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  1. Passed a very clean, sedately driven silver GT86 with a 5 digit private plate (maybe K7 Y2R) on the Old Edinburgh and Glasgow Rd (A8) - anyone on here? Gave a wave as I passed - I was in a Silver BRZ which was getting its weekly Covid lockdown blast up and down that stretch of road. You were behind me until the Newhouse Industrial estate where I headed back the other way.
  2. Exemandr

    Post your GT86 / BRZ pic of day!

    Took these photos back in October as I was considering selling the BRZ having had to get a slightly more family focused car (JDM SG9 Forester STI 😉) ... here we are in Feb and still haven't got around to posting an advert ... I think I will be keeping it and going down the forced induction route and keep it for weekend blasts and track time once the lockdown lifts.
  3. Exemandr

    We'd like your feedback if possible...

    I have been down and up from Glasgow twice so far @ 3.5->4hrs each way depending on traffic - still want to get the Turbo done so hopefully your moving North 😉
  4. Anyone on here living in sunny Scotland with a BRZ had the valve spring recall work carried out by Ian Grieve (Subaru Falkirk)? That is one of the closest Subaru dealerships to me and was where my BRZ was first registered (July 2012) and sold, if the previous owner is to be believed, to one of the technicians who worked there. I have had the car since Sept 2015 and it has had a fair bit of work since then including TD UEL NA package and TD Super Res Catback Exhaust, so would prefer to take it to a Subaru dealer who has a decent track record of doing the recall work on a modified car. I would be willing to travel anywhere in Central Scotland to get the work done if anyone on here can give a recommendation? Thanks in advance
  5. Exemandr

    Heater/fan in my car suddenly not working

    Hi Izzii0x, I had the exact same issue a couple of years ago, long story short the blower box (semi accessible through the glove box) has a number of motors which open and close the internal vents to direct air flow - the top motor which control's the windscreen vent was not operating. I took my car to a local independent Japanese car specialist (http://www.the-garage.co.uk/index.php) and the guy in the workshop with the skinniest arms and longest fingers was duly dispatched to see if he could remove this without removing the dash (which he couldn't) but he was able to manually maneuver the internal vents to direct air to the windscreen. So the blower is now "stuck" on the most useful setting (i.e the windscreen) and I have just lived with it like that ever since. Fixing it properly outside of warranty just didn't seem worth the hassle or expense (it's a dashboard out fix, so not cheap and likely to lead to even more rattles from the dash than there are already 😞 ). I had started a thread on this at the time over on the Toyota GT 86 Forum - full thread here -> https://www.gt86ownersclub.co.uk/forum/40-faults-fixes/10514-windscreen-blower-not-working.html cheers
  6. Exemandr

    GT86 BRZ Tuning Package from Tuning Developments

    So having read this and other forums, finally took the plunge and decided to get my 2012 BRZ mapped. Contacted Mike on the 18th Feb and he was very helpful, responding quickly to my initial enquiry and patiently responded to my numerous questions. After a bit of back and forward I decided to go for the NA Tuning Package (UEL), MTEC Uprated Spring and Whiteline Positive shift upgrade kits and since TD would have the car for the best part of the day, decided to have the Billet Cam Plate kit fitted as a preventative measure at the same time. Everything was arranged for the 7th of March and I was up and out on the road early (5:20am) to make the trip south from Glasgow. Arrived at 8:30am and Mike was 15 minutes behind me to open up. Having handed over the keys, Mike was kind enough to give me a lift to the nearby UBC business centre (3 miles away) where I had booked an office for the day, I currently work mostly remotely from home so was able to effectively work there for the day, meaning I didn’t have to use a days holiday - result! Picked the car up at 4pm and couldn’t be happier with the upgrades - drives like a different car with the dreaded torque did almost entirely gone with the increased lower rev torque noticeable across all the gears. Gear changes are now much snappier and the exhaust note subtly enhanced. Had a bit of a blether with Mike before heading off home, and ooh'd and ahh'd about possibly getting a turbo at some point in the future as well as a couple of options for dealing with the cars suspension, which I have been unhappy about almost from the day I bought it in the summer of 2015. Previous owner had lowered the car on Eibach sportline springs and I subsequently upgraded to 18" rims with the rear end especially, being very unforgiving with the car bouncing badly on rough roads. Long story short, I was heading back down the M6 two weeks later, this time to get the BC Racing coilovers and the TD Super Resonated CAT back exhaust (my stock exhaust was corroded badly and very slightly beginning to blow so seemed like a good enough excuse). I have not stopped smiling since ... ride quality and handling are 100% improved and the exhaust note is just loud enough to be noticeable, without being in your face but at the same time very civilised when cruising on the motorway. Can’t speak highly enough about Mike, Nick and the rest of the guys at TD. I was well looked after, their prices are competitive and the work has been carried out to a high standard. I have spent a fair chunk of change in anyone’s book in a short space of time, but every upgrade has had a noticeable and very positive effect, all in all it's like having a new car. My only dilemma now is which kidney am I selling to fund the turbo upgrade? ...