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  1. Shad

    Bonnet alarm sensor

    I'm not sure if you're being serious or not but in case you are, that could invalidate your insurance. The car is a lot easier to steal (or even something like the wheels) with the battery disconnected and the alarm not going off...
  2. Shad

    BRZ mud guard

    Has anybody painted their stock mudflaps body colour so they blend in a bit better?
  3. I've just fitted a Kenwood DMX8020DABS and discovered you can modify the boot screen of the unit to give it a slightly more OEM appearance (sadly I don't think you can do much about the rest of the UI which is a bit less polished...). Here's the end result: I followed the guide from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgcVXVQIKrw From reading around the comments there, their website, and elsewhere, it seems the head units are a bit tetchy about the image file used. To give me the best shot at success I used the provided image and updated that. If you use GIMP you can create an image that's for all intents and purposes the same so it ought to work too. I've attached the files I used to make it a simple process for any other users. Should work for any recent DDX/DMX Kenwood units and the JVCs too, just follow the advice in the spreadsheets linked in the video description. The only negative is the boot image isn't shown on the display for quite as long as the default. Not sure why, seems normal, and I doubt it's fixable. Still, happy with the result: If anyone knows of other customisation options (like disabling the warning message) let me know! Has anyone else done this mod? Customisation files used: OpeningCustomize.txt image1.bmp
  4. I find it's rare to have a bad experience with a retailer online these days so this one stuck out and I thought it would be worth sharing. I ordered a head unit and various bits and pieces to complete the install in my BRZ on Monday from Car Audio Centre. When I checked the order on Tuesday, expecting it to ship, it now said 'back order'. I called the customer support line and was told that some of the accessories weren't currently in stock but would arrive with them by Thursday. I asked if I would have my order by the weekend and was assured that would be fine. Fair enough. Side note - I don't think their website makes it clear enough when something isn't in stock, so beware of that. Thursday comes around and I give them a call again around 2pm to see what the latest is. At least one of those items which were back ordered had not arrived yet. Not ideal. So I asked if they could at least ship me the heat unit and whatever else was there for me to get on with. "The head unit is out of stock now as well". I was so shocked I had to have him repeat that. Bear in mind, the money for the full order had been taken from my card, so as far as I was concerned those items on the order were mine. Except it turns out they don't allocate stock to an order in that way, and this is their policy. I was pretty annoyed by this so immediately cancelled the order, and have this morning received my refund. I'm still in disbelief that a business can operate that way - in theory I could end up never receiving an order as things go in and out of stock! So you may want to consider my experience if you're ever thinking about buying things from Car Audio Centre. So after all of that, and a bit of ringing around to speak to other retailers, I finished ordering my bits and pieces from Dynamic Sounds and Car Audio Security, both of whom were great and all my items arrived next day. Also praise to Road Audio who I ordered from on Monday and the items arrived next day.
  5. Nice find - here's the listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2015-15-TOYOTA-GT86-Giallo-Yellow-Edition-2-0-D-4S-200-bhp-Limited-Edt-72-86-VGC/114579025367?hash=item1aad712dd7:g:DCQAAOSwcAlf2p2t Seems legit. Listed by a clothing business near Glasgow, the name on the YouTube channel comes back to someone in Glasgow, probably an employee of the company. The name on the eBay listing payment details matches the owner of the company, Angels of Vintage 👍👍
  6. Reads like a trade ad. Car is/was located in Glasgow judging by the Silvergrove Street address on the sat nav, photos match satellite images.
  7. Shad

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    If your unit has an input for VSS then it ought to work connected to the pin I mentioned, I think? I'm trying to piece this all together from various forum posts all over the place.
  8. Shad

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    Ok new question... what are people doing for their vehicle speed sense (VSS) connection? Looks like pin 17 on the 28-pin connector. Not entirely sure if my head unit will need it or not, but if it does, would like to know what others are doing for this one. Thanks
  9. Shad

