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Found 20 results

  1. Mark@Abbey M/S


    need this gone so listed it on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOTA-GT86-BRZ-Performance-Exhaust-Manifold/332995927894?fbclid=IwAR0hrHRonJCUlrVDydU0hPc8pymHNWEAIkdCHTmRm1h6dlKKmmIeIhw2Rl4
  2. Hello all, We've decided to put together a package for those wanting to release more power from their GT86 or BRZ, without going for forced induction The kit contains the following: 'Before' Dyno Run Tuning Developments Manifold (EL or UEL) Tuning Developments Overpipe Gaskets Heat Wrap For 'Downpipe' Section K&N 'Drop In' Replacement Panel Filter Installation ECUTeK License In House Remap On The Dyno £1495.00 inc VAT Website link here This package has been proven to remove the torque dip which plagues these cars, along with making more peak power. The whole curve is stronger, making the driving experience much more enjoyable! The ECUTeK Remap features the excellent RaceROM which gives you 4 switchable maps via the cruise control stalk which can be adjusted whilst on the fly. For those without cruise control we can set this up via the heated rear window button. Net gains are upto 30lb.ft through the mid range and upto 25bhp peak power (based against a 100% factory car). You do not have to have an aftermarket exhaust, this is completely optional. The second CAT can also stay in place if needed. This gives an end result of a car that when cruising, sounds very close to OE sound levels, and has a pleasant bark to it when pressing on through the gears. The gains in torque make it much nicer to drive and give a far more linear delivery. The top dyno graph has the factory second CAT and factory exhaust. The lower dyno graph has a high flow second CAT and an aftermarket exhaust. Above - TD EL Manifold, Full Exhaust & In House ECUTeK Tune (Didn't photo the overlay from before sorry!) Above - Exhaust & ECUTeK Tune - Versus TD UEL Manifold & In House ECUTeK Tune. Above - Exhaust & Stock Tune - Versus TD EL Manifold & In house ECUTeK Tune. Above - Full Exhaust & Tomei Manifold & ECUTeK Tune - Versus Full Exhaust & TD EL Manifold & In House ECUTeK Tune Noise testing data This Package (UEL Manifold) Stock Second CAT Our Resonated CAT Back Exhaust @4500rpm static test is 89db. Gives a lovely bark when pushing on yet subtle when cruising. When we have an EL setup in we will do the same test. This Package (EL Manifold) Stock Second CAT Stock CAT Back Exhaust @5000rpm static test is 84db. Feedback: Some of the feedback from the NA Tuning Package. Any questions, drop me a PM on here, email me on mike@tuningdevelopments.co.uk or give me a call on 01925 822 266. Thanks Mike
  3. Hi All, Thought we'd start a little thread to keep a track of things with our own in house GT86, we've owned it from new in May 2013 and its been a LOT of fun, lovely car to live with everyday, and fantastic on twisty lanes as i'm sure all of you already know Anyhow, we picked the car up in May 2013, having a set of Rota Torque Drift wheels in 18x9.5 ET35 in Bronze waiting for it at the workshop, along with a set of BC Racing BR Series coilovers. Those went on the car approximately 40 minutes after collecting it Along with some subtle decals along the sides after taking inspiration from the optional sticker kit from Toyota. We used the car for a little while like this, letting the engine break in nicely and not giving it too much abuse from day 1. Several hundred miles later, we popped her onto the Dyno and did a few base runs to see what we we're working with. The plot is our car, having done around 10 pulls, the power varied from 179bhp to 184bhp, this being the highest it made. From there we designed our exhaust system, second decat, overpipe and equal length manifold, along with a remap on the ECUTeK software! This saw us at a peak of 205bhp, smoothening out the torque dip area hugely with the manifold along with the remap. The car was completely different to drive as to be expected, and drove a lot better than the improvements would show on paper. Having explored that area we then moved onto forced induction... We designed our inhouse turbo kit, choosing to mount the turbo right up top at the front of the engine bay, with the factory airbox out of the way it leaves a perfect area for the turbo to sit along with external wastegate and downpipe. We chose to run a larger frame turbo from the get go as to keep the kit 'future proof'. Onto the Dyno the car went and began tuning, running via a TiAL MVR 44m external wastegate, we get precise and perfect boost control everytime which is exactly what we wanted when forcing air into an engine of this caliber. After time on the dyno and at a very modest 5psi or 0.35bar we managed to boost our horsepower by 94bhp upto 278bhp and boosted our peak torque from 160lb.ft upto 230lb.ft. Still on the stock clutch, fuel pump, injectors and so on. Needless to say this has transformed the car into something very special, no longer is there the need to rev the car to get it to go, joining motorways and picking up speed feels effortless. The power band below 4000rpm is night and day different to a factory car. It has to be experienced to explain it fully The car has took hours on the dyno along with months on the road and now thousands of miles, gathering mileage and data logs in varying environments to ensure its longevity and reliability. We're glad to say it hasn't missed a beat and on a good run we still return 44mpg We also added a powerflex rear gearbox mount insert, along with their rear differential and rear subframe inserts, these have made a nice improvement to the car, without adding any negative input to the daily drivability of the car. Ontop of this we fitted some KSport 8Pot/356mm Front Brakes along with KSport 4Pot/356mm Rear Brakes in 'caution yellow'. The car now stops on a sixpence and adds a lot of confidence when pushing on into braking zones. We removed the stock spoiler and replaced it with a TRD version which really finishes off the exterior of the car for us. We're a big fan of the factory bodyshape The car also has the GFB Lightweight Pulley kit installed. I'll add to this as we continue to push forward with things, we have fuel system, drivetrain and electronic boost control going onto the car very shortly and will be winding the boost up some more to form the next stage to our turbo package More to follow! Thanks for reading Mike Jones Tuning Developments Ltd
  4. Well we have been told it would be released early 2018 and here it is; The GT-RS will work real well with the FA20 motor as long as we can control the torque on a stock motor. I think HKS are pushing there luck with running 40 kg/m torque where we run only around 30kg/m max torque on the Harrop SC kit installs. Intercooler set up is very much like our Turbo kit we have produced in very small numbers and now with this kit released we may retire our kit TBH. Will have a think about ordering a kit but I think We will miss the awesome torque the Harrop produces looks like the HKS kit doesn't pull until 3500rpm which I feel will make our light cars a little aggressive on the torque curve. Going to look to work a price out from drive in drive out kit , the HKS stock motor plots had injectors fitted so we hope to be able to tame the tune down to run stock injectors/fuel pump. Should be a awesome piece off equipment thou anything that comes from HKS will be a excellent fit and will look and last for a long time.
  5. Has anyone got one that they would part with? I see I can hire one from fensport but for £84 per week but I might be better buying one, having it as long as I need it then selling it on once I’m done. Planning on using it for home install of Cosworth stage 2 kit.
  6. Mark@Abbey M/S

