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  1. nerdstrike

    Coilpacks - life expectancy? Upgrading?

    I'm not sure I'd want to change a coilpack at the roadside. If had exactly the right ratchets, maybe but I'd absolutely drop the damn bolt into the undertray.
  2. nerdstrike

    Knocking sound

    I'm glad your engine is back together. I suppose an unexpected failure is inevitable eventually at twice design power, even with posh rods. Let's hope you have smooth running!
  3. I got one of these into an RX8 once without compromising seating or using the ski-hatch, so I know what I'm talking about! 55" TV, new toilet, £1200 of paint, all went in the '86 (not at the same time!). Quite a list of quietly surprised retailers in my wake.
  4. Don't sweat it Tom! The '86 is a very practical and sensible sports car.
  5. nerdstrike

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    I wasn't this excited about my wife's Yaris
  6. nerdstrike

    GR Yaris who's going for it?

    A prefecture is a bit like a county, or perhaps the City of London, in that it has quite a lot of local governance ("office of the prefect"), but defers to the elected national government. In the UK we're accustomed to factories and shipyards and whatnot being associated with cities rather than counties, but I believe (perhaps wrongly) that the Japanese have more regional pride than the Brits.
  7. nerdstrike

    Coolant leak

    Check the filler cap is done up properly. Trust a main dealer to do stuff like not reinstalling the dip stick... Also look for where the pressure release is on the expansion chamber, as that is where a boil-up will tend to spray from. If the spray is in other areas where it is unlikely to have gone, then you want to look at hoses I suppose. More likely than one your heads blowing anyway.
  8. nerdstrike

    Definitive rattles and worrying noises thread?

    There's also the ticking of the boot shelf metal sheets sticking and hopping over each other as the car receives torsion. There's a BRZ advisory document for that, although I wasn't terribly successful trying to implement it. Don't know if bunging cloth up there would help.
  9. nerdstrike

    Depressingly basic touch and go?

    So many beeps, so little time. We could probably write a FAQ for them all.
  10. nerdstrike

    Depressingly basic touch and go?

    Is this after you close the lid? The '86 has a pretty fragile sense of whether it's secure, but also tries to tell whether there's a key inside the car as it locks. The prime candidate for beep-beep is a lightly bent switch bracket that sticks up near the brake master cylinder. It gets bent when someone leans across it because it's made very thinly. I've not got a clear idea yet, but I think for some people the car believes the key is in the boot based on where the owner holds the key when they close the boot, but it might also be a second key close at hand, such as in a partner's pockets.
  11. nerdstrike

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    Say no more! I once knew of a 200sx that died after an inconvenient surge of boost. I also repeatedly overtook a Tuscan on a track day because he liked to pirouette
  12. nerdstrike

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    You've never respected a cold greasy roundabout as much as on primacy tyres in a tail-happy RWD car. Otherwise it's super fun even in the wet! See you on the A428 no doubt.
  13. nerdstrike

    Shadow lights!

    Paging @Test Drives Unlimited ! I thought I recalled you doing something like this.
  14. nerdstrike

    Buy a brand new GT86 right now, or not.

    It'll be a while yet before the GR86 with the larger engine makes it to market, and there really aren't many things wrong with most of the used options apart from wear and tear, so you could save £10-15k just blow a few grand on tuition and events so you really get the most out of the car. If I had to buy new, I'd aim for the blue specials just for the kicks, or grub around for an aero edition from a few years back.
  15. nerdstrike

    Jordan aka Smudge

    Damn, depression is no joke