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  1. not sure if you found the parts you were looking for but I have the carpet to line the topside of the boot if you still want it?
  2. Hi All looking for a Mk1 rear bumper as mine has some damage that can't be repaired. I'm looking for a undamaged bumper with no clips broken ect or scratches to the black diffuser part. Paint damage is okay as long as its only cosmetic as I can get this resprayed. Looking for red c7p but am interested in any colour really as I can just get it resprayed.
  3. Boot lid hinges: £15 p+p £2.90 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144154846119?hash=item21904c63a7:g:YlwAAOSwfuJhF~sy I also have a black OEM Mk1 spoiler which is structurally fine but there is some damage to it which will require filling and painting. Haven't got a box for this so can't ship it unfortunately but if you're in the area (po10) you can have it for £10, PM me for pics if you're interested.
  4. Exactly! Im one for subtly so this fits the bill nicely! I ordered the eject and the shift pattern both in red as I have the black traction control buttons. Both decals with shipping came to $10 about £7. Don't think this 'mod' really requires an install guide haha but I will be let you know what the quality is like and how long they took to arrive/whether they actually do arrive as I chose world wide post as the delivery option haha.
  5. Hi all was looking for something else and stumbled upon these decals for the spare traction control button. Loads of designs and look to be fairly high quality but can't say for sure as I haven't actually ordered one yet. Not sure if anyone else has spotted these before so though I'd make a post, they're pretty cheap and I checked shipping to my address (mainland UK) and it as only $2 on worldwide post. weblink: https://everythingvinyldecal.com/collections/ft86-brz-gt86-fr-s-86
  6. Just out of curiosity is replacing a OEM cat with sports cat legal? Like does it count as removing the cat as its not the OEM one?
  7. Lordyboi

    Headlight advice

    Hi all Looking to pick up a pair of Crystal Eye LED Head lights (pictured below) but can't really find any information on them and the website is all in Japanese lol. If anyone has got any experience with them and could advise me on a few questions I have that would be great! firstly and most importantly are they UK legal? I know they're for jap cars so the beam pattern should be okay but do they have auto levelling? and are they E marked? what bulb do they take? In the photos on they're website they look to take the stock D2S which would be great as I wouldn't have to buy new bulbs. do they work with the day time running lights on our cars (GT86 2014)? are they plug and play? anything else worth knowing? Quality? other problems ect
  8. Lordyboi

    HKS Air intake duct advice

    Looking to pick up the HKS intake duct to improve air flow. Excluding the price does anyone know any down sides of installing it? I'm not interested in a full ram air intake so I'm currently trying to get the most out of the stock air box. I've got a UEL on the way and will get a tune after I've installed it so want to clean up the intake and squeeze every last HP out of the stock box to compliment the HP gain from the UEL when its tuned. I'm currently running a K and N air filter and the Mishimoto induction hose so the HKS intake duct would finish it off nicely. Im mostly worried about water ingress as I have read that the due to the larger opening more water can get into the filter box but I cant see why as its mounted at the same height as the stock intake so the same amount of rain water should find its way up to that point? Anyone with it fitted/had it fitted could shed some light on this or anything else worth knowing that would be great!
  9. If you're looking for the original first gen OEM spoiler then you would need to get a respray anyway as the 2012 - 2015 models have a different shade of red to the 2016 - present models. 2012 - 2015 is C7P red and the 2016 to present is M7Y red I'd be happy to swap if your still interested and get the boot lids resprayed. I live just out side Portsmouth so only an hour away from Bracknell. I'm an engineer by trade so we could meet up half way and I could swap them over. Respray should be around 150 - 300 depending on were you go. Even so its still cheaper then buying a band new wing and getting it fitted plus with a fresh coat of paint it will look brand new.
  10. Lordyboi

    (SOLD) - Tomei SS Duracon shift knob

    Now on Ebay as its a £1 selling fees weekend: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tomei-SS-Duracon-shift-knob-for-GT86-BRZ/143995910817?hash=item2186d33aa1:g:dHsAAOSwV8NgZxgC
  11. Hi all Selling my Tomei SS duracon gear knob, it is the their SS type knob which is the shortest and lightest they do. It has been on my car for about 4 months so is in great condition (don't wear rings or anything) selling as I have switched to another gear knob with a different shape which I prefer. Its a great knob which improves the feeling of changing gear. When it comes new the Tomei logo disk is uninstalled and requires sticking down when it is in the car so the logo faces the correct direction, as shown in the photos I have installed this however I have taken the knob off and on a few times and I always lines up in the correct position. Provided that Toyota cut all the gear stick treads in the same postion it should line up perfect on your car as well but just be aware of if its not the case though im sure the logo disk plate can be removed with some fishing line ect. I am also including a clear disk I made and some clear M3 double sided tape (photos below), I had plans to remove the Tomei disk and stick something under the clear disk such as a shift pattern or sticker of some sort but never got round to it. No extra cost for these Selling via paypal for £25 Tracked delivery: free More then happy to sell via Ebay if you want the added security it offers but this will cost extra due to Ebay taking a cut. Happy to answers any questions
  12. Hi all, I'm selling my black radio surround trim and passenger side dash trim. These two pieces are only available on the Japanese Market so as such have to be imported. Both pieces have been used for about six months now and are in great condition, only selling as I have decided to go with a different dash trim option. Part numbers: Radio surround trim: SU00301909 Passenger side trim: SU00301931 selling both parts together including tracked delivery for £45 Currently selling on eBay as I'm able to sell for a £1 fee until Monday, after which i'll then be selling via Paypal unless someone want to pay extra for the security eBay provides. eBay link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143970136588 up close photos and photos of how they look installed bellow, feel free to ask questions.
  13. The brake lights are straight plug and play, with a switch for sequential or non-sequential indicators. The bumper lights is also plug and play if you want it to do exactly what the current OEM bumper light bar does i.e. reverses lights and fog light. If you want it to have the 3rd brake light function then you'll need to rewire it. They're both super easy to fit, when you fit the rear brake lights make sure the gasket on the back is properly in place and you dont do the nuts on the back up super tight otherwise it wont seal right and you'll get water coming in the car. There's plenty of video on YouTube of people fitting them as they're quite a common mod. Use the American video as a rough guide tho as US cars have a different wiring harness to euro spec cars.