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  1. Jay

    Looking to Buy Soon

    Great looking car! Congrats!
  2. Jay

    HELLO! I've bought my first car!

    Congrats with the car and welcome!
  3. Jay

    Three days in and loving my blue gt86

    Got mine almost six months. Still loving it. I wanted to do a roadtrip through Germany, Switzerland and Italy, next summer. Chances are that a certain virus will still be active... ☚ī¸
  4. Jay

    New Owner - Red Primo 86! :)

    Welcome! Google Maps showed me exactly where the picture was taken. 😁
  5. Looking good! 🙂
  6. Congrats! đŸģ Hoping to see some pics in the near future. 😎
  7. Yes they are available in many sizes. See: Michelin UK
  8. Or have the spark plugs changed by them before delivery. Regarding tyres, don't change them for Michelin Primacy as those offer the grip as a piece of soap on a wet shower floor. 🙁
  9. Jay

    Dealer rant!

    I'm happy to be working at a few miles from the best Toyota dealer in the country. I've been there since I bought my first Lexus in 2002. I only once had one minor issue, which was solved straight away. If any part has to be replaced outside the service plan, they call me to ask for permission and they quote for the extra costs involved.
  10. Jay

    Subaru brz price rise

    In The Netherlands a new BRZ costs ÂŖ53500, all because of silly taxes. For this reason Toyota stopped selling the GT86.
  11. Jay

    GT86 Tyre choice

    Been looking for tyres for a while. In the wet, the Primacy tyres are the worst I ever experienced. 😒 I looked up several tests, resulting in the PS4 being a winner on average. Are there (apart from wear and economy) any arguments against this tyre?
  12. Welcome! I guess your expectations and the car's performance don't match. To me it's the combination of the go-kart-like handling and the pricing. I left my 2017 car completely stock and enjoy it every day, commuting to and from my work, 18 miles from where I live. A few of my former cars: Audi 90, 2.3 5-cylinder, Audi 100, also a 5-banger, Alfa Romeo 164, 6-cylinder, Mercedes E280, Lexus GS 300 and Lexus GS 430. So why did I buy a GT86? First of all, I don't need a family car anymore. Secondly, I want some fun in a lightweight car. The sheer feedback, the low position and the rev-happy engine make my day. Don't expect a factory standard car to be extremely fast, as it just isn't. However, it can be easily transformed to a competitive track car, as a wide variety of tuning parts is available. No, I'm not trying to sell you a GT86, just giving my opinion on the car.
  13. Jay

    MartinT's BRZ

    Looks like it won't be raining south of Birmingham tomorrow.
  14. Jay

    Looking at a GT86 today

    It looks like one should avoid this dealer. Bad luck, maybe better next time. Be sure to always fully inspect a car, inside, outside, and underside. Have a long testdrive, preferably on the motorway as well as on local roads. After the testdrive, listen carefully to the idling engine and smell the exhaust gasses to detect any burnt oil. The latter saved me once on my quest for the holy grail. đŸ˜Ŧ
  15. Jay

    Tail Wagging

    We haven't had snow yet, as so often. Temperatures below 7 deg. C and a little water are enough to make summer tyres less grippy. I'm gonna find out which tyres offer the best lateral grip. Furthermore, I did some calculations on width versus circumference. A 225-45-17 tyre adds 1.43% to the circumference wrt 215-45-17. This would compensate for the somewhat optimistic speedometer, while giving a tiny bit of extra lateral grip. Over here in The Netherlands we get pretty much the same weather as in the UK.