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  1. Lowe

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    And that ladies and gents, is why you don't see many Verus aero equipped cars in the UK! 😂
  2. Lowe

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    I bought a second hand Maxton to do exactly that - see if it'd get smashed up in a month or so, before spending big money on a Verus package. Still got it on, so this is really bloody tempting, especially since I live in the same town as Teigwa!
  3. Been using you for years now. Always been very happy with the overall package 👍
  4. Lowe

    HKS Intake Duct

    I have a Grimmspeed intake, and they suggest doing the snorkel mod.
  5. Lowe

    HKS Intake Duct

    How did you do that without taking off the bumper?
  6. Yes. To stop accidentally opening it.
  7. Soft99 King of Gloss: That said though, the Carpro range is incredible - Elixir is something else. I just don't have photos of it at the moment. https://carpro.uk.com/collections/spray-sealants-coatings/products/elixir500
  8. Be careful powdercoating forged wheels. The oven heat can cause the aluminium to anneal leading to premature cracking. Better to wet spray them, even if it's not as durable.
  9. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Car went in for recall at RRG Macc last week. All sorted now. Had new plugs and clutch whilst everything was out, and treated her to a set of new Advan V105S on the front too. As ever superb service from the guys at RRG and the car's driving fantastic. On a slight tangent but car related, I picked one of these up. It's a deionising water filter. You hook it up to your tap, then plug in your pressure washer to the outlet. On doing the final rinse of your car, you switch to the bottle, and it washes away all the impurities that would otherwise be left on the car. It means that you don't have to bother drying the car with a leather or drying towel. Saves a stack load of time, and further minimises the risk of adding swirls since you're not using any contact again.
  10. Compressed air lines I'd imagine to open up the valves.
  11. Had these pics through from the work being done yesterday. Didn't get an 86 as a courtesy car, ended up with a new Corolla. Wasn't best pleased with that but I'm surprisingly taken with it. Lane assist and active cruise is a hoot on the motorway, it pretty much does everything for you!
  12. Mine’s in tomorrow at RRG Macc. Slightly nervous but glad it’s in Gary’s and Rich’s capable hands.
  13. Lowe

    GT86 manual 62 Plate Black

    Yeah, have cut my working hours down so only on the M6 three days a week now. Still about though
  14. Lowe

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    PM me if you want one
  15. Lowe

    GT86 manual 62 Plate Black

    Let me know so I know who to look out for 😂