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  1. Riceburner

    New Committee Members

    Best Man for the job Nice one Kev👍👍
  2. Riceburner

    Filling up problem

    Sorry missed this one, EEERRR no cant see we have come across this issue,maybe breather blocked??
  3. I would ring them back and ask where they are getting the parts and the repair instructions because both are not available until December/January????
  4. What time you setting off May make this???
  5. The link below is for reserving a launch edition of Supra if anyone is interested.There will be 300 initial builds due to be delivered approx. September 2019. Its now live. https://www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/toyota-gazoo-racing/newtoyotasupra?iuarbgerg Cheers Richard
  6. Riceburner

    Rear end (diff?) juddering slow turns

    That is the correct part number T08885-81070 which I supplied to you the other day,the part number on the tin is probably a TMC part number .
  7. Riceburner

    Rear brake pads fell out......?

    Poverty spec rear discs ?? Non vented and too thin ??
  8. Riceburner

    2019 TRD

    That doesn’t surprise me 🙄 Look forward to a blast up the cat and fiddle on Thursday then👍
  9. Riceburner

    NW Curry Night 12th June with special guest

    Hello All, I am afraid ime going to have to pull out. I am at a meeting until late at HO,if I can get out of it early I will let you know. Apologies Richard
  10. Riceburner

    Speedline Wheels

    Hi All, I am posting the wheels for sale in here as they are a private sale not trade. £600 for a set of 4 boxed NEW wheels as per picture 18x8 ET35 5X 100 PCD Location Macclesfield PM me if interested Cheers Richard
  11. Riceburner

    Takeda Intake For Sale

    Now Sold
  12. Hello All, A used Takeda Momentum Intake kit in Carbon Fibre for sale Retails at £672.00 new £300 plus fitting if required. Regards Richard
  13. Riceburner

    GT86 Blue edition MY18

    They are due August/September