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  1. Lowe

    GR86 Finally Spied

    Christ this better drive amazingly because it looks crap 😕
  2. Lowe

    Rear louver

    I’ve got the matching rear deck - Sam’s car was my old car. £150, based just outside Stoke on Trent. Pics in my old build thread.
  3. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Haven't really done much to the car of late. Did have a minor issue post recall which was all sorted out by RRG under warranty. Also my battery decided to die and no amount of charging would sort it. Luckily my door locks are nice and free so that got swapped out for another 65Ah Bosch. Pic for the sake of posting
  4. Lowe

    Looking at a GT86 today

    Thanks for the love 😘😂 Defo get the recall done - gives you 12 months warranty on the engine even if the car is out of warranty... Worth it for that alone. Personally as good as auto boxes can be, I wouldn't. I used to do a fair bit of commuting which involved motorway and the inevitable traffic jams - and overall it was only a minor inconvenience since the clutch is pretty light. The auto changes pretty quickly but is let down by longer gearing.
  5. Lowe

    Problems with standard jack

    I’m sure in the manual it says not to use the included jack. I think they include one just because it’s some eu law.
  6. Lowe

    Supra Review

    Putting a new car up against a secondhand car that’s depreciated loads isn’t ever fair though. Not to mention the Supra will have 5 years of warranty on it - and something like a Masser will come with 100k car bills and no warranty to back you up... so not really a valid comparison. Having driven the same car Lauren did shortly after I have to say it also left a real impression on me. The power is just nuts, it’s got grip for days and is a very nice place to be. The gearbox was the biggest surprise for me. I didn’t bother with the paddles, just put it in Sport and let it worry about the cogs. With it using the GPS to help read the road ahead I never found it scrambling for a gear when I planted the throttle, most of the time it was already shifting to the right gear before I was at corner entry, it’s damn near telepathic. I never missed having a manual box, I just got on with pointing the nose where it needed to go and then holding on for grim death whilst the scenery turned into a blur... 😂 ...and herein lies the issue. The Supra is ridiculously quick and capable across UK roads, too much so. But driving it is like being in a cocoon. Even in sport mode it’s not that loud and getting towards three figures doesn’t actually feel that quick. The 86 ‘feels’ quicker in that regard, especially since you need to rag it to get the pace. I guess a few aftermarket mods would help in the noise department and it’s not a dealbreaker. Just something to be aware of 😄
  7. Lowe

    Good news

    Yup, I’d lean towards it being hybrid. Tada said the Supra would be the last high revving petrol engined Toyota. Given Toyota’s investment in the tech, I’d be surprised if it were anything else.
  8. Following. Mine’s doing the same.
  9. Lowe

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    And that ladies and gents, is why you don't see many Verus aero equipped cars in the UK! 😂
  10. Lowe

    Functional splitters/diffusers

    I bought a second hand Maxton to do exactly that - see if it'd get smashed up in a month or so, before spending big money on a Verus package. Still got it on, so this is really bloody tempting, especially since I live in the same town as Teigwa!
  11. Been using you for years now. Always been very happy with the overall package 👍
  12. Lowe

    HKS Intake Duct

    I have a Grimmspeed intake, and they suggest doing the snorkel mod.
  13. Lowe

    HKS Intake Duct

    How did you do that without taking off the bumper?
  14. Yes. To stop accidentally opening it.
  15. Soft99 King of Gloss: That said though, the Carpro range is incredible - Elixir is something else. I just don't have photos of it at the moment. https://carpro.uk.com/collections/spray-sealants-coatings/products/elixir500