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  1. CherryBomb

    In comes the GR86

    That grill is so much better.
  2. CherryBomb

    In comes the GR86

    I think the look of the GR is not good. It's definitely a turn for the worse, in my opinion. If that's what 86's looked like when I bought my car, I wouldn't have bought it. The shape/curve of the front end (in profile) is different and rather ordinary. The grill is boring. That 'duckbill' spoiler looks ridiculous. The seats are downright UGLY (the ones I saw in a review by Jason on Engineering Explained). It's been stripped of its Toyota identity and its little '86' touches (though that's been coming for a while). I could go on. I have a list of complaints, but I'll spare everyone the agony. I know it has more horsepower and torque, but I would rather keep my beautiful 2013 and just do mods to get some increased hp. If at some point I decide to get something with more power (specifically to my taste, faster acceleration) it will NOT be a GR. I would never buy that car, even with cash in my hand. There are too many things I find aesthetically displeasing about it. So disappointing. What were they thinking? And yet, it makes my car feel all the more special now.
  3. CherryBomb

    Sunday 19th Blackbushe Airport

    Same for me. So problem is with link, Simon? Oh well, you've shared the details. Thanks. Might see you guys there.
  4. CherryBomb

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Cool, thanks.
  5. CherryBomb

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Awwww, it's sweet that you posted that! I tried to 'like' the photo, but apparantly you can only like 5 or so posts per day?? What's up wtih that?? Anyway, nice to hear from you, too. The pandemic has been a bit difficult to cope with. Honestly, the only thing that has kept me sane is my car! Washing it, going for drives, etc. I had such a great time meeting you all. I wanted to go to JapFest, especially since it was on my birthday, but I'm too hestitant about covid. Oh well, keep calm and carry on, eh? I hope you're well!
  6. CherryBomb

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Looks fantastic. Your engine is cleaner than my house.
  7. CherryBomb

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Is that offer open to everybody? You might get inundated. I want to get my wheels reburbed. If not possible at yours, do you know of a good place in London or Essex?
  8. CherryBomb

    Fuel Coffee House meet SAT 16th November

    Thanks, Lee! Thanks, Keith! Make it extra strong.
  9. CherryBomb

    Fuel Coffee House meet SAT 16th November

    I'm not going to be able to make it. I have a wonky shoulder that started acting up yesterday, and I'm in too much pain to drive. Hopefully next time.
  10. Right, I just watched "Rush". That was a very good movie. I enjoyed it much more than Le Mans 66. I was looking forward to Le Mans 66 because I've read and watched so much about Shelby and Ferrari and know the story, but the movie was only so-so, in my opinion. I used to watch races on tv as a little kid with my older brother, but I don't recall hearing of Niki Lauda and James Hunt, but this was a good movie, with good character development and more passion. That Niki Lauda was one tough sonofabitch. At the end I saw in the credits that Ron Howard directed it, and I thought, 'Ah, no wonder it was good.'
  11. I went and saw it this evening. Without giving anything away, I will say that I am surprised it got an 8 on IMDB. I would give it a 6. But that's just my opinioin. Christian Bale was his usual wonderful self. He's a great actor, and his performance was not a let-down. Matt Damon? Eh. I didn't feel a lot from his character. I've seen several interviews with Carroll Shelby, and he strikes me as a spitfire. I don't really think Matt Damon captured that. But hey, I'm no expert or movie critic. Overall, it's not a bad movie, and seeing the up-close racing shots on the big screen is cool, but if you want to buddy up with Lauren and watch it on Netflix, I don't blame you.
  12. CherryBomb

    Steering Wheel Locks

  13. CherryBomb

    Steering Wheel Locks

    Well, I thought about that (the distance thing) but my car is actually quite close to my flat, and I can lock/unlock the car from my window, so I'm assuming that means the signal could be picked up on their equipment, and the parking spots are numbered. However, there is the deterrant of the gate not being automatic (which means they wouldn't be able to get out) and having to wait til someone leaves in order to get out. However, I know that thieves are bold and sneaky, and it's better for me to not assume too much and just be as careful as I can. What I meant about not parking in Stratford is the worry about vandalism.
  14. I think it will be interesting to see how Hollywood handles the story. I'm planning on going Friday evening, to the Greenwich O2 Cineworld. I'm going to see it in 4DX, which seems like a really cool option, with moving seats and such. Movie-going has come a long way! If anyone wants to come along, let me know.