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  1. Keith this is worth drastically more than £16k I feel
  2. Paid for bumper plate.

  3. Whoops, forgot about this! Yes If you could all paypal me £15 to (As a gift/friend payment to avoid fees) i'll get them ordered The £15 will cover the shipping from Japan and to your door give or take 3p. PM me once paid and i'll mark you off the list as paid.
  4. They are the same size that I have so I can check with a stock alloy if they will fit. I'm fairly sure they do though...
  5. Waste of money me bothering, they don't fucking cover anything anyway
  6. Yeah i'll PM all over the weekend just leaving it to see if there's more interest 1. rob275 2. Deacon 3. Knightryder 4. zhuonanli 5. Mike 6. AJ124 7. Rich 8. DanJ 9. Ade 10. Keethos 11. Cerastes 12. Hubertk 13. GT86-Ian 14. billdingo
  7. BANHAMMER! I'm in Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 if it's of any help to you @Collateral feel free to PM me as I do detailing on the side. I'm fully booked up until 2nd week of august though. For some reason i've got busy all of a sudden.
  8. Putting up for sale my Sprintex 210+ Intercooled Supercharger (Will be putting pictures up tonight @Lauren ) Looking for £2600, it's been on my car for about 2.5 years and hasn't played up once. The only reason i'm selling it is I could do with the money right now and i'm looking at going for a more suitable track solution. This kit can get a bit toasty on a warm day but none the less has always performed well on track also. It will come with everything that comes off the car which should in theory mean it's good to be fitted Currently has a 70mm Raceseng pulley fitted but I will supply the standard pulley also. With the 70mm pulley it's producing 260HP at the Hubs. Currently fitted still but will remove after a 50% deposit.
  9. They literally glue/bolt on to the underside of the already there plastic slip to reinforce it. 1. rob275 2. Deacon 3. Knightryder 4. zhuonanli 5. Mike 6. AJ124 7. Rich 8. DanJ 9. Ade 10. Keethos
  10. Proving rather popular! Will get a list going. Will let you know how much it will be. Can't see it being anymore than £15ish each. 1. rob275 2. Deacon 3. Knightryder 4. zhuonanli 5. Mike 6. AJ124
  11. Just 1 set, it's one clip for each bumper. You glue it to the front most clip where it sags. If you want more though just let me know.
  12. @zhuonanli or anyone else for that matter let me know if you wanted to try the part also. Shipment will likely be the same price for 4-5 sets of them.
  13. Reading that thread the following part seems to have a 100% success rate May go ahead and get new brackets and the above from Japan Parts if the Toyo parts are cheap enough.
  14. @knightryder Possibly, my plastic clips on the bumper which clip on to the hanger seem to be slightly split, presumably due to stress from pulling it on and off making them not so tight. I could be wrong, i'd be keen to know the part numbers and give it a go as it'd certainly be cheaper than a new bumper!
  15. Not convinced seeing as it's my clips on the bumper that are seemingly the issue