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  1. nerdstrike

    XTRONS PB78HGTP Android 8.0 Ongoing Review

    For a moment there I thought you'd wired your speaker cables through the fuel tank! 😅 I reckon the focal tweeters are the stronger part of the package, so they come across as a bit forward, what with being on their own on top of the dash and the mids are coming from the bottom of the door. I dialled down the tweeters in the OEM setup too, but that was because they were very harsh on the ears.
  2. nerdstrike

    So - visiting Japan. Tips?

    A trip to the baths is kinda interesting. I went to Sendai for work and we ended up with 20 nerds with laptops lounging around in bathrobes - a strange sight indeed! Gender is segregated for the bathing and the little towels are not there for your modesty! It's far removed from Tokyo, but I had a curious time in Nagasaki - you can really see the effect of it being the only point of entry for European traders, and the peace museum is appropriately harrowing. Human bones melded with slagged glass and such. I found it almost impossible to eat bad food, irrespective of price. You can eat very cheaply if you want to, but you should absolutely go all in on Sushi. Most train stations will have little places where the chef makes up your sushi right there in front of you. On the other hand, anyone with a sweet tooth will be struggling by the time your trip is done.
  3. nerdstrike

    Torque settings - changing discs and pads

    +1. My large Halfords torque wrench won't measure down to 18 Nm I don't think, but I suppose there is a time and a place for precision. Sometimes a tweak will do. My tip is get the grease right. The wrong grease in the wrong place can lead to reliability and maintenance issues later.
  4. nerdstrike

    Any idea what this is...?!

    Additionally the keypad can be used to reconfigure a few minor parameters, like how sensitive the auto-headlights are and such.
  5. nerdstrike

    Struggling to fire up

    I've had it happen a few times, but barely more than once in a year, and my car has kept working normally otherwise. Your guide on battery condition is the turn-over RPM and whether it ramps up quickly or not. I think it's a transitory issue with air temp and humidity, in that it makes a bad guess about how much fuel to put in and then takes a while to find a working solution. If you had a manual key, you'd probably stop and try again and it would start.
  6. nerdstrike

    Newbie ...sort off

    Going great guns for six months of ownership!
  7. nerdstrike


    Sluggishness comes from a variety of sources. Some might include: Poor fuel quality Fouled intake valves Sticky actuators Weak spark/fouled plugs Collapsing catalytic converter blocking the exhaust Binding brakes VVT fault Brake binding can be identified usually by a surprisingly hot brake disc after you stop, and blocked exhaust can manifest in hot smells and glowing exhaust parts. If you're running it on 95 octane, you might put the intended super grade fuel in, and it ought to recover some top-end power. An "Italian tune up" can reap benefits with sticking valves, provided the engine is in good order. Otherwise you're ragging on a sick car which isn't very sympathetic. The spark plugs shouldn't be due yet, and they're a pain to inspect on this car, so maybe look elsewhere first. If you have an OBD reader, it can be very useful to log and plot the airflow reading. A healthy graph will climb with the odd spike all the way up to 7200 rpm, whereas an airflow restriction or fuelling/ignition issue will plateau much earlier. You can also check fuel trims to see whether the ECU is correcting heavily for some issue. If the car is otherwise ok, you might give it a rag and then immediately poke around in a layby to see if there are any clues as to what is happening. I had a Mk7 celica too, right up until the oil rings started letting the oil through and the sump emptied within 300 miles. Then I had to let it go... shame about that, it was a nice first car.
  8. nerdstrike

    Rear Speakers.....will these fit?

    They're muscly little speakers! I would add that the original brackets are pretty uninspiring. They might resonate or buzz if they were handling the 40W those are rated for, what with them only being attached at two points.
  9. nerdstrike

    Severe engine rattle

    Mine does it sometimes depending on the weather and RPM. It's a fairly harmless sounding light rattle that clearly comes from the gearstick area. I recall there being a fix but I can't find it just now. I believe OP is talking about a much more clattery sound.
  10. nerdstrike

    Flat battery - locked out - BROKE key

    £150 to test a battery! I'm glad you kicked them into line, as it sure sounds like they were charging £600+/hr to whip the battery out and connect up a load tester. I don't know that I'll get many more years out of my 48 Ah battery either, all it takes is one big holiday without a trickle charger...
  11. nerdstrike

    Anyone worried it will turn into the new Mazda RX8

    If it was an RX8, I would already be thinking about a rebuild, an engine mount would be sagging, there would be bubbling sills, the coolant sensor warning would be permanently on, I'd be changing plugs and coils for the second time and I would be spending 50% more on fuel. It's a much better mannered car so far and the Toyota spares are a bit cheaper. I don't believe it's that unusual for car club enthusiasts to see a few engine failures, as they ask the most from their cars and make "improvements". My cause for concern is that there are fewer '86s on the roads than there were RX8s. That might play positively or negatively in future.
  12. nerdstrike

    GT86Curn's Facelift build

    You can't get deep bass from a single 6.5" driver without porting (or massive throw), and you certainly can't do that in a door cavity. Sometimes there's no substitute for having a bigger cone. I suspect you'd get more effect out of the units if they door cards weren't quite so flexible. You can really feel the door bins thrumming at higher volumes. The bluetooth unit on the Toyota headunit seems to have a serious lack of gain, but it sounds reasonable enough from a CD. A better head unit may help, but then so would a dedicated amp.
  13. nerdstrike

    Severe engine rattle

    I wouldn't consider a recall or two unusual on a car that's not a direct evolution of a predecessor. The window rollers are clearly a weak point, and the wheel bearing is disappointing (depending on what you have done with and to the car). It's bad luck with your current issue 😕 I've had one recall, a surprising number of cracked windscreens, but otherwise nothing wrong that can't be fixed with a good detailer or ding remover.
  14. nerdstrike

    Service prices

    Sure enough, toyota.co.uk now quotes these numbers. £250 does seem awfully large for an oil change, air filters and full body paint abrasion. Could be a price adjustment after weakening of the pound I guess, but I don't like it! It sure looks like spark plugs will be extra.
  15. nerdstrike

    Service prices

    Does that mean they've figured out how to change spark plugs? Or perhaps it's a franchise-specific thing?