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  1. Reverse light bulb replacement. I used these bulbs in my 86 for about a year, super bright much brighter than OEM. only selling as i have installed the valenti bumper light. Super quick to install well worth the time and money. £17 + 2.99pp
  2. Got a full set of GT86 half leather, half alcantara seats for sale. Both drivers and passengers seats have working heated seats fitted as well as air bags, however they have had their seat belt removed. Condition of the passenger and rear seats is excellent with only a very small bit of wear on the passengers and none on the rears. (photographed). The drivers has wear on the bolster. (photographed) Happy to sell front seats individually but rears come as a set. None smoker, No pets, no marks or stains. collection only as too large to send. collection form just outside Portsmouth. Drivers seat: £100 passenger: £200 rear set: £200
  3. Rear bumper in red (C7P). Bumper is in good condition with the exception of the scuff I have shown. No broken clips. £150 Collection only as its too large to ship. Collection from just outside Portsmouth area.
  4. I used these bulbs in my 86 for about a year they are super bright, much brighter than OEM. Only selling as I have installed the Valenti bumper light. Super quick to install well worth the time and money. £17 + 2.99pp
  5. Bought a spare boot lid and this spoiler was attached and I have no need for it as I have the real TRD version. I have no idea what brand or make this spoiler is but other then lacking the black weather seal its identical in shape and size to the real TRD one I have. the only difference is the mounting points on this one use the existing bolt holes that hold on the factory spoiler. It is painted in red C7P and matches the boot lid near perfectly. The paint is also in really good condition with no marked or scrapes ect. It will require you to apply new 3M tape to the spoiler however to when mounting it. I will include some fresh bolts and washers as well. £150 + £15 P&P
  6. Lordyboi

    Boot lid for sale

    Silver boot lid for sale, good condition will come with the trim piece attached. £150 Collection only as its too large to send. Collection from just outside Portsmouth.
  7. Grey first gen (12-16) rear bumper for sale. In good condition no large scuffs or marks. Probably not in good enough condition to put straight onto a grey car but if you're looking for a bumper replacement then this is a good option. £300 collection only for this as its too big to send unfortunately. Collection from just out side Portsmouth, Hampshire po10
  8. For sale a few bits and pieces I have left over from other projects or extras from repairing other parts on my car. GT86/BRZ Handbrake Cable - £10 + £2.94pp GT86/BRZ Handbrake Button Spring - SOLD GT86/BRZ Handbrake Gaiter - SOLD
  9. For sale a few bits and pieces I have left over from other projects or extras from repairing other parts on my car. Gt86/BRZ Boot Lid Hinges silver (pair) - SOLD GT86/BRZ Boot Lid Release Button - £13 + £2.99pp GT86/BRZ Handbrake Handle Grip - SOLD GT86/BRZ Handbrake Position Indicator - Switch £6 + £2.94pp
  10. not sure if you found the parts you were looking for but I have the carpet to line the topside of the boot if you still want it?
  11. Hi All looking for a Mk1 rear bumper as mine has some damage that can't be repaired. I'm looking for a undamaged bumper with no clips broken ect or scratches to the black diffuser part. Paint damage is okay as long as its only cosmetic as I can get this resprayed. Looking for red c7p but am interested in any colour really as I can just get it resprayed.
  12. Gt86/BRZ Boot Lid Hinges silver (pair) - SOLD
  13. Exactly! Im one for subtly so this fits the bill nicely! I ordered the eject and the shift pattern both in red as I have the black traction control buttons. Both decals with shipping came to $10 about £7. Don't think this 'mod' really requires an install guide haha but I will be let you know what the quality is like and how long they took to arrive/whether they actually do arrive as I chose world wide post as the delivery option haha.
  14. Hi all was looking for something else and stumbled upon these decals for the spare traction control button. Loads of designs and look to be fairly high quality but can't say for sure as I haven't actually ordered one yet. Not sure if anyone else has spotted these before so though I'd make a post, they're pretty cheap and I checked shipping to my address (mainland UK) and it as only $2 on worldwide post. weblink: https://everythingvinyldecal.com/collections/ft86-brz-gt86-fr-s-86