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  1. Hi All, I have up for grabs a set of OEM wheels which I need shifting out the garage due to moving and not having space 3 of these have primacies with good tread on them (6-7mm at a guess, can't find my tread gauge) 1 of them has a budget tyre which you'd probably want replacing but I only used these for emergencies so a budget did me fine. It is literally brand new. Price for all 4 £300 or £100 each for the wheels with primacies on, the ditch finder wheel i'll let go for £60
  2. Bootlid

    As lauren said, the paint code changed in 2015 so it's likely to be K1X. But white doesn't match in general on these cars so you might be ok lol.
  3. GT86 bunny hopping when cold

    I guess it depends how soft the throttle map is, I find it fine day to day. But maybe my SC helps with that.
  4. GT86 bunny hopping when cold

    You will likely find it will come back, as Lauren said it will be because the ECU reset. My reduced throttle map eradicates this issue entirely maybe something to think about if it does re-emerge.
  5. Specialists for Servicing?

    You can go to any Toyota Dealership/Franchise they can all see the warranty history of your car.
  6. New Theme update

    Live banners? You mean the advertisements? They are for me.
  7. New Theme update

    To quote Dan the other night on Discord, "Just reset it all and make it usable I want to tap heads, cheers" So that's what I done.
  8. Specialists for Servicing?

    They can't refuse warranty work because you haven't been there. But they do just refuse warranty work en general because they are cnuts.
  9. Specialists for Servicing?

    I take mine to Abbey, it's on the southern end of the M25 but I imagine there isn't much in it distance wise between Fensport and Abbey for you.
  10. Why the hell do you have 10 admins for such a small group? That's barmy.
  11. Essex Meet

    I just don't have the money or car at the moment. Sorry.
  12. Big thumbs up for Greenlight

    Are you sure? They insured me fine +100bhp...
  13. You mean the Gtechniq application on them?
  14. Accident and insurance help!

    By all accounts the warranty isn't 5 years no matter what anyone says. Just take it as everything is 3 years because after that they are cnuts!
  15. I'm a maybe, totally depends on if I have a hangover in the morning or not.