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****Heads up everyone****

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This post is just a heads up for now boys and girls πŸ‘

My 2013/13 Toyota GT86 Auto will be coming up for Sale in the Near Year and replaced with a Brand New Car πŸ˜›

Will offer the car as a Private Sale on here first, but failing all that then the car will be Part Exchanged instead!

As I still have quite a few of the original parts, they will of course be put back on the car and therefore will have a few parts for Sale in due course πŸ‘

Some parts will be retained and put onto the New Car, but meanwhile here's a link to my Build Thread via the RX-8OC : https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=52793

Am willing to do a deal with a Member on here in swapping out my Custom Built Exhaust System for a Standard System from their car and a friend of mine would do this at his house or place of work πŸ‘

Will let you all know when the New Car is on order and the Private Plates are on their way off the car, so as the original number plates can be put back on the car πŸ˜›

That's it for now.................................


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Thanks Lauren, I wasn't sure where to put the post as it's not going anywhere in December so can have my last lot of fun on the track with this wonderful car

Replacement car undecided at the moment, but it's unlikely to be Japanese Car this time

Whatever car I buy, it has to replace the GT86 and C200k

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It will more likely be big and comfy , but fitted with Sports Suspension so as can still do a few more Trackdays during the year

With this lockdown, it's not easy to sort out Test Drives at the moment!!

This was only sprung on me the other day, when I was told Dad's giving up driving

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