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  1. Anyone breaking and got the air con hard pipe that runs from the bulkhead along the chassis rail to the condenser at the front. Picture attached for reference. Price with postage/packing to prevent bending/damage.
  2. scbrz

    Car lowered, now front is knocking

    I think I did the same as I changed the shocks in the end and it fixed it.
  3. Interested in this, but need to understand some of the limitations first. Did you buy this new, or from another owner? Did you create a map from scratch? or are there base maps available? How much are flash fees? and how many are left on the dongle? Without the lead/software how can I tell if my current ROM is keyed, as if it is I can't edit it?
  4. scbrz

    percolating kettle noise

    Does anyone else get a percolating kettle noise from their cars, coming from the suspension/tyres? Unless I'm on perfectly smooth tarmac I get the road noise. I've changed tyres to another brand and no difference. Its starting to get a bit irritating. I don't recall it doing it before I reverted to stock springs from lowering springs, but maybe I'm just more honed into the noise now?
  5. scbrz

    Problems with standard jack

    I was using the jack to just swap a tyre around. I find the car difficult to raise with a trolley jack or axle stands as its so low and the under side is covered in plastic trays. Where is safe to jack with a trolley jack? To use the axle stands would mean jacking to full height on the trolley jack which I don't feel is any safer. I bought a rubber slotted puck for the trolley jack but it won't fit under the sill join. I've not had these problems on other cars.
  6. scbrz

    Problems with standard jack

    What do you use on the top of that bottle jack? Or do you just position behind the jacking seam?
  7. scbrz

    Problems with standard jack

    I keep having problems with the standard wheel jack. no matter how I position it it always leans and looks sketchy when jacking the drivers side despite the ground and car being level to start with. The passenger side seem to be ok. Can't see anything wrong with the top of the jack or the car. The jack looks very thin metal and poor quality compared to my WRX one. Does anyone else have this problem or have an explanation?
  8. scbrz

    Steering binding when manouvering

    The struts/topmount were new. I think @Lauren is correct that its the drop link ball joints binding. the ARB has 2 tension holes, so I might move them to the other one.
  9. I had eibach lowering springs and uprated anti roll bars fitted with stock drop links. I've since changed the springs back to stock but kept the arb with new stock drop links, and since then when I slowly reverse turn out of a parking space on full lock I get several binding noise/jolt through the steering/tyres, and then again when turning/moving forward. Is this because the anti roll bar is only designed for the lowered springs? Or could it be something else like the springs moving? Pretty sure its not the wheel/tyres catching on arches etc. It feels like the tyres are slipping on the tread blocks if that makes sense.
  10. scbrz

    Simply Japanese 2019

    I'm going and will meet at the pub. hopefully there will be a friend with his GT86 too.
  11. scbrz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    Ah ok you meant the full plastic brackets on the wing. From reading the service bulletin though that won't fix the issue as well, as the wear is on the bumper molding and that is why it keeps popping out.
  12. scbrz

    Front bumper 'sagging' / gap

    But where from?
  13. scbrz

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    As an update to the above how to, I can finally report my car passed its first MOT like this. Now I can get the replacement sensors fitted to the aftermarket wheels when the tyres are worn out and replaced at my leisure.
  14. ok, good that you are already on the case. thanks for your efforts.
  15. Why do I keep getting lots of emails the same throughout the day about this post? Is something wrong with the forum?