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  1. Twigman

    Rear Brake Pads

    Which is which?
  2. Twigman

    Rear Brake Pads

    I'm confused....it seems there must be 2 different spec of rear brakes for our GT86s. How do I know which spec my brakes are? https://www.eurocarparts.com/brake-pads FYI I have a 2014 UK spec GT86
  3. Twigman

    Rotational Squeaking from Discs?

    Pagid pads come with the 'support shims'
  4. Twigman

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    I got the black carbon tips - i waited a month for them - i could've had red tips off the shelf straight away but I wanted the black.
  5. And if any of you are wondering - it did have a sort of happy ending
  6. If they were, it wouldn't be the first time.
  7. I just e-mailed James at Amber Performance and yes - it's off their ramp! LOL
  8. FFS - so some scrote was trying to nick my TWS T66-Fs in the middle of the night? or perhaps the HKS catback i had fitted yesterday! Oh well - I now have a useful bit of kit.
  9. Does anyone have any idea what this is and why it might be chocking the near side rear wheel of my car ON MY DRIVE this morning? It seems to have been placed there in the middle of the night. Anyone any clue what's going on?
  10. Twigman

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    What did you settle for in the end? James at Amber reckons the Tomei UEL will fill the hole....does it not? And have you had any CEL as a result?
  11. Twigman

    So.... talk manifolds to me

    Thread resurrection time...... Just had an HKS Spec-L catback fitted - rest of zorst is std - but now my attention is turning to the torque hole and manifolds. (yes - I am probably doing this the wrong way round) UEL preferred as seems to fill the hole best and makes the burble. There don't seem to be any CATed UEL manifolds anymore (HKS don't seem to make their's anymore). Has anyone had any MOT emissions problems with just the OEM secondary CAT in their system? Toying with the idea of Tomei UEL (poss +overpipe-is it worth it?) Edit: Oh and any CEL problems? And how are they overcome?
  12. Twigman

    Blowing Exhaust? Or something else?

    It tends to happen 3500k and above. You say it doesn't happen unless under acceleration and doesn't happen if just revving while not in gear...sounds like a tin can? All symptoms of the gear linkage rattle. It doesn't happen all the time either, i suspect.
  13. Twigman

    Blowing Exhaust? Or something else?

    Is this the infamous gear linkage rattle? AFAIK there is no cure. It's a common thing.
  14. Twigman

    Bike Rack - GT86

    I have the Seasucker Talon bike rack - it works https://www.seasucker.com/collections/bike/products/talon
  15. oh yeah my wheels and a few cosmetic changes and fancy stereo upgrade are declared with no extra charge....i'm just considering a catback (on order) and was wondering what to expect when I ring the insurers.