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  1. Squeaky windows

    Yes, take it down the garagw before you get dreadful scratches which cost £800 a side
  2. It would need to be at least £15k of haribo... I did have, though those advertisements have expired now.
  3. Surprisingly zero interest, not even any confectionary offers. In no rush to sell mind you.
  4. Japfest Silverstone

  5. Japfest 2018

    Yes indeedy
  6. Newbie from Sussex

    Welcome to the club no sides, we will do events together, as lauren said though. Most the big shows are attended largely by us and we do love a good track day. Well everyone else does, I haven't done one for a while due to lack of time.
  7. Club Orders

    Hi All, for those of you with outstanding club orders I apologise for the delay. I've been moving out over christmas and new year in to my first home so i'm a bit behind with life in general let alone the club. Hoping to get them all sorted today for you Thanks, Rob
  8. Japfest 2018

    We will yes
  9. Membership purchase in Shop

    It is true i'm very anti-apple but this was not by design
  10. Looking for a trickle/maintenance charger

    Fairly sure my dad uses something similar to this for his bike and it does the job.
  11. TRD Kit, Miltek Overpipe & Others

    Just worth noting even if you buy from the factory painted it won't match, any bodyshop would know to blend it.
  12. I never got in mine, still got a broken key cos Toyota wouldn't replace it. Cunts.
  13. New Header VS. Emissions?

    find a friendly mot tester is my suggestion.
  14. Only reason for sale is because i'm buying my first property and I need to be sensible. I'm not going to have the funds available to enjoy it on trakcdays and TSS etc any time soon so I figured someone else should play with it. Thanks, not moving on to anything as of yet. I'm pretty much going to be boring for a few years and see how life pans out.