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  1. No they are tiny and will fit in a small letter (I already factored the postage in to the price anyway) I think I lose about 15p from this endeavor all in all which i'm not too fussed about
  2. These arrived on Saturday so if you could PM your address' I can send them out to you all.
  3. I knew it was coming was just waiting for the post Sorry to hear though but don't be a stranger! Whatever car you have you're always welcome to meets etc. Hope to see you soon.
  4. Should be for at the very least the duration of the policy IMO. We had an issue at work of being missold gas and leccy and we was able to get the recordings to fight a legal battle. that was 18 months in to contract from what I remember
  5. All calls are recorded, it wouldn't be your word against theirs. It states this when you start the call.
  6. It's expensive, weather is shit, full of wetties (Sensitive people) and chavs. @Minion get out marmite is the dogs bollocks.
  7. Nothing, it's everything else
  8. There are a couple of swedish members, but you are right it's a uk based club so majority of members are from the UK. We do have some european members though but due to so few nothing in the way of events are organised unfortunately. There must be a swedish group somewhere which is active?
  9. Completely forgot that it was today, was busy anyway. You couldn't have been the only car there? lol
  10. 260 last time it was dyno'd properly which is what i'm basing that 300 off. I don't know right now as I lost 40hp when I fitted my exhaust due to issues on the dyno we couldn't get it mapped.
  11. I've been running 300 for a while now, probably around 2 years. It's not broken yet, someone had also ran a HKS at 320ish and was fine (I say way because I don't know of it's status since it was sold on) The person who owns it is on here somewhere can't remember his username though. It's a bit of a gamble as to if your rods are made of butter or cheese
  12. Just find someone on here local to you that has a cable, i have one but miles away.
  13. Do cosworth even do a smaller pulley for this yet or are they still being pussies?
  14. Adrian Flux's breakdown cover is woeful, so I hope you never need it or just pray it isn't as shoddy as it was for me.
  15. Can't fault them, they even cloned my no claims for me so I could use my no claims on two policies Even when I wasn't taking the second policy out with them as it was for my auris hybrid.