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    Perfect, thank you!
  10. Shad

    Recommend me a replacement head unit

    So I reached out to a supplier in Aus about shipping a unit over and although they used to do that, they no longer ship overseas due to a number of potential issues. I also reached out to a local Kenwood dealer about sourcing one but haven't heard anything, so after getting a bit impatient I've gone with a UK spec 'double din' headunit and a fascia adapter. If I really don't like the look I might see about making a custom bit of trim that changes the 200mm stereo hole to a standard size one. Anyway, question for you guys who've installed a stereo - what is the small flylead on the aerial adapter for? Where does that go?? Hard to find any information online, I'm guessing it's either a ground, or +12v to amplify the aerial?
  11. Shad

    After market anti-roll bars

    I don't know a great deal about what these cars respond to in terms of setup, but it sounds like you already have a good amount of camber on the front, especially for a road tyre. How about corner weights and rake? From my own experience of Brands I find as soon as the car is over the crest at Clearways it's much more settled, but before then it can be a mixture of oversteer and understeer. If you get the line just a tiny bit wrong, there's very little grip. Make sure you're not getting back on the throttle before the apex too as that's a sure fire way to generate understeer, something I've struggled with for years. I used to feel like I had understeer issues for a long time with the Caterham in high speed turns, Abbey and Copse at Silverstone in particular. Almost all of it was down to my technique. See if you can get some time with an instructor next track day and they might have some useful pointers. We're never too old to learn new things! Not sure if this will be useful or not but this is a clip from a few years ago at Clearways. Notice how I didn't brake deep enough into the corner and found room to open the throttle again, create some understeer, then off the throttle to tighten up... it's a bit of a mess. This is not the fastest way! But I'm then patient with the car as we go through the corner and over the crest so the exit is decent. https://youtu.be/jolTdf_TNE8?t=73 In contrast, this is the approach to Copse at Silverstone and you can see I'm braking much deeper and keeping more weight over the front wheels to help that turn in - trail braking properly. I could go deeper still but not by a lot. Once you get to that point and you apply some throttle it will help continue rotating the car. In this instance I still felt I had too much push on the exit but that's just how the car works. https://youtu.be/X5y5O9EyiLE?t=78 Anyway it sounds like there are plenty of knowledgable people here so if you want to share any onboard I'm sure we can see if there's anything easy (and free!) you can change first
  12. I've been investigating the possible causes for a clunk/rattle I get at low speed on rough surfaces. All of the suspension components (which are also all standard) seem perfectly fine, so I'm now fairly certain it's being caused by a damaged EPS coupler after coming across a few threads on the FT86 Club forum that explain the same issue and extra tips for diagnosis. Has anyone here done the work outlined in this post? How did you get on? https://www.ft86club.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3199017 Everyone there seems to say that aside from some tricky bolts, it's a fairly simple job. The Hyundai replacement rubber gear is available for about £13 from Amazon.
  13. Shad

    BRZ mats

    Thanks @will300 - suddenly the blue stitching makes a lot more sense! @Kaltorak You can order the official Subaru mats via a dealer, £70 or so. I believe in other countries you can also get good tailored winter/rubber mats too, which would be nice to have here too to be honest.
  14. Shad

    BRZ mats

    The mats that came with my car have blue stitching and embroidery. Which is fine - except it doesn't match the red stitching on the rest of the interior. It does match the exterior colour though. I've since discovered you can also get these genuine Subaru mats with red stitching/embroidery, which makes a lot of sense to me. But it got me thinking - was there a version of the BRZ with blue stitching on the interior, to match the mats? For the other BRZ owners, which colour mats have you got and do they match the inside or the outside?!
  15. Shad

    ****Heads up everyone****

    Thanks Simon, I'll try and make if we're allowed as you say! I've been doing my hardest to avoid Facebook lately, oh well! That link isn't working though - have you got a link to the main group by any chance? I can probably find it from there. Thanks and sorry for the thread derail...