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  1. Lowe

    Gear Indicator?

    Oh and it only shows when driving and your foot is off the clutch, it doesn’t show if you’re stationary.
  2. Lowe

    Gear Indicator?

    It’s in the menus. It’s not turned on by default. Read the manual :)
  3. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    To be honest I need to get the climate section out in the near future. Something in there is rattling away, even on smooth road surfaces so maybe that's a job to do at the same time.
  4. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    I've been meaning to get rid of the dash panel fake carbon, and with the weather being so bad it's given me an opportunity to do it. I ordered some black suede effect sticky back wrap, pulled off the panels and got to it. I've never done anything like that before and it took a few goes to get right, but I got there in the end. It's a pretty good match for the seats so I'm happy I reckon the silver panels either side of the centre console would benefit from that too, but I think they're a pain in the backside to get off. Dunno if I can be bothered.
  5. Lowe

    Dome light/Vanity lights

    Daft question but we have to start somewhere... Is the switch on the dome light actually set to Door or On? Checked the fuses?
  6. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    I've not had much time recently what with work, Christmas, a holiday and also setting up a business so playing cars has had to take a bit of a back seat over the last month or so. That being said I did get a few little things for Christmas which were relatively quick installs, so I did a few things on lunch hours etc whilst at work. Firstly, the lack of interior lighting in the 86 has always been a bit of an annoyance. It's not the end of the world, but with it being a black cabin and at this time of year, the crappy dome light didn't cut it. I'd tried a couple of LED versions but honestly they were still pants. That was until I came across these: It's quite a large PCB with a number of RBG LEDs that respond to a remote control. You can have various colours etc or plain white. It pretty much fills the dome light and is way, way better. Plus, you get the cool option of colours if you so wish. Only 3 quid or so, bargain. I also had a cheap LED footwell kit which I put in. I initially had them running off the cig lighter in the glovebox, but quickly grew tired of that. I've now taken a feed from the dome light and put a female cig lighter socket on the end. Now I can choose depending on my mood - though in honesty I think they'll probably just stay on the 'dome' mode. Even better the remote control for the dome light also controls the footwell LEDs so the whole thing is easy to control and they remember the last setting used too. Big improvement, even if just running in white, though at the moment I'm partial to purple. Continuing on the LED theme, a little while back I swapped out the foglights for LED PSX24's. I'd wanted amber colour, but the ones that came were a gold colour that wasn't too dissimilar to indicator orange. I kept them in a for a while, but recently came across some decent spec 6000K LEDs for cheap money so I picked those up to better compliment the DRLs and HIDs for the rare occasion that they're needed. Install was nice and quick one day before work. The headlight HIDs are still a little yellow for my liking. Anyone ever swapped the bulbs for something 5000K or 6000K? Last mod was my main Christmas present. I've been eyeing up a Grimmspeed strut tower brace for a while, not because I particularly push the car hard but because of the benefits of making the front end a little tighter on bumpier roads. I was sceptical, but very surprised when taking it out for a drive after fitting. It's not a huge difference, but it's an improvement to the general harshness and ride. It's as if the bigger bumps don't hit as hard any more - difficult to explain really but I'm happy with it and it adds a little bit of bling to the engine bay anyway. I want the Grimmspeed cover for the pulleys now as well, tidy it all up a bit! I still need to get around to painting the tie rods but the weather is just not helping. I'm also considering taking off the rear louvers. Need to do some testing, but I feel that the fuel economy hit is a bit severe given the mileage that I do.
  7. I'm pretty excited by it - well I was until I saw the price. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting a cheap car, but I think it's just too expensive for what it offers and given what competition it's up against. I have no doubt that it's an incredible machine but unless it's truly greater than the sum of its parts, I personally can't justify the 54k price tag. Looks like I'll sit on the fence for a couple of years and pick one up once the depreciation bites.
  8. Lowe

    No Sound From USB Connection

    Mine works fine too. Just the USB to the iPhone 6S.
  9. Lowe

    Cosworth / AP Racing 6 Pot Front BBK

    So much want but wrong time of year mate
  10. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Yeah these do too. Not wired them in for now, planning to hook them up to the dome light so that when you unlock the car they light up.
  11. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Fitted my smoked indicators. Having a few issues with one side hyper flashing, so need to look at the resistor pack in there but I'm pleased with the look. The fogs look out of place now though. Another job... Haven't had chance to do any painting of the tie rods, weather's been atrocious.
  12. Lowe

    Oil usage

    60k here, never needed to add a drop.
  13. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    So the car went in to RRG for the big 60k service last Thursday. It was just before this the whole valve spring recall thing happened, and mine is one of the effected cars. Given that the work procedure is still unknown I asked if it was possible to do everything on the major service apart from the spark plugs, since I didn't see the point in having the engine lifted for the plugs only to have the same thing done again a month or so later for the springs. Every cloud and all that... Whilst it was there I had a couple of other bits done. I'd picked up a Cosworth baffle plate a few months back, purely as a peace of mind thing. I don't do track work, but do hammer around the country lanes on the odd occasion and knowing how prone to oil issues the FA20 is I figured for a couple of hundred quid it was probably worth it. I took the splitter up as well, and that got chucked on. A few pics I sprayed the rods black, but left the threads since for the moment I wasn't sure how far they'd need to be wound out. These will be touched in by hand when it's not chucking it down. Freshly fitted and ready for collection from RRG Macc Cleaned up a bit The tie rod silver bits are setting my OCD off and I think I'll probably remove the Maxton badge as well. More stealth. Need to get the front brick off and sort some fresh plates now I think.
  14. Lowe

    Lowe's Team Grey

    Hi Adrian, thanks for the post. The snag I'm finding is that everyone I talk to says that generally ITBs are a really bad idea on a daily and an utter nightmare to tune. Given mine is a daily that I'm pretty much relying on to get me to work and back until I hear a bit more about the actual 'usability' of the kit and some numbers I think I'm best holding off for now. I'm definitely keeping an eye on any further info though.