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  1. Removing interior plastics scratches?

    New glovebox is a bit excessive. The quickest fix is to run a heat gun on it. It won't fix the scratch but it will turn the plastic the same colour as the non scratched areas. But i'd probably wipe it down as it could rub off if it's light. As you can feel it you will probably want to go the heat gun route.
  2. GT86 Bits

    @AJ124 in due course yes
  3. GT86 Bits

    Message box is probably full but I'm out ATM so CBA to sort it on my mobile drop me a text 07865398568
  4. GT86 Bits

    Certainly is, currently being taken off the car.
  5. Constant insurance calls

    block the numbers, they will eventually become less and less. works for me.
  6. Bump, price reduced to reflect parts taken off. Price will reduce as more is off
  7. GT86 Bits

    Bump, pics added for what's left apart from the TEIN's as they are still on the car and it's in an awkward place to get wheels off. Exhaust added, exhaust isn't as shiny as the pics Charger will be off the car in a few weeks so will be good to go.
  8. March Sussex meet

    I'm away unfortunately, have a good one though!
  9. GT86 Bits

    Updated what's been sold. I'd rather sell the TEIN kit all together but if no takers i'll think about splitting. Yes it has the GPS with it.
  10. GT86 Bits

    It's safe to say i've lost interest due to lack of time and needing to focus my funds elsewhere for the time being. A shame but the car is no fun when I can't do what I want to it lol.
  11. GT86 Bits

    @Falix as someone got there before you i'm giving them dibs pending pics. If they dont want ill let you know. @nikndel I got a pack of jelly babies? Top thread updated, couple bits sold and some provisionally sold pending collection.
  12. GT86 Bits

    Going to split what I can off my 86 due to lack of interest as is so a list of bits that will be up for grabs! (I will genuinely get pics on the weekend, the car isn't where I live at the moment Admins please do not delete :D) All items are on the car unless stated brand new but it's not being driven at the moment. Full payment or 20% deposit I will take items off. Sprintex 210+ Intercooled Supercharger Kit: £2000 CGR Automotive exhaust system 2 3/4" pipework with De-cat and HFC, EL Manifold - £950 Intec Rear lights (White): £275 Intec Read 3rd brake light (Brand new): £100 - SOLD Carbon Interior: £200 Includes door handles, front two dash trims, gearstick surround and steering wheel surround. - SOLD OEM Audio+ System: £850 - Sold TEIN Streetflex c/w EDFC Active Pro: £600 + Your OEM Suspension Tomei SS Gear knob: £15 - Sold Cusco Carbon(effect?) front upper brace with MCB: £75 - SOLD HKS Oil Cooler: £450 - Sold
  13. First time buying machine polisher

    For applying sealants with a DA you should use a finishing pad always. I tend to apply by hand with an applicator pad though. It's easier to get coverage in hard to get to places you would miss with a 150/160mm pad... You could get smaller pads but then you need to either have a second polisher or keep swapping the backing plate off. It then becomes a bit of a PITA especially considering the majority of sealants/waxes don't need working in they tend to work themselves in (If that makes sense) lol. There's nothing stopping you applying that poorboys product with a DA, though i've not used it. You wont cause any damage, get it and have a play I reckon.
  14. Zunsport front grille black

    It mounts to the existing grill afaik, so in that respect it's a bit naff.