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  1. Selling a genuine TRD rear boot spoiler in red C7P. Only installed for about 6 months Still have the original instructions and template (Photographed). In good condition but will need new 3m tape to be applied. Happy for collection or I have a box so can ship at buys expense. SOLD
  2. Boot mat made from laminate to fit a full size spare in the boot. Made this as a temporary cover until i could get hold of a official toyota mat, selling as I now have one. This is glued together and fits in the boot in four pieces, I have a attached pull straps to be able to lift it out with ease to access the tools underneath. The round centre piece will fit the oem 17inch wheel creating an additional storage location for jump leads ect. Sale includes the black leather spare wheel cover as well. SOLD
  3. Basied on the varis arising-II hyper narrow gt wing, bought to see how it would look on my car before committing to by the real varis wing. Glad I did as I didn't like the look on my car. Not sure the brand as it was just sold as varis style. Its also unpainted. Still got the box it came in so happy to ship at buyers cost or for it to be collected. SOLD
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  5. Removed from my car as I have installed a cold air intake now so have no need for this part. Its in good condition and comes with the metal plug for the intake resonator.Unfortunately this sale does not include the rubber cap cover for the sound generator Delete, however a similar part can be source from a hardware store. SOLD.
  6. My front badge had a small crack on it (photographed) so bought a set to replace it. Now selling the brand new rear badge and the slightly cracked front badge together. The crack doesn't go all the way through to the back.Will require new 3m tape for the front. SOLD
  7. Lordyboi

    K&N air filter

    Drop in K&N air filter, been in my car for 2 years around 10,000 miles. It was removed and cleaned every oil change so has been cleaned two times. Second time was after i removed it to sell. Still got plenty of life left in it. Removed as I have now installed a cold air intake, so no longer required. It has been re-oiled and sealed in a food bag so is read to drop straight back into the car.Note was cleaned using genuine K&N cleaner and oil. The detergent was washed out from the air flow side only so not to force the dirt into the filter. It was oiled from the air inlet side only to prevent oil transfer onto the MAF sensor.£35 +2.99 shipping
  8. Had these lowering springs on my car for around a year. Only removed as I have upgraded to coilovers. Lowered the car about a inch, good handling never had them bottom out ect. Fairly easy to install. They have a bit of surface rust on the lower portion of the fronts, nothing that will effect the spring however. Happy with either collection or shipping at buyers expense. SOLD
  9. I measured the car height before the change then set the coilovers the same and the rear was 20mm higher then the front (66cm from ground to top of fender arch in the rear and 64cm from ground to the top of the fender arch in the front) but im now thinking that maybe the fender arch is higher in the rear maybe? The spring rate of my coilovers is also 6kg in the rear with 5kg in the front so I guess a stiffer spring on the lighter end of the car could be holding the rear up giving the illusion of a larger gap, but the standard spring rate is 1kg more in the rear as well so this should look the same as stock give or take.
  10. I have the verus front splitter already installed so I can angle it down a little more to counter the change in rake in regards to air flow under the car.
  11. Just switched from lowering springs to coilovers, I liked the height that my car was with lowering springs so set the coilovers to the same hight but think it needs to drop a little more in the rear. I had the Eibach pro lowering kit which is 25mm drop in the front and 20mm drop in the rear. Is there a reason Eibach choose to set spec their rear springs 5mm higher?
  12. Bought this always on kit from diode dynamics with the aim of modify it for a project on my 86 but decided to go down another route, as such the harness hasn't been used, ive only installed it to check that it it working correctly which it is. Looking to get what I paid for it minus import fees and shipping from the US. SOLD Heres the link to there website for those who are interested: https://www.diodedynamics.com/always-on-module-for-subaru-brz-eu-au-jdm.html
  13. Selling my head unit as I have updated to a joying unit. This is the Kenwood DNX716WDABS which has now been discontinued but was originally sold for UK/EU markets. Included in the sale is a kenwood CMOS-230 reverse camera. I have made this a completely plug and play kit, the only wire that will need to be attached is the red reverse trigger wire which will need to be connected to the green reverse light wire in the boot. The rest of the reverse camera power is taken from the head unit power and ground has a connection plug for easy install. Camera can be viewed while driving though the menu buttons. Reverse camera connection is small enough to fit through the boot lid cable grommet so camera can be fitted on the boot lid trim piece. The head unit can have a custom background displayed, as shown. Will fit the GT86/BRZ head unit slot perfectly as shown. Usual kenwood build quality and sound quality. I have included a photo of all the harness connected together. Weblink to kenwood site for full specs: https://kenwood-electronics.co.uk/car/nav_mm/nav/DNX715WDAB/?view=details SOLD