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  1. mart86

    Facelift lower mpg

    My 2017 86 was getting an average of 37 mpg stock. That was a 20/30/50 town/a roads/motorway. Not hanging about either but roughly sticking to motorway speed limits. With cruise control on over a longer motorway journey I would get 45 mpg. Surprisingly after going forced induction with 9 inch wheels and 245 tyres I'm still getting roughly 35 mpg with same driving style over same journeys. Obviously a fair bit less when playing.
  2. I've seen a few issues with overheating on the px5 unit this is based on and people installing new thermal paste and heat sinks. Can you download a temperature app and check? Are you using the head units amp to power speakers? I've used a separate amp since installing which is why I may not have encountered any overheating.
  3. mart86

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    This has now been sorted. Just had a nice lady call me to say it's been investigated and I was indeed told that the initial price would include forced induction upgrades. The excess charge is being refunded. Annoying that this has happened but it's been dealt with swiftly so restored some confidence in the company. Thank you Dan for escalating and resolving the issue.
  4. mart86

    Pioneer GM-D1004 and stock head unit

    Yes you are correct. Sorry it's been a while since I installed mine with the stock head unit. As far as I remember it was all plug and play and didn't need any modifications at all. Unfortunately I don't have my car at the moment to check for you. Double check the wiring and make sure you haven't got the head unit and amplifier trying to power the speakers at the same time, if that's even possible with those adaptors.
  5. mart86

    Pioneer GM-D1004 and stock head unit

    Is the amp correctly set to high level input? I think it's set to low level by default.
  6. mart86

    Dan from Adrian Flux Insurance Services

    Not very happy with these at all. I originally got a quote and took out a policy last September after having a discussion about turbo charging in the near future. I planned to get it a few months later but plans got pushed back. I was assured that the price would be the same for anything under 300bhp and to just phone them up and they'll amend the modifications. The only modification I had at the time I took the policy out was a catback exhaust and paid almost double what my cheapest quote was. I've now phoned up to make the changes and have had to pay an extra £100 on top of the premium with only 3 months left on my policy. So would be £400 a year extra. A £30 admin charge. And excess has gone up £200 extra. Safe to say I'll be looking elsewhere come renewal.
  7. mart86

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    All I've done is read the codes using carista app free version. Then used maxi programmer to program 4 new sensors using the same codes.
  8. mart86

    Aftermarket Wheels & TPMS

    I've just had new wheels and fit tpms sensors to them. Bought the autel maxi sensors and programmer. Very easy to do. If you've got a obd Bluetooth/WiFi adaptor you can get the codes using the free version of carista.
  9. Never had that but I loaded another firmware pretty much as soon as I got it. You could try start in bootloader/recovery and delete the cache. Other than that do a factory reset on that screen and hope it's not hardware related.
  10. Does the camera have a power lead running along side the yellow RCA cable? It's been a while since I installed mine but just had a look. I remember that I bought an F Reverse ISO harness so that I didn't have to cut into the factory wiring. Took the 12v from the Acc/Switched wire which is the grey and red striped one. Put an inline fuse carrier in with a 1A fast blow fuse to protect the cable. You can take it from here or like Leeky said you can take it from the cigarette lighter.
  11. Probably not the 'correct' way but I paid £10 for my camera & £10 for an adaptor. Rather than the £130 for a kit. Already had inline fuses and crimps etc. Camera is 12v so doesn't have a step down transformer so nothing to get hot. It is permanently on, it's fused so the camera and wiring is safe, and it's worked flawlessly for the past 18 or so months. Not sure if cadders has bought a kit or bought the camera and adaptor seperately?
  12. I had this issue when I had stock head unit. Head unit only picks up camera if it's powered during boot hence why it works if you put it in reverse first. Take the 12v from elsewhere. 12v acc is where I took mine from so powers up as soon as head unit switches on. Don't forget to fuse the camera.
  13. Stock head unit? 12v camera? Where are you taking the power from?
  14. mart86

    Aftermarket headunit

    Item number 382024527405. Not the same seller I got from but it is the same cable. It's the same cable across a range of Toyota, Lexus & Mazda and not specific to gt86. Only one seller on eBay at the moment. There's more sellers on AliExpress.
  15. I'm still happy with my unit after having it for a year now. That malaysk ROM I mentioned earlier in the thread was a bit buggy with certain things and I ended up swapping to hal9k rom a while back. It's definitely a better ROM. That's a nice clean setup you've done there with the sub. I wanted to keep the spacesaver in mine so opted for an active pioneer unit which is fixed to the seat back. The android equaliser isn't that great and a stand alone like an audison bit 10 would be much better. With the cabin being so noisy though I don't think it's worth the cost for a marginal improvement.