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Found 6 results

  1. For sale is my EcuTek ProECU Programming Kit. The dongle has been applied with the RaceROM tuning upgrade, a £250 add-on, which would make this around £500 to purchase separately. More info on the upgrade can be found here but this give you access to tuning all the Custom Maps and all 4 mapswitch modes, so this is ideally aimed at those that want to self-tune or have a more in depth understanding of how the BRZ/GT86 ECU works. Kit Includes: > ProEcu OBD Interface Cable > EcuTek Software Dongle > RaceROM Tuning Upgrade Applied to Dongle EcuTek ECU License NOT included. This is required for the 1st time an ECU is flashed by EcuTek and can be purchased separately from any EcuTek Master Tuner, so not required by anyone already running EcuTek. Price: £210 Posted Location: East Sussex
  2. i have a 2013 eu MT BRZ here with a bricked ecu, writing stopped during flashing (OFT) (battery) and now there is no rom on the car. it had originally the ZA1J700H rom. (2012-2013 eu mt) tried procedure with battery deconnection and then trying to reflash stock rom but no luck. even with a new battery. it is a car with a regular key, no smart. so i'm looking for a second had ecu nr 22765-AC830 on top of the ecu i have this code "HG" https://imgur.com/a/4t4tiSV if you have someting that can work and want it to ship to Belgium than make me a price. kind regards Tonni
  3. Hi, I own a gt86 for a year and a half now and i had no problems with it until 2 moths ago. I went to the dealer to get some new tires as they had an offer 3 tires + 1 free i parked the car went inside, ordered the tires the mechanic came to move the car and the car would not start. everything was working battery power to fuel pump dash, headlight... just the starter would not kick in. they had it in the shop for 2 months now and cant figure it out apparently my ecu and remote entry ecu fuse keeps blowing, resulting in frying my original ones. They replaced mine under warranty but it keeps happening again when they tested it. Toyota Mechanics believe its a short circuit on one of the wires on the main harness but i doubt it. the only electrical modification related that i done to the car are the fog-light bulbs, i replaced them with LED bulbs same size same dimensions same shape as OEM but LED. Has anyone on this forum ever had or heard of any similar problems on the 86? if so can you give me some pointers as im a bit annoyed now for 2 months they couldn't find it and they are puzzled as to what is causing this issue
  4. JGGL

    Stolen Key

    I had a minor traffic accident last night where some opportunist stole my laptop bag, which contained work laptop and GT86 car key, whilst I was exchanging details with the 3rd party. My insurance company reckons I should change the locks, they haven't said whether I should change the codes yet but their theft dept is closed until Monday. However I just rang the Toyota dealer in Reading and priced up what would need to be done as a worst case scenario, which involves a new ECU, and it came to an eye-watering £2985 plus labour. Has anybody been in the same position? What did you do? Thanks John
  5. I am putting up for sale my Brand new never used Motec M150 package My package consists of: :- Motec M150 ECU :- Motec ‘Toyota 86 2012 Engine Swap’ license :- Motec Toyota 86 plug and play harness :- Motec LTC Module (The LTC module allows you to connect any wideband O2 sensor to the ECU to get the best possible AFR readings to the ECU) In total these added up to £3236 bought directly from Fensport. Please note that although the license is for an engine swap (the more expensive one), the license can be changed to use the normal FA20 engine for free, won't cost anything. I am selling all these as a single package for £2000 shipped via DHL to anywhere in Europe. Feel free to PM me if you're interested. These have never been used, not even test fitted nothing. They are still sitting in the same packaging that they arrived in from fensport. here are some photos of the items:
  6. Hiya people! So I was perusing on one of the many websites that do modifications & tunes to our lovely vehicles and something caught my eye with the ECU N/A reflash, "What if there's a recall or a warranty claim pending? If required the ecu can be reflashed back to standard, once recall work is complete, the tuned map can be re installed." Now I may have missed a post on the forum/ I have little knowledge in these things atm ( I am a newbie ) but was wondering has anyone done this and has everything been fine with the warranty claim etc? reason I ask is I am looking towards the not so distant future in potentially getting some upgrades done with respect to the exhaust and intake that from what i read do merit a tune, and i don't particularly want to risk the engine warranty being voided due to the tune. Also has anyone got any experience with the Cosworth Stage 1.0 upgrade? If so how is it? Cheers in advance!