    Ecutek Cable/Dongle

    @Adamd please can you return our Ecutek Cable/dongle. Tried contacting you numerous times without a reply. Can you have been on the forum but not replied to our PM's Thanks
  7. We been waiting for a Ecutek RaceRom update to allow us to push on our Traction control development , being a master tuner we have a Beta RR package that allows us to do this. With some carefully built RR maps and the EVI Ecutek Bluetooth module we have got a pretty good adjustable traction control set up still needs some more work but already it is pretty good Your see wheel slip at the bottom being controlled. Throttle pedal is fully down commanding 80% throttle butterfly opening but our RaceRom custom maps is keeping the Throttle butterfly only @ 54% reducing the power together with reducing timing normally @ 5000rpm and 1.9 engine load we would see around 23/24 deg timing our RaceRom maps are dropping the timing to around 14 degs to reduce the power to keep the wheel speed (slip) under control. The traction is controllable via the Ecutek Bluetooth EVI with a slider to adjust the amount of traction control We should soon have this sorted so when the new RaceRom update is released it will be available to our Ecutek tuned customers. We hope to have 2 levels calibrated to enable use without having a Ecutek EVI module but it wont be adjustable by the driver
  8. After the EcuTek remap the idle has reached 1400 rpm in cold start, while when on stock setup it reached 1100 rpm max. even in snow conditions. Is this normal?
  9. knightryder

