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  1. James7

    Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal - RE-Stocked

    @Lucas@PartBox, do you have these in stock at the moment please? Website says 'contact us for availability'. Are you still offering a discount code/free delivery please?
  2. James7

    Next Yorkshire Meet

    In view of current circumstances, I think we will need to postpone. 🙁
  3. James7

    Next Yorkshire Meet

    Last meet up was good-thanks for organising it Mike. This place, south of Huddersfield is on my radar as somewhere I'd like to go some time, but not been yet. http://thecardingshed.co.uk/ Might be an option?
  4. James7

    MartinT's BRZ

    Do Android head units such as these allow you to run the Torque app and show gauge dials on the stereo screen (either by installing the app directly onto the head unit, or mirroring from your phone)?
  5. James7

    Oil starvation on track

    Interesting, thanks. Do you have a sump baffle as well, or just the Accusump?
  6. James7

    West Yorkshire Meet

    Saturday morning normally involves taking the kids to swimming lessons but a change of plans means I can now make this 👍 See you tomorrow!
  7. James7

    Oil starvation on track

    Many thanks @Mark@Abbey M/S So with one of your Harrop supercharger installations would you be more inclined to go with a Cosworth baffle, an Accusump, or something else? What would the approximate costs be to install these different options?
  8. James7

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Many thanks, I'll get one ordered!
  9. James7

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Are you still doing these at £135 delivered/do you have a discount code please? @Lucas@PartBox
  10. James7

    MartinT's BRZ

    Nice. The car featured in the Carthrottle article with the Harrop installation was done by Abbey Motorsport and is now mine 😎 Agreed, the PS4 do work well. My car is still on the standard 17x7 wheels and runs 215 PS4 tyres. I hope that the noise issue you are experiencing gets resolved ok.
  11. Sorry to hear about this issue. Hope something can be done to resolve it without excessive cost to you. Is your car modified?
  12. Very interesting, thanks PeterH. Has anyone else been told this/had their modified car transported from their local dealer up to Macclesfield?
  13. James7

    Oil starvation on track

    What are the thoughts on potential issues with oil starvation on track? I've searched the forum topics and although I can see that there was some discussion regarding this on the other forum a few years back I can't find anything recent or a conclusion. When is this likely to become an issue and what is the best way of preventing it? My GT86 has a Harrop supercharger, HKS oil cooler and is running Michelin PS4 tyres. I do the odd track day but will not be putting on slicks etc. If this is an issue, the main options seem to be a baffle in the sump or an Accusump. I believe that Fensport run an Accusump on the GT86 that they have run in the Japanese Sprint series. Not sure this installation would fit with the Harrop kit in any case? Main sump baffle option seems to be Cosworth, as far as I can see? Coming from a Caterham where the recommendation was that for any track use an 'Apollo' anti cavitation tank was recommended, with a dry sump advised for more extreme usage, I'm keen to understand whether some preventative measures would be worthwhile. Keen to hear from anyone who runs either a sump baffle, Accusump or anyone with a view on whether oil starvation is something to be concerned about. @Fensport @Mark@Abbey M/S What are your thoughts on this?
  14. I have owned my 62 reg GT86 for a year now but have had no contact from Toyota. The online recall checker confirms that it is subject to the recall. Are Toyota still in the process of sending out letters? Should I make contact directly? Do we have any idea what proportion of the affected cars have been done yet/how long they will be doing them for? My car has a Harrop supercharger which may complicate matters. Might they direct me to a garage such as RRG Macclesfield who may have more experience dealing with modified cars? I would be happy to travel if this were a good option. If you have a car with supercharger/turbo, who has done the recall on your car/did they seem to know what they were doing? Are you happy with the result?
  15. James7

    Cosworth Supercharged GT86

    I purchased my car with most of the mods already done. Details as it stands: Harrop Supercharger/Intercooler. HKS Oil Cooler AP front brakes. Stoptech disks/pads on the rear. Extreme Organic Clutch Michelin PS4 tyres Valenti Rear lights Intec high level brake light Perrin stainless gear knob. Previous build thread from the chap who formerly owned the car here. https://www.gt86.org.uk/forums/forums/topic/4903-benjamin-franklyns-86/ I’ve had the car a year now and should do my own build thread outlining further work planned. The car currently looks standard (unless you spot the AP brakes) and I do quite like that aspect. Current thoughts on possible further modifications are: CGR manifold. I think I would get this ceramic coated by Zircotec to minimise additional heat into the engine bay. Thoughts on this? Probably leave the standard second cat in place. I may consider a cat back exhaust at some stage but would not want anything too loud /with drone. Possibly a sump baffle to reduce risk of oil starvation. Possible suspension upgrades at some stage as this is currently stock. I would want to retain a compliant ride though. STI engine/gearbox mounts to tighten things up slightly. If I were to upgrade the wheels I would probably go for some OZ Alleggeritas. With regard to pulley size/limits of engine internals, I am no expert either, but my understanding was that going above 280bhp would risk the rods. My car was modified by Abbey Motorsport and I will take advice from Mark there before doing anything further. If I install a new manifold I suspect another mapping session may be beneficial and I would go to Abbey for this to be done. I’ve not had any contact yet from Toyota yet regarding the valve spring recall – is there any rush to get this done? A couple of links with some of the items that I have read on maximum BHP/standard rods, etc. Can you share what you have read on the fuelling being marginal please? https://www.gt86.org.uk/forums/forums/topic/7273-general-fi-questions-rod-strength-and-supercharger-whine/ http://www.gt86ownersclub.co.uk/forum/25-engine-drivetrain/11554-fa20-carnage-blown-engine-thread.html