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  1. Si316

    Brake callipers upgrade

    Interesting stuff, my mate with a Clio RS3 has just upgraded to bigger 2 piece disks. Being radial mount it gives me the option to upgrade the disks in the future to a 2 piece style and maybe go bigger diameter. I'm the limiting factor at the moment so may be a while before i start to see issues.
  2. Si316

    Brake callipers upgrade

    I’ve got them behind some 18x8 et35 team dynamics 1.2 and there’s loads of room.
  3. Si316

    Brake callipers upgrade

    I'm running the K-system pro kit on the front of mine. It uses Renault clio RS 3 brembo calipers with stock discs. I'm pretty impressed with the kit after afew track days, not had any fade but granted im no pro. For the money though i think its great. https://k-system.pro/en/product/bbkgt86brz4potbrembo/
  4. I’m after the washer jet covers and the clips that secure them to the jets. red preferred but not too fussed as I need a bumper anyway.
  5. Anyone got a drivers side front wing and a front bumper in red?
  6. Massive thanks to Rich and the team at RRG for the excellent service yesterday as well as the goodies me and my son got. Car feels like new again and I'm well chuffed. Rich has also managed to convince me to enter TSS next year so really looking forward to getting involved!
  7. Si316

    Hello from Cheshire

    Hey @Rich , wasn't in Northwich yesterday but threw a thumbs up to someone on Sunday afternoon and followed up Chester way on my way to get fuel.
  8. I'll be there if there's still space, didn't realise I drive past pretty much every day to get to work!
  9. Si316

    Hello from Cheshire

    I've not seen many others around other than the other red one tonight and a white one I see (and give a wave too) quite regularly around Weaverham/acton bridge.
  10. Si316

    Hello from Cheshire

    I'm in Northwich and not usually around that area. Spotted this one (and had to park next to) which is the same tonight at Barons Quay.
  11. Si316

    Hello from Cheshire

    Nice, I'm just down the road from Oulton. Looking forward to a drift day or two there this year. Looking at suspension and a decat uel manifold at the moment and see how that goes. Will be the start of a slippery slope!
  12. Si316

    Hello from Cheshire

    Just found the forum and thought i'd say Hi! I'm looking forward to seeing what people are doing with their cars, maybe get some ideas. I have owned my 86 since November and absolutely love it. Got some plans for it and have started doing afew small things so far like the OEM armrest and debadged (front and rear toyota badges are going back on sprayed black).