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  1. Jay

    225/45/17 tyres?

    Great, I didn't know! I suppose it's somewhere on the inside? Meanwhile I found a slightly newer Manual of the 2017 MY, at the site of the importer. This manual reads 17 x 7 J. I guess the early manual is wrong, as all other versions mention 7".
  2. Jay

    225/45/17 tyres?

    Would be interesting to know.
  3. Jay

    225/45/17 tyres?

    My car is in my profile pic. 😁
  4. Jay

    225/45/17 tyres?

    Hereunder I attached a copy of the relevant specifications page, as found in the car manual. It's in Dutch, but I'm sure you'll find "17 x 7 1/2 J" right from "Wielmaat".
  5. Jay

    225/45/17 tyres?

    On a 7" rim a 225 mm tyre is possible, but 7.5" or larger is preferred. The circumference will increase by 1.4%, so 100 mph will become 101.4 mph. No problem in my opinion. By the way, I just checked the specs of my 2017 GT86 and found out that the rim size is specified to be 7.5j. I wonder if this is part of the upgrade...
  6. Your car looks stunning! If I were British and didn't own a GT86 yet, I'd certainly consider it. Good luck selling it! 👍
  7. Jay

    Hello There

    Benvenuto! 😎
  8. Jay

    Catless header and heavy rasp

    Reminds me of my Alfa Romeo 164 V6, back in the day. Something had come loose inside a muffler, making a similar noise.
  9. Jay

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    Agreed, but just one small country doesn't make notable difference. The majority of this tax money doesn't even go to infrastructure and/or environmental projects.
  10. Jay

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    Yes they do. Back in the day I wanted to import a used V6 German Audi 100. With car import tax added it would have become more expensive than a similar used one bought from a Dutch dealer. The Netherlands is car hell. The last GT86 was sold for £47400. A year ago I bought mine, which then was almost three years old, for a higher price than what you pay for a new one in the UK.
  11. Jay

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    The lower CO2 production of an automatic is caused by the slightly longer gearing. This made the automatic less expensive than the manual, over here in the Netherlands. Cars are heavily taxed by CO2 production. This CO2 tax madness is the cause of many fun cars not being sold anymore in Holland, including the GT86. 😤
  12. Jay

    How much does a GT86 cost to maintain?

    Everything between 25 and 40 mpg with an automatic, depending on traffic and fun.
  13. Jay

    Reserved a red GT86 in Wakefield :-)

    Welcome! Enjoy the ride! 😎
  14. Jay

    New owner in Cambridgeshire

    Welcome! The car looks great, better than my ice silver one.
  15. Jay

    GR86 Finally Spied

    Negative: I don't like the frontal view, as the car lost its identity. What I also don't like, is that tilted i-Phone thing. Positive: At least a new version is being worked on. The rear end looks stunning.