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  1. Twigman

    Service prices

    HAHAHA I always request they skip this bit
  2. Twigman

    Severe engine rattle

    Overhead cam engines don't have rocker arms - rocker arms are in pushrod engines
  3. Twigman

    Shell V-Power > CEL

    P0852 is nothing to do with petrol For the record - in 62 months of GT86 ownership I have used Vpower99 almost exclusively. Only times I've done something else: I have twice put £10 of BP ultimate (97) and three times put a whole tank of Shell Racing100 in (as that was all I could find suitable in Germany) Never had a CEL light
  4. As to do I need one? I play bass in a band and often find I have to transport a couple of basses and a bass rig and two children at the same time. My Mazda6 estate coped with this but only by split folding the rear seat....we also go camping often and the Mazda struggled to accommodate everything meaning often compromises would be needed. I suppose I could go with another estate but a pickup with a hardtop is more interesting. I'm attracted by AWD as my driveway slopes steeply and when it snows (admittedly rarely) I am incapable of getting the Gt86 on and off the drive - I used to leave the Mazda out in the road, which is why it got taken out......AWD estates are significantly dearer than the pickups while being significantly smaller. The top end pickups seem just as well appointed internally and just as comfortable.....i could go on
  5. Recently my other car - a Mazda6 estate - was written off by some old duffer parking his Skoda in my front garden after driving through the Mazda and my garden wall. I am looking at replacing it (and possibly trading the GT86 in at the same time).... Considered an SUV - something like a Range Rover Evoque but the boot isn't big enough.... So started looking at pickups.....the Mitsubishi L200 with full size locking hardtop is looking like it's currently favourite. They are HUGE - has anyone here any experience with them? If I go for a used one (looking at 2018on 2.4D manual Barbarian) what should I look out for?
  6. Twigman

    Worst Car Ever Driven

    My worst car was a Renault 14TL None of you will rememeber them though
  7. Twigman

    Battery and key fob issues

    So 10 days on and the car is fine with just having charged the battery that day. no new battery...yet. I wonder why, that night, the battery discharged? Weird
  8. Twigman

    Battery and key fob issues

    That's as may be but the fact that they now fit 65Ah batteries as standard is surely an admission that the 48Ah battery (like mine) is inadequate - then we get into 'fit for purpose' arguments
  9. Twigman

    Battery and key fob issues

    Battery was showing 13.4V when I put it back in this morning. My key fobs are back to life. So paranoid driving it to work that I drove with no heater, no radio and no lights.... This is no way to 'enjoy' a car - constantly worrying if it'll start next time you get in it.
  10. Twigman

    Battery and key fob issues

    Not in my experience. I've never experienced such ignorant nonsense from any dealer ever I'm 52 and have owned a fair few cars over the years so I'm hardly green when it comes to dealers.
  11. Twigman

    Battery and key fob issues

    That's as may be but their attitude on the phone stinks.
  12. Twigman

    Battery and key fob issues

    This morning i was again locked out of my 86. I opened the door with the blade key - alarm goes off - will not respond to either key fob switching the alarm off. Put both keys inside car and no indication on the dash that the car acknowledges the presence of any key. Alarm keeps going off - only way to stop it is to relock the car with the blade key. I phone Toyota - they suggest the battery is flat. Really? I drove the car 60 miles yesterday - it was good as gold and it was hardly a chilly night compared to some recently. Why would the battery lose that much charge overnight. Eventually I manage to ignore the alarm long enough to get the bonnet open and disconnect the battery. It showed 12.38V on my multimeter. Phoned Toyota again - they reckon 12.38V indicates that the battery is dead. Toyota: "When did you last use it?" Me: "Yesterday i did about 60 miles" Toyota:" How long before that?" Me: "A couple of days" Toyota:"Well there you are then" Me:"What?" Toyota:"Your car isn't in daily use" Me:"So what?" Toyota:"So you should expect the battery to go flat" Me:" I should what? I only used it YESTERDAY - how's it gone flat overnight?" Toyota:"You probably had the heater and radio and lights on yesterday" Me: "So what?" Toyota:"So you'll have drained the battery" Me:" So the car's charging system can't cope with the car's systems in normal use?" Toyota" All cars are like that" Me:"Rubbish...I can leave my Mazda for a month with the alarm on, get in it and it'll crank and start first time, every time....I only left the 86 for 1 night" Toyota:"Oh" Fucking useless twats! In my many years experience cars have even been able to crank at 12.38V - that's normally about 1/2 charged - only when it gets down to <11.9V is a battery normally flat. So why would it have stopped recognising both key fobs? Surely 12.38V is ample to keep the security system working? Toyota suggested I bring the car in for them to have a look at. How am i supposed to do that when the car has stopped recognising both my key fobs? They didn't have an answer for that and suggested that wasn't their problem. So I have left the battery charging all day and hope that once it's back in the car that they key fobs are once more recognised. The fitted battery is one of the 48Ah batteries - i belive they are now fitted with 65Ah batteries instead. How might I blag one of these 65Ah batteries?
  13. Twigman

    Flat battery - locked out - BROKE key

    Car gone off to be repaired
  14. Twigman

    Rust under weather strip in bonnet

    ACF-50 magic stuff Has kept my Fireblade corrosion free for 24 years!