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  1. Jay

    Tail Wagging

    We haven't had snow yet, as so often. Temperatures below 7 deg. C and a little water are enough to make summer tyres less grippy. I'm gonna find out which tyres offer the best lateral grip. Furthermore, I did some calculations on width versus circumference. A 225-45-17 tyre adds 1.43% to the circumference wrt 215-45-17. This would compensate for the somewhat optimistic speedometer, while giving a tiny bit of extra lateral grip. Over here in The Netherlands we get pretty much the same weather as in the UK.
  2. Jay

    Tail Wagging

    Yes it does, but the snow button only tells the gearbox to not use first gear. I think this is counterproductive, as the engine has to rev a little higher to get the car moving. This brings back into memory the good old Mercedes E280. Once winter mode was engaged, it was super smooth all the way. I also remember the '84 Audi 90, which was the other way round. Weighing just over 1100 kg, being frontwheel driven, it lost grip all the time.
  3. Jay

    Tail Wagging

    Of course I know how to keep the car on track, but for daily use it doesn't feel right. The torque converter allows the engine to rev up to its first sweet spot at 2800 rpm, which is too much torque for these hard tyres under wet conditions.
  4. Jay

    Tail Wagging

    Further on the tyres... Last weeks it has been cold and wet, temperatures between 4 and 11 deg. C. I'm just not happy with those Primacy tyres. The least amount of torque on the rear wheels makes them lose grip.
  5. Jay

    Identification request - what component is this?

    I can see a capacitor and a coil, which may form a resonant circuit, making a keyless entry detector rather plausible.
  6. Jay

    GT86 in M6 wrong way crash

    Yikes! Long ago (1981 I think) I looked straight into the headlights of a motorist who was entering the motorway in the wrong direction. In my mirrors I could see the car pulling over to the hard shoulder, so he/she probably noticed. Scary, very darn scary.
  7. Brings my Alfa Romeo 164 back into memory. It shared many parts with the Saab 9000, the Lancia Thema and the Fiat Croma. A set of rubbers for the rear suspension cost about three times as much at Alfa Romeo, compared to Fiat/Lancia.
  8. Jay

    Your Fuel Economy?

    By the way, the fuel consumption I mentioned is based on 95RON E10. The addition of 10% ethanol causes an increase of about 3%.
  9. Jay

    Your Fuel Economy?

    Depends on traffic and right foot. 😁 Commuting in bad weather with a lot of traffic jams won't get me 30 miles from a gallon. Otherwise it's about 35 mpg. It's a completely standard automatic.
  10. Jay

    Drivers Club Musicians

    Great to see you playing! 😎
  11. Jay

    Drivers Club Musicians

    Every other year I attempt to play guitar. London Dungeon - Misfits.
  12. Jay

    Drivers Club Musicians

    I do play some other instruments as well like keyboard and guitar, bass is my main instrument. Last summer I was invited to play on stage with The Lillingtons, a punk rock band from Wyoming. Great experience! 😎
  13. Jay

    Drivers Club Musicians

    Old thread, but maybe worthwhile. I'm a bassist, not by trade, but music is one of my hobbies. I like to play covers of mainly Punk Rock, Metal songs.
  14. Jay

    Problems with standard jack

    I prepared a wooden block.