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  1. Twigman

    Seriously want a GT86

    It's a Toyota cost but involves effectively a full engine rebuild and from what I've heard they've not been 100% successful.
  2. Twigman

    EU GT86 modified insurance

    Surely UK insurance is valid EU wide, isn't it?
  3. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    I just find that in 6th at high continental cruising speed it feels like it would be more comfortable with a few hundred fewer revs. I often find myself reaching to change up when I'm already in 6th.
  4. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    Thank you. At last someone agrees with me! I couldn't accept that I was the only one!
  5. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    and that would be a problem, why? As it is we're running at uncomfortably high revs on the level or downhill.
  6. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    and I was talking 90-100 120+ cruising is just not possible, even on the autobahn. The roads are too crowded.
  7. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    Of course there is - you don't need oodles of torque to maintain a constant speed. Clearly none of you have driven cars from the 60s or 70s that couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding but could do 70mph with no problem.
  8. Twigman

    Commercials and Promotionals for Our Cars

    yes - it's a completely different experience. Have you done either?
  9. Twigman

    Commercials and Promotionals for Our Cars

    I have a bike (Honda FireBlade) and have owned an open 2 seater sports car (Triumph Spitfire) and can categorically say that bikes do not deliver the open top motoring experience. They are completely different - there is nothing like the wind in the hair experience of an open top car. Motorcycles don't deliver that at all.
  10. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    It could do with a 7th longer gear.....keeping the 6 it already has. Cruising at 90-100mph (140-160kph) puts the engine right where I don't want it (MT). It has GT in the name, which stands for 'Grand Tourer' in most peoples' dictionaries.....it should be capable of doing some 'grand touring'. Clearly the designers had 70mph cruising as their priority when selecting the top ratio - some of us like to cruise a bit faster. Often 70mph feels like I could get out and walk faster. Perhaps I crave an Aston Martin?
  11. Twigman

    Steering Wheel Locks

    I've got a StopLock steering wheel lock which I used for a while but have given up using it primarily because, when it's not being used, it rattles so loudly I can hear it even when it's in the boot.
  12. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    What's funny? The GT86 is seriously short geared for high speed motorway cruising.
  13. Twigman

    That unique GT86 sound!

    I often find myself looking for a 7th gear, particularly on the motorway, in Germany, at about 90mph
  14. Twigman

    Tail Wagging

    I just drove home and pressed the TRC button for longer than usual and the VSC light went out! Well I never! 5 years and that was the first time. Gave it sone welly on the way home coming off roundabouts...not a twitch! I wonder if it’ll rain before my car goes in for repair? I’m quite looking forward to it raining now!
  15. Twigman

    Tail Wagging

    So manufactured 1 week apart? Could even be 3 from Friday and 1 from Monday - I'd wager they're a set that all went on together.