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  1. Tein Luxury Master High Tech Springs

    I've had the 25mm in the past though coupled with koni shocks. Was a nice fast road setup
  2. Blanco Question

    £300 for a good job and yes the Blanco white is different, every white from the Blanco onwards is slightly different.
  3. GT86 Bits

    Bump! Supercharger sold BBK provisionally sold Supercharger purchaser is trading suspension so the TEIN's & EDFC should be off shortly If i ever get time to breathe.
  4. Event Organisers

    The issue is I used to do 80% of the work on most events. Which i'm fine with but I haven't been around as of late due to simply barely having a life at the moment. With regards to beaulieu, I was PM'd about this and @VAD17 offered to take the reigns with it. As far as i'm concerned, the person who starts a thread should be the one arranging things. I thought this was the case with this event so nothing has been done. Kevin messaged me about Japfest and I asked him to discuss with Lauren as I wasn't going to be there. Though i'm not surprised Japfest parking didn't go to plan, nobody listens and leaves their cars wherever they want! The club does need some help organising events and if anyone wants to they can certainly put their names forward. I did ask in the survey I put out last if people would be interested, I pm'd those that put their names forward and for the most part the response was they couldn't be arsed or don't have the time. This does make me wonder why they offered in the first place but hey ho... @Deacon The system demoted you, you aren't actually demoted lol. @Test Drives Unlimited your comment is part of the reason why i've taken a step back as of late. A prime example that my efforts aren't appreciated by most. I've had thanks from many people over the years for organising events for the club, but them thanks come from the same people each year and they are the same people that are happy to help out. There is a huge chunk of people here that expect a load of stuff and really don't appreciate the time & efforts put in. But they are happy to complain when things don't happen. It's clear that as the club expands more help is needed, and i've asked before and got little response. @Leevsfortyone thanks for putting your name forward for helping it's appreciated. Feel free to drop me a PM so we can make the south great again
  5. GT86 Bits

    Bump, list updated! had interest on the Sprintex but so far a lot of wasted time. Brakes added (will hopefully get off this weekend as well as making a start on the suspension.) Sprintex is off and good to go.
  6. GT86 Bits

    It'd be an improvement over OEM, but better suited to a F/I application as that's what it was made for.
  7. GT86 Bits

    Bump Whoever it was that was after my Sprintex you're going to need to text me again as my phone broke on Friday. Charger is now off the car though.
  8. Removing interior plastics scratches?

    New glovebox is a bit excessive. The quickest fix is to run a heat gun on it. It won't fix the scratch but it will turn the plastic the same colour as the non scratched areas. But i'd probably wipe it down as it could rub off if it's light. As you can feel it you will probably want to go the heat gun route.
  9. GT86 Bits

    @AJ124 in due course yes
  10. GT86 Bits

    Message box is probably full but I'm out ATM so CBA to sort it on my mobile drop me a text 07865398568
  11. GT86 Bits

    Certainly is, currently being taken off the car.
  12. Constant insurance calls

    block the numbers, they will eventually become less and less. works for me.
  13. Bump, price reduced to reflect parts taken off. Price will reduce as more is off
  14. GT86 Bits

    Bump, pics added for what's left apart from the TEIN's as they are still on the car and it's in an awkward place to get wheels off. Exhaust added, exhaust isn't as shiny as the pics Charger will be off the car in a few weeks so will be good to go.
  15. March Sussex meet

    I'm away unfortunately, have a good one though!