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  1. Twigman

    Air Conditioning - One side cold, other not

    Did you find any solution to this? I've still not - I did mention it to Toyota when I put it in for its last service but they didn't bother checking it and i forgot to ask when i collected the car as they were trying to close for the evening....
  2. Twigman

    Drivers Club Musicians

    Been a while - we made this video in the 2020 lockdown:
  3. My Air conn seems to be playing up. The passenger side blows lovely and cold but the driver's side does not. I've tried linking and unlinking the climate control temps but still the passenger side blows cold but the driver's side does not. Seems very strange to me. Any ideas?
  4. Plenty of non Toyotas in there too....been there 30 seconds and I spy a 240Z a MX-5 and a Civic.....Toyota museum? Jap car museum more like.
  5. Twigman

    First MOT after TD UEL and Cat Back

    where I get my motorcycle MOT'd they don't even start the engine
  6. Twigman

    Dealer rant!

    Another trait the service manager displayed: "I don't want to make excuses but......" and then made excuses. "I'm not racist but..." syndrome.
  7. Twigman

    Dealer rant!

    Me too....I have little/no choice - it's Steven Eagell or massive inconvenience. And the Service Manager tried to tell me that they have a good reputation amongst GT86 'club members' and on the forums.... Yeah right It seems the only qualification required to work for Steven Eagell is to be able to say "Black is white" and actually convince yourself of its veracity.
  8. Twigman

    Dealer rant!

    Steven Eagell Milton Keynes :- I had my GT86 serviced yesterday (6 year service). 2 issues: 1: When I collected the car at 5.50pm I found the car was unlocked which I thought was strange. I drove 1/2 mile and stopped at a takeaway to get something to eat. When i tried to lock the car the alarm triggered. There was no obvious cause for this. I returned to the dealer, arriving at 6.02pm. The service department was now closed. The salesmen offered to keep the car in the workshop overnight. That didn't work for me as I don't have time to waste going back and forth to the dealer. I was asked by the salesman "What do you expect? I'm just a salesman" !!! Gobsmacked! I expect my car to be returned to me in a serviceable condition, and I expect to be able to drive it away from the dealers in a condition that allows me to lock the car. Unreasonable? I think not. I ended up diagnosing and fixing the problem in the dealer car park, myself. The alarm sensor under the bonnet had not engaged with the cup on the bonnet underside, making the alarm think the bonnet was open. The bracket holding the sensor had been bent out of the way of the cup. It must have been known by whoever parked my car in the dealer car park after the service that this was the case, as the car was not locked. I find it appalling that the car was left for me to pick up in that state. If their technician can't even close the bonnet properly what confidence can I have in the rest of the work done? After emailing the dealer last night I get a response this morning asking me to bring the car in to ensure the sensor is not damaged. Talk about missing the point completely! Issue2: I believe the differential oil should be changed at this service. While the service sheet indicates that no differential oil was changed, I have been charged for gear oil. The dealer responded that the differential oil has been changed but I'm afraid I have no confidence that it has since it is not ticked on the service sheet. I'm afraid I've lost all confidence in the dealer. There is no way I can be confident that any work has been done to any kind of acceptable standard. The 'Service Manager' phoned me this morning to apologise. An apology won't restore my confidence.
  9. i find the 86 ideal on my 15mile A & B road (mostlyNSL) twisty commute. It's even consigned my FireBlade to permanent residence in the garage. It's these types of road that bring out the best in the 86. I do from time to time have a 450mile each way commute to Germany - I tend to get off the Autobahn early and use the back roads to get there but I still arrive able to walk and work. It's a great all rounder.
  10. Twigman

    percolating kettle noise

    Yes!! I've been trying to describe this sound myself and now you mention it it does sound like a coffee percolator. And yes, it happens on anything but the smoothest of roads. I am on std suspension and Dunlop Winter Sport 5 tyres - it happened with my PS4s too so I'm not sure it's the tyres. I've only really noticed it since I blocked the sound hole. It is very irritating though. I wish I could isolate it and make it go away.
  11. Twigman

    Drivers Club Musicians

    I play bass for Sad Lovers & Giants https://sadloversandgiants.co.uk/ I downsized my rig when i got the GT86 as I couldn't get my 2x12 in the boot. We closed the last night of the Wave Gotik treffen festival in Leipzig this year - here's the last song (we'd not rehearsed it and the keyboards broke down during it) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVcFFXkcPsk Our guitarist is in Above & Beyond https://www.aboveandbeyond.nu/
  12. Twigman

    Condensed mode not condensing

    Is anybody trying to fix it?
  13. Twigman

    Condensed mode not condensing

    I'm on a PC running W7Pro and firefox I have discovered that on another forum I'm a member of, that runs the same software, the same problem exists - probably a buggy software update.
  14. Condensed mode seems broken - it's not condensing to just the post title, as it used to.