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  1. CherryBomb

    Meguiar's Foam ruined my car

    Fair enough, though I wasn't necessarily blaming them. I did say that I used a hand pump sprayer, etc. Do you have any suggestions how to fix the problem? Should I just wash it as normal, or use some special cleaner?
  2. CherryBomb

    Meguiar's Foam ruined my car

    Yes, makes sense. I will get some later and pop them on.
  3. CherryBomb

    Meguiar's Foam ruined my car

    Well, it had started evaporating, actually, because I had to wait for someone to finish with their car.
  4. CherryBomb

    Meguiar's Foam ruined my car

    Yeah, I did rinse it off first. It was still wet when I applied the foam.
  5. I don't have access to a hosepipe, nor the space to store a machine to properly spray foam onto my car, so I bought a pump bottle sprayer, using the correct ratio of 1-5 as indicated in the instructions on the foam. I knew it wouldn't be the same, but figured at least I could spray the foam on there. Well, it really didn't foam up at all, it just came out in a fine mist, but I figured it was ok. It didn't really coat the car thickly as it should. It just sort of dripped. So, I let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinsed it off with a jet wash (there is one at a Sainsbury's near me). The effect was that it left streaky/veiny marks in my paint and the black bits. I rinsed it again, and wiped it down with Meguiar's Detailer spray and a good microfibre, but the marks are still there. They do seem to have faded on the body, except for the door handles, but the black parts, especially on the wing mirrors are ruined. I'm rather pissed off, needless to say. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there any way to rectify this or is it a lost cause?
  6. CherryBomb

    Essex Crew Week Day get together.

    I'm hoping to be there. Will know more closer to the time.
  7. CherryBomb

    GT86/ BRZ Breakfast @ Denbies

    Count me in, please!
  8. I was wondering the same things: How does it compare to N1 and what is the dB on this? Probably would have been better for business if you had answered the questions posed above, especially as your website's product page gives few details.
  9. CherryBomb

    Discount for October - NA Tuning Package

    Ohh, I wish I could. Hopefully next October you'll have the same offer?
  10. I'm not too crazy about the front end/grill. It looks like a big, gaping mouth, but still seems an impressive car, and overall looks pretty badass. http://www.societyofbikers.com/2020-ford-shelby-gt500-packing-760-hp-will-be-most-powerful-street-legal-mustang-ever/
  11. CherryBomb

    JRot Build

    There are so many options and variables regarding sound, horsepower, etc. I am clueless.
  12. CherryBomb

    JRot Build

    Right, speaking of cars, I'm going to go and do some more cleaning on mine Enjoy the day!
  13. CherryBomb

    JRot Build

    See? This is why I need to hear one in real life, because I didn't think it sounded THAT loud in the videos. I can appreciate the poppy stuff as an occasional observer/listener, and I see why some people want that. It mostly seems to be young guys, who like to make their presence known, and that's fine. Reece is a great example of that. His car is (was) crazily loud and poppy, and even spit fire! lol. It suited him and he loved it. But I'm an old chick and I want something more mellow
  14. Everything you wanted to know! https://www.detailingworld.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=385435
  15. CherryBomb

    JRot Build

    No, it's not the cheapest, but it seems to be about £100-£150 more than some other good ones, and that doesn't seem extortionate. The really cheap ones are cheap for a reason, I think. The main thing is I really liked the sound. I want a deep, rumbly sound, not a poppy/bangy sound or one that sounds like a Kawasaki dirt bike. And no man, don't clean your car on my account!