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  1. Car was finished yesterday. Fantastic service from the team at Motorline Horsham. I was very well looked after and special thanks to John for going that extra mile!! 😉 Brand new courtesy car, aircon re gas, spark plugs fitted free, spotlessly clean and car feels great = happy customer The only downside in all of this is I had to say a teary-eyed goodbye to the red beauty..............
  2. Harry Haddock

    SUNSET MEET at Beachy Head -soon!

    Yes please!!
  3. Thumbs up to Motorline for showing me the work in progress on the valve spring replacement at their workshop today.....a few pictures I've just taken......
  4. I agree it is better behaved. I find the steering feels a lot better too but not sure if that is down to the improved steering wheel. Just been to the petrol station and a male customer came over to me and remarked my husband was brave to let me drive his brand new car.........ouch!!!
  5. Nice guys at Motorline Toyota have given me this brand new car for a week with 14 miles on the clock.......after just one day I want to keep it
  6. Harry Haddock

    Sunday Drive Out Essex

    Sounds good to me
  7. Harry Haddock

    Sunday Drive Out Essex

    I would be interested, re chat.........when are you going to organise an Essex meet in Sussex?!!
  8. Harry Haddock

    The London International Auto Show 2019

    I'd be up for this. Good pub opposite, Gardeners where we had a Sussex meet last year....thanks to Keith!! 😀
  9. All booked in for 20/5....thanks to The Minion for saving me lots of cash on the SP's. Looking forward to having a new 86 to play with for a week 🙂
  10. Harry Haddock

    Goodwood Breakfast Club - Supercar Sunday, June 2nd

    I'm up for this......just down the road for me 🙂
  11. Harry Haddock

    2019 Goodwood Breakfast Club

    Close to me and both dates good, Lou
  12. Harry Haddock

    Bromley Pageant Of Motoring

    Many thanks Lee, I have booked the tickets, looking forward to it. Lou
  13. Harry Haddock

    Bromley Pageant Of Motoring

    I would like to attend, Lou
  14. Harry Haddock

    Japanese Vehicle and Culture Show

    Please can you add me Lee, thanks Lou
  15. Harry Haddock

    Simply Japanese 2019

    Thanks Lee, see you there