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  1. Thanks. I'm not precious about only having Toyota dealers work on the car, it was more that I thought it could be convenient and cost effective. From some of the photos I've seen on here, I would have thought it would be the ideal opportunity to do some extra items while 'working in the area'. I would be happy to pay a representative cost for any extra labour, but don't want to be charged for more labour than necessary. The below photo of a recall in progress seems to show manifold off and sump easily accessible... Edited to add, it appears from the second photo below that the clutch actually has to come off to mount the engine on the work stand?
  2. My car is booked in for the recall to be done next week. Just a couple of questions/requests for thoughts please. My understanding is that many people have had their clutch inspected/replaced while having the recall done. I purchased my car second-hand, but understand that an Xtreme organic clutch was installed around 4 years/20k miles ago. I don't therefore anticipate it should have significant wear but thought it would be good if it could be checked/the clutch release bearing inspected and greased as necessary. Dealer has advised that they would not inspect the clutch and would just check via road test. This seems at odds with others experience? I appreciate that they may not actually remove the clutch as part of the recall but it will be coming out with the engine and easily accessible. I asked if they could quote for doing some additional work which they seemed happy to do. I will be doing the other 60k mile service items but the costs quoted for a couple of other items seemed very high to me, bearing in mind the easy access. Are the exhaust manifolds removed as part of the recall? Cost quoted to fit aftermarket manifold and overpipe (these parts and gaskets supplied by me) - 4 hours labour - £528. Cost quoted to fit Cosworth baffle plate into sump - 2 hours - £264. I have told them not to bother with these items as the cost seemed high. Just after some thoughts. Please set me straight if I am underestimating the work involved. If I am correct in thinking these should be fairly straightforward though, I wonder whether it may be worth asking the dealer whether they could double check their figures/that they haven't quoted on the basis of stand alone jobs!
  3. James7

    MartinT's BRZ

    I have a Harrop supercharger on my car but currently running standard exhaust (including manifold). I managed to purchase a used CGR EL manifold and TD super resonated system, so these will be going on, with a remap by Abbey. I'm not sure how the CGR compares to Rogue/Ace but the manifold does look good quality and seems very light. I would probably have gone with Rogue had I not happened upon the CGR manifold. What are the thoughts on engine bay heat build up and ceramic coating? I know that some have had issues with coil packs/wiring harness failure, suspected due to heat. Is the TD style manifold that comes up in front of the engine worse for heat/is it something to worry about? Zircotec sounds to the best quality coating, but at some cost. https://www.cgrautomotive.co.uk/product-page/toyota-gt86-subaru-brz-exhaust-manifold-supercharged
  4. I had my car booked in with RRG Macclesfield for the valve spring recall in July and phoned them today to check that we were still on for this. They told me that Toyota had cancelled all GT86 recalls and that it was likely to be several months before any further update. RRG only returned to work this week but will be contacting those affected soon. Does anyone know anything more on this? Has anyone else got their car booked in/had it cancelled? I got the impression that the delay was due to the technical matter of undertaking the work (perhaps a change in procedures) rather than any parts supply issue.
  5. James7

    Cusco Sports Accelerator Pedal - RE-Stocked

    @Lucas@PartBox, do you have these in stock at the moment please? Website says 'contact us for availability'. Are you still offering a discount code/free delivery please?
  6. James7

    Next Yorkshire Meet

    In view of current circumstances, I think we will need to postpone. 🙁
  7. James7

    Next Yorkshire Meet

    Last meet up was good-thanks for organising it Mike. This place, south of Huddersfield is on my radar as somewhere I'd like to go some time, but not been yet. http://thecardingshed.co.uk/ Might be an option?
  8. James7

    MartinT's BRZ

    Do Android head units such as these allow you to run the Torque app and show gauge dials on the stereo screen (either by installing the app directly onto the head unit, or mirroring from your phone)?
  9. James7

    Oil starvation on track

    Interesting, thanks. Do you have a sump baffle as well, or just the Accusump?
  10. James7

    West Yorkshire Meet

    Saturday morning normally involves taking the kids to swimming lessons but a change of plans means I can now make this 👍 See you tomorrow!
  11. James7

    Oil starvation on track

    Many thanks @Mark@Abbey M/S So with one of your Harrop supercharger installations would you be more inclined to go with a Cosworth baffle, an Accusump, or something else? What would the approximate costs be to install these different options?
  12. James7

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Many thanks, I'll get one ordered!
  13. James7

    Cosworth Baffle Plates - Prevent engine damage

    Are you still doing these at £135 delivered/do you have a discount code please? @Lucas@PartBox
  14. James7

    MartinT's BRZ

    Nice. The car featured in the Carthrottle article with the Harrop installation was done by Abbey Motorsport and is now mine 😎 Agreed, the PS4 do work well. My car is still on the standard 17x7 wheels and runs 215 PS4 tyres. I hope that the noise issue you are experiencing gets resolved ok.
  15. Sorry to hear about this issue. Hope something can be done to resolve it without excessive cost to you. Is your car modified?