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  1. I wasn't in the 86 at the time, but spotted a black Aero on the M4 eastbound around Junction 24. Anyone here? I also spotted a couple of others on the way to Wales and once there in Pembrokeshire last week, but with sketchier details (sorry!) - 1.) A Clubsport Orange, I think with a female driver, on Friday 31/07 when headed in the direction of the M48 westbound. They were coming onto a roundabout we crossed and likely noticed me taking a look at the car. 2.) A red GT86 parked up at a pub on Thursday 06/08 not too far from Saundersfoot.
  2. Love seeing the BRZ in this colour. Anyone on here? Hope you avoided the delays further south on the A34.
  3. Having a bit of a clear out, not sure there will be any demand for a single part worn, but posting in case it's of interest to anyone. Located for pickup in South Oxfordshire (Didcot, OX11). I do sometimes travel Gloucestershire and Hampshire way, so might be able to work something out if not in a rush. This was one of the original tyres on the car (14 plate) and taken off the front when I replaced both front tryes after getting a nail in one. It will have covered 16,500 miles on the front. I've measured the depth manually (very non-scientific, marking a card with a pencil line and then measuring) but estimate it at 4mm and the tyre will have only covered an extra 2k miles since Toyota took depth readings of 4mm, with 4mm inner, 5mm middle and 4mm outer at the 3yr service. Please see photos. £15
  4. Wow, glad that is now sorted for you @Tim ! Thanks for updating us.
  5. See how it goes with the WD40. He hardly has to turn the key in that video as the powered central locking kicks in. I was just sharing it to confirm the direction for you. Don't try your portable battery jumper, you will only set off the alarm for a few seconds and frustrate yourself and anyone close by 😎 Read a bit further back in this thread and you'll see I had the same thought. When the battery is completely dead it is simply not enough to bring it back to life, it needs a charge. The car seems to also think it's under attack with the battery booster pack approach so momentarily while it lasts uses the power to activate the alarm. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but hopefully saving you some effort there.
  6. If it helps, you can see a LHD car being opened here (turning the key clockwise to the back of the car) - https://youtu.be/KCgQdI8UddU?t=88 Keep in mind it looks easy as that car's battery is fine (it's a video about the fob battery being dead) and the central locking with power is very different to you manually turning it with a tiny key head (by the design!) and a lock that probably hasn't been used before.
  7. No problem. You want to turn toward the back of the car to open the door. In your case with LHD that would be turning clockwise (sounds like you're doing the opposite?). Try and get some WD40 or GT85....frustrating with the shops closed, maybe a neighbour near by or a friend(??) I know how you're describing the feel of the movement of the key (as I felt it by hand), once I have the greater leverage with a drill bit (instead of Allen key in my case) through it it just easily turned that bit extra to unlock. Again, this was after applying GT85. Thinking ahead a little, once you have the car open do you have a way to get a mains powered charger to it or another car to attempt to jump it? Alternatively you can take the battery out to charge, but I appreciate it's more hassle.
  8. Hi Tim - sorry to hear as I know the frustation (as went through it myself). I don't think your passenger side door would be any issue here, as you'll be working on the driver's side with the key hole, also as you mention the fact that you can turn it at all. Have you tried spraying some WD40/GT85 into the lock on the driver's side before trying with the allen key through the top of the key for leverage? Might want to leave it for a few hours after applying too, but work it in a little. Just to confirm, you are turning it toward the rear of the car?
  9. I've seen a White 86 on GWP in Didcot in Oxfordshire a few times recently - I'm usually on my bike. Anyone on here?
  10. Just received my "free sample", but looks to be publicly available - https://issuu.com/immediatemediaco/d...0227_march2020 I realise we're not in March anymore, but it might pass some of the lockdown time! 😄
  11. Yes, they have quite the mix - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Automobile_Museum
  12. Apologies - I should have edited from the original post, you are of course correct! I will update 🤣
  13. To pass some time in the lock down (and as you certainly can't travel there at the moment), check out the Toyota Automobile Museum virtually - https://www.google.co.jp/maps/@35.1729239,137.0579781,2a,75y,242.37h,62.46t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1stYnx2sJGwL9aklDNCAE4Ig!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Plenty of others where I found this one in the thread on the HotUKDeals site - https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-virtual-tours-of-car-museums-mercedes-benz-honda-ferrari-toyota-corvette-mclaren-porsche-mazda-more-3447993
  14. cts

    Covid lockdown battery issues

    Yes, you've probably seen the other thread with my fun from this week. I realised looking at the date I knew I'd last driven it'd been 7 weeks in the garage aside from taking it out once for a clean. That brief start up (x 2 as went back in the garage) likely didn't help. This is with the larger battery Toyota fit. Re-charged now and trickle charger setup.
  15. I'm fully up and running now after a good re-charge of the battery. Have my trickle charger now too which I'll leave it on. Real test will be the next time I come to start it! 😀