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  1. nerdstrike

    Hoping to buy - Info greatly appreciated

    I suppose you can argue that there is at least room for bigger brakes.
  2. nerdstrike

    Newbie with a radio query....

    The wiring to the antenna can act as an antenna, albeit a poor one. I was receiving only some standard TV channels at home until I found the end of the aerial cable in the loft with nothing on it. Try refit your antenna again, and then do as advised above.
  3. That is a weird situation. If the fuel was to spec you would surely see close to regular mileage. I have never heard of such a drastic effect. It borders on criminal of the fuel station owner.
  4. nerdstrike

    Wheel / Brake Squeaking

    My rear brakes were irritating me with squeals, but only when pedal pressure was applied. Occasionally after crappy weather it would squeak at low speeds too. I lived with it for a couple of years, but recently had to replace the discs due to wear, and obviously the issue went away with new hardware. I have no doubt it was something about the pads. They're pretty tough for an OEM fit. You could check your slider pins and boots for good grease and no corrosion, or just move them to see if they're sliding well. Any issues here can lead to premature wear and sticking. Mine looked fine at time of change (62k), but I had acquired replacements so in went the new ones.
  5. nerdstrike

    Peak District Cruise

    I like to convince myself that FaceArse marketplace is the new ebay for moving stolen goods, that way I worry less about not having an account. No idea if it's true or not 😕 Hope you all had fun.
  6. nerdstrike

    ABS/Traction control warnings

    I imagine the typical "free safety check" involves peering at the brake pads to see if they can charge you for replacing them.
  7. nerdstrike

    ABS/Traction control warnings

    You'll only know for sure if you have access to an ABS fault reader (not the usual OBD one). Odds are some monkey has bashed one of your sensors or nicked a wire and now owes you a new one. Could be worth looking in your front wheel arches at the cables, as they're where the most movement occurs. It occurs to me that we've had some pretty vile and soggy weather recently that could short any bared wire.
  8. nerdstrike

    Valve failure 2014 GT86

    I suppose you could always turn it into an opportunity to put in a block that is designed for boost, but it would delay getting back on the road substantially. Perhaps you could replace only one of the short blocks?
  9. nerdstrike

    Valve failure 2014 GT86

    My god that's a lot of material. What a tragedy!
  10. nerdstrike

    Lockdown fuel consumption

    Goes to show how bad we are at collectively driving smoothly. Sitting in a queue trying to leave a motorway is gonna hit me hard when full normality returns
  11. nerdstrike

    Insurace (with mods in mind)

    There's also A-plan (https://www.aplan.co.uk/) but brokers are much of a muchness. You never really know who is going to come out on top. The number one problem I've encountered with brokers is the specifics of cover are really not clear until the policy arrives because of the variety of underwriters involved. You might find you get a cracking deal, but you might also find a limitation in the small print, like say no third party cover driving another vehicle. Technically you have refusal in the cooldown period, but then you have to begin the process again or be without cover. On the other hand, I once found myself jumping from about 2 years NCB up to 5 after running a policy with Adrian Flux. Not sure how that happened! On the flip-side, I've heard a few tales of misery when it comes to claim time, and I expect haggling over write off value is more difficult when there's a broker in the way. YMMV. Brokers are good fair weather companions, much like rock bottom insurers operating out of tax/law havens, such as Admiral/Hastings etc.
  12. nerdstrike

    Burst Hel braided brake line

    Until evidence to the contrary, it sounds like a manufacturing defect. I've heard of lines abraiding on the suspension when they're not the right length, but not rupturing like this.
  13. nerdstrike

    Touch and Go bluetooth issues

    I wonder if you're falling foul to the volume drop associated with notifications while other audio plays? I think I would lay the blame on some of the phone software and try to find out what app keeps grabbing focus or making silent notifications. You could start with playing music first and then setting a nav destination. Your headset is a little different because it is not carrying taking contacts a message history and such. Perhaps you could unpair them, purge the head unit and set up again? You could try limiting access to everything but audio to start with.
  14. nerdstrike

    tweedbean's RS Green BRZ Build

    Lots of these bits look great. Is it going to be ok with matt skirts and glossy carbon finish on the wing?
  15. nerdstrike

    Thoughts on Pirelli PZERO Nero Tyres?

    Will they last? How quickly do they overheat? For the price it's either got to be a loss leader or made of very sticky cheese