    ECU Connect App

    Been playing with the app recently. They are continually updating it and it now has Dashboards, basically gauges, which can be setup and customised and with logging speeds the same or better than standard ProECU on the laptop. This makes it much easier to use and a world away from using Torque etc. Anyway, below are a couple of themes that I have been testing/creating over the last week. For reference these are on a Google Pixel, different size screens like tablets/iPads etc allow for different configurations. Futuristic I'd seen a similar one for the GTR so this was my 1st attempt. GT86 You can have multiple screens on one theme that increases the logging parameters and accessed by swiping across, as seen here. Gazoo Racing Bye bye TRD, GR are the new official tuning arm of Toyota. Abbey Motorsport Thought I'd do one for my favourite garage too.
  10. Ok now my GT86 is sold Im going through parts I have left for sale... First up we have my boxed Ecutek Programming kit, this contains the Usb OBD programming cable and the important Usb Dongle you need to use alongside it, if you already have Ecutek license you an use these upload/download maps, datalog and view/modify maps (if unlocked) using the free software from Ecutek website, if you don't have a license you need buy one from dealer like Fensport. Price wise I would like £180 ono including Uk delivery, RRP price on this is £288 so a good saving. Located in Cumbria and can be collected if required. Pic below, get in touch if you need anymore details. Ian
  11. Good result from a GT86 fitted with the ACE CS400 and the Abbey Motorsport HFC SOLID lines after tuning package fitted Dotted lines stock GT86
  12. Purchased used GT86 and found out next day that previous owner had had vehicle remapped using Fensport Ecutek software. It was set on Map 2 and I have since switched it to Map 4 (non-super unleaded option). 1) I assume that having used half tank of standard unleaded petrol whilst in Map 2 setting will not have caused damage/ created issues?! 2) I have no wish to bear cost of super unleaded (sorry). Am I better of just keeping in Map 4, or go back to standard "factory setting" Map (and if the latter, how is this achieved?) 3) I presume previous owner will have voided 5 year Toyota warranty by remapping?
  13. Sorry been so busy; Cobra have delivered the prototype large capacity HFC for testing; around 35% larger capacity so should flow real well , hold the the heat longer so better for MOT passes and be very reasonable cost wise; Hope to have some news very soon.
  14. Introducing the Ecutek EVi - Bluetooth Vehicle Interface Kit is a pleasure and something we have all wanted for a long time! The awesome new product has just been launched at Sema and we have 1 unit here for demo and beta testing. Price is yet to be confirmed! Info - Used in conjunction with the ECU Connect app and an iPhone or iPad, the Ecutek EVI-BT allows communication between the engine ecu and the iPhone & iPad, maps can be adjusted directly from the device in real time. The following features are available Live Data Display all factory and Race Rom parameters Data Logging The Data Log tool allows you to easily record log files. Simply press start and stop and then the log files can be accessed from the Archive in the main menu. Log files can also be emailed to your tuner direct from within the app. Performance Analyser A "snapshot" of the vehicle's performance can be recorded such as 0-60mph, quarter mile, Vmax and more. The info is saved as "Performance Results" and can be shared online instantly and can be saved for comparison. Map Switching 4 way map switching is available direct from the app. Boost Controller The App will allow boost to be controlled via either set parameters or on a "slider" from low to high* DTC Tool Check and clear DTC's Race Rom Custom Parameters Various driver options can be configured and input from the App in to "Custom Maps" which allows us to create many driver selectable custom options. eg: Valet Mode Boost Control Variable RPM Limit Soft/Hard cut rev limit Variable Power Launch Control Throttle control / sensitivity Live Adjustments Using the app as an input to Custom Maps we can configure the ecu to perform live adjustments to many key tuning tables ... eg:Ignition, Fuel, Cam maps etc. This is just the start for this exciting new product, there is much more on the way including Android development
  15. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS V2 Supercharger self fit kits

    With HKS excellent price reduction on1st February, Abbey Motorsport are going to offer a self fit V2 SC kit for the GT86/BRZ platform. V2 kit with ECUTEK cable/dongle/license and base tune for £3100 inc vat. Base tune will be for a stock car or car with 2nd cat and full exhaust system. I think this is the cheapest quality SC kit on the UK market.
  16. Mark@Abbey M/S

