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  1. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Car went in for recall at RRG Macc last week. All sorted now. Had new plugs and clutch whilst everything was out, and treated her to a set of new Advan V105S on the front too. As ever superb service from the guys at RRG and the car's driving fantastic. On a slight tangent but car related, I picked one of these up. It's a deionising water filter. You hook it up to your tap, then plug in your pressure washer to the outlet. On doing the final rinse of your car, you switch to the bottle, and it washes away all the impurities that would otherwise be left on the car. It means that you don't have to bother drying the car with a leather or drying towel. Saves a stack load of time, and further minimises the risk of adding swirls since you're not using any contact again.
  2. Compressed air lines I'd imagine to open up the valves.
  3. Had these pics through from the work being done yesterday. Didn't get an 86 as a courtesy car, ended up with a new Corolla. Wasn't best pleased with that but I'm surprisingly taken with it. Lane assist and active cruise is a hoot on the motorway, it pretty much does everything for you!
  4. Mine’s in tomorrow at RRG Macc. Slightly nervous but glad it’s in Gary’s and Rich’s capable hands.
  5. Lowe

    GT86 manual 62 Plate Black

    Yeah, have cut my working hours down so only on the M6 three days a week now. Still about though
  6. Lowe

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    PM me if you want one
  7. Lowe

    GT86 manual 62 Plate Black

    Let me know so I know who to look out for 😂
  8. Lowe

    Buying a SARD LSR Replica Wing

    Just a heads up, had two of these in. One sold, one up for grabs if anyone's interested. 👍
  9. Lowe

    GT86 manual 62 Plate Black

    Oh no mate - what are you going for next?
  10. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Having removed the rear louvers I wanted something to make the rear end a little more aggressive, so put a carbon SARD style wing on. I used extension brackets to line it up with the TRD spoiler, which made it sit a lot better. Installation was nice and easy and it was a really good fit.
  11. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    I might keep them yet. I’m going to get the rear windows tinted first and see how I get on. Need to check out the drag thing as well before making a final decision. I love the look but they are a tad impractical for me with the mileage I do.
  12. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Gave the '86 a good wash over the weekend. The last couple of weeks worth of rain on the motorway hadn't been kind. Finished off with Soft99 Luxury Gloss QD. Very pleased with the finish especially in direct sunlight, really brings out the flake well.
  13. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Apologies for the tardy response - didn't see this. Visibility isn't actually that bad, yes it's restricted somewhat but it's still functional. That said, I've just taken them off since they were starting to come away, and I'm convinced they add a fair bit of drag to the cars aero.
  14. Lowe

    Service prices

    That intermediate one seems pricey if you ask me. Considering it's little more than an oil change, to me that looks like they've offset the cost of one by putting it on the other.
  15. Lowe

    Shell V-Power > CEL

    What do you normally run on if not Vpower?