right ratchets, maybe but I'd absolutely drop the damn bolt into the undertray.