    HKS price reduction

    HKS Europe as off the 1st Febuary have adjusted the European list prices. This has lowered all the parts HKS make for the GT86/BRZ; I will get all the parts available for the Gt/BRZ listed but these are a few prices; HKS V2 Supercharger kit Original price £4200-00 inc vat reduced to £3120-00 inc vat HKS oil cooler kit Original price £870-00 inc vat reduced to £600-00 inc vat HKS 2nd CAT delete pipe 2 resonators fitted £234-00 inc vat reduced to £204-00 inc vat We can ship free of charge to any where.
  17. In the depths of Abbey Motorsport Ltd dyno room we have been working away on developing the GT86?BRZ one of the developments is an Oil pressure trip for these FA20 motor s, nothing new but just needed to developed for these cars. It also allowed us to look into the oil pressure on these motors , anyone with an oil pressure gauge will see there is big fluctuation in cold to hot oil temp. We have found a few items on the motor that can be worked on to fix these issues also we have noticed that engine revs has an influence with oil pressure. here is a datalog from a built FA20 with Abbey tweaks on the oiling system when run on our dyno this week. With the inputted oil pressure into the RaceRom feature of the EcuTek International Ltd software we can add a fuel cut to limit the motor if the oil pressure drops below a calibrated number with a RaceRom map , this allows us to basically limit the car if the oil pressure is below the level we are happy with.we added a delay on the fuel cut happening to allow for transition area's. Something to help look after these FA20 motors when used on the circuits
  18. Fensport

    Ecutek 2014 Updates & New prices

    Hi Everyone, Just like to update you all on Ecutek for 2014, firstly we are offering a few new prices / services. Our Stage 1 map has been renamed as "Fensport NA Map" to reflect the fact that its not really stage 1 anymore as it is adjusted and tuned for each individual customer. The price has been reduced to £250 + vat for a trial period. License fee stays the same at £150 + vat. So if your car has not been mapped before you will need a license and a map totaling £400 + vat. Our remapping and development service is charged at £50 per hour for the first 2 hours then £45 per hour afterwards. We can also offer forced induction mapping and that is charged at the same hourly rates as above. There has been a lot of development over the winter and the new software has included a lot more features which has allowed us to fine tune our maps even further .... a big thank you to Ecutek for their continued development Idle control maps are now available and the cold start ignition retard can now be properly tuned out without the high idle speeds as seen before. previous customers who require this, please email me and I will send you new roms, or you can book in to have them programmed free of charge. New "End User Software" Release The Pro ECU programming kit can now be upgraded free of charge to include allow you to view or change the calibration of factory maps making it a perfect choice for those that want to "self tune". We can supply factory standard maps which are" open" allowing you to edit these maps yourself. The Pro ECU software will include the ability to edit all standard maps up to and including Advanced user level. The software also includes the following unique RaceROM features Launch Control Flat Foot Shifting Downshift Auto Blip Throttle Mapping (Accelerator Trim) Per Gear Rev Limits. Pro ECU programming kit costs £240 + vat RaceROM BRZ Upgrade (for Pro ECU Programming Kit) Designed as an upgrade for those wanting to self tune their vehicles, the RaceROM BRZ upgrade offers the following unique features: 4 Way Map Switching Speed Density High Horsepower Forced Induction Load Limiter Lift Custom Maps offering unique functionality, such as: Traction Control FlexFuel tuning Closed Loop Boost Control High / Low Electronic Boost Note: The RaceROM BRZ Upgrade is only required if "self tuning" and you require the extra functionality. It is already included if using Fensport maps. RaceROM BRZ upgrade costs £249 + vat I'll post up details of our mapping service in the next post Best Regards Adrian
  19. Mark@Abbey M/S

    EVO Magazine and Abbey Motorsport

    ABBEY MOTORSPORT makes the front page of EVO Digital magazine
  20. I always wonder why people say the above; I feel if someone knows how to use a dyno a dyno is a far better piece of equipment to tune car on; Can you tell if you have the cams in a right place or if the maximum advance you can run on the road will give maximum performance by tuning on the road. I think when we have the next dyno day we will spend sometime on the dyno and show everyone why you need a dyno to tune